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[Resolved]  Tour and Travel — Chalo Jaai encourages me to travel

Chalo Jaai - Package Tour (complaint)
Posted:[protected] by SUMIT BASAK
Chalo Jaai – Worst Experience…Never tour with them
through dealing with Chalo Jaai, right from booking stage to post tour interaction was simply worst. My personal recommendation is to avoid Chalo Jaai at any cost. They cannot provide promised good accommodation, good food, comfortable travel and good coverage of the destination – in short meet basic expectations...

Chalo Jaai - Package Tour (comment)
Posted:[protected] by Bibek Chakraborty
Chalo Jaai – Worst Experience…Never tour with them
comments about a 'Chalo Jaai' trip. May be the expectation of the traveller was too high to be reasonably met. The tour tariff charged by ' Chalo Jaai'. is quite competitive and comfort level provided by them is reasonably good for the Bengali middle class tourists. I had the experience of travelling with 'Chalo Jaai' to Sunderban last year...

Chalo Jaai - Package Tour (comment)
Posted:[protected] by Alok Banerjee
Chalo Jaai – Worst Experience…Never tour with them
Oct-27th Oct 2008) with Chalo Jaai and i was highly satisfied. Our team manager was Bappa & Babu. Both of them were very good. They provide us very good hotels and food. Even my 5yrs old son asked for chicken in dinner at Lachung and I got surprissed that Bappa arranged for it in Lachung. The rooms are alloted to us by lottery basis...

From: <[protected]>
Subject: Cholo Jaai Package Tour
To: [protected]
Date: Monday, 16 November, 2009, 11:42 PM

E-Mail from "Damodar Chakrabarti" to "SUMIT BASAK" at [protected] on
Mon, 16 Nov 2009 13:12:48 -0500
I have become surprised with the above comments passed by the tourists in respect of the Cholo Jaai. Since long I and my family have been experiencing tours with chalo jaai. I have also experienced the local puja parikrama tour at Kolkata. My experience in the matter of conducting tours by chalo jaai is very much praise worthy.
However for nearly last two years after Himachal Tour, I have not participated in any tour. But still I am hopeful. The long felt experience can not be so easily shattered or diluted by serrious degradation of standard and quality of conducting tours by such a dignified company.
With this hope, despite of going through such rough comments as the above tourists expressed after participating tour with chalo jaai, I have again decided to join the Darjeeling Tour with Chalo Jaai from 20/12/2009. When I requested, the booking was closed. There was no vacancy. I requested them to accomodate me and my wife ex-NJP -Darjeeling- NJP. They told me that exclusively for we the husband and wife (2 persons) they will have to arrange a vehicle and in that case I shall have to pay Rs. 5000/- in excess to the package cost. I agreed.
We are going. Let see. Hota hai kia.
Damodar Chakrabarti, Advocate, High Court Bar, Agartala.

Best of Luck to you.
I pray that you should not face the same trouble that we had to face during the trip.

Sumit Basak
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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basak — basak

I am living in Turkey. I bought my laptop when ı travelled in Florıda.(VNGAR630E=1800$) When ı open it in Turkey for using, it wasn’t work. I thought that battery needs to charged. but my laptop was not charged. I didnt use my laptop for once.Then ı decıded to talk to your onlıne services. I talked to Reene. She told me to send my laptop for fıxıng to your repaır servıce ın San Dıego. I asked her whıch cargo fırm we use? she said to me usıng UPS cargo. I did it exactly what she said. After a few days sony repair services send me an e-mail that my laptop was broken also. And ıf I want them fıxıng my laptop, ı have to pay for 700$ to fıx. When I read e-maıl, ı shocked. Because ı send my computer trouble-free. Whereon ı called UPS Cargo. Authorızed people told us to connect to your repaır servıces. By the way, ı wrote an e-mail to your services and said them ‘‘ı decided to fıx my laptop in sony repeir services in San Diego . Money is not important. If you give me a bank name and account number, ı’ ll pay 700$ into an account. (motherboard and bottom housing )Please send my laptop back when you fıx it’’ After my mail, they send me an account number in February 4. when ı saw thıs mail..ı replied and said them I ‘ll pay 700$ for an account in a 2 days because of the tıme dıfference. After all this e-mail, today i received an email from your repaır servıces..and they sent my laptop back. they gave me a cargo name also cargo number..I understood that they did not fıx my laptop. so, i am really sorry now and also i am upset person.Thıs event is not good for SONY name
I know a few people in my office who have gone on tours conducted by Chalo Jai. ALL of them have serious complaints about the arrangements of the tours. I completely agree with what Sumit Basak says about the lack of good accomodation, lack of good food, lack of proper destination coverage by Chalo Jai. That is the reports I get to know from my friends.
Bibek Chakraborty says 'maybe the expectations of the traveller were very high', but I know all my friends who were disappointed with Chalo Jai come from middle-class families and had expectations of comfortable stay, good food, and correct arrangements for the tours. This was what was promised to them when booking the tours, and so the expectations were according to that. Chalo Jai did not meet those expectations. If Bibek Chakraborty has low expectations, I am sure Chalo Jai can meet this level of low expectations. It seems Bibek Chakraborty is happy with dirty hotels and bad food, which means he has never experienced a good hotel and good food, so cannot compare.
CHALO JAI SHOULD BE AVOIDED, unless you are happy with dirty hotels and bad food!!!

Tour and Travel — thanks for group tour in bangkok

it was a verry nice organes from 101 club we all injoy it and we its so nice 1:1 1000rs with tour pak
I booked Arunachal Pradesh package tour through Chalo Jaai Travel Club, one of big tour operators in Kolkata and toured Guwahati, Bhalukpong, Dhirang, Bomdilla & Tawang with them during the post puja vacations this year 2010. I have toured several places in India independently in the past, but this was the horrible experience for me with a ‘reputed’ tour operator. The kind of experience I went through dealing with Chalo Jaai, was simply worst.
The four Tata sumo vehicles booked by the operators for the journey at Guwahati were not in good condition and one or the other broke down during the journey period.
Any package tour's success is totally dependent on the tour manager how he manages the show. The tour manager was unskilled and managed the tour in a poor state. For most of the time he could not arrange to depart from a place of halt according to the scheduled departure time as a consequence of which the tour members reached their destined hotels late at night in this mountaineous North East region. He was not able to coordinate the vehicles booked for the journey. At one instance our vehicle ran short of fuel and we were wondering whether we were able to reach our destined place (Tawang) or spent the whole night on the mountain road side.
Chalo Jaai travel club could not provide good food, comfortable travel and good coverage of the destination – in short meet basic expectations. The most surprising fact was that evening snacks was skipped for few days. Chalo Jaai as concluded by almost all the tour members on this tour is a mis-managed, un-professional tour company providing worst possible service for the premium amount they charge. For the heavy price that the we paid on this tour in terms of time and money, most of the tour members were dissatisfied and mentally very upset after returning from the tour. We underwent a most traumatic experience during the entire period of journey. We feel that we are being cheated by Chalo Jaai for our hard earned money. Some of my co-passengers who have traveled with Kundu Special are of the opinion that the services provided by Kundus are superior and unmatchable.
I have an awesome experience of Himachal Pradesh trip with CHALO JAI, travel with my 7year old grandson all the members r tomuch loving & caring because lastday when i feel sick( fever) the members look after me & my grandson, soI M ALWAYS READY TO GO WITH CHALO JAI...RITA BOSE, ADVOCATE, BARRACKPORE COURT, KOLKATA-700120.

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