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 Rupinder Singh
I had got my net connection on 3rd/4th of Jan. I was dismayed by the kind of Internet broadband connection they provide which only gives a speed of 2-3KBps at 2 o'clock in the night.
From this statement you can understand that I particularly did not
have a good experience using the net connection. Probably the sales
guy’s accounts are fudged to show speeds as high as 2000kBps during
demonstration and to lure customers. But to my surprise the “good
feelings” about their product ended right after I got my internet connection installed.
My net connection suddenly stopped working on 8th Jan’10.
I had given my first complaint to their technical team/call centre team
on Friday, 8th Jan’10. I was told that someone will call up in 2 hrs.
I thought it was pretty fast but as you might have understood by now,
I was highly dismayed. Next I called up on the 9th Jan and I was told
that the technical team will call up within 48 hrs and my complaint
would be dealt with. I waited till Monday evening (by then 72 hrs had
already passed since the first complaint) and called up again at the
toll free no. That translated into me having to wait for 15 mins
holding my phone to talk with one of the floor supervisors who again
gave me the crap of 48 hrs. When nothing had happened by the next day
evening (4th day since the first complaint) I again called up and
again one of the floor supervisors told me the same thing. It was as
if they do not know anything else to speak other than “sir aapka kaam
48 hrs mein ho jayega” and have been trained like a parrot without
realizing what is actually happening. In hope of some action from their side I called
up again the next day (5 days had passed since my first complaint)
and again I get the same of 48 hrs. Seems like the company
doesn’t value time at all! Moreover, if the company can’t handle
complaints within 48 hrs then what is the use of saying so to
customers. They could as well say 10 days and we might leave their call
centre operatives/technical team at peace. This at least would not
leave them with disgruntled customers like me.
My customer ID is [protected] and Mac ID (last 4 digits) are FA00. It
is registered in the name of my friend Abhishek Sethi with whom I'm currently staying.
I would prefer not having a net connection at all compared with having an extremely bad
Tikona net connection which also brings with it the hazards of mental
torture and wastage of money.
Today (thursday, 14th jan'10) is the 6th day since then and I or my friend have not received a single call/feedback from the technical team. This is highly ridiculous and doesn't set any standards in the market.

Thanks and Regards
Rupinder Singh

Thank You and Regards
Rupinder Singh
M: +91-[protected]
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28 feb 2010.

i also face the same problem as mr Rupinder ..
from the beginning day i am complaining about the speed and service ..thare is a network fluactuation in tikona..every time i login in gmail it takes 5 to 6 min to open ..if i want to download somthing it starts with 20 kbps and after 2 -3 min it comes to 3-4 kbps ..
and also there is a download limit ..if u r downloading somthing it ll stop downloading after some time giving message that server time out..
till now i had above then 30 complaints but sad not a single complain was resolved..

be careful before using Tikona...

i am complaining about the speed and service ..there is a network fluctuation in tikona..almost every time i login it takes more than 5 mins & that too after troublesooting it always shows that the Local area connections doesn't hav any valid IP ..during the evening the condition becomes worst..even the server takes 5 to 6 mins for browsing...
and also there is a download problem ..if u r downloading somthing it ll not download maintaining a constant speed...
Yes I do Agree with all the network realated and after sales service realated complaint of the other .
I am using this network from last more then three month but i am not at all satisfied with there network which they have commited me that it will 300kpbs in day and 600kpbs in night where its nothig like that.
Plus many time i a have register my complain on the same an there is no respone for it no body bother to come at my place and resolve my network issue.
If this is what they call profesnalisum then my friend i suugest your company management to please go back to your school and repeat you study again from class first.

There is only few word i would say about this comapny and that is fruad, Laier, cheater and dont know what is customer sevice is and aftersales service.
It is one of the worst network connection that I had, no prompt response from the technical support team, the same old patented response(will attend in 8 hrs, then 24 hrs, then will be 48 hrs, our network engineer will visit and blah blah blah...)so my advise to any one thinking of having this connection is absolutely no no no.

Though I am a consumer of TIKONA I am also sufferer from them right from the beginning. No one is attending any complaint, when you make a complaint on toll free number they are suppose to give a complaint number but they are not giving and with every new operator you have to lodge a new complaint.

About speed there is no consistancy in the speed as they says in demo 2 mbps that never gets.

If unitedly fights then only we can get some results

To add to all these problems execessivev bill ammouns. i have subscribed for 599 unlimited plan still i get a bill of 629 with taxes! eventhoug i v only used their service for 10 only. whenever we lodge a complaint, tho only reply is tat it will bw solved in 24 hours! n thers no solution even after weeks!
i agree to everybody comments. the average speed of 0.10 mbps at peak hrs and upto 0.20mbps at off peak. the first day i instaled the same i was awake till 2:00 am in the night just to get satisfactory speed and took a screen shot of speed through speettest.net after 30 min now i have a data for 2 days which clearly shows the average. i have given a stop payment of cheque which i paid for installation charges becuse the sales guys is not picking the call up and not also the engineer. i am using the worst service. i will continue with my photon + which atleast give anything above 2.5 kbps.
First i say TIKONA is a big fraud, laier and cheater company. And its service is very very very poor. Because i also using tikona net service and i am suffering so many problem about internet speed or network. From last week so many times i complaint about speed or network. But there is no any take action from Tikona side. When u call any time coustmer care, the agent are repeated all time one word i forward your mail to network department we solve your problem witin 6 to 8 hrs. And you recieve message from our side. But the real fact is no solution of your problem or no message. If u buy a new internet connection go to MTNL or AIRTEL office.

Anjani kumar singh
User ID No:[protected]
Well I completely agree with all of you guys as even I am suffering the same problem.

The service is extremely pathetic much worst that a Dial Up. The customer/technical service dept are completely unequipped with any technical knowledge of their product or solution to any problem in their service. They are just like IVR who is only instructed to tell that the problem will be solved in 48 hrs (, it doesnt happen)

I took the service in mid feb & from the first week itself i started getting the true service. The whole first week my net didnt work because they didnt sent me the username or pwd.
Well the same of 48hrs from the customer service dept was given to me again & again. Finally when we complained the higher authority we got some respite .. but it was temporary.
We had requested them to setup the Access Point which is a hub they provide on our bldg as the nearest access point was going out of range for my connection, for the same our society had also granted them permission to do so but on one condition that what ever the power consumption it takes, will be borne by Tikona, which obviously they were not ready to do so and so no one responded to that request.
After that first month we regularly got Inconsistent service & slow speed for which we must have called them almost every alternate day. For the last 2 month we were calling them every alternate day to even start our service, but the situation remained the same.
So to make them realize, I havent paid the Bill since last month ... & now the service seems regular offcourse the speeds are slow but ya it has become regular now.
I had received many calls from their recovery agent to pay the bill. I had put forward a condition that if they are ready to give me in writing that i wont face any Issues with the service after my payment, only then I'll pay the Bill, but as expected they were not even ready to commit it verbally forget in writing.

Though I actually dont Intend to do these kinds of acts, but they have forced me to do it.

So if u'll want to make them realize what problems we are facing u'll can try shaking them with such ways.

I strongly Agree with all those who have written about their bitter experiences with the Tikona broadband connection. My story is also not much different, the only difference being that now I have disconnected my tikona broadband. First, I didn't received any bill for a month and hence was unable to determine how much amount I had to pay. After writing to their billing department, I received a bill which was in the name of some other person residing in Mumbai while I have taken a connection in Pune (Poor guys, they don't even bother checking the bill details to whom they are sending it). The latest errant being that despite the fact that I got my broadband connection disconnected more than a month ago, they still keep me sending the in-applicable bills.

I still curse myself for the day when I decided to opt for this broadband connection. At the end it has proven to be a very painful experience for me both monetarily as well as mentally.

I would strongly oppose for anybody who wishes to take this connection. Think twice, thrice before you choose this connection. Better not to have an internet connection than having Tikona broadband.

A. R. Ahmad
Hello guys, i feel pity for all of u. as an educated netizens u shouldn't be the victim of this type fraud company. thy r advertising every where to lure customers (even in this very page i see it!) How they can give u so much for so less even BSNL also couldn't do it? you all seems to be dont think twise wn some one offere more for less. Use govt. service whereever possible. they are certainly not be designed to con ppl or greedy to make quick bucks and some way u will have the satisfaction of contributing the nation. Iv been using BSNL for last 2 years im more than happy about it over all.

All the best,
Beware of fraudsters!

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