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On the 15th of June 2009 i was on my way near Ram Mandir, Central Avenue looking for a taxi to reach Howrah station to catch a train to Orissa.But i was refused by at least 15 taxis.Finally one agreed to take me to Howrah but he asked 50 rupees from me & made it clear that he would not go on metre.i boarded the cab & after sometime his demand was that he will get some more passengers.Later, on reaching Howrah station he denied to go infront of the new station.
Please note that earlier also i have faced similar problems while boarding a taxi from Ram Mandir to Howrah Station.
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Aug 14, 2020
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On 26th August, 2009

I hereby lodge a complaint against taxi driver of taxi bearing registration number as WB 25 8838 for the following reasons :

1. Cheated me by overcharging with the help of tampered meter. It’s timer as well as distance measurement is tampered and it shows
higher values on waiting as well as on running. I boarded the taxi at 10:05 AM at Kasba New Market (near Siemens, Kasba) and got down
at Techno India building at sector V. The charges vary between Rs 100 /- to Rs 105 /- everyday. Today it was Rs 135 /- despite minimum waiting
at two places like ITC Sonar Bangla crossing and Nicco Park crossing.

2. On pointing out that his meter is tampered one, the taxi driver started misbehaving with me. In order to avoid a scene I paid the full amount of Rs 135 /-
and got down.
On 16.02.2010I with my family with lot of luggage was travelliing from KamarHati (11 No. Bus Stand Belgharia) at the time of reding Taxi Dirver atituide is very wrong, any how I have clearly mention that I have go my resident at Haridevpur- tollygunge ( time at 8.00 PM), after reaching at tollygunge Metro driver said that I will not able to go Haridevpur, because I have not get any passenger at Haridevpur . I conveyance & lot of converssion had made, He said that I willl arrange for different Taxi but no body was agree to go that short distance. Please the Taxi No. was WB 11A2330.

I need some thing has to be done against this Taxi driver
Is there any one who can help the passangers reach home, hospital or to there destination on Time, I would request The State Goverment to act and be with us since, if we are look after we would certainly would be with the state goverment when they need us in Difficult times or when there is election i honestly request to take this matter seriously, since peopleare harrased by taxi men day in day out but still we have no one to listen to us, i request the state goverment to be strict in this issue since small small things matter Please wake up our wonderfull state is suined by the taxi cabs help us
on 15/3/10 i want to hire a taxi from burrabazar m.g. road to new market 10 of them refused to go .it was 10a.m. in the morning then, i boarded on a taxi bearing registration no
today 8th june 2010 I want to hair a taxi from Santragachi rly station to dharmatala. I had a talk to a taxi driver ( Taxi No - WB-19C-3316) Taxi Dirver atituide is very wrong and he asked 180 rupees from me & made it clear that he would not go on metre. When I told him that he is doing the wrong thing his answer was " You can do any thing But you can't do nothing against me". End of the day the common peoples are suffering like me.
This morning the 9th June 2010 I asked the tax driver of Taxi No.0885 if he will take me and he replied "where do you want to go?" I then asked him "do you want to go or not?" he replied "no, I don't want to go" after which I had no alternative but to wait for another taxi. I needed the taxi to bring me to my office. This practice is happening very frequently in Kolkata. Even last evening I asked a taxi driver to take me to Elliot Road from Camac Street, he refused. Please do something to stop this 'Tax Refusal" as the common man is suffering at their mercy. Please do justice. Thank you.
i boarded taxi frm taxi stand at curry road dat is at kona express way on 18th july 2010, at 1:10 p.m, this is recorded in the note book of the taxi incharge of that stand, the no. of the incharge is- [protected], and the no. of the taxi is WB E-3115. I wanted to go to bhawanipur forum, he dropped me and charged me extra money with a very stupid reason-" that u have boarded it from taxi stand so u will b charged extra". i dint had time to argue. but said him that i'l complain against him. i told the whole story to the taxi incharge after returning, he said wen that driver will come will let me kw. but yet he dint responded. so itz a keen request to look into the matter, as because itz really becuming untolerable, the day kolkatans will burst into body can handle the public... itz a request as well as an advise...and one more thing, we public is going on posting our complains but wat actions are you taking against that... we are aware of plz do sumething 4 which even we also come to kw that our complains and requests are been accepted and actions are taken...and if you cant do that then every corner u have to see fight and anger nothing else...thank you.
you may contact over
I stay at BE - 393, Salt Lake. Today morning at 7:10 am I went to "Kwality Bus Stop" to take my son to his School - Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan which is around 4-5 kms from Kwality Bus Stop. The fare is a minimum of 40 Rs.The bugger Taxi driver simply refused, saying I wont go to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan(near Tank No 13) as I have to come back empty.Moreover if I return back or I give him 10 Rs more then only he will go otherwise not. I gave him a threatening saying don't mess up with Salt Lake people or else you will be in a spot of bother.But I had to take my son via Auto as there was no other Taxi available at that time. The Taxi No was WB04D 8491. Need the support of you guys on this!!
I hereby lodge a complaint against taxi driver of taxi bearing registration number as 2296 WB258 for the following reasons :
on 25 th march 2010 at 10:30am i asked a taxi driver to take me calcutta high court from beadon street crossing.he please please do something to stop this...thank you
the kolkata police should start a prepaid service in front of major malls to stop the harrasmant faced by people while returning from malls. Its a normal scenario in front of any mall wherein taxis ask for double fares and refuse to go even at 5 pm in the evening. Its our earnest request to look into the issue because we dont face similar problems in other cities.
I hereby lodge a complaint against the taxidriver bearing registration number as WB04-E0024 for the following reasons:

On July 13 2011 I had to take a taxi from Ballyghat stoppage to go to Behala. There were more than 6 taxis at the stand, none of them agreed to take me to Behala via Dunlop. I had some work in central Avenue hence it was mandatory for me to take the route. All the taxis present there only wanted to go via the Bombay road.

Finally one cabdriver (regnr: WB04-E0024) agreed to take me but halfway through the Bally bridge he not only asked me to get down from the taxi but also misbehaved by trying to hit me.

I appeal to the concerned authorities to take immediate action against such misbehavior and disallow the permit for those taxidrivers who refuse to cater to the needs to the common man.

I hereby lodge a complaint against the taxidriver bearing registration number as WB 04D 7454 for the following reasons:

1. Refusal to go on hire at 5 pm from Rashbehari Avenue Crossing to Netaji Nagar
2. Abused when i said that I'll lodge a complaint regarding this refusal

I appeal to the concerned authorities to take immediate action against such misbehavior and disallow the permit for those taxidrivers who refuse to cater to the needs of the common man.

Name: Tejash Shah ( +[protected]
Address: 8/8A, Netaji Nagar, PO: Regent Estate, Kolkata - 700 092.
Email: [protected]
Taxi nos WB 04 0622, WB 25 8788, WB 25 8629, These taxis disagree to take us from lake-town Joya cinema stoppage to Michael Nagar on 30.10.2011, Saturday evening at 7.45 pm, while it was urgent to take away my ailing parents to home after the doctors visit and consultation. email id [protected] contact no [protected].
Taxi driver took long rout my flight was just to miss his motive was Excessive charges

(1)On 30.04.2012 at 15;48 Hrs, I took a taxi (Taxi no. WB 04B 0768) at New Market-near Esplanade area for Air port .
(2)The driver took a long rout the journey started at 15;48 Hrs and ended at 16;41.there was no jam the journey was non stop.
(3)For his own benefit the Taxi Driver took longer rout and bill amounted to Rs.350.00.
(4)Due to his selfish attitude he took long time and my flight was just about to miss.It was only because of the Jet Konnect staff I could get the flight.
(5)I also called at [protected] they gave me Telephone no.[protected] this was the number of Polish Station at Kolkata.The cconcern person not cooperating.
(6)The driver is creating problem to the outsider, as they do not have any idea of the geographic of city.
Please lodge my complaint and guide me as I want to take-up the matter seriously.
From Chandrakant A-132, UG-I, Dilshad Colony, Delhi -110095 (Mb.[protected])
i travelled in a cab wb04e 7442 from nicco park to lake town and the meter reading showed 16 kms whereas in google maps it showed only 9 kms..i wanzt to register a complaint against the taxi and want to know the helpline numbers where we can immediaetely book complains..
I have traveled by a TAXI (Cab No - WB04C-0320) [Kolkata yellow public taxi transport service] on dated 30th May2012 around 9.15 am from Baguiati to Barasat kalpataru Hospital (Kolkata). The meter reading after the journey was horrible 270 Rs/- whereas the taxi had followed the normal regular route which normally covers around a maximum 130-150Rs/-. Once i alerted the driver about the thing, he just refused about the abnormality of his taxi meter. There are such taxis roaming within the Kolkata city with manipulated their meter and cheat the public. Its very much required to take action against them.

My father in law was admitted at Kalpataru Hospital T Barasat. So i was too much busy and felt too much tension for my father in law at that time, that's why i couldn't protest properly against that taxi driver. Please i am requesting you, stop this type of Harassment.

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