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Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India
Sender:Anonymous(u dont need to know)
Complaint:Numerous times of powercut per day

Do i need to specify any bloody thing here other than those cutting the power supply each day any time they desire for NO REASON whatsoever.(Note):They are already stopping the power supply every day for 2 hours to save electricity or whatever,then why in the blue blazes would they stop the power supply every now and then per day and for what moronic reason????only god knows.In any case I am really pissed with these guys coz whenever i have some free time i decide to write(burn) something(in PC DVD)not only once but twice they cut the power retards{I lost 2 DVD's coz of this, not much i know still i payed the money and wasted my time which they cannot give me back}and many more unpleasant stuff i wanna say about them here which unfortunately i dont have the time for it.Ladies and gentlemen and all others who are currently reading this u tell me if these guys should be given some kinda punishment or not or whatever is it they should be getting for making us go through this whole ordeal every single day(In other words doing something about their ultimate technique of CUTTING OF THE POWER SUPPLY any time they wish).DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!
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I do feel bad for the inappropriate words used in the complaint above [TNEB - Nagercoil ], but i totally agree with this person. This is not just about his CDs but this is major disturbance. They take the power off from 9 AM -12 PM, then from 3PM - 6PM and again from 9 PM to some time around 11:30, 12 AM then as of yesterday (17/2/2012) later in the night around 3 times the power went for more than an hour. This is insane. we pay money, we understand the crisis but isn't electricity and water one of the basic necessity of living ? nobody is asking for luxury but this is inhuman of the government to allow this atrocity. always remember the upper class people who spend so much electricity can afford a 24 hr back up power supply or invertors even now, Its the lower and middle class people you are putting through so much. Atleast have a heart and let people relax on a sunday, come on.. one day in a week people get to do that, with their family after such a long week. Government has to do something, this is like slapping the people on their face for letting them win attitude.
I strongly agree. I'm from Ambattur. For the past two days they cut the routine 2 hours and additionally kept calling out 7 to 8 times a day. I guess TNEB is all [censored]ed and got their u****s in a twist. These are really getting on our nerves. Especially in our holidays. These guys at TNEB are so full of s**t coz they can't utilize any free power mother nature has granted us (wind & sun). They are just so worried about damn elections and frickin politics. And all what the government does is gobble our money like filthy pigs. They just don't utilize it right.
Well. . He complained about it in 2011. . And, there seems to be no change. - _ -
Seriously, this is just so [censored]ing frustrating. No wonder india is called the developing country. If this is the case, then it's gonna remain a developing country till the end of time. Really, thank you for all your goddamn powercuts. I really hope whomever is responsible for this / involved in this , rots in hell. I know this isn't gonna change anything. . But if anyone responsible for this is reading this right now. . [censored] you.

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