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[Resolved]  Unitech — ZERO percent Construction


I bought a 2 bedroom apartment in Uniworld city, Greater Noida project o[censored]nitech where I was shown dream project sequences to get lured. The project is supposed to be delivered in June'2011 but till date, no single brick is laid for construction. There is no sign off anybody working at the site. It seems Unitech is giving all attention to low cost homes i.e UniHomes, and forgot all his commitments for high end apartments as they are costly to built and sold.

This is indeed a fraud and Unitech is cheating all my kind of people who invested huge sum of their hard earned money into their VIRTUAL projects. I request somebody to take serious action against Unitech and ask them to return whole money and close our Home Loans, for which we are forced to pay EMIs for no reason.

Ravi Marwah
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Even I bought a flat last year in Unitech Capella and was promised that the flat will be delivered on time but till date there is not even a brick layed. When I spoke to Unitech they recommended either we take a swap with another project or wait until Capella is delivered. When I started enquirying about the swap it seems Unitech is just buying time and not really interested in customers issue

I will really appreciate if we could all get together and complain against Unitech


Sandeep Khatri
I think Unitech has to be taken to media for its wrongdoings. This is a hard earned money of people that this builder is taking for a ride. Media flashing shall hamper his future bookings for sure and they shall be forced to resolve our issues

sumit dawar
To all Unitech Owners in Capella-

This is absolute fraud. We must ***UNITE*** because only in unity lies strength and Unitech must be brought to realize this fraud they are putting their customers through. I'm in the US and want to request residents of NCR or in India to go to the media and bring this out in the open. I know it is easier said than done but if you stop and think about it, we are talking about Unitech taking our HUGE sums of money for the flats and simply sitting on it. It is extortion literally where they are simply benefiting as an entity. We simply MUST not permit a company to operate in this fashion and let them get away with it.

I suggest we get together and frame a letter with the help of an NCR real estate attorney to file it with the media organizations, the local government, GNIDA authority, UP state govt and relentlessly pursue the officials in the public sector to crack down on this entity that is so openly deceiving us all.

I am fully prepared to make a few calls daily to the public officials in govt, in the media. Let's plan a call together to determine how we can best attack this problem and solve it for us all.

David Mascarenhas
[protected]mobile) US.
Were you sleeping or have extra money before investing in Unitech projects. Don't you know they haven't finished their existing projects and still you invested to the crooks. Good luck. You won't get anything by just typing your grevience here, go ahead rool your balls and file a case against them. As they know too people like you are only doing a crying baby job not actions so they are enjoying on your hard earned money with the sleepless nights oof yours.
I believe you must be having extra black money to give to the Land Shark known as Unitech.
it is the Indian govt that is allowing the number 2 developer to get away with unfairpractices like these. India will remain 3rd world for the next 1000 yrs
I couldn't agree with you guys more. I, and millions of others, have had the same experience as you. Just search the internet for all the scams Unitech is involved in all over the country. You'll be horrified!
I haven't had a single, positive interaction with any Unitech employee. All of them are masters at the art and craft of deceit. They stiffly deny any wrong-doing, refuse to listen to you, start accusing you instead and threatening to cancel your allotment, and continue billing you exhorbitant sums of money that are totally unjustified.
Whenever Unitech is caught in an illegal tangle, they blame the recession. When they want investments in their group of companies, then they boast about how well they are doing. They divert funds, they indulge in fraudulent practices. They have tremendous political clout (so if they 'have no money' how do they keep their godfathers happy?) which is probably why they get away with everything possible under the sun.
They're nothing but a bunch of scamsters!
Aggrieved Unitech buyers have formed groups (project-wise) in google . groups and other buyers' forums (I personally think an umbrella organization englobing ALL aggrieved Unitech buyers should be formed. We should file a PIL and ask for cancellation of their licence to build or have anything to do with the construction industry. There's strength in numbers. Join up. Perhaps one day justice will prevail.

Check out this google group which intends filing a PIL against Unitech: [protected]
Lets not all press a panic button firstly I think you should approach them, what I know is when I emailed them they said due to recession all their projects were stalled and thus now they are clearing the backlog first don't worry Unitech will keep up the promise have faith and talk it out with them
Delays are an obvious part of Indian real estate development sector and are faced by every real estate development company. Many projects go through delays and the customers should cooperate with the developers to help them overcome this situations. But instead of that all the customers cry out that the company is fraud and run to the court. People should be more understanding.
Hi Ravi,

As the actual construction works in any real estate projects are sub-contracted to different other companies, some delays on their part can result in big delays in overall project. As all these construction works are interlinked, the smallest of delays can snowball in bigger delays. Still Unitech is a very reputed company and I am sure they keep these small delays are in check. But the real estate construction work is also very sensitive to other factors like inflation, recession etc. So I would suggest you to be patient. I am sure your home must be in possession already.

FDR principal amount not recieved

My FDR no. Is 1237662 and 1237663 DOM 04/03/2014 Principal amount 50000 each ie 100000 I have still not receive the principal amount. despite of my so many calls I m getting only excuses and further dates there is no end to this scenario.

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