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 Monica Musharraf
Vcare Concepts (I) Pvt. Ltd. a company situated in Suraj Apartments , 2nd Floor , behind Bharat Cooperative bank , Ram Maruti Road Thane . dealing in Concept selling business from last few years have managed to fool around 44000 people as of now with various schemes being sold . The company has been targetting all poor and middle class people to invest in their schemes and assuring of paying them more than three folds money what they invested . one of the scheme for eg. was to pay Rs.6500 and get Rs. 70000 that gets paid by cheque throughout the year month after month .The Chairman (owner ) of this company is Mr. Sunil Saldhana his wife Rosita Saldhana they run the business. Both are the biggest cheat/ basturd . He runs the company with lot of prayers and worship to show that he is doing the work for the will of god and to gain the attention of the general public , he earns goodwill by telling everyone that he is launching various projects for the upliftment of the poor , he promises to built old age home, school for poor children and many such programmes , He is a defaulter . In the office he keeps all innocent people at work and makes them dance according to his tune and also tries to use the female employee in his office , he also does not pay the employees for several months ., If the salary is asked he terminates the employees . This employee harrassement is been going on from several months but no one is really able to take any because in the complain is made he gives bribes and closes the case . This man should be put behind the bars for cheating the poor people by utilising gods name as his support . He cheats but does not leave any proof he is a bloody his wife is also the same . DRAG HIM ON THE ROAD AND PUNISH HIM IN THE JAIL TO STOP HIS MLM BUSINESS . (people behind this business strategy and conperacy is Balraj Malik, Deepali Patil, Anu Pandey , Amit Patil ) I hope there is a proper action taken among these cheaters .
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I read the complaints regarding Vcare and I disaggre to whatever Miss Monica has to say about Vcare Company. I dont want to comment more because my views may be wrongly Interpretted, but bottom line is, trust me, if the Company has been floated in the Name of 'TheGod' and if they are not genuine (against God), as You say, Miss Monica, they are going to be punished by the 'God' for sure. But I recommend, to be Patient and Experience the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Maharashtra, India.
For the further information please go through the website
This is a fraud company and cheats people. I also had a very terrible experience investing money in this company. They misuse the name of God and should be punished in front of public. The owners should be put in jail as they are playing with the innocent lives of thousands of people.
All the statements you made here are not true. You did not give all the facts. For example you did not mention how much benefit you got from this company. Using such bad words is not suitable for anyone. wirhout properevidence to accuse is not right before God. Company gave as binary income to many people the maximum limit of 100000/(minus the deductions) and 50000 to many more as the limit of binary was reduced. If you take about 1000 people got one lakh each then it amounts to 100000x1000=[protected]/- 10 crores. then you add those who got less than 100000/- You also add the cost of the item you purchased from the company.if you put1000 rs for the goods you purchased it would be 44000x1000=4400000/-44lakhs. the company also gave insurance cover. Please add the cost of that. Thousands of people got growth income of 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 and so on.Please add up that amount. on the average if a person got 500 rs the it becomes 44000x500=[protected]crore 20laks.
Please add up the expenses .Then how much is remaining with the company? the company as per your statement might have got about 30 crores. Out of that reduce the amount company gave to the people and the expenses. Madam please don't accuse anyone by exaggerating. If they have cheated the court will take action. But for every word we utter we have to give an account to God. May God give you peace and wisdom. by Dhoke- Maharashtra
I guess u r also among them, as u r praising them but what abt th epeople who hav suffered and any amLM business will show good for 1 or 2 yrs as the company has to collect the money from th epeople and once its done its over . as off now you can see how th epeople has been cheated and fraud has been commiteed .As per me monica is right they shd be hanged . as they hav played with people emotions and wch is not acceptable in any law not even in god 's law.
Punishment should be given only to Mr. Sunil Saldhana and her wife but not the employees who were working over there as they were doing their job for money they not the part of fraud.
I know Mr. Sunil Saldhana as I used to work for him but I was not paid and even I lost my 1st job just because of him.
I was also approached by Miss Anu Pandey for this but I really dont believe in MLM business hence I refused to do it. Mr.Sunil Saldhana also owes other companies like Sharon (Adopted daughter's name) Financials, Chris (Adopted son's name) Financials, etc which were located nearby Thane Station.
Even he used to keep bad eye on girls who used to work with them.
I really dont know what are the effects of posting comments or complaining here but I am just dropping my frustrations through words.
Mr. Sunil Saldhana should be punished very badly along with his supporters but not the innocent people who were working with him.
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tell me u all.. guys, who r well known about v care and his owners,

That, what's the wrong and right with this company.

As well as, i knows that here is lots of MLM companies like, vcare, RMP, Amway, Modicare, etc

whats the basic rule to eshtablish this type of companies, and there are any regulatory rule for those or not.

If these companies is working is a easy going way, so

1- why?
2-why any one is not taking any action?.
3-why any govt officer or govt is not taking any action?.
4-why there are going in an easy way.?
5-Why these names is using to promote this business, like
c- LIC
I am vermuch upset when i was called one sister IRIN her mbl no was [protected]
of coure she is done good work for th gods company and visited to my house at kalyan. and assured us she will get the amount which was deposited through laxmi vilas bank kalyan. after some time when we asked the share certificate simply informed the original shgare certificte are lying with her custody and not to be worry? but I insisit and got the share certicate. Then after every 15 days i should to call her sister irin. But hse never pick the phone even if she picked she will says i will be in PRAYERS. Then we phone to office that also found the telephone no is disconnected.[protected], 67957000, 67210276 and fax no.[protected] mbl no.[protected]) in the mean time we got two nos.[protected] and 66510802. Even we tried to contact but no way What shall do I dont wand to curse or ...
If any gentleman can help. How the govt. is closes his eyes after these are in the field anybody can open the govt. eyes for the poor subs.??????/. srini.
Can we get the money back ?? still there is any hope ??

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