Trishul Motor Driving School — Trishul Motor Driving school : Total waste of money,fraud

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Pimple saudagar, Maharashtra, India

It will be a total waste of money to join this driving school.
They do not teach properly.

Once they get the money they wont pay attention to you at all... just in the hury of completing the batches..

This school must be closed down...its all fraud

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. I had worst experience with Kailas giri motor driving school located at Sus Road Pune..
Their training was not adequate.They gave lesser number of hours. And above all they were "rude" the puneri dukandaar style.

Theory: When you join the driving course you are required to give a photo and you get a driving progress card.
You can take it home.
Ideally it is yours for reference and not for the driving schools to keep.

1.> They keep all students training card with them and do not give the students. (Its unfair trade practise)
2.> They ask you to sign in a register for 15 hours, i, e for more number of hours than you have driven. Sayign that it is mere formality.

It is later that I realized why they "FOOL" people who have no time. Details below

What Kailas giri did unlawfully against me was
1. Did not give me my driving card even though I insisted, saying it was against their policy.
2. Just before the driving exam they asked me to sign of n number of documents ( one of them indicating that i had driven for 15 hours ). When I protested they said that if I do nto sign I will be at loss as
a.> they cannot commit on next day for driving test as this is as per traffic police law that if you attend driving school within 30 days you should attend the drivign school test and before that all documents should be signed irrespectively.
b.> they will not refund my money that they have to pay RTO
NOTE: Till such time my 2.5 hours worth trianing was pending . They said that they will give me later after the test.This amounted to Rs 500 .

Taking point a.> into account I gave test ( formality ) as the driver himself controlled the clutch.

Later, afte rthe test they turned their back.
They did "puneri dukandar" style or "Delhi dukaandaar" style.
Maine terko yeda banaya... terese paisa liye.. tu kyon mere yaha pe ayaa... kaun tu .. mar jaake .
They also took advantage of the fact that I did not have any copy of the driving progress card.

They desroyed it.

WHAT I did : I went to PUNE RTO @ Sangam bridge and filed a complaint.
At the outset they said that I am in a losing spot as I had signed on docs .
Later I realized that they had done this to many people and there were similar complaints against the school. In short "ullo banaya".
Not only that there were complaints against the school for ill tratement to students, especially ladies.
The inspector said that

IMPORTANT thing: ALL DRIVING SCHOOL are mandated min 10 hour lessons.
MOST driving schools practically dont offer even 8 hours in totality.
So they are clear violators.
But we cant do anything since we dont have proof not connections.

WHAT HAPPENED : After 2 weeks I got a response in unclear marathi docs that they do not find anything wrong with Kaila giri.

What I think : Sab mile hua hai. All these driving schools can only survinve if they have a political hand and police hand in RTO.

WHAT I want to do :Payback. Shut down the business.
Such dukaandaars should be punished very heavily.

HOW : I wish to know who all have been affected by such malaise. Come together and possibly sue in consumer court with all proof.
I am sure I can get a list of all people who have filed complaints in the RTO . I can begin from their...
RTI will definitely help.
Trishul Motor training school, Pashan Pune---They are totally nonprofessional . they jus want to make money, handled by unprofessional drivers.They promised me for everyday 4 kms but they took for only 3kms evryday. i complained them abt this but no actiona was taken.DONT JOIN.

and i even agree that they just want to make money..!! by giving false promises.


No Business ethics AT ALL.
Yes I also observed same. Never go to this school. Owner also has lots of attitude problem
Waste of time and money. once you pay them they will ask more and more money. dont go to them at all.
I completely agree with you. I went to their Pimple Saudagar branch and the female (owner) sweet talked me into joining. She never mentioned that there was some condition that we have to complete out training within 45 days. This was mentioned only after I got my learner's license.
Unfortunately, my mom fell ill and I had to go out of town intermittently and was also out for 3 weeks and the learning period elapsed. When I went to the lady to discuss this, she would not listen and replied very rudely to me that she was running a business and it doesnt matter why I did not attend. She would not even listen to me.
Also, I must mention here that the instructors are pathetic. They are only concerned with completing the 4 kms of lessons. My batch was empty more often than not and when i asked the guy if we could continue for another 4 kms, he would never answer.
The instructor would never arrive on time for my 7:30 batch in the morning and Ieft a couple of times after waiting for 15 mins.
I would definitely not recommend anyone to join this driving school. Utter waste of money and above that you have to bear with their rude behavior.
Complete waste of money. Trishul Motor Driving school, Pimple Saudagar is too bad. They have rude motor driving staff and have no technique of teaching a car. Even after spending 45 days with them and shelling out Rs3500, they haven't taught me properly how to change gears. The tutor will control the car at all times and will fool you the believe that you are driving the car. If you ask for control, they will plainly refuse saying that if something happen to the car who will be responsible!!?? Isn't it their responsibility to teach the car and control it ONLY if there is any problem.

Taking reverse, parallel parking, night driving, slope driving etc. all these are not covered, although they say they will at the time of registering. Even if you ask them to teach these thing, they give only 10 mins and fools you in believing that you have perfected the art.

I would sincerely recommend everyone to not get fooled by the ratings and please get in touch with other people who have learn from this school and ask for their feedback before deciding.
Even Arjun motor driving school next to it is worst and they follow similar practices
Thanks a lot all you guys for your review. This place is close to my house and i had almost decided to enroll here ... phew, just dodged a bullet :) No way am i going to join here.
Trishul motor driving school is such a dirt. When I asked them about the status of driving license, one fat lady sitting there told me that their phone is not working. I requested her to use my mobile, but she refused. And finally when I dialled their "dead" phone, it rang and she was shamelessly looking at me as if she has done nothing wrong. No license given yet and no status told. Very rude people.
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