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Regarded Authority,
I, Sk. Lutfar Rahaman, want to notify you that my Vehicle Tata

Sumo Victa Gx(WB26 C 4932, Chasis No: 446332GVZ925368) was submitted at Rajarhat RD MOTORS

PVT. LTD. in Accident Department on 23/09/2008 as on Job Card openning date.. Job Card No.

And the vehicle was released from the workshop on 16/01/2009..
They had not seriously taken the matter, my car was stayed there without any job done, after

near about 2 months from entering the car to said workshop they started to repair car.
The RD Motors took a long time to repair the car. They billed me in several invoice. In 1)

Invoice No: RDMot-RR[protected]lac 86 thousand 36 Rs Only
2) Invoice No: RDMot-RR[protected] 11 Thousand 236 Rs Only
3) Invoice No : RDMot-RR[protected]-14Hundred 28 Rs Only
4) Invoice No : RDM/07-08/[protected]--12 Hundred Only
After paying these bills, when we were on road test, a noise from underbody was noticed..

then they back it again... and billed again
Invoice No : RDMot-RR[protected]------ 12 Hundred 61 Rs Only... They took more

than One week to solve he problem of noise.
On the next Delivery date during road test found defect in fuel pump, they gave us next

delivery date after one week, and billed me 17 thousand 4Hundred 42 Rs Only which is

included in invoice no 1.
afterthat paying all the bills when I got the vehicle, I have found that there were so

many visual items such as Rear mudflap 2pcs, Cluster meter cover etc. were old but in bill

invoice it has been written that those were changed, and we also paid for that.. That was

At 1845 Kms, On 2nd March they billed Rs. 1510 Only for changing oils.
After running 1935Kms clutch problem occured, hence another bill RDMot-RR[protected],

billed me RS 814 Only on 5th March 2009.
Afterthat Improper repairing of fuelpump has generated smoke problem, so I had to deposit

the vehicle in RD MOTORS PVT LTD. after 4days they deliverd the car after re-servicing the

pump on 9th March 2009. And billed me Rs 265 only, but the billed item was already changed

in Bill No.1
On 13th March 2009, During the journey on the roadway at the speed between 70-80km/hr,

the RPM of My Vehicles Engine fall down to Zero and the engine stopped suddenly. As for the

Braking System & Steering Locked. It could be occur SERIOUS ACCIDENT. On the 14th March I

had to enter the car again in RD MOTORS PVT. LTD.
On 29th April 2009, clutch problem found again.billed me Rs 798 again and that replaced

parts was also replaced in the 1st invoice.
Recently repeat problems are in clutch, smoke. Acceleration is not good at all. Engine

creats badly sound that was found at the time of first delivery, but then it was less loud,

time goes on and the sound increases loud to louder. At the time of First Delivery RD MOTORS

PVT LTD. Authority told us about the Engine's Bad Sound that THIS PROBLEM IS NOTHING..
Till now the Vehicle run 5100 Kms, and in yesterday the Cluster Meter stopped counting,

it damaged. but the meter was changed in invoice no 1..
The Ultimate Billed amount is double than estimated amount. So many money has been spent

but I have not gotten the proper solution.
This is MY FATE occured by RD MOTORS PVT. LTD. authorised TATA MOTORS WORKSHOP in

KOLKATA... I am Hopeless about the authority, they have no cares to the customer and they

take long time to repair or on normal fault, several time I have told them about their

nasty careless behaviour. If these go on the reputation of Tata Motors Workshop

???????????????? You know better than me.

Left it I have also two more SUMO VICTA CX( WB23A 9969 & WB26C 3055), I have intended

to buy a new Car ... But I have to think again and again that will it be From TATA

MOTORS ?????

Please take necessary steps to fully repair or get into stable condition of this vehicle


Your Customer
KOLKATA - 700135
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Aug 14, 2020
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if this really happened with him, this is very hopeless.and the customers never being belive not only on tata authorized service center but also on tata motors. Because if TATA motors provide to their customers the tata authorized service center, they should have the responsibility to see that the service centers are take good care to their customers, otherwise customer have the right to take exact decission to buy a new car or a old car. And the company should know one thing that the customers are not a fullish fellow. this will be effect on their sales.
I found that not only Tata Motors workshops are careless but its dealers are also careless. Number of dealers as well as workshops are very limited. Since Tata enjoy good name and fame, customers want to buy Tata products. But it seems Tata Motors does not care for after sale services. Services of all other car manufactures in India and particularily in Kolkata are far better than Tata Motors. To improve its image, Tata Motors should increase no. of dealers as well as workshops to develop competition among dealership. Once competition starts, service will automatically improve.

Praveen Kumar

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