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[Resolved]  Thane Municipal Transport — Poor service of TMT Buses

I request to the Government to close down the TMT Buses totally and start the BEST bus from Thane to Kolshet. The service of TMT Bus is very poor. Following is the list of problem, which we are facing due to poor service of TMT:-

1-> Low frequency.
2-> High fare charges.
3-> Bad words uses by conductor and TMT official to the passenger.
4-> Low quality Buses.
5-> Always get puncture in the middle of road.
6-> No light inside the Bus.
7-> Bullock cart is better than TMT.

.......and many more.
Complaint marked as Resolved 2020-08-13 16:51:58
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Thane Municipal Transport, Thane — Bus not haulting at stop

On 20/02/2010 at 05.40 p.m., I was standing on Gokul Nagar bus stop waiting for Pawar Nagar Bus (Route No.12). One bus came at that time, I moved ahead to alight in the bus, but to my surprise bus did not stop at the stop eventhough there was sufficient space to stand. I had to wait for another half an hour to get the next bus. Driver at fault may be punished so that no driver dare to skip the bus stop.
The Transport service in Thane by the TMT is most possibly the worst in the world. Its service under bus route number 56 is the worst. The buses that are supposed to be scraped are being used in this route.The frequency of buses on this route are the worst and the public is at the mercy of the controller posted at Thane (West). Most of the times there are no buses for an hour, whereas buses on other routes are sent on surplus.
It is my humble request to the Hon'ble Standing Committee Chairman of Thane Muncipal Transport that it may stop its services on this route so that BEST can provide its service to the public in Thane.

Ranjiv R
Irregular service and scarcity of buses

I am college student doing Banking & Insurance and I come to the Station around 9:00 pm and reach Pawar Nagar at around 11:00 pm and I have to call my father Mr.Avinash Pitale to Medows stop to collect me fronm there.

This is to bring to your notice that the TMT buses to my area is exceptionally poor. After the evening hours till 11:00 pm the queue for the bus becomes serpentine having us wait for almost an hour & half for the next bus, the standing queue is almost for three (3) Buses.

People are suffering a lot please take proper action.

Please increase the frequency and number of Buses.

Awaiting your immediate action.

Poor service of TMT Buses specifically in Shivai Nagar,

Specifically irregular bus services, just because of that auto rishwala charges higher fair, we had no option

i think TMT is most possibly the worst in the world. today i face problem of break down bus specifically u thane st root co-coordinate in-charger he know the bus condition but order to go that root & as expected result we got bus is brake down in khopat signal. we no option to take another bus.

that kind service TMT provide services, just because everyone complaint,

Let's see which kind of action against him
yes the frequency of buses from thane stn to pawar nagar is very poor .people are standing hour to get the next bus.if you cant handle then why should you not given to best buses.they are the best
I, Mrs. Dsouza, residing at Highland Society, I work in Mantralaya and come from Nariman Point to thane station everyday at 7.00 p.m. When I come to the stop there is always 3 buses queue on the stop. At this hour public comes from long distances and in a crowded train. The bus stop that is built for Kolshet/Manorama Nagar/Dadlani Park is so conjusted that two people cannot pass thru. After every 25-30 min.there is one bus i.e. either for Kolshet or Manorama Nagar. People wait for hour in queue and they do not get place to sit. If the Kolshet bus comes at 7.10 p.m. to the stop then the next bus for Manorama Nagar will come at 7.35 or 7.40 p.m. Then the next bus for kolshet will come at 8.00 or 8.10 p.m. There is no frequency of these buses nor there is any bus depot either at Kolshet or Manorama Nagar. the Conductors and drivers just come to the station as and when they want to fulfil their duties. The controllers at thane station do not enquire nor bothered about the public. They only stand and do chit-chatting.
When the bus comes to the stop the non queue try to enter the bus where there is no controller nor the conductor is least bothered to control the unqueue crowd. Just because the bus stop is not built like plot No. 1 & 3. The queued public get stuck in between on the bus stop and immediately the unqueued try to enter and take their seat. The queue crowd has to go standing again. The conductor stands at the front door and the see the public's fun. I request you to instruct your staff i.e. the conductor to see that the queue public get in first by blocking the unqueue public way.
Only when the Highest Authority comes for checking at thane station, you will find there is less crowd at the bus stops and the buses comes in time.
I you'll cannot give the thaneties good service then let the BEST buses come in and give us their best services. If the TMT buses are not for the public it would be better to shut down this services and public will be happy for BEST services. There is such a huge crowd at VT for BEST buses but still the BEST gives the best services to the public. and do not harass the public like the TMT staff harasses.

TMT has no right to harass the public. If they cannot give us the service either they should stop the TMT buses and the public will ply as per their inconvenience. The ST
request to the Government to close down the TMT Buses totally and start the BEST bus from Thane to Kolshet. The service of TMT Bus is very poor. Following is the list of problem, which we are facing due to poor service of TMT:-
what have you done so far TMT management M...fuc..., you get bloddy n no of complaints you bloody management persons. the TMT bus service people how much we should tolerate them, theres a thing called patience in each o[censored]s, what patience we should show for this M-----Fuc. management. they should be treated the same way they treat the passengers patience. Dont have time maagement(I wonder if they nowthe word TIME). they should be banned, RTO should step in and check the condition of buses, its worst then the haunted . I wish they should keep there own vehicles too in the same condition . See New mumbai bus service and buses are of good quality, TMT should feel ashamed of them themselves being the neigbour TMT has brought buses from scrap yard. they will oneday have to repend as they have made the common man time suffer like anything. This about the bus service and also there routes(12). nowdays even the route no plate have gone for repairing so they use any damn no plate this is especially for route no 12. and make the people or the passenger suffer like anything. The attitude of the bus service man has and is also like the scrap yard buses which they use.
. these type of practices should be boycotted or banned.RTOs please check if these buses are outdated then why are they plying on the roads still. Its been out of control of the common mans thinking. being late for 2 to 3 days we can understand, but here the picture is different its overcrowded everyday including holidays, not a single day we find empty. addition to it severly latelatiff everyday evening in night when there is no crowd absolutely. its pathetic journey to travel by these type of buses. people reach thane station within some 30to 45 mintiutes depending on the destination they board the train from but reach home every single day by around 2 to 3 hrs late in addition to the train journey time. try to resolve the issue ASAP. or you will get more of gallis in fullform.

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