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[Resolved]  ThinkLink Supply Chain Services — Harrasment of employees

ThinkLink Supply Chain Services is a startup company running in Udyog Vihar, Phase V area of Gurgaon. The company is hiring top talents from market offering them attractive salaries and then revising thier salaries after 3-4 months without prior notice. The company has asked 50% of employees to leave company because of no work and on the ohter hand offering new people to join company.

There is no salary of tax computation structure in company and employees are mentally harassed everyday because of no committment from company side on salary payments and reiumbursement of expenses.

I have left company in May'09 coz company asked me to leave. But they have asked me to resign coz in other case they had to give me the notice period amount. On my objection to this they said that If i dont resign they will terminate me.

I have total legal dues of 2.42.500/- on company but they have made me foricibly made me signed on a letter of total dues of Rs.18000 only coz in other case they were not providing me the relieving letter.

Its my humble request to take strict action against this company. I have sufficient proofs to prove their illegal actions which they are still doing. A lot of more employees were similarly harrased by them.

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Aug 14, 2020
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Apr 15, 2014

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This people does not have time sense.
hey i m planning to join the company as a supply chain consultant let me know the details of what happened. i would also like to be debriefed.
I have done my MBA from SJMSOM, IIT Bombay and worked with companies like L&T and IBM. I have been working for ThinkLink for over an year now. I would like to share my viewpoint on some of the issues raised here...

ThinkLink has an entrepreneurial culture which is a must for any start-up to thrive. Everyone is motivated to push the envelope so as to move up the learning curve faster and deliver value for himself and the company. Appreciation and support comes for every outstanding initiative however small it is.

ThinkLink as a team is strongly ethically-driven led by respectable management. Ethical values are not only strongly advocated but followed and demonstrated at every level in the organization.

Maintaining strong cash-flow is always a challenge in any start-up and there are occasional delays of 7-15 days sometimes in paychecks and as I have started growing with the organization I am sure we will be able to overcome this issue very soon.

My personal opinion is if you are a self-driven person looking for high growth path & enthusiastic about any function in supply chain or logistics, this company is the one to get associated with.

Yuvnish Dhamija
Hi Ayshvar,

I would agree with the view point Yuvnish shared.

I have done my B tech from IIT Delhi and have been working with Thinklink from last 16 month now.

I will share my view point as well, working in a start-up has it own pros and cons. You should opt to work in a start-up only if you are motivated to do some good work and aim to take your career to a high growth path.

Thinklink as an organisation is highly ethical, there is no question about the integrity and values the company carry and expect from their employees.

Regarding working conditions, I believe if you don't enjoy your work you cannot even put in a single hour in it and if you do enjoy, you will never count hours you put in.

Yes, I won't deny that salaries do get delayed by a week or so sometimes, but it is communicated well in advance. Again, restating the fact that maintaining a strong cash flow in a start-up is a challenge, everyday you are weighing your opinions between expansion and stabilization. I am sure and have faith that this issue we would be able to overcome within this year.

I would recommend you should join the firm, if you feel you have the entrepreneurial spirit in you and willing to put in couple of years in the organization and walk this journey from start-up to a most admired company in logistics sphere together.

Tarun Agrawal
Helps to know. I believe if there is someone posting bad reviews.. something went wrong. I have decided to not pursue this company for employment
In a recent Job fair, this company asked candidated to take an online test (Rs. 3000 as fee, refundable).
Then they planned to take a week long interview via some kind of training and interaction with selected candidates.
Post which further selected candidates would have to pay JUST Rs. 17000 to get training of another 6 months (nothing was mentioned about salart)
Post the 6 months, based on performance they would confirm the candidates as permanent employee.

I can't believe I went to the job fair ONLY for this company.

Yes they are asking money from students means they are fraud and there are lots of problems with the organisation...
They have not paid the variable pay till now which they were supposed to pay in April. They treat you very badly if they think that you are not fit for the company. Some employees were forced to leave. Life sucks here. They have vague HR processes and they force employees to follow them. Their HR head (who did BDS and has no clue about HRM) is their biggest problem because of which attrition rate is very high. Average employee life here is 6 months. They are bad at people management and project management. They never close even projects as small as 2-3 months duration. Big projects?? They don't get them except one lucky one.
So here goes, this is the formal debut of ThinkLink on this portal.

We looked at the ongoing online fan following that was building up and were quite bewildered to see all the love for us. In general, being quite used to having a large army of supporters, we largely decided to keep our counsel as one cannot get involved with the fans and the paparazzi too much.

But given that love for us kept piling on, we though it is a good time to show our appreciation for the same.

We need to mention a few things here. ThinkLink has existed since 2006, today about 60 people work for ThinkLink, more than 300 clients in different capacities have worked with is (small things and large). Over the course of these 8 years probably 150 different people have worked at ThinkLink and many hundreds have interviewed.

For our student development initiative, every quarter we are meeting/speaking to/engaging with thousands of students.

The small point is that the opinions here, love or otherwise, is a minuscule minority view, it has to be taken in perspective.

Some of these views are from some of our own team members who may been asked to leave at different times. Not sure if it is a very strange occurrence if people are asked to leave either on performance grounds or disciplinary grounds, both things are possible, and happen in most and probably all organisations. And in general it is not surprising to see some of the people who had to leave were unhappy. Would it behove us well to publicly name each individual from above and document the reasons for their leaving??? No, not really, as an organisation, and we take that very seriously, clearly our communication and conduct has to be a little different. But silence does not mean that we agree to or accept any of the above.

And we have several very happy stories from our team, some of them are above, and many such stories are there in our team today as well. People who have been with us, are enjoying themselves, and growing.

Also, not one complaint here is genuine and a statement of fact, except that our HR Head is a Dental Surgeon. We our very serious about and committed to ensuring that we meet our customer service obligations to our clients and students, and take our responsibility towards our team very seriously as well. So if genuine comments come up, and this forum helps us resolve them, we would be first in line to own up to errors and correct those. We are trying to build what we believe will be a highly admired firm which clients will be keen to work with and the best talent will want to join, so our own desire to get things right is very strong.

Hope this helps, we will try and share more of our thoughts from time to time
A clarification on the student enrolment process.

For one of our programs, we work with students who have completed a graduation degree and are looking for the right opportunity to build a career. In a unique student/industry/academic partnership model, we get these students to finish a 6 month internship with a partner company and while doing that also take classes with us and finish a certification program. The government is now beginning to talk about an apprenticeship model but we realised this a couple of years ago that career development education has to have a strong live learning foundation.

So the first thing to be clear is that we are offering a career development program that includes access to live working opportunity as an Intern and a formal education and certification process alongside the same. There is no job offer or job guarantee in our program. It is a different matter, that in general, at the end of the program, students who wish to participate in the placement process are absorbed by the companies where they finish their Internship, or we support them with placement opportunities in other companies. But there is never a Job Guarantee. We have multiple partners in Industry working with us on this initiative.

Coming to the fee model. Clearly, as a provider of a certification program, we need to charge a fee. To clarify the comments above, please see the process that we follow -

- Students are told about the program in a counselling session, either face to face, or over the phone

- If they like the program details, they are asked to appear for an Aptitude Test, either in person, or online

- If they clear the test, they are asked to submit a fee of INR 3, 000 to join a one week orientation program where we take them through the basics of the supply chain and logistics management, the workings of the logistics sector, and other soft skill areas to help them understand how the corporate environment is different from the academic environment, and how a typical interview process works. This sounds really basic, but as we all know, we have a lot of youngsters coming out who are really not aware about these things

- Students are sent for interviews to partner companies basis their educational background, assessment in the orientation session, and other selection criteria the companies have provided to us

- If a partner company selects a student to join as an Intern, they are issued an Internship letter with a stipend by the company and they are asked to enrol for the certification program, and pay the first instalment of the Fee.

- In case students are not selected by any of the companies they interview with or they are not shortlisted for interview by any of the companies, the INR 3, 000 rupee orientation fee is refunded.

- If students look at the companies available to interview, and do not want to participate in the process, the INR 3, 000 rupee fee is refunded

- However, if the student asks to be included in the process and then refuses to come for the interview, or after selection refuses to join the Internship or the Program, the Orientation fee is forfeited. So essentially we use the Orientation fee as a means to segregate the serious candidates from the non serious candidates. And to ensure the time that we and our partner companies are investing in this process is respected.

We have many students who have completed this process and joined the program, many who have been refunded the orientation fee, and also students whose INR 3, 000 fee has been forfeited, but the process is very clear, and is explained to the students upfront.

If there are any cases where someone believes this process has not been explained clearly, or we have not implemented it clearly, please share full details and we will be happy to look into it and make all corrections required.
Guys help me out.. i got a mail from thinklink learning regarding on job traning for Logostic and operation trainee, as-
This is a great achievement
and it would turn out to be the first milestone towards your Career in the
fastest growing sector i.e Logistics and Supply Chain sector.

As has already been shared with
you in the Counseling Session, the next step of the selection process for the
Logistics Operations Trainee Program for 6 months is the Orientation Program of
3 days. The Program will:

a) Impart you knowledge
about the Supply Chain and Logistics sector.

b) Prepare you on soft
skills and interview cracking skills.

c) Provide you a brief of
the interviewing companies and the description of the job roles in detail.

The fees of Rs.3000 is Refundable in case you don’t get selected in any of the interviews till one
month of completion of the orientation session.

After selection in any interview and on receiving the Offer Letter from the company you pay ThinkLink
the first Installment of the fees which is Rs.17000+12.36% Service Tax and you
start getting Rs.10000 from the Company as Stipend. After 2 months you pay the
remaining amount of Rs.14, 900+12.36% Service Tax.

After 6months basis your Performance in the Internship and in Classroom Sessions you can get a full time
job Opportunity in the same company with CTC in the range of 2-4 lacs per

The topper of the batch gets a 50% Refund of fees.

so is it genuine or fake??

For those who think Thinklink means 'Money for Jobs', let me clarify -- they charge for teaching, a course that is to be done along with a job. The job is not with Thinklink but a client of Thinklink.
It is a new concept which is hard to understand for the average unemployed Indian. So we have set up a customer service number ([protected]) for all your queries.

I am a salesman for Thinklink's training course called LOTP (Logistics Operations Trainee Program).
Queries can be sent to me on LinkedIn or via Twitter(@aunahmed).

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