Tata Sky — Removal of channels arbitrarily

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 Meena Narayan
I have the same complaint to make. I just got a TATA SKY connection for my parents only because they wanted to watch Amritha TV and the local cable wallah would always disconnect the channel or transmit it with a very grainy picture. When I contacted the dealer and TATA SKY about my desire to subscribe, NEITHER of them told me ONCE that these channels will not be available. On the contrary, when I told them that I specifically wanted Amritha TV and DD Podighai, they assured me that they were available and also sent me to the website to crosscheck. The website four days back did indeed say Amritha and DD Podighai were available and nothing on the website mentioned that these channels were going to be taken off.

I now have watched my parents enjoy Raga Rathnam, the amazing Carnatic Music programme on Amritha for the weekend and starting Monday, the channel was rudely taken off the air. Net result - amritha for which we spent 4500Rs on was available to us for the princely sum of TWO DAYS!!!

When contacted, TATASKY were not helpful, told me that they had published this information in the papers ( as if we have nothing better to do with our lives but scour the newspapers for information on TATASKY's latest rejects or additions!) and told me that there was nothing I could do about this.

I feel cheated and let down. Surely they could have informed me this when I called them for information about subscription, especially when I specifically asked for only these two channels. I cant tell you how bad I feel about this. Does the consumer have NO RIGHTS wahtsoever?

Please join me in responding with your own comments. No one can give us rights - we have to TAKE THEM. And the way to do it, is with our numbers. If enough of us protest, they will be forced to sit up and take notice. Otherwise, this callous behaviour will continue.

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I want to unsubscribe the pogo chhannel & Star Cricket from my tata sky. I want to remain only my starting package that cost Rs.200/- only. please do needful immediately. My tatasky ID is [protected]
Hi Meena,

I too raised this complaint with Tata Sky and the response from them was that they had taken this decision after some survey, no sufficient bandwidth etc. It is really annoying to see this kind of attitude from them being a part of reputed group. I sent a separate mail again to help@tatasky.com on the same issue yesteday. I am trying to see if I can get some contact details of their higher authorities, hoping they may reconsider this decision.
I have raised this issue to TATASky however, recieved a machine made response in the name of customer care executive with no help. Actually we were cheated by TATA, the most reputed firm in India. They showcased these channels to attract us and looted our money and dropped these great channels. The explanation was they have added a Bihari channel and Nepali channel free of charge. I dont what should a customer paid for South Jumbo package do with Bihari channels and Nepali channels. Only TATA knows the logic behind this. A regulating body should look into this issue or poor customerswill be cheated again and again by TATA.
I wish somebody at Tata-Sky is reading this! They are taking us, the consumers, for a ride, by hiking their fees ( or smartly packaging it by pulling off channels from air and then saying ''prices reduced") or introducing complicated packages every other month.

I was distraught to see Indiavision and Amrita TV pulled off without any warning, and also my fav sports channels ESPN-Star being now part of a "specialpackage".
Net- net they want atleast 400 rupees per family, per digicomp! Smart work, guys!! I am not recommending you to any. And when Bharti or Reliance moves in, I will move out too!
Hi guys like all of you I was also taken aback by this sudden exclusion of channels. It was very frustrating, it felt like we have been cheated and we could do nothing about it. Anways I decided to subscribe to the new add on packages for now and see later what can be done about this exclusion of channels decision by TATA SKY. When I dialled there number[protected] it kept repeating the message that the number you are trying to reach is on another call, the other numbers did not help either, none of the helpline numbers are toll free, the other numbers [protected] and [protected] accepted the call but kept repeating the stupid message of taking up wizkids plan for children. It didnot transfer my call to anyone even on selecting the desired option. I wasted around 30 buks on these countless calls I made but in no vain. I decided to go their website. While loggin in MY TATA SKy it kept on crashing, Some how mutiple logins and many crashes later I managed to subscribe to ADD ON packages but now I cannot log in the site, the server portal is down it seems.

This is higly disgraceful and shameful on the part of TATA SKY, its like selling drugs to people for free and then after they are addicted making them pay for it without choice.

And even if they wanted to do this atleast they should have place the infrastructre for helpline and website in place, now I do not know when my packages will get added. The helpline is not reachable so I do not know how to recharge it now.

I forgot to metion one thing, when the tata sky website is properly up again I intend to log an official complaint and in that complaint I will put the url for this page so that they can see for themselves how much praise they have gathered with thier lates action.
I also have the same complaint. I also bought TATA SKY for my parents. They wanted to watch Amritha, now on one morning they took out the channel. What the hell is this. Don't we customers have voice ...?

Tata Sky — Channels are being taken off whenever they wish!

Dear Sir,
I've subscribed to Tata Sky last year & my subscription ID is [protected].

I had already complained to their customer care department last week after Tata Sky has taken off 2 of our regional channels from Kerala, "Amrita" & "Indiavision". The response I got from Tata Sky was very funny. According to them, they have made a survey on these 2 channels & found that not many people are watching it & hence the Management has decided to pull it off. What is our fault if others are not watching it???! we are paying for it!!! why have they not deducted subscription amount if at all they want to remove such channels????!!!

I bought Tata Sky connection last year to watch World Cup cricket matches on Neo Sports & the moment World Cup got over, they have taken off these sports channels and made it pay channels. Now they are playing that dirty tricks again with other sports channels in view of Euro Cup which starts on 7th June & upcoming cricket matches in which India involves.

They add channels whenever they feel like & remove them whenever they want. We are paying a sum of Rs. 300 every month & if things go like this we will end up paying this money to watch only DD & some cartoon channels.

I've seen a notification from Star Sports, ESPN & Ten Sports on The Times Of India newspaper dated 5-6-08 that Tata Sky has taken off these channels on their own & they should not be blamed. Can somebody please act immediately & teach them a lesson. They know it can happen only in India...but Indians are not fools!
Dear Friends,

Can't we go to consumer court for this. This is absoulute cheating by TATA Sky.

I am also a subscriber of TATA SKY suffered the same. I complained about the removal of DD Podhigai Channel from the package. The call centre person says that DD Podhigai is an unpopular channel and based on a survey they are classifying it so. Please read the reply from TAta Sky. I have sent the complaint to tata Sky and a CC to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Till now no reply has been received.

Yesterday ESPN, STAR Cricket and Star Sports has also condemned the action of Tatasky for removing the sports channels from the package and making additional subscription fees for the same.

"In view of the above, we would like to inform you that as per the available bandwidth, Tata Sky is trying to balance the varying viewing interests of the subscribers on a pan India basis, in order to provide the best quality DTH service. Tata Sky has the interest of its subscribers and is trying to offer new and popular channels while dealing with capacity limitations.

It is Tata Sky's endeavor to provide its subscribers the best balance of content, and towards this we have added channels like ETV Bihar, ETV Rajasthan, PTC News and Nepal TV recently. When these new channels were added no additional charge was levied to our subscribers. Similarly when any channels are dropped, the price of the Packages remains unchanged.

In view of the above, we would like to inform you that Tata Sky has decided to drop the price of all the base packages by dropping certain channels. The details of these packages will be communicated to you on 01/06/2008.

Also, DTH operators are required to carry a certain minimum number of Doordarshan channels and the laws also do not require announcing the dropping of DD channels in a press notice, both of which is what Tata Sky has complied with.

Please be informed that the Public Notice advertisement regarding the dropping of these channels from Tata Sky has been released in National and regional newspapers on 05/05/2008."
but who'll teach them a lesson?it seems like no point in writing here also!

Tata Sky — Disruption of ESPN-STAR SPORTS

Dear Sir/Madam
I am a subscriber of Tata Sky DTH service provider. From the last month tata sky has stopped broadcasting the sports channel. It has created a seperate new sports package and is asking us to subscribe to this package by paying an additional fee.Since the fact is that we have already paid for these channels before creation of this package i feel that this change must be applicable only to new customers or for renewals only.Thus we are missing the important sports events.We feel that TATA SKY is cheating us in this regard.So I hereby request you to take necessary action in this regard.
can anyone tell me how to unsubscribe a pack on tata sky
please it is urgent
i dont want want to pay money for that as i didnt want to view those channels n services
i was willing to view how active services look like
But now i am bored watching those useless services
i m not critisizing TATA SKY nor i am complaining
but i want to remove my pack
please help
reply soon

Tata Sky — Unavailability of anyone at call center to answer phone

I have spent over an hour on the recorded message waiting for the technician to anwser my phone.There has been no luck. This is absolutely pathetic!!!
tatasky are looting customers as on there website there is only option add-on packages but there is a no option of remove packages so we are unable to remove our currently subscribed packages so please give me suggesion for how to remo ve our current packages on our e-mail address

Tata Sky — Not able to pay through net in tata sky web

Dear Sir
I need to do payment through the tatsky net but could not as site do not get opned. Please help on urgent basis

About rechangre coupen
I am staying in Airoli there are very limited shop who have rechagre coupen. But never kept sstock for the same SO not able to buy. Also service provided by thouse authorized out let is worst in the world.Do not bother about customer & their requirements.

Please help if you can as I have seen many pending complaints in net for more that 90 day. Hope same will ne happend with me

Your responce is expected


Looking at your complaint, it appears that something could be wrong with your internet. The Tata Sky website is never down. Try accessing the site from some other computer. It is a very simple and easy process.
Yes pathetic to connect TATASKY REPRESENTATIVE

Tata Sky — dd is being removed

only in tTmilnadu tata sky has rediculed the public of chennai by moving this channel to ACTIVE and made size of picture to small please revert back to normal size otherwise we will agitate TO A GREATER LEVEL
Hi Kasthuri,
As you have correctly stated in the body of the message that DD channels have been moved to ACTIVE contradicts the heading DD is being removed. I believe viewing these channels in small screen may not fulfill viewing pleasure but these channel are still available. Action should also be taken regarding this but it will be of prime importance when these channels are removed. Besides I'm sure there are many more channel in south that are viewed leaving this one channel DD PODHIGHAI as it does not all day teleacst important shows infact Tata Sky has brough in lately NDTV hindu especially for south Chennai viewers.
"With reference to your E-mail dated, ####### enquiring about the non availability of God TV, Daystar, Miracle TV and Christian Broadcasting Network channels.

We have limited transponder capacity and therefore cannot carry each and every channel. However, when more transponders are made available to us, we shall carry more channels subject to balancing the varied viewing interests of consumers on an all India basis vis-à-vis specific preferences while simultaneously providing the best quality services at the best prices. "

this is what tata sky says, so please don not buy tatasky if u need these channels.
The most disgusting thing about tata sky is that it doesn't have any options available online for removal of packages.
it is just like the company wants to go on upgrading but you cant downgrade moreover it also lowers your validity period.


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