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[Resolved]  TietoEnator (Pune) — Rude behaviour and ill treatement during interview

Hi all

this is just to make aware few things about new company in India.

i have come across a bad experience hence I am sharing it with all. no other meaning should be drawn from this.

i was interviewed by 3 gentle men from TietoEnator (UK) and they selected me. They were very courteous and good.

I got another call from TietoEnator (UK) to explain me that as per the process I need to meet TietoEnator (Pune). I expressed them earlier that I was busy through weekdays with client meetings, hence I can meet only on Saturdays and they agreed to meet on Saturday.

I got a call from TietoEnator (Pune). I requested for Saturday meeting and then it was all over. The guy on other end started quarreling (I know I have used the word “Quarreling”) with me. It was really bad experience. I was about to refuse to go to Pune but I remembered gentlemen from UK and I carried on with the meeting.

My return flight from Pune was at 04.15 and at 03.15 Same guy started giving me feedback as if it is my appraisal. Few things which had been told was very bad

• I am insufficient knowledge about my expertise
• My new ideas are never tested (when I got few awards in my previous assignments)
• They forced me to accept that straight though processing is applicable in banking and lending also (actually it is for stock exchange transactions only)

I wanted to work with TietoEnator as I found the job role exciting and people good. But TietoEnator (Pune) guy had changed my opinion. I was furious. Now I think I had also made a mistake as I was little less prepared for meeting + I objected few things of interviewer which were wrong.

I made my point clear that I will not be able to work with this TietoEnator (Pune) guy. Because of this or other reason I am not offered that position. I am not unhappy as I already have 2 offers in hand. But I like all to know about few people which are there in a new company in India.

Please take care which joining any such new companies.

Note - no personal references and meaning should be drawn from this. this is just for reference and guidance.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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I think the interviewer was more interested about your behaviour. At adverse situation how do u react.
He was least intereseted (may be he himself would have been "Technically incompetent" or got a power and position without having understood the meaning of empathy or so :-) )
This is part and parcel of life...As how we reject an offer from a door to door resellers...Think that way and enjoy such "characters"
hello boss,
i have taken small content from your script,
• They forced me to accept that straight though processing is applicable in banking and lending also (actually it is for stock exchange transactions only)
for your kind information STP is not for only stock exchange. for all kind payment message has to be process.
example have a look here


I have reviewed your complaint in earnest, I work for Tietoenator and am very suprised about this experience.

It seems very clear that your complaint is really about this individual from Pune, if this is the case, why not mention his name in this complaint? Also I would seriously chase this up with Tietoenator HR both in Pune as well as the UK. Remember employees of Tietoenator are bound to a code of professional conduct, and its a very serious offense for any employee of Tietoenator or any large firm to act unprofessionally as you portray in the illustration above.

To quote you : I got a call from TietoEnator (Pune). I requested for Saturday meeting and then it was all over. The guy on other end started quarreling...
According to what you are saying, it seems the Pune contact started arguing with you because you requested to meet on Saturday. If what you are saying is true, this Pune contact had no justification to take offense at your request, really so early in any negotiation neither You or the Pune Contact should have had any reason to dislike each other.

If you really feel strongly about complaining, or mending a wrong done to you, then laying a consumer complaint against Tietoenator is not really an effective way of handling the situation. Remember Tietoenator is a huge international company employing tens of thousands of people wordwide in the USA, Europe and Asia, the company is also involved in various vertical sectors ranging from Media, IT, Banking and Forestry, these are just some of the companies reach, it is unrational for you to be warning people about Tietoenator based on the behaviour of one individual who works within this company. Think for one minute about the jobs Tietoenator provide and how many young students are able to work in IT, and feed their families thanks to this company.

My advise is, if you feel really strongly about seeing some justice in your situation, you should work directly with Tietoenator HR in Pune and the UK. If you were offered employment byTietoenator, but your primary reason for not accepting was this Pune contact, then you need to relay this information to HR in writing, they will relay this to his superiors. It might also be possible to arrange a mediation with this individual, who knows. It just seems wrong that you have missed out on a great opportunity because of a personality conflict with one of the interviewers.
dkitry's reply, Mar 21, 2017
@Michael - Seriously? you said "how many young students are able to work in IT, and feed their families thanks to this company" and "It might also be possible to arrange a mediation " you are not doing charity work. From this statements, its no doubt why OP has added complaint.
I am not surprised with this. I heard similar incidences from 2 other common friends.

Either interviewer are not trained or they get feared when they see equally or more educated candidate on the table.

And in their sheet they can make up any reason for rejection, who is going to check it. in fact your point is very valid that you have cleared by more than 2 interviewer and at last rejected by a local man.

who cares? - they are loosing good talent - good people always gets good job.
Interesting to see some one from Company has commented - Michael. Complainant should respond to him and check whether he is a genuine guy or not.

If complainant replies to Michael and if Michael acts on this and find out the truth then company is a good company else I will believe in complainant that company is not worth thinking about.

Another striking points it – just check the profile of interviewer. I have found multiple times that if interviewer is not qualities and candidate is more qualified, they tend to take such moves in interview to restrict candidate from joining. Hence candidate should not retaliate in interview and face it calmly. Once you are in company, none can stop you.
I guess it strike the candidate's ( complainant) ego, when they told - 'u have insufficient knowledge ..etc ..'' he ( complainant) retaliated back to company rather than individual. If he had sufficient knowledge, he must not be need certification from everybody he meets. Tieto is not the world's onl company to work with( for him), if he felt so bad. ( Though I would say, one should not judge a company by an individual. Can your family of four be judge by your behavoiur ? How can it be true for thousands of people then ? )

Sarcastically, it seems they paid flight fare as well. That itself says good about them ! Not every firm pays you flight fare, so easily. It was the respect company gave to your skills. Mind it - no body is fool to spend, before testing you. I had been in Finland and I beleive its Finland 2nd largest firm, after Nokia, and is a reputed one. Finnish people are really good, having better temperament and behaviour then we people. :).
I am getting a feeling that something seems to be missing from the story. The complainant has done a great deal of help to others by putting this complaint but then after receiving a reply from a (apparently) Teito guy, the matter should be pursued further. This would be helpful to all, including the interviewer :-) ...maybe he would at least get a lesson on how NOT to conduct interviews.
Hi All,
I also have the bad experience from TietoEnator (Pune) HR Guy ... he was very rude. and i thing for formality he just call me first time and then no responce(it was referal) and even no reply to the person who refered me. i thing higher people should monitor the list of candidates...
Hi All,

I have also faced the same experience from Teito (Pune) people..They (teito people) took my technical interview. My interviewer gave positive feed back to HR. Then HR told me that I have to give one more interview and that will be telephonic interview. Two days later I gave Telephonic interview and the interviewer again gave me positive feed back immediately after my interview. He has also said that HR will coordinate with me for further formalities. I waited for 10 days..But no call, response from Teito(Pune ) HR.. I dropped inquiry mail to the HR person who arranged my interview and test. But guess the Teito HR people are to busy with there work that they don't have time to reply the mail. HR even did not reply to the person who referred me...
It really sad that the company like Teito has such unethical things...

I think Management people should monitor such things...

So folks be careful if you are going for interview in Teito. This company may be good but be careful from HR guys...
HR guys at tieto India too busy?...
well Mkp, i have worked at Tieto India and i can tell you that most of the times, the staff at Tieto India are busy in Tea breaks and roaming around their beautiful campus, chatting and gossiping..
And yeah, Tieto Europe is a great place to work in.. but lesser said about their Indian counterparts, the better it is..
Hi All,

I had same previous experience with Tieto Pune HR, last year. After being shortlisted in all the rounds of technical and interpersonal interviews, I was told the review shall be done by Tieto's Finish team, that very round also went very well with 2 people from Finland and 1 from Pune taking my third round of interview which included Interpersonal and Technical skills review, then came the last discussion with HR manager and truly shocking it was, very unprofessional way, they made me an offer on a plain sheet of paper with no name of Tietoenator mentioned on it nor the breakup detailed, that was all verbal. Now they started pressurizing me to make descision within that same day, with all kinds of debate and hot discussion I stayed calm to understand the motto behind. Finally when the HR Manager lady who was conducting the last round asked me for any questions, I said "it would be nice if you could carry little smile on your face and It seemed I am questioned from Police for making a crime of apply at TIETO", to this the HR personnal accompanying the HR Manager could not control laughing, this all drew the HR Manager lady crazy and she said, If I do not reply by evening the offer is gone, ultimately I had made up my mind not to join by then.
But I know TIETO is a good company (and this comes by the people behind it) and after a year long I have re-applied, have completed the Technical Test round and now waiting for the next Gig, I surely hope some positive changes this time.
I have similar experience with Tieto Pune HR. My home town is Bangalore and I am currently working in Bangalore and living peacefully with my parents. First the HR gave me a call from Pune and briefed about the requirements. After 2 months, I again got a follow up call. This HR guy wanted me to join them in Pune on a 30% hike. Funny, but I rejected the offer before going for the technical. At the back of my mind, I was thinking, even a government company will pay me more than that for switching out of my home town. Very funny and unprofessional Tieto HRs. That tells a lot about Tieto's vision for India.
This happens with every company
I think Tieto's HR are more professional than the other mngrs isnide Tieto...
I have witnessed similar unprofessional treatment from Tieto. I initially had two rounds of technical interviews after which I was told that I would be getting call from HR for HR round of interview. I did not hear from them for about a week. I contacted them again to know the status. I was told that there would be one more managerial round of interview. It was scheduled as well. I had managerial round of discussion as well. Later I was told that I would get call from HR. I waited for 10-15 days. Nothing came my way. I again sent mail to check the status. No reply. Another 10-15 days passed. I again sent mail and called them. The HR guy said that he had not yet received feedback from the manager who took my interview.
All this indicates poor and unprofession process prevailing in Tieto, Bangalore. The management should seriously keep tab on these things. Otherwise, such incidents will affect company's reputation and credibility which is really bad for a company which is trying to establish and grow newly in the region.
I had been interviewed in Tieto last month and the attitude of HR was very co-operative. The executive and HR manager were very friendly and highly cooperative.
Even I had really bad experience with one of Tieto interviewer Mr. V. Panda in testing interview location Weikfield IT Plaza Nagar Road Pune.

He was so rude to tell candidate in interview that you lack communication skills, there are many other companies than Tieto you can try elsewhere.

I had cracked their first screening online test with highest score still he was saying me I do not have required expertise for the job.

After so much of discouragement and moral down by employee in respected organization with responsible position still I kept my morals high and not let it down by such incidents with some timid personalities.

Today I have been working in worlds top most company in IT sector CMM 5 level company.
I have been interviewed BY Tieto Pune last month. Got one telephonic interview the interviewer was friendly & good. Then they called me for in person interview. They taken online test followed by personal interview. The HR & other interviewers are excellent in behavior. They processed the offer letter on same day without any delay :)

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