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[Resolved]  TeleDec Inc — Frauds

Dear People,

Beware of TeleDec Inc. These people will say that they work for that company which is in US. But they are not at all related to that company called as TeleDec in US. They are a group of people M Suresh Reddy from Kolkata, Kushal Bose from so called US, Sachet from coimbatore and few other people in their group. This Mr Suresh says that he is the Indian representative of TeleDec Inc and visit centers on regular basis to give Inbound projects without any upfront. And he will Eat like a pig and OX and also begs small amounts of loans with whoever he meets in the centers. He also prefers to stay in luxurious hotel and spend good time. They have almost cheated many centers in Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Delhi etc. They dont follow any tradition or religion because they themselves dont know how many fathers and mothers they have. They dont have any kind of processes with them, they just want to enjoy luxurious life by cheating others. They also say that whatever they are borrowing will be paid by the client in the advance payment. But once they take money and have enjoy enough, they will go back and will say that they will come back after we receive our advance payment which will never happen.

To know more about these guys you can also check in forum. These guys are cheaters. Somebody should caught them and hand over them to cops. I dont know how rich those beggers are. Be careful centers. We have burnt our 5 lac rupees behind them.

If any one know where there mothers and wives do business we can caught them easily as they will be there collecting money.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Guys please check this site and find out if Kushal Bose is related to Teledec or not the US based company. No one is such to entertain some one and spend lakhs of rupees without knowing anyones back ground.More over I dont even know anyone by the name Sophia in Hyderabad.

Yes there were two centers who were actually trying for a process with my help and even I was trying to help them. Till date I take them as my friends if those guys think that by saying this they can achieve great deals best of luck to them. But please gracious enough to disclose your name properly before blaming anyone. the center did not spend a single rupee doing a favour to me they spent that for my accomodations. I was not the one who wanted to stay there it was the center who wanted me to stay there.If you spend something one your choice I dont know how a center can blame me for that.


Yes the process got delayed but its not my fault. If you really wanted you could had contacted me and worked for a substitute which I was ready to give you but you did not do that. So I will advise be wise enough before you blame anyone.

If I would had been a cheat that I would had carried lakhs from you and ran away. Regarding eating or luxurious life style, I dont need to depend one others to give me that by Gods grace I am capable enough.

If you really want a help please contact me at [protected] one more thaing be gracious enough to declare your name before you blame others and please be valid. Dont blame some one if you dont have valid reasons and proofs.

I really had appreciated your effort t let the peoples know I am a cheat if you had atleast 1% genuinity

Hahaha, what a joke and I am wasting my time on this, anyway you can put more articles like this on this and other forums. But I cant reply because I dont have time to waste on things like this.
I agree with sopia whatever she tols is 101% correct we were also cheated by the same people
sopia should have posted this some days back would have saved our lot of money

Many Many thanks to sopia[protected]be careful of these people

Naidu Rekula
well, i just wanted to know more about Mr. Devender dubey - Lyra technology and Mr. Suresh reddy teledec U.S.A,
my friend is running a center in chennai he has dumped around 22 lakhs so far, and these guys are still dragging and they have promised my friend for getting an inbound process, they are from a very big background city groups - U. A. E, dear forum people i know about Mr. devender dubey he has done a lot of fraudulent in noida long time back, but i have not heard about suresh reddy, can you please post your comments about Mr. suresh, for more description pls visit
dear mr ajay
before blaming to any body had u gone back ground checking of your so called big back grounds company.first they dont have enough agents there response from clients was bad all the prooofs are with us clients has rejected 3 times with your friend centers .from the first day he started blaming to me .some times he told me fraud some times different .overseas clients are not bull guys as we indians speak .they want the clients with good technical sound .what do you think on vplc dialer do you get any inbound process any how we had made our clients enough to satisfy him should i disclose all the details here to prove who is wrong and what is the company name if i start giving his name in the forum forget from me no body in the world as he talks about pure will get this centers a process.and regarding mr dubey as your friend defines him a best person who was cheated by the consultants of india putting guns on his shoulders since he was a new guy but with a good sense of humor and with good presentation of marketing skills .so before blaming any body plz see in clothes how many holes you have . how much money you or the centers had given above that we had expense to satisfy our end clients to get him process after the centers fails more than three times when ever the clients start calling .the centers does not have enough agents no good technical 3 times failed during clients calls on that you are blaming us .please dont allow us to blast the practical proof .

Any way i dont want to reply on those blaming things
Hello Everybody,

My name is Rahul ... Pl i would like to inform you that Suresh Reddy was arrested by the Bangalore Police by last Thursday and he is in Jail Now .He is filed for checting cases and moreover with 4+ more cases and the inspector of police says that he is in a Non-Bailable offense.

I[censored] have any Queries pl feel free to contact me over fone
+91 [protected]
Hi everyone I would like to bring to your notice that a call center run by Mr. Vijay Krishna in Bangalore has been a fraudulent company which never paid over 60 employees their salaries.

In fact please follow the below link which was published in 'The Bangalore Mirror' on the 20-Feb-2010.

We still haven't heard from the police nor from anyone in the management.

Please be aware of the 'CHAITANYA GROUP' of companies as they are run by a fraudulent management.

Below is a list of the management & details about them:

1) Mr.Vijay Krishna.
Chairman - has many colleges in Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh, is also into agro & real estate business. Travels in a innova & always wears suits - aged about 45-50.

2) Mr. Sundar Raj.
CEO - Shows to be a very strict & punctual person - but is a fraud, he even has a daughter named 'Vandana' who also worked for the same company as an HR - aged about 50-55.

3) Mr. Abhinav Gupta.
Director - aged about 35-40.

4) Mr. Rishi Jha.
Admin Director - aged about 35-40 (From Pune).

5) Mr. Anil Bhatt.
Director - aged about 35-40 (From Jammu & Kashmir).

6) Ms.Natasha.
Operations Manager - aged about 30-45 (a divorcee from kolkatta & it is also said she slept (had sex) with all the above management, has a tattoo on her neck, worked with HSBC & IBM).

Please be aware of the above people & if you even come across them please mail me at: [protected] this would be a very big help as deserving families are at stake.

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