The Chic Store — Fraud and poor customer service

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The Chic Store
It is an online shop mainly functioning through their facebook page. They order their product from china and sell them in very profitable margin of price.
It is run by a team. Not sure what their names are.[protected]
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They are rude. They don't reply my mails and It's a fraud site.
I have shopped thrice from them! and every thing was fine :S
Loved the shoes

are u talking abut the same site that is on facebook?
Totally. They first made me deposit money in their account ASAP and then stopped taking my calls and did not deliver on the committed date either. Now Jaya Wadhwa is saying that I can do whatever I want to do but she will not respond now. She is refusing to return my money also.
Hi, this is an online page on facebook that deals in apparels and fashion accessories. Looking at the response and my friends likings, i ordered some stuff from the site for my fiancee on her birthday. THe order was made on 24th July with the payment being deposited through NEFT into the proprietor's account. The owner, Jaya S Wadhwa had promised that the delivery of goods will be made before 18th August and hence i had made the payment of Rs 6300 including delivery charges. Now i haven't got the delivery and have been blocked from their page and being challenged to take any action against them.
The page address is below along with the owner's FB profile and their EMail Id.
pls help as i have been robbed and have no where to go.

thanks a lot.
And you have no idea how much they are robbing you for each item they are selling. Each item they take profit of about Rs.1000-Rs.1200. If the cost of the item is 900. They'll charge 1900+shipping. They buy their stuffs from chinese sites and act as though it is such branded items. If i give out the website they buy it from then they'll go out of business. Such pitiful people trying to earn quick buck by cheating people. And they some 19-20 years old only. Imagine when they reach 30-40. They'll be a fine corrupted people.
I suggest you should go to court and take some legal actions against them. Even they have done the same to me. That's why they don't allow people to post on their FB page wall. They are rude, mannerless and speak such foul language. Jaya wadhwa doesn't have no sense of good behaviour and talks like a truck driver. Hire a lawyer and file a case against them.I'll help you with it.
Their page is really good, I have ordered clothes and shoes over 5-7 times and I've always got them on time.
In fact my friend loved what I ordered for her every time.
Wow :O
I got another batch last week from them, but yeah it was delayed a little bit. totally worth it though.
I've only ordered shoes from them, that too four times and in all 7 shoes. I got the delivery in 5 days and the shoes are as gorgeous as I'd imagined them to be. I don't see any reason for the bad mouthing.
Hi upsetcustomer and varun999. I have already initiated things with my lawyer. In fact out of the the other 2 people who have commented here, I know for a fact that Arun P Gandhi is a "good friend" of the girl. Great to see him sticking up for her like that.

Apart from that, pls msg me your details so that I can contact you. I have all the legal proceedings ready since I come from a family of lawyers and judges. No issue at all.

P.S.: Arun, it doesn't really fool anyone how you are trying to act like a happy customer of the page.
Varun Khurana, not cool putting up the same comment through the same name trying to act two different customers, seriously dude, GET A LIFE! And how would you know who's my "good friend"? What are you, my stalker?
Varun, i can gather you an army with proof how The Chic Store have harassed people. The reason why they don't allow people to post on their page is because of the complaints. Jaya Wadhwa is rude and talk with such foul language. How can a 20 year Old year have such mouth?
My friend once commented something not so nice and they immediately blocked her. Plus their prices are so high! If you are still buying from them, God bless you and your money they are looting you.
Arun P Gandhi, since you have not been in the bad side of them, you are saying such nice thing about them. Maybe you are Jaya Wadhwa's Friend. Who knows? When someone is distress, they wont just lie about it.
I have so many proof to show you all. But if this goes to the Court, I am ready to help.
If I tell you all where you can buy the stuffs they get it from, you'll be all shocked how cheap they get it.
Hi upsetcustomer, your proofs will come in handy to me. You can contact me at, or through my lawyer at He is the one handling this case. The latest in my case is that half of my order is lying in some post office (which by the way, Jaya Wadhwa did not provide any details about to my lawyer even when he asked for it), and the other half has supposedly gone back. She refuses to take any responsibility about the order delivery.

She claimed to have sent all the details to my lawyer which he never received. Also, when asked for a screenshot as to where she had mailed him the details, she sent some random mail between her and her partner. Maybe she is too slow to understand how mails work.

And Jaya Wadhwa talked foul with my lawyer (a very senior person) too, and he was so not amused. She does not know who she is pissing off.

I will be filing an FIR against her and her parent (I have the mailing address etc in place), and will also send them a show cause notice about the money and the compensation. Believe me, they are going to pay for their thick headedness and non-professionalism. I did not want to since they are just a bunch of kids, and once the FIR is through the record will sustain forever, but they need to know that breach of contract is a serious offence.
Arun Gandhi - The internet is your playground kid. If you wanted to act like a satisfied customer, atleast should've changed your name. Never mind in your case, since for that you needed something (Quick Intro: Arun – Brains, Brains - Arun). Also, I totally agree it is not cool putting up the same comment using the same name. That is why I did not. But I like how your train of thought runs. My sympathies.

P.S.: Ghetto language really suits you and Jaya!
Go like this page[protected]
same here... they rude and they shouldnt be allowed to function at all!
Hi Varun, I have been fradaulently cheated by this store too! Pls give me ur contact number where i can get in touch with you
I am facing the same problem with them too can someone help me out with their number or anything. They havent got back to me or responded to my email whatsoever after receiving an amount of 5500. How can i contact the owner?

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