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[Resolved]  trivandrum airport — immigration officers

it is a shame for the trivandrum airport officers, they dont know how to behave with the passengers.

they are using their local language "poda" & "vada"

they should understand that if they accept areply in the same word.
It will be better that If the authorities train the immigration officers.

they should konow first "mannera makes a man"
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Aug 14, 2020
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My sister in law (49 years) came in trivandrum airport with valid visa(SATA) and with return ticket from airarabia.she came on 7th august 2009 early morning 00.10hrs.her flight was at 3.15am.air arabia counter checked her visa and ticket, then they issued the boarding pass.after she went to the emigration counter.then one of the emigration officer checked visa and passport, then he didn't allow her to travel to tvm to shj.then she asked the reason for him, he said your profession mentioned in visa is business woman.then he very badly asked her "WHAT BUSINESS YOU WILL DO IN SHARJAH"(This emigration officers are dont have a mother, sister and dauters?).before she said him i am going to meet my son and brother &family, also she shown their valid uae residence visa copy and phonenumber.

then also this kachada fellow not allowed to travel. then she begged for him to allow me travel in shargh.because she is 1st time travel out of country then her ticket also cancelled(Air-Arabia ticket its not refundable)then she mentally fed up, because she came from Kollam in Kerala, finaly her brother called him self from shj.then emigration officer said for him we are the king of in tvm airport.pls read this mail who are the concern person then pls take the need full action for trhem avoid same like incident in future any one of the innecent person. pls give the proper training for them because its a hospitality field.In this cause suffered and fed up two families and we lossed one way ticket, kollam to Tvm travel charges and our valid time
Thanking you
Yours faith fully
Mrs.Annie Koshy from Shargh
I totally agree... that these half wit at the airport have no clue. I just arrived back of holiday from India and departing was an abosolute nightmare. We arrived THREE and half hours before the flight time and we were still queueing 30 minutes before the flight time was due, suffice to say the the flight was delayed 1hr and 20 min.
Why is there stringent procedures on immigration leaving the country!!! As for the staff i believe they do not know what they are doing, there are staff sitting around doiing NOTHING while the queue's grow. Someone really needs to get hold of procedures at this airport and bring it into the 21st century!
I totally agree ... I was supposed to bring a maid and we did all the required documents, and also clearance from Indian Embassy in Yemen. Still for three time the maid went upto the emmigration officer with all the required docuemts and they refused to board and accused her that she is travelling for bad business. They guy should be fried
they are so arrogant with the passengers, especially in the name of security reasons
I Comprehend everything,
The Airport employees are disrespectful and I dare say malicious.
2 days ago while I was traveling to Britain at Trivandrum the people taking the X-rays asked me "Is that Gold in Your Bag" I won't say what they really said as it was crude and undignified, but I can say they said it like I was Inferior. of The next day When I Arrived at the airport in England all the gold was STOLEN! They took everything and Nothing was left, their was even evidence of them wearing some of our clothes as their was bodily hair and fluids on it which weren't supposed to be their. But they left the receipt for things stolen but disgustingly it was covered in Urine and all of them were ripped up.
This was what annoyed me the most I told the airport this occurred and they said it was not their problem, they just brushed it of like it was nothing after 2 lakhs!!! worth of things were stolen. After all this they accused me of being filthy rich ego maniac for overreacting, this was unacceptable and i just mentally broke down if it wasn't for my friends and family I think I would have commited sucide main reason being because all those possessions belonged to my deceased mother and was my last memories of her.
Sir, on 5ht August 2012 i left from from Maldives with my daughter ( Aiminath Eisha Izhaan) to Trivandrum to place her with my Mother and my daughters grandmother
for time being since my wife Nandha Jaleel is pregnant for 4 months and moreover she is already having baby of 10 months since its hard to take care during this period i thought its better to place my elder daughter with my mother.
The last date of my exit from Trivandrum Airport with my daughter was 3rd April 2011. my daughter was born and brought up in India and that was her first flight and that too from India to Maldives.
So this date on 5th August 2012 i entered the terminal having a return ticket to Male since i am working at reputed place and i don't have much time so i need to return by next day flight. as i neared the Immigration and the Emigration the Immigration officer from the counter had a look at my passport and said "i am not supposed to enter and i am DEPORTED" hearing this i was shocked.Later they said "No Entry", again sometime later they said " go back to Maldives have a Visa and come" later that night a police inspector from Vanchoor Station came and said i am DEPORTED for 11 years and i asked the reason and he was not having any answer. i said i have the full right to know and since i worked previously in MNDF, POLICE and as well as in Immigration and Emigration of Maldives you cant do this. sir, i think behind this my Father Ali Najeeb who is staying in Trivandrum is having a hand and he is not having good terms with me due to my wife.
then they said your daughter can get in and i said accouding to Maldivian Law her Coustodial is given to me by court until she becomes 18 and you cant take any action against this.
Sir, at the airport my self and my daughter was torched and assaulted and humiliated till next day morning and whenever i asked the reason they was not having any answer. so for this issue i would like to Meet the first Secretory and talk regarding this totally.
During this period my daughter got sick since she became afraid and she is hardly 6 years old and later she started vomiting and loose motion, with dehydration. Later consulting to doctor at Trivandrum airport they said she need to be taken to a hospital soon for further medication. but the result was worse. as well. for the whole night till next day morning 8:00 am we were touched at airport like this. i need to go back to Trivandrum and bring my daughter back as soon as possible and i need your support. Kindly would like to fix a time with you.
i want to go tour by visiting visa.husband was in dubai.his name was not added in my passport due to insufficient time.marriage certificate and my husbands passport copy and visa copy is enough for immigration officers to entry.
Correct .
I feel it personally, when I am traveling with my family, .When I reached trivandrum airport from sharjah, we are in the queue in immigration, my wife is with our 2 years old baby and i am carrying three hand baggage. The immigration officer ask to my wife to move forward and pass the immigration counter.That is very helpful to us and the families instead of staying in queue for a long time with children. But when my wife and baby moved forward I also followed them bkz we are together, but the duty officer shouted me and not allowed to me to go together my family. His stupid "help" is only for my wife and baby and due to this "help" after getting stamp from immigration my family wait 40 miutes again just near the immigration counter for me to pass the immigration.

Actually in sharjah or Dudai airports no families requesting any favor for skipping queue but this arabic peoples will help sometimes to skip queue for families with children. But the good thing is they are allowing complete family to pass immigration not like in trivandrum "help".
These people dont know the rules and unnecessarily blocking people by using their power. And their behaviour is very bad. They dont allow genuine cases, but frauds pass through easily!!
Shame on Trivandrum Airport Immigration Officers ! This is not the way you guys should behave to common people, especially to ladies !!

I am working on Work Visa in Australia, and my wife was travelling alone from India using her dependant visa on 10-May-2014. I believe the so called immigration Officer (his name was Raju) was too dumb to understand that the dependant traveller will also hold the visa details same as U-457 but with applicant type as secondary. He was literally shouting to my wife saying that she was trying to fool immigration officers. She wanted her to confess that she is travelling to work abroad though that is not the actual truth. He was scolding and abusing my wife for providing wrong information. As my wife was travelling first time she went upset and was almost fainted.

I have no problem that the officer was ignorant but the way they deal with people is terrible. I am checking options to file compliant against this officer to Immigration office and Ministry of Immigration. Guys please help me with useful links for the same.
I totally agree that the airport authorities and rude and do show any respect or kindness to any travellers. I am a malayali, but I am ashamed about the incident that happened to me last week when I was travelling with my family to US. I had few bottles of perfumes in one of my laggage bags. They said that I was allowed only one bottle of perfume in each bag, so I had to open all the luggage bag at the security check. In the middle of this I saw one the lady officer stealing one of my perfumes. A big shame on airport officiers. You all get good pay then why do you what to do such cheap things? SHAMELESS people... They are all cheaters...
At the end I was so upset and When I asked the officer in charge he said it is okay to have perfumes as long as it not in bulk. So what is the real rules... The people in the airport makes there own rules...So if you want peace of mind when travelling try to avoid travelling TVM airport if possible... They are all just rude ...
we all need to react against those rude, irritating, thoughtless, arrogant immigration officers of trivandrum airport. they are really misusing there power and thereby dont deserve any respect.

i am just saying this all from a bad experience i met last day. i am coming from trivandrum to abu dhabi for a visit to my husband. i just shown my passport, visa and all. as usual they asked me for the purpose of visit. i showed my husbands passport copy including visa page and my marriage certificate. its enough for me as m coming for visit. bt they again asked me for my degree certificate actually i didnt took that with me because there no need of degree certificate for visiting here.
as i dont have my degree certificates at that time they said me to take print from anywhere or ask my husband to mail il to me... i dont have any sim with me so i cant contact anyone outside... four or five immagration officers stand arround me for no reason and questioned me they just insulted me and laughing at eachother and enjoyed verymuch seeing my situation. again asked me for proof of my btech degree.. i just gave them my project report which was the only thing i have to show them.. bt again that four people questioned and teased me... some of them took my project report which i had done three years before and asked questions based on that... insulted me verymuch in front af others...

moreover they insulted one of my relative who is an airindia staff he came there for my rescue...

i was really hurted and insulted...

i am going to tweet this to our honourable prime minister..

if anyone knows how to give an effective complaints about those officers help me.
my self leenu ratheesh travelled on may 14 2016...lterally an bad treat felt wth an officers n immigraton counter, , , , very rude language they used ...they even asking unnecessary details for travelling...they even not allowed me for grrting out of mmigration counter unnecessarily asking my husbands details ...these worst things happens only in kerala...they r cultureless and worst and manarless fellows...even that day makes me tensed that will be able to travel to cheap treatng with customers evan feeling afraid to travel from trivandrum airport vary chaep...very rude
Respected sir,
To the emigration officer kindly i want the solution to my family problem so i am informing to you my wife and i has problem so she did not inform me and coming to dubai with out my permission ower case was going on family court so he coming her who is the sponsor of she i don't know for what purpose she is coming her that also don't know so kindly please don't send she her dubai his passport number is M2040256 so kindly inform to u please block her arrival because i am not the sponsor her because further problems will came after u also reposibile for i am moving to divorce she is not obeying me now i am not able to carry her further problem will came after she came here because please block she to come here further information when she came at airpot please conduct me [protected]
johnmaria72's reply, Oct 20, 2016
You could not block a woman to travel just because you are his wife. You understand. Man and woman has the same rights to travel across the country.
In Trivandrum, the immigration officers and the travel agents have good hidden relation. Whenever the flight is full and people are waiting, the immigration officers refuse some passengers to travel so that they could allow the waiting traveler and make some money. I knew about that after they refused me and some Tamils for various reasons even we have all the required documents. I am a seaman and I traveled a lot. I faced this type of trouble only in this airport. Now I am totally avoid this airport for the last 8 years. Even I am afraid to use their domestic airport. Be aware and avoid Trivandrum airport if you are going abroad for a job. These officers will make your life terrible. Very disgusting people.

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