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 abhishek tyagi
I recieved the appointment letter from texaco oil company .
Its demanding to me insurance to security.Is it right or not.
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i have also received similar mail i think it is scam mail, after all how can i get i job without ever giving any interview. PLEASE DON`T FALL PREY TO THESE FRAUDS AND SCAMTERS
yes i've also received an appointment letter as I'm not sure if its correct or not..
Dear Sir,

I have also received a offer letter and Contract from the texaco Oil company, but there is no consultant involved in the recruitment. Now as per contract they are asking to arrange work permit and visa thro' (Nigerian Immigration Diplomatic attorney )your own expense which will be reimbursed after joining.

Is the contract is valid or some fake organisation is doing the same.

Sear Sir/Madam;

I got an letter through e mail from Texaco Staff Recruitment Service [protected]@texaco.com]'offering me a service as " Administrative Officer" at London at Texaco Oil. As per the contents of the letter, I have made contact with UK Immigration Office (Migration Expert London) for processing my HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Programme . As per their advice I had transferred an amount of 650 GBP to their HSBC, London Bank account under the name of Palanjane Rachel Thami . However, the money could not be transferred to this name by SBI London, stating reason of incosistency of the account holder. When I contacted UK Immigration Office, they have given another account number to deposit the amount.
Under the circumstances, I have some doubt over the credibility of the service.
Please confirm me whether the job offered by Texaco Oil is genuine or not.

G Deka
i am sending the same report as (G DEKA)PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
Dear Alaguraj,
Thank you for contacting us. Please be informed that you have been automatically employed by TEXACO Oil Group London and we are proud to notify you that your experiences and qualifications where found suitably qualified for the requirements to work in our company. You are to resume work within 50days with a monthly salary of £7, 500. Therefore, your two years contract document will be signed as soon as you arrive London. Your work permit processing number is 532#, date of issue is 14th JULY 2008, and length of issue is 2 years. A hard copy of your employment letter has been sent to the United Kingdom Immigration Service London. Therefore, you are required to officially and immediately contact the United Kingdom Immigration Service London to apply for your work/residence permit papers and residence visa to United Kingdom, as we have made a contract agreement deal with them to process your work permit/residence visa within the period of 50 days for your work resumption in TEXACO Oil Group London. Your designation will be to work as an Administrative Officer in the customer service department in UK where you will operate the switchboard and direct calls appropriately, thereby providing company marketing informations on stocks to clients or customers willing to invest on Company products.
Also note that you will undergo a three months course in TEXACO Oil Group London with a monthly income of £7, 500, so as to be enlightened on company rules and regulations, departmental schemes/facilities in various sectors and project activities carried out by TEXACO Oil Group London. Lecture on matters concerning your duty as a Administrative Officer will as well be conducted for broader understanding of your position and responsibility in TEXACO Oil Group London.

Therefore, your visit to London will be under the job position offered to you as a Administrative Officer regardless of your qualification/experiences and you can be privileged to gain another position within 3 months of the first visit to London, on your choice sector of work or area of choice duty especially if the Management of TEXACO Oil Group London recommends of your efficiency on duty. After your three months course study period, you will gain a level promotion in which you will be given the privilege to work in any of the TEXACO oil, gas, industrial resources that suits your area of course study with a higher monthly income in TEXACO Oil Group London.
We provide a lot of free services to our staffs and such services includes;
. Quality single or family housing in company community/staff quarters.
. Personal effects shipment and excess baggage allowances.
. Access to some of the finest social and recreational facilities in London.
. Free medical care in TEXACO Oil Group London for you and your family for contract duration.
. Company Suits and free dry cleaning
. Excellent educational assistance benefits with family status.
. Complete meals also for you and your family as deemed appropriate.
. Life insurance Policy.
. Maximum and efficient security both in work place and housing Community.

According to the recruitment process as used on your behalf, there will be no interview until you are in London. Your interview will be conducted as an exam which you will sit for after you have undergone and worked with us for three months. This is part of your course study exercise and if Texaco Oil Group London discovers that you did not make good grade after your three months course study, you will be retrenched from working with us and will go back to your country.

As an employee, your working hours shall consist of 48 hours a week, 6 days a week, Tuesdays to Sundays and from 7:30am to 3:30pm, 3:30pm to 11:00pm or 11:00pm to 7:30am between weekly shifts. There shall be 1hour lunch break: Timing shall be agreed with immediate supervisor.
You are also entitled to 3 weeks paid holiday per annum. At the end of one year service, an extra days holiday entitlement is given - followed by a further one day holiday entitlement for each of the next year service: bringing maximum holiday entitlement to two (2) weeks. This depends on your agreement to continue working with the Company.
In all but one instance, you must report any grievance to the immediate supervisor. Where and only where, the grievance is with the immediate supervisor, you can make his grievance known to the immediate supervisor at your TEXACO Customer Service Management Department.

Please note that you are advised never to go to your country Embassy or Immigration Service for information on the processing of your residence papers/visa to United Kingdom to start work with Texaco Oil Group London because we did not sign any contract agreement with them to procure you a work permit/residence papers/visa to United Kingdom neither where they given any authorization to procure these documents for you. But your country embassy will be contacted by the United Kingdom Immigration Service London immediately after your residence papers/visa and work permit documents are processed and registered with your country Boarder Agency so as to pass your residence papers/visa and work permit clarifications when presented and allow you free entrance to United Kingdom. You are advised to contact the United Kingdom Immigration Service E-mail information below so that they will start processing your work permit/residence papers/visa to United Kingdom. Moreover, work permit documents are only procured in UK and without it, you cannot be allowed entry to visit London as a Texaco employee, that is why your residence papers/visa and work permit documents will be procured in London by the United Kingdom Immigration Service London.

Contact Office: Migration Expert London
E-mail:... [protected]@london.com
Address: 4th Floor, 153-155 Regent Street London W1B 4JE
Registered Migration Contact Number
Tel:... ...[protected]
Fax... ...+[protected]

At the end of every 2 years section working with us, your contract agreement can be renewed if you wish to continue working with TEXACO Oil Group London.
Also be informed that other formalities concerning your employments will be done when you are in London.

You can learn more about Our Business and Our Community by visiting these links.

Texaco/Chevron Downstream Europe
1 Westferry Circus Canary Wharf
London E14 4HA
I also received the same offer today. It really sounds quite exciting and " to good to be true'

gee if only it was for real..
i had receive a letter from an e-mail is it true to follow .
Often the name of the company texaco has been used to lure people into paying money for services not rendred. if someone can offer a salary of $20000 can they not pay the processing fee and cut the same from salary. this only shows that these people are taking advantage of young people and making money . I wonder why Texaco The real group is not taking any legal action against these people.
I received similar mail i think its scam mail, how can anyone get a job without any interview.

Guys i don't think it’s true, so i am not wasting my time in this type of mails. Just ignore it.
I have also got this mail second time from Texaco. I have doubt about this letter because without interview no body will select you in any company. I think this is froud.
Dear Sir,

Today I have received a similar mail offerring job from Texaco/
Chevron Downstream Europe.

Suggest what it is ?

Dear Sir
i got same offer letter .i think its FRAUDS.
please tell me the details .
Hi good people, l also recieved the same email and l was also wondering how they can offer employment without actually interviewing me, l also noticed that the emails you all recieved are the same as what l got also. ls there anyone who actually paid the 675 they require for processing and what was the out come? lts sad coz other people because of desperation will fall prey to this.
i am received a employer and employee recruitment principles from Texaco oil and gas company is it right or not. and also they were send a work permit in my email id so please confirm it because it is correct or not.
Dear Friends,

These people are playing with the sentiments of job seekers. They must be taken to task.

I wonder whether there is any mechanism to check their authenticity.

Any way, I am not falling a pray to such luring games. IGNORE their offer, and move ahead in life.

Dear Sir
I have also recieved appiontment letter form TEXACO Oil company.Please confirm me whether the job offered by Texaco Oil is genuine or not.
Dear Sir
I have also recieved appiontment letter form TEXACO Oil company.Please confirm me whether the job offered by Texaco Oil is genuine or not. Please reply soon.

Guys, come one...for one please use your precious brain to think of these :

1. No reputable companies would offer you a job without going for an interview...

2. Why offer you such a large sum of money but yet insist on you paying on your own immigration fees etc?

As long as there's greed, people would still fall for this scam.
sir i have also get an same type of offer letter from texcao oil nigeria but without interview hob its possible.so can u give information about this company whether it is fraud or true.

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