The Carlsberg Group In India - Ministry Of Environment And Forest - Naresh Kadyan — Ban Carlsberg Elephant beer in India - Abhishek Kadyan

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1. Smt. Jayanthi Natrajan,
Minister of Environment and Forest (Govt. of India), New Delhi.
2. Ch. Bhupinder Singh Hooda,
Chief Minister of Haryana, Chandigarh.
3. Shri Ashok Gahlot,
Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Jaipur.



Ban Carlsberg Elephant beer in India - Abhishek Kadyan
Ban Carlsberg Elephant beer in India - Abhishek Kadyan
Ban Carlsberg Elephant beer in India - Abhishek Kadyan
Ban Carlsberg Elephant beer in India - Abhishek Kadyan
Ban Carlsberg Elephant beer in India - Abhishek Kadyan
Ban Carlsberg Elephant beer in India - Abhishek Kadyan
Ban Carlsberg Elephant beer in India - Abhishek Kadyan
Ban Carlsberg Elephant beer in India - Abhishek Kadyan
Ban Carlsberg Elephant beer in India - Abhishek Kadyan
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MCD — Sheaver jammed

I am Pradeep Verma resident of H.No.RZ1107/B, St.No.12, Sadh Nagar Palam Colony New Delhi110045
We are facing a problems for Sheaver Jammed, and no body is taking care about this,
I did a complaint so many times to repair our three sheaver cover, Always they are saying, tomorrow it will done, But I can not understand which is the day for him as tomorrow,
i am pradeep mittal h. no 544A/16B bhim gali vishwas nagar delhi 92 we are facing a problam so long time
our dranage are ourflo and street also dirty i have complent in office time to time but no action on this side
please help
To: Law Minister of India, President of India, New Delhi (HE Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil), Vice President of India (Hon'ble Shri Hamid Ansari), Director, Ainimal Welfare Division, Prime Minister of India (Hon'ble Sardar Manmohan Sngh), Chief Justice of India (Hon'ble Mr. Chief Justice S.H.Kapadia), The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Jaipur (Shri Ashok Gahlot), Minister of Environment and Forest (Smt. Jayanthi Natrajan), National Advisory Council (Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson), Dr. Anmol Kumar, and The Member Secretary of OIPA in India
Subject: Ban Elephant Polo, Carlsberg beer and BSP symbol in India
Letter: Greetings, ,

Elephants are now became a National Heritage animal of India and protected under scheduled one of the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972. Former Minister for Environment and Forest Mr. Jairam Ramesh introduced a scheme haathi mere saathi. These lovely creatures are abused in India: for joy, pride, publicity tool, political party symbol, begging instrument, personnel gain and profit.
Founder chairman, People for Animals (PFA) Haryana Naresh Kadyan, now representing OIPA in India as well, moved a PIL 8987 of 2006, which was decided in favour, Iron Ankush was banned, Guidelines converted to rules by the Rajasthan High Court ( Jaipur Bench) but all concerned officials are sleeping on this issue, where as Elephant being an National heritage animal of India, no one can play, abuse, hence Elephant polo be permanently banned in India, Animal Welfare Board of India be directed to with draw the permission granted u/s 38 of the PCA Act, 1960 and CZA also be directed for similar action. Ministry of Environment and Forest be directed to frame strong rules and regulations to control abuse, stress, pain and injury. All captive Elephants be rescued and rehabilitated at once, where as CZA failed to rehabilitate Zoo and circuses elephants. All kinds of commercial activities using Elephants image like Carlsberg beer also be banned.
The Chief Election Commissioner of India, also be advised to ask Bahujan Samaj Party to change their political party symbol replacing Elephant.
Matter has been taken up with the HE the President of India vide No. PRSEC/E/2011/13024 and GOVRJ/E/2011/00329 on the eve of India's Independence by Naresh Kadyan.

Definition of Elephant polo :
'Elephant polo' is just another way of deriving sadistic pleasure by humans in watching the captive jumbos in excruciating pain, for nothing but entertainment of mankind.
It is with a lot of pain, torture and abuse that a wild captured elephant is made ready to play the game/ sport of 'elephant polo'. I was shocked to learn that Carlsberg Elephant Strong presents the Polo Cup - Unique Sporting Experiences on August 21 2011 in Jaipur. Elephants who are forced to participate in polo matches are captured from the wild and taken away from their families and homes. They routinely suffer chronic physical ailments, social and emotional deprivation, confinement, and premature death. You may not be aware that trainers gouge bullhooks into elephants' sensitive skin in order to force them to perform. This cruel game makes life even more miserable for captive elephants, whose "training" consists of systematic torture, which begins when still-nursing baby elephants are dragged from their mothers, kicking and screaming. They are immobilized, beaten mercilessly, and gouged with nails for days at a time.
Elephants do not naturally ride bicycles, stand on their heads, balance on balls, jump through rings of fire, or play polo. In order to force them to perform these confusing and physically uncomfortable tricks, elephants are typically trained with extremely cruel methods that inflict pain and cause fear. Supporting the barbaric practice of forcing elephants to entertain tourists will only tarnish your company's reputation. I hope that you will take action on this important issue and immediately end your sponsorship of this cruel and disgraceful game.
Poem about elephant polo by Maria Daine:
Think of us - We are large and heavy and our feet are sore, We are part of a game with a tiny ball. There are long sticks and shouting, We don’t know the score. We don’t understand but we must go forth. There is cheering and clapping, We don’t make a sound. We tire very easily thudding the ground.

Can you guess what we are?

Can you guess what we do?

We are elephants, elephants,

Playing polo for you ...
Signed By:
Name Location Date
Abhishek Kadyan Delhi, India 08/15/2011
Paola Ghidotti Vigevano, Italy 08/15/2011
Beate Michl Nandlstadt, DE 08/15/2011
M.A. Gansevoort-Buijs De Weere, Netherlands 08/15/2011
Lisa Shaw Saint Petersburg, FL 08/15/2011
Ángel Marina Palma de Mallorca, Spain 08/15/2011
chris beal louth, TX 08/15/2011
Nicole Weber Pasadena, MD 08/15/2011
Bonni Thompson Huntsville, AL 08/15/2011
gwenn meltzer ridley park, PA 08/15/2011
Linda Szymoniak Schererville, IN 08/15/2011
Nancy Roussy Ste-Florence, Canada 08/15/2011
sarah jenkins brighton, United Kingdom 08/15/2011
Selva Iris Carnevale Villa Gobernador Galvez, Argentina 08/15/2011
Anita Papassarandis Athens, PA 08/15/2011
Laura P San Diego, CA 08/15/2011
Theresa Vaccaro Plainfield, NJ 08/15/2011
Jan Belker Borken, DE 08/15/2011
K O'Donnell Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands 08/15/2011
Viktoria Misinszki Bacska Topolya, Serbia 08/15/2011
john lopez reno, NV 08/15/2011
OIPA in India Delhi, IN 08/15/2011
BEVERLEY HOLDEN CONWY, United Kingdom 08/15/2011
Christiane H Cuxhaven, Germany 08/15/2011
Sukanya Kadyan Delhi, India 08/15/2011
Sharda Kadyan Delhi, India 08/15/2011
Larry D. Grazier Lexington, TX 08/15/2011
Naresh Kadyan, Representative of OIPA in India Delhi, IN 08/15/2011
Dawn Harvey Clinton, IA 08/15/2011
John Richard Young Norristown, PA 08/15/2011
Chelsea Madison Oakand, CA 08/15/2011
Chris Drumright Murfreesboro, TN 08/15/2011
andrea steinke london, AL 08/15/2011
jake wolfhart Capitan, NM 08/15/2011
ivonne engler magdeburg, Germany 08/15/2011
Alicia Guevara Buenos Aires, Argentina 08/15/2011
charles mclachlan none, United Kingdom 08/15/2011
carlos leon Aurora, IL 08/15/2011
Penni Norman Des Moines, IA 08/15/2011
Elisabeth Bechmann St. Pölten, Austria 08/15/2011
Gawain Beste London, NY 08/15/2011
Nadine Slavinski Frankfurt am Main, Germany 08/15/2011
Chase Gentry Old Hickory, TN 08/15/2011
sarah longley NOTTINGHAM, United Kingdom 08/15/2011
beatrice de filippis sana'a, Yemen 08/15/2011
Marc Antoine Dorchester, MA 08/15/2011
Paraskevi Angelaki Athens, Greece 08/15/2011
Carol Reins St.Paul, MN 08/15/2011
Yasiu Kruszynski Chicago, IL 08/15/2011
Tatiana Torres Bogota, Colombia 08/15/2011
pat myers ancramdale, NY 08/15/2011
Paulette Crystal Bradley, FL 08/15/2011
Filomena Viana melksham, NY 08/15/2011
Ana Tavares Sintra, Portugal 08/15/2011
Ailed Rivera Cayey, Puerto Rico 08/15/2011
Timmi Sommer Dana Point, CA 08/15/2011
Ellaine Lurie-Janicki West Haven, CT 08/15/2011
nancy sands brooklyn, NY 08/15/2011
Bill McGlone New Haven, CT 08/15/2011
Edmund Weisberg Philadelphia, PA 08/15/2011
Lloyd MacNeal Largo, AL 08/15/2011
Jade Kiran San Francisco, CA 08/15/2011
Bachellerie Renée st selve, FL 08/15/2011
Rhianna Connie Dix Meopham, CA 08/15/2011
Katja Siirasto Helsinki, Finland 08/15/2011
Graciela Patrón Mederos León, Spain 08/15/2011
Reynaldo Alcantara Orange Park, FL 08/15/2011
Kristina Golemanova Gabrovo, Bulgaria 08/15/2011
Amanda Sheppard Largo, FL 08/15/2011
Akiko Motomura London, , United Kingdom 08/15/2011
christopher diamant New Hope, PA 08/15/2011
Alex P Scranton, PA 08/15/2011
georgeta predeanu slatina, Romania 08/15/2011
Anna Mayens Odense, Denmark 08/15/2011
Scott Burbridge Takoma Park, MD 08/15/2011
Corinna Peplies Wülfrath, DE 08/15/2011
Yvonne Poppendiecker Hamburg, Germany 08/15/2011
Arwen Jones Apex, NC 08/15/2011
angela fazzari portland, OR 08/15/2011
Paul Haider Chicago, IL 08/15/2011
martyn bassett london, NY 08/15/2011
Beatriz Fernandes São Paulo, Brazil 08/15/2011
Susanne Epp Mannheim, Germany 08/15/2011
annie cowling danbury, CT 08/15/2011
Klaudio Negric Rijeka, Croatia 08/15/2011
Karen Burroughs Orlando, FL 08/15/2011
valérie DISLE SAINT LEU LA FORET, France 08/15/2011
olivier GOMES SAINT LEU LA FORET, France 08/15/2011
max edwards glen waverley, Australia 08/15/2011
Jackie Tryggeseth Sauk City, WI 08/15/2011
Marilyn Martin Rockville, MD 08/15/2011
bonnie pelton phx., AZ 08/15/2011
Jason J Green Spotsylvania, VA 08/15/2011
Anne Kirkwood Bradenton, FL 08/15/2011
Constance Franklin Los Angeles, CA 08/15/2011
Mandi T. Saratoga, CA 08/15/2011
Joe Bonner Philadelphia, PA 08/15/2011
Barbara McNamara Joppa, MD 08/15/2011
Arlene Robins Surrey, Canada 08/15/2011
june bullied toronto, CA 08/15/2011
Kate Kenner Jamaica Plain, MA 08/15/2011
Ron Avila San Francisco, CA 08/15/2011
Gaye Gamble La Quinta, CA 08/15/2011
kelly shea Long Beach, CA 08/15/2011
Jennifer Cross Mill Valley, CA 08/15/2011
Ruth McD Redmond, OR 08/15/2011
Bobbie Murray Raleigh, NC 08/15/2011
Carol E McCormick Rockville, MD 08/15/2011
Albert Mah Como, Australia 08/15/2011
Samantha L Chicago, IL 08/15/2011
Patricia Tinney Penn Yan, NY 08/15/2011
cristiano pinnow viamão, Brazil 08/15/2011
Margaret Rigsby Hazel Green, AL 08/15/2011
Gloria Monroe Grants Pass, OR 08/15/2011
Lorri Makela Angel Fire, NM 08/15/2011
Colleen Klaum Allentown, PA 08/15/2011
Susan Lynch Columbus, OH 08/15/2011
Jon Spinac New York, NY 08/15/2011
Sonia Riddall Sydney, Australia 08/15/2011
Debra Slattery Slate Hill, NY 08/15/2011
Jenny Bates Blackpool, United Kingdom 08/15/2011
Mary Ann Smale Steuben, ME 08/15/2011
Carol Ripley Hertford, United Kingdom 08/15/2011
laura raforth rochester, NY 08/15/2011
Carlos Oropeza Somerdale, NJ 08/15/2011
Faith Ough Los Angeles, CA 08/15/2011
Erik Shearer Phoenix, AZ 08/15/2011
Regina Dickerson Valhermoso'Spgs., AL 08/15/2011
Kenny Vayer NYC, NY 08/15/2011
Irma Fleischeuer Sittard, Netherlands 08/15/2011
Neahle Madden Santa Rosa, CA 08/15/2011
laurie sudol clarkdale, AZ 08/15/2011
Tierney Grinavic Huntingtown, MD 08/15/2011
Judy Boone Forest Hill, TX 08/15/2011
Raymond Nash Westminster, MD 08/15/2011
Lisa Zarafonetis Dallas, TX 08/15/2011
Ellen G Sussex, WI 08/15/2011
azlimi yaakop singapore, Singapore 08/15/2011
lisa salazar Foster City, CA 08/15/2011
María Belén Varán Guevara Buenos Aires, Argentina 08/15/2011
Melinda Shepherd Cottonwood, AZ 08/15/2011
Mary Ann giacometti garden city, NY 08/15/2011
Terry Pitt Kansas City, MO 08/15/2011
Greg Nickson Brighouse, United Kingdom 08/15/2011
Rebecka Lindskog Uddevalla, Sweden 08/15/2011
vanne hanisch-godoy victoria, AK 08/15/2011
Soledad Konowalskyj New York, NY 08/15/2011
catherine ryal london, United Kingdom 08/15/2011
Judy Snook Bossier City, 08/15/2011
Maria Schneider Munich, 08/15/2011
Janet Solomon Ecum Secum, Canada 08/15/2011
Alice Bowron Minneapolis, MN 08/15/2011
Lukas Martinelli Pleasant Hill, CA 08/15/2011
Isabel Barros San Fernando, Argentina 08/15/2011
jamie igoe torrance, CA 08/15/2011
Michelle McCaulley Corrales, NM 08/15/2011
Kit Blumenstein Lewisville, TX 08/15/2011
Jordan Kasteler Sandy, UT 08/15/2011
Valerie Hildebrand Winnipeg, MB., Canada 08/15/2011
Romeo Andulan Jersey City, NJ 08/15/2011
Kim Lores Beverly Hills, CA 08/15/2011
Bud Burdick rochester, NY 08/15/2011
Dear Mr Kadyan,

We acknowledge the concern raised by you on our proposed association with the elephant polo sport. After having heard and considered all view points, raised by you and various other stakeholders, we have decided to stop our association with this event. While we comprehend that these specific elephants were in no way being violated, we respect the concern being raised and hence, have decided to do the right thing.

Have a good day.

Warm regards


Rishi Wadhera

Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd.

PR & Communications

Plot 52, Sector 32, Institutional Area, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana, India

Dir tel +[protected]

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