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[Resolved]  THE INFLUX GROUP of COMPANIES — Fraud and Cheater


The new name of Cobra group of companies... Influx.. do not go for interview, else you will at least waste 2 days of your life...

Read more about under thread :

And these have sent the same email to my relative, who is an MBA fresher:

For Internal Use of Employer (Please don't delete or modify while replying to this email)
Monster Resume ID: 23719964 Job Folder ID: 7485414

Dear Prags,

This is in reference to your resume which we have received in response to our advertisement in

We are pleased to inform you that you have been shortlisted for a Personal Interview with our Business Head
for immediate openings on an express basis as per the following schedule:

Date: 28th Oct ‘09
Day: Wednesday
Time: 11 am – 03:00 pm

105, A- Wing, Rahul Bldg # 3,
Mittal Industrial Estate,
Andheri-Kurla, Sakinaka,
Andheri [E], Mumbai-59

You would be required to bring your current updated resume and a passport size photograph. Do bring a printout of this mail for reference.

Please feel free to contact us in case of any queries.

Company Profile: We are part of a Rs.1500 crore company which has operations in more than 27 countries. With 1500 Strategic Business Units and a Global Workforce of approximately 30,000 people. We provide cost effective and Brand enhancing client representation, Customer acquisition and business promotion services to our clients globally

We work in the following industry sectors:
1. Cellular Service Providers (CSPs) like Cable & Wireless, Sun Telecom, Chitchat, Talktalk, Tele2, Bharati and TATA.
2. Financial Service Providers (FSPs) Citibank, ABN AMRO, Future Generali, Standard Chartered, Commonwealth Bank Of Australia (CBA), Barclay’s, Grindlay’s and AXA Life Insurance (16th largest company in the world).
3. Energy Service Providers (ESPs) like nPower, Energy Australia
4. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Bharati Broadband, TATA Indicom Data Card.
5. Entertainment Service Providers (ESPs) like Reliance BIG TV, Showtime, Airtel Digital TV.
5. Hotels like Marriot Group Of Hotels, Sheraton Group Of Hotels, Best Western Group Of Hotels.
6. Restaurants like KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, Dominos, McDonalds, Jongleurs, BJs, California Pizza Kitchen.
7. Sports Clubs & Leagues like English Premier League, NBA, Australian Rugby League.
8. Animation Studios like Walt Disney Studios, Pixar.
9. NGO/Charities: And that’s the division we are handling over here. We work with the likes o[censored]nicef, Red Cross, Blue Cross, Christian Aid, Christian Children Fund, Barnardos, PETA, WWF, CRY, Help Age India, Save The Children, Plan India, CIF, Oxfam.
NGOs need s a constant inflow of funds for Project Administration to address the cause of the underprivileged. Traditionally, NGOs have deployed various means to raise funds, viz. sale of products, events, corporate donations, overseas donations, direct mail, Cause Based Marketing (CBM).
However, the aforementioned means lead to a prohibitively high Cost of Mobilizing Income (COMI) making the whole idea of charity redundant. Also, the volumes of funds generated are too paltry for sustainable Project Administration. We provide volumes of funds through a team of able charity ambassadors reinstating people’s belief in the cause and consolidating their goodwill. We utilize the generic systems at the heart of our company for professional fundraising for leading NGOS and charities in a cost-effective manner. With no consultancy fee being charged, the NGOs are only invoiced for successful donor acquisition making us an indispensable partner for their long term project administration needs. Today, we pride ourselves in having generated in excess of Rs. 90 crores for various causes in India and Ł 2 billion globally last year.

GROWTH & EXPANSION: We started in India around 10 yrs back; way back in 1998. And today we are in 10 cities, viz. Delhi Mumbai Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahemdabad, Nagpur and Chandigarh. We have 85 offices in India. But this is just the beginning. We want to have our presence in 42 major cities in India. We want to open up 1000 offices in India. That means we have another 915 offices to be opened up.

There are 3 key resources we require for the same:

1. Capital: That is something that we already have in plenty. Considering the fact that we hail from UK and we are headquartered at HighGate Studios in London, we make our money in pounds. And 1 Pound is more than Rs. 80. So capital is definitely not a constraint for us.

2. Clients: We are already working with 132 clients globally, 12 of which have distinct presence in India. That’s again not a limitation for us

3. Business Heads (BHs): The most important requirement we have is for Business Heads, who can run these new offices independently. And that’s somebody we can’t get readymade from any B-School or Engineering Institute or Graduation College.

JOB PROFILE: So we select our new joinees as Trainee Managers and train and develop them holistically on all functional areas of Business Management viz. Sales & Marketing, HR, Finance and Operations over a period of
6-9-12 months as per the following Global Training Module (GTM):

Trainee Manager => Leader => Team Leader => Assistant Business Development Manager => Business Development Manager

Position/ Title: Trainee Manager (TM)
Activity/ Taskset: Client Representation And Servicing
Functional Areas: Advertising/ Promotion/ Direct Sales/ Marketing/Business Development

Position/ Title: Leader, Team Leader (TL)
Activity/ Taskset: Team Building And Management
Functional Areas: Recruiting/ Training/ Development/Evaluation/Motivation/ Impact Running

Position/ Title: Assistant Business Development Manager (ABDM)
Activity/ Taskset: Overall Business Management
Functional Areas: Administration, Operations, Finance, Applied IT

Position/ Title: Business Development Manager
Activity/ Taskset: Management of a Strategic Business Unit (SBU)
Functional Areas: Operations, Administration, Team Management, Business Strategy

This position starts with a Trainee Manager who is sequentially trained to be a Leader, then a Team Leader, then an ABDM and finally a BDM.

We are looking for ambitious, hardworking, enthusiastic, outgoing youngsters with a natural knack for interacting with people, the zeal to learn and an insatiable hunger for success and growth.

Trisha Mohan
[HR Dept.]
[protected]/ 65280528

This mail has been sent by one of the employers (Employer name: Influx (Franchisee of Support Direct India Private Limited)) accessing the services of and not by Monster. Monster is committed to protecting the privacy of our users and our “Terms o[censored]se” prohibits any misuse including spamming. If you consider the contents of the mails inappropriate or as spam, please forward this mail to [protected]
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TATA Indicom — purchase of entertainment products

Purchased an entertainment pack - comedy movies but cannot enjoy the same.. Purchase no.27484 complain no: 6404228
No action has been taken.
i also recd the same email, after reading the comment confused what to do...
i[censored] people hv any more information regarding this pls let me know...
I do agree, , ,
The cobra group in India works as a fund raiser..
a cheat and fraud .. has recently changed the name.

b4 animation studio — call details

sir i want to see my incoming and outgoing call detail of month november
and my no. is [protected]. A.P.MONDAL/SUMAN MONDAL
See all... i recieved the same mail... thanks to you people for making me aware of the fraud, you saved a lot of my time, money and energy.

Your profile has been shortlisted by our Company “THE INFLUX GROUP OF COMPANIES” for first round of interview at our company’s office…..

Since the job location is Mumbai kindly come down to our office for the interview then we can proceed. At present we can give you the following details about our company.

We are a service providing company and we are dealing in major sectors, namely:
• Finance
• Banking
• Telecom
• Charities
• Sports
• Food & Hospitality

Job profile:
Level 1:- Marketing Executive
Level 2:- H.R. Trainer
Level 3:- Team Leader
Level 4:- Assistant Manager
Level 5:- Business Manager

Job specification:
• Sales and marketing: (level 1)
(dealing with corporate businesses, companies and institutions on behalf of our client.)
• Human resource development: (level 2 + level 3)
(team training and team development /training and developing new candidates recruited by the company).
• Client and office management: (level 4 + level 5)
(managing the office infrastructure, marketing teams and client).

We have our offices in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore & Chennai including Hyderabad & Ahmadabad.

Now we have our expansion plans in "Mumbai and around".

So, if you feel that you have a self driven… go getter attitude, strong analytical and problem solving skills, enthusiastic & passionate towards work, then…

Interview Schedule:
Date: 7th Dec ‘09
Day: Monday
Time: 10:00 am Sharp

105, A- Wing, Rahul Bldg # 3,
Mittal Industrial Estate,
Andheri-Kurla, Sakinaka,
Andheri [E], Mumbai-59

Trisha Mohan
[HR Dept.]
[protected]/ 65280528
Please Feel Free to contact us in case of any queries
[Calls will be entertained only between 10:00 am – 05:00 pm
Hey Friends I have received this e-mail too. What to do now can you suggest?


My NOKIA 5132C got software problem, I deposited the cell to staff (Mechanician) Mr Partha of Jain Telecom. at Upstair of the shop 4/51/68 near HDFC Bank Gopinath Bazar, Delhi Cant-10

I was told my bemchanacian that he will charge 250 for the downloading of software. I agreed for that. But I found the WEB service was not working, i told the same to him but he refused that he will charge the full amount and the cell got hardware problem so that it will not be repaired. I paid him and returned from there, But on the same day today,. i went to NOKIA care and told abt the problem, they just charged me Rs. 400 and solved the problem

It is not a matter of 250 but it a matter of fraud with the people like us in UNIFORM.

As it is a Defence Area, most people are from Defence and this Mechanic Mr. Partha doesnot give any receipt for the services. Also it a crime that he is not paying service tax. I dont have any receipt but have a card of that Shoppe.

Pls take necessary action so that people like us will not suffer again from such people.
I have gone to this job before they do make door to door marketing
hey guys... i had been for interview of their earlier company called Millenium... jus 2-3 days back i saw this company called influx... n had no clue that its the same company fooling ppl... i called up der... person i talked wid was HR - Aditi Sabarwal - she told me to come directly for interview n send me a msg as follows ' As has been already intimated to you over phone, we r plzed to confirm your personal interview with our Bus. Head(IIT, IIM) as per following schedule... gave der address n date when to come... next day thier Director... so called Mr. Amit Jain called me sayin i called you to confirm ur appointment... i asked him tell me the profile... he started telling me abt his company we 1500crs. 27 countries n other ... i asked him give me the website so i can go thought it b4 comin for interview... he says our website is confidential. den he says we will give u a print out of company details wen u will come to the office. i was wonderin which company is this... den i jus google it... n got this review... lol well its the same guys who r havin these fraud companies called Direct Marketing, Millenium etc...these ppl go to any corporate house with out any ID n tell corporates dat de r from CRY n Plz donate some Money to cry... some guys r not even graduates who call dem self as IIT-IIM... thank god i saved my whole day by goin to thse cheat company...
Thanks guys i recieved the same mail, i was going for the interview, but wabted to know more of this company when i came acroos this link on google, it have certainly saved my 2 days, thanks!!
this is a fraud company part of cobra group may be( the othe fraud compnaies are millenium, Alma, cobra, Influx etc etc.) do not join these companies. millenim had offered 7 lacs to my frnd. thank god he dint join.
The offer letter said that initially he will be paid 7000 per mont all inclusive(traveling, mobile etc.) then based on performance he will be given a area to work in and then salry will be increased every month... bloody ...
always check it on google and then decide ur destiny.
the other fraud companies are millenim, alma, influx, velocity group, orbit, synture, renaissance, support direct's frachisee companies etc. Be ware of them, dont waste ur time on it.
Now after all the wonderful things said about iNFLUX Organisation, the Support Direct group and also the Cobra Group of companies, i feel it is my duty and also my responsibility to speak to all you wonderful people about this as an EMPLOYEE OF iNFLUX!!!

1. To begin with this is not a fraud company. It is very much a registered SBU(Strategic Business Unit).

2. Secondly it is NOT a direct selling company but a company that is into HUMAN COMMERCIALS which is also a registered trade mark concept.(learn more about Human Commercials at- ). Basically it uses the most effective and least used method of advertising- "Word of Mouth"!!!

3. In a salary based method of payment you are given a fixed salary(limited income, limited opportunities) where as in this method of payment you are given a BIG PART of the PROFITS that the company makes BECAUSE OF YOU. That simply means you get unlimited opportunities and a chance to earn unlimited income.

4. There is also a huge discussion about Aapco and Support Direct in India. And there are some employees there too. Check out the link-

5. The Cobra Group is also a real group of companies working successfully working in 22 COUNTRIES. Check link-

6. Mr. Ankit Jain is also a real IIT IIM guy. If any one doubts he is not or wants to test if he is a real IIT IIM guy feel free to compete with him in solving any kind of maths that you like. The difference will be evident.

Guys my name is Rupam Chatterjee. I am a Corporate Team Leader at iNFLUX. I am a Masters in International Business who has studied in India and abroad. I am quite a tech savvy person myself (have received certificates for my work from Prime Minister's Office, Hungary). I am there on Facebook by the same name and all you tech savvy people can catch up with me there. Looking forward to meeting some guys whose girlfriends have apparently run away due to this company and some girls with whom Mr. Ankit has apparently flirted!!! You can also meet me in person in the address mentioned above.

Guys this is a great company that works the same way in 21 other countries. I have seen it work in some European Countries myself. And am working in it myself. Please do not develop PANTOPHOBIA. Instead speak to me. :)
this company is fraud. it cost me my marriage.

Ankit - you are a great guy. I don't understand what are you still doing with these freaks! Get a life Ankit. You are blessed with wisdom, use it! and I am sure you know who I am. Keep well. Hope to cross paths one day, some day.
Influx rocks...i am extremely happy to be a part of it...
Thanx INFLUX...Today I have everything in my life...A envious lifestyle, a huge bank account and recognition in society...
I avail this opportunity to thank the Business Head of Influx and the entire Influx gROUP...
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Today The Influx Group has truly established itself as India's leading face to face advertising and direct sales company in India. With presence in 3 cities with 11 offices it truly has emerged as one of the best avenues for customer acquisition for Telecom companies, insurance companies, NGOs and Internet companies...

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