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[Resolved]  Unitech Horizon Flat In Greater Noida — At the time of possession they are asking for 5 lakh more


I bought a flat in greater noida ( 403 block no. 11, plot no. 6 at unitech horizon ) in the end of 2006. The area of the flat at the time of purchase was 1695 sq feet. After the possession the builder told us that after construction the area of flat has increased to 1740 sq feet . Now they are asking for the amount of the area differece of the flat ie. (1740 sq. ft - 1695 sq ft.), which comes around 350000. At the time of purchase the maintainace charges was decided upon Rs 1.25 per sq ft, which would be change in advace of one year. Now they are asking for Rs 2.50 per sq ft for two years which was not decided at the time of purchase which comes around 50000 extra. Now they asking to pay around within 20 days other will charge Rs 12180 per month.

Please help me
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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We are still waiting for possession of flat in Tower 22. Just visited site last month. Anyone else in the same boat?
I completely agree with this. I am also one of the apartment owner of the unitech horizon and it's unfortunate to know that an esteemed company like unitech is resorting to such trade mal-practices. This is highly unfair. If you are one of the affected ones, please join us at "" to protest against this act o[censored]nitech.
The story they told me is they had add another staircase on Fire Dept's recommendation/insistence. Otherwise they wouldn't have approved the plan. Can't believe it though as they had already developed
properties in Greater Noida before starting the Horizon project.

The agreement does, however, have a clause where they say the super area can increase or decrease!

The maintenance charges are even more egregious - twice the rate and double the period!!

To me it looks like they are just trying to skim as much as possible and compensate for losses due to the
slowness in real estate sector.
I am also facing the same story and have issued notices however, with no success. Unitech is adament. we need to consider some collective action. If any further amount is paid please pay "under protest" and "without prejudice"
even i am one of the unfortunate people to have suffered due to the greed of such a reputed company as unitech. now they are asking us to pay 5lakhs more due to increase in sq.ft area, whereas the truth seems that as they were to pay interest to all the pople for giving adelayed possession of their flats they have resort to such dirty tatcics of increasing the mainatainance charges etc. thier laxity and inability has prooved their undoing and they are hell bent on harrassing us. till date we havent got the posessiosn of the flat and worse they want us to shell out more money in this time of major slowdown.
Its not only the extra money that Unitech is asking more by increasing Super area (with no increase in Carpet area) dues to some strange reasoning, they have slowed down the work on Site to a snail's pace now. As a result the completion date for handing over the towers has been revised again and delayed by nearly 6 months. The overall cumulative delay in the project is nearly 1.5 years now and considering the project was launched in 2005 and has been in the making for 3 years, this additional 1.5 years is a huge delay. And not only this they are launching new projects in the NCR vicinity.

Unitech Horizon owners need to come together to fight against Unitech. And Govt. has to take some serious steps against the builders.
I bought the Unitech flat in Horizon in 2005 and appalled to hear about the situation you are facing. I am also very dissapointed as well as frustratedthat they are yet to give possession of my flat. I regularly visit the site and find the work is either stopped or is moving at very very slow pace. There's also lack of any communication from Unitech by when they shall give possession and the dates move by quarter each time I visit. We all should come together and raise our voice else they shall continue to bleed us financially and mentally.

They should be the ones compensating us and should not raise the prices randomly without justification.
Dear All,

I have booked a flat in Unitech Horizon in Tower 22 and is aggrieved by the delay that Unitech is making in delivering the possession of flats. I am planning to take legal action against them. I have also visited the site and I am not hopeful of getting the possession of Tower 22 anytime before 2011.

In this regard I would like to know if anyone of you would be interested in filing a joint case along with me.

Please let me know if you would be interested in filing a case against Unitech.

Please feel free to contact me at [protected] in case you wish to talk to me or else please let me know your contact details and I will give you a call.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

With best regards
Dear all,

While you have shared anguish on the problem of increase super area and hike in the maintenance charges, what is it that needs to be done? Have you paid these charges? I would like to take this forward with Unitech, as a group for a mutually beneficial solution.

Please share your thoughts, thanks.

One of relatives is interested in buying an apartment in Unitech Horizon or heights.

Floor - 1 to 7th preferred

Horizon - Only ready to move in tower
Heights any tower

Budget all inclusive 44 lacs. ready to make payment.

You may contact me at +91 [protected] or [protected] if you want to sell.
I think all the horizon buyers need to make an asssociation and approach the builder in Numbers. Looks like we have a completely unscrupulous builder unitech who is also going on sellinh more dreams to middle class prople who are putting there lives savings in this company;s hand. The govt is a sleeping body which appoints regulators for telephone so that customers save 50 paise on sms and calls but they will not make a regulator for rela estate where prople put there live savings.
pl form an association and also pl inform thru emails and phone/ sms all ur friends and collegues the reality about this company so that thousands can be saved. This will also put pressure on the company to stast being humane and deliver promises. time for action folks.
Not buying any more flats from Unitech and bringing the fraud o[censored]nitech to public notice might act as a check for arbitrary methods employed by Unitech to loot people who want to become rich overnite.

Also guys don't be in a hurry for quick buck (by booking a flat and selling it in 2-3 months for quick profit)...
The era of quick bucks is over now...people have made money in the past ...but it doesn't look so in future...
Not buying any more flats from Unitech and bringing the fraud o[censored]nitech to public notice might act as a check for arbitrary methods employed by Unitech to loot people who want to become rich overnite.

Also guys don't be in a hurry for quick buck (by booking a flat and selling it in 2-3 months for quick profit)...
The era of quick bucks is over now...people have made money in the past ...but it doesn't look so in future...
Can anyone of you tell me what happened finally to your flats at horizon. I am scheduled to get my flat next month at Unitech horizon after almost 2 years delay. They are also asking us to pay much more than we had agreed to pay earlier. What is the course of action available to me

August 2010
Hi since projects costing is done on estimates which are bound to change as market condition changes hence the increase in maintenance charges, and for the increased price is concerned I think if you can talk on tables with Unitech the issue can be resolved. All the best.
I see lots of complaints against the Unitech for Horizon project. Any one share that what is the current status in case they filed the legal case or any association for this.

I had booked Unitech Horizon flat in Feb 2006 and the delivery date was June 2008. Now even after TWO AND HALF YEARS THERE IS NO COMMUNICATION FROM UNITCH ON POSSESSION. This is APPALLING. Request all fellow sufferers to get in touch with me and we will form an association to bring these cheaters to book.
I think you should not tackle this matter with haste. The real estate development sector is always subject to changes. There is a possibility that the plan design of the project might have been changed, leading to increase in area and cost. So, according to me, the increased prices are justified.
I am still to get possession of my flat in Unitech Horizon in Tower 14 . I am told that the tower will be ready later this month. Do let me know if there is a group / association for all owners .
Dear All,

My brother had also booked a flat here but yet to get possession, am not sure of tower etc.However, per my personal experience with some of leading builders of delhi/NCR i would like to mention that they start project without Final Approved Map / parking details.Area of flat may vary marginally but not so much...It is quite evident that due to delay in the project builder wants to recover the cost from the customers and the same amount he will/may adjust with you all against "delayed delivery clause". My suggestion to you all is to must have one to one meeting and negotiation while taking possession. Their strategy is always to test your patiance, so go ahead and discuss your case as much as possible to get compensated in best way.Otherwise, like so called Big builders say---- no problem madam, go legal way if you want!! and we all know what does that mean! Be ready to spend extra cash for registration also!! That is no less than getting possession!!
anu aggarwal

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