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[Resolved]  texaco oil industry — confirmation of job offer

i have received this offer through mail i want to know is this true or some cheating for my further continue so i have attached all the details i received

Texaco Worldwide

Barfield House, Alderley Road,
Wilmslow, SK9 1PL,

15th December 2009



THE UK TEXACO OIL AND GAS COMPANY. Is pleased to offer you a job as AN ELECTRONIC ENGINEER.Recruitment and Processing is immediate as a result of the Massive nature of our projects,please bear with us. We trust that your knowledge, skills and experience will be among our most valuable assets.

Should you accept this job offer, based on the uk texaco oil and gas company policy ,you'll be eligible to receive the following beginning on your hire date.


GBP 5,920.00 (Five Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty UK Pounds) Only-Monthly before tax (8 percent tax).


The employee shall also be entitled to GBP2, 820.00 flat rate travel/entertainment allowances to employee. Travel shall be by business class/first class.

Employer shall also be responsible for employees' travel ticket including that of employees' family (maximum of three Dependants).


The employee will be reimbursed by the employer for reasonable moving expense incurred only as a result of relocation or early termination of leases, storage charges; procurement of travel documents, medicals etc on commencement of duty with the Uk Texaco Company.


The parties to this agreement, meeting together in a free and voluntary association in the interest of harmonious relations, to determine and regulate conditions of service, have agreed as follows:


The following principles are understood and agreed as fundamental in the relationship between TEXACO OIL AND GAS and you/Employee and shall govern their relations.

The TEXACO OIL AND GAS /EMPLOYEE recognizes TEXACO RECRUITERS as the Official Recruitment Consultants/Agency to TEXACO OIL AND GAS, as such they have been bestowed upon; the right to recruit and employ expatriate services employees for the fulfillment of the requirements of the EUROPE OIL AND GAS and specifications as necessary. Also to execute various duties and responsibilities thereto are vested in TEXACO RECRUITERS.

The TEXACO OIL AND GAS /EMPLOYEE recognizes TEXACO RECRUITERS with conformation to the UK Expatriate Statutary Act, 2004 as defined and without prejudice to the Trade Union Act, Cap 437, L.N. 1990 on all matters covered by this agreement and agrees to negotiate with its designated representatives on all matters concerning conditions of employment and service.

The TEXACO OIL AND GAS /EMPLOYEE recognizes the TEXACO IMMIGRANT DIVISION as the Official Immigrant Consultants/Agency to the TEXACO OIL AND GAS UK, as such their duties and responsibilities also includes but not limited to: Assist, Guide, Direct, Instruct, and Locally represent expatriate services employees’ who do not presently posses their valid British Works Permits Coverage papers (and not based in UK) on the processing, procurement and acquisition of the aforementioned legal permits papers here in the UK on employees’ cost without violation of the Expatriate Statuary Act, 1999 and 2004 of the British Government.

The TEXACO OIL AND GAS /EMPLOYEE also recognizes and agrees that the TEXACO IMMIGRANT DIVISION has also been bestowed upon the legitimate right (on behalf of any employee not based in the UK) to forward to the OIL AND GAS accounts division all expense reports/receipt or proof of payment for the total expenses incurred or as shall be incurred by any employee only with respect and relations to employees’ job engagement with the TEXACO OIL AND GAS and legal documentation acquisition and processes, for reimbursement purposes. As such the TEXACO IMMIGRANT DIVISION shall also courier to employee any or all of employees legal documents that shall be necessitated for courier dispatch.

Both parties also recognizes the importance of Government legislation especially those provisions that affect labour in the Oil and Gas industries. Particular reference is made to the Oil and Gas Act, Cap 350, L.N 1990 and 2004.

Both parties also recognize the principle of freedom of association.

Both parties also recognizes the importance of standards and practices in labour administration, also multifarious make-up of the work force within the company and agree their shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex, nationality, race, religion, colour, tribal or ethnic origin.


Where the Government of the UK either by legislation or administrative pronouncement, provides for new and/or additional benefits, includes increase in salaries or directs that such benefits should apply to private sector, the TEXACO OIL AND GAS and EMPLOYEE shall meet to discuss the new measures.


The employee recognizes the right of the TEXACO OIL AND GAS to discipline staff for infringement of company regulations; however the company shall formally discuss with the employee any disciplinary action to be taken thereafter which may result in suspension, termination or dismissal.


In addition, the company reserves the right to terminate the employment of any staff who flagrantly or repeatedly fails to comply with the company’s code of conduct or commits an offence of a magnitude that the company considers him unsuitable to be in its employment.


In rare cases, an employee may be dismissed for the commission of a grave offence, in which case no notice is given. Such offences shall include inter-alia.

Theft and fraud in connection with company’s business or property.... Any staff found guilty or implicated in any of these offences may be liable to prosecution.

Disclosure of confidential information of the company or its associate to a third party.

Conviction and/or imprisonment for criminal offence.

The Employee’s High Commission, Embassy/Consulate shall be given benefit of consultation in any case involving the dismissal of its citizens as such, Employee will also be given the chance of fair hearing and proper investigation prior to decisions conclusion.


For any person or persons’ to be duly certified as a confirmed employee with the TEXACO OIL AND GAS, he or she must be expected to have been successfully recruited by our official recruitment consultants, i.e. TEXACO RECRUITERS and duly acquired his or her necessitated valid British Immigration Documents and UKWork Permits Papers from The Uk Immigrations without which he or she would not be given the necessary due employment’ benefits and preference as such cannot be referred to as Employee to the TEXACO OIL AND GAS UK.


Employees’ shall be given the opportunity for international assignment within the group for the acquisition of experience and exposure to enhance their competence and not limited to job engagements as shall be required by the TEXACO OIL AND GAS UK.


The working hours shall be 40 hours working per week; Monday to Friday Inclusive. Saturdays, Sundays and Gazette public holidays shall be rest days. However, some employees’ who work on shift may have different work hours and rest days other than Saturdays and Sundays.


Where an employee is required to be on duty on Saturdays, Sundays and Gazette public holidays, he will be paid as follows:

Total Performance: 9.0%- for work done for 6hours and above

Partial Performance: 4.5%- for work done for 3 hours but not up to 6 hours

Transport Allowance: GBP 45.00 per day worked

Meal Allowance: GBP 50.00 per day worked

Presence Weekend (PW), this rule will apply to periods arising from delays in evacuating the field, location site or office according to the arrangements subsisting between the TEXACO OIL AND GAS and the Department in question.


TEXACO OIL AND GAS shall pay shift allowance of GBP 45.00 only per shift to employees who work on shift either in the offices or fields.


In the event of death or serious illness of employees’ father, mother, wife husband or child, necessitating presence of staff, TEXACO OIL AND GAS shall grant compassionate leave with pay up to a maximum of 12 working days per year.


Employees' shall be authorized for Four (4) times paid vacation per year during the period employed by UK TEXACO OIL AND GAS COMPANY, to be used at the employees ‘discretion after duly informing and receiving approval from employer’s management. Employer will pay for travel expenses (i.e. flight tickets) and flat rate travel allowance of GBP2, 500.00.


The first three months of your employment period shall be a period of intensive training within which you will be trained in Our production ethics,systems and basics,the next three months shall be your probation period after which the above detailed emploment benefits MIGHT be reviewed depending on your appraissal results.

Other employment benefits include:

. Fully furnished accommodation (Family/Single housing)

. Medical, Dental and Optical care

. Scholarship/Educational assistance

. Official vehicle/Status cars

. Upfront salary advance payments

. Relocation expenses

. Life/health insurance policy implementation

.Benefit of 5 percent of your gross will be allowed for employees that are able to arrive UK on or before 30th January 2010 for a period of six months as a compersation of their ability for quick arrival and commencement of duty.

If you accept this job offer, your hire date will be on the day that you Arrive to the Uk OIl and Gas Company,Signed Your Engagement Contract and attend new-hire orientation. Plan to work for the remainder of the business day after new-hire orientation ends.


If You have accepted this offer,You are required to contact the UK Immigrations via email Immediately for the processing of your Uk Immigrations Documents and Uk Work Permit.Please contact the below details now

Contact Person:Dr Harold Wiggins
E-Mail: [protected]

Texaco Immigration Division

Please notify the uk immigration officer that you are applying for uk immigration documents and working permits based on the job offer from the UK TEXACO OIL AND GAS COMPANY 2009.Also provide him via Email with your full names,phone number,Scanned Copy of the front page of your passport,a copy of your recent passport photograph and location for verification,documentaion and processing of your Uk Immigrations Documents.employee wishing to travel with any family member or dependant should also specify such and also provide same information for such.

When you have provided these data to the immigrations,make sure you give him a call informing him that you have contacted him via email so that he would commence the immigration processes immediately.please contact the email address above for your UK immigration papers and UK working permits now.

NOTE:Employees shall be liable for any cost that may arise in the course of processing their UK IMMIGRATION visa and working permits which will be reimbursed to them on their arrival to the UK Texaco Oil and Gas Company.Employee will be reimbursed the Cost for his/her relocation expences and that of a maximium of three dependants on arrival to the UK TEXACO OIL AND GAS COMPANY.

Your Engagement Contract is been processed with the above detailed benefits which you are required to sign(the Engagement Contract) on your arrival to the UK TEXACO OIL AND GAS COMPANY.

We at UK TEXACO OIL AND GAS COMPANY hope that you'll accept this job offer and look forward to welcoming you aboard. Feel free to call Mr Paul James if you have questions or concerns.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Paul James

Email: [protected]

Coordinator, Human Resources

confirmation of  job offer
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Dear Sir,

Please contact concerned Texaco company, not at the phone numbers provided, but at the phone numbers by googling the company's website.
There are two reasons for me suggesting so, the person who has contacted you, has done it through personal mail ids, but not through official ones.
Second thing, my brother has received a similar fradulent email, but from a different source company and different source and the phone number series mentioned in those emails and in these emails are pretty much the same.
In addition, there is a google tool bar, which helps you recognise if the email is fraudulent. You can google and find out the text from google, if similar emails were sent to few other people.

The best way to confirm is to switch board no o[censored]K Texaco Oil and Gas Company directly rather than calling the gentleman on the phone number provided.


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