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[Resolved]  Venkateswara Hospital — Compliant:Unqualified Nurses; Dangerous to public

Dear sir/madam,

After spending my precious time, even though i am stuck with lots of works, i am forced to mail you with the hope that you would be more accountable. Besides, we do not have any other alternatives.

There is a hospital in Chennai which is hardly bother about public interest rather they run for grabbing the money from people when patients enter their premises unknowingly or due to urgency when they are left without any other nearby hospital.

Starting to end, they are very much concerned about bill as it is instructed by its Joining MD, Who is the woman behind all these sort of activities(as i came to know thro its nurses) by spoiling good and service oriented staffs (nurses).

I have been into that hospital. And i also came to know much deeper about that hospital with the help of sisters who were giving treatment to me.

I kindly request you to reconfirm if you do not believe by cross-checking the same as follows:

1. Many sisters who are working there as nurses, not even completed their Diploma / B.Sc in Nursing.

2. they are not well trained.With half knowledge only which is again dangerous NOT FOR THEM. BUT FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ENTER FOR TREATMENT UNDER WORST CONDITION.

3.all the pregancy cases which could have been done naturally are also made compulsorily through Caesarean by saying that there is no possibility for natural delivery for melting the money as instructed by JMD.

Many who suffered like me might not have taken pain to do all these. I am doing this as i am much service-minded person.

I kindly request you to take this ahead seriously. Of course, though all the pvt organisations works for profits, they should not concentrate only on collection.

If you are not doing anything about this , only God has to save us.

Venkataeswara Hospitals
36 - A, Chamiers Road,
Chennai - 600 035.
Telephone:[protected]/4511 4511/4214 5214

Emergency: 4500 4500
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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I do not agree with the comment posted about Dr Shanti Sanjay. She is an amazing doctor knowing exactly what to do and when to do.She is very professional in dealing with patients and knows every patient by their names.She does not speak unnecessary which may seem to be like 'being strict'.This is totally fine as we are not looking for 'Friends' at hospitals. Are we? If you are looking for a doctor who will go out for a coffee break with you, then seek some one else.

She is no way looking to make money by doing a C-SEC for God's sakes! These people make enough money.Do you think they will let go off their dignity just for making few extra bucks from you? She attends 2-3 deliveries a day and so yes, she may not be available for consultation at your convenient time.And more over in Chennai, this is the case in most of the hospitals.You need to plan early people!

To me, she is an asset to Venkateaswara hospitals.She has good sense of humor even at labor ward! She took a pic of me, my wife and the new born baby which I never expected!!! She will ask the expectant mother to do certain things. Do it religiously! In most of the cases, she will ask you to walk for good amount of time. If do not follow what she says, you end up with C-SEC.Doctors cannot magically make your body ready for the delivery! The best time with her is the labor class. I and my wife had real good laugh during the entire session. She will let you know everything about labor in it and she is the only doctor to allow husbands inside labor room during delivery! One thing which may sound inconvenient is that you cannot avail cashless medical facility if you opt for Dr Shanti Sanjay. But all necessary bills will be provided for reimbursement. I do not know why this is so but accepted the terms as it is just a small financial turbulence that we need to bare.

The hospital is decent enough with caring nurses around to help you. For delivery, get admission with AC room accommodation as the rooms are very good and comfortable.

Few cons about the hospital are

*In case of critical emergencies for babies, the ventilator is not located at this hospital. Only 2-3 major hospitals have such facility in Chennai. Good news is that nearby Apollo hospital is one among them. So they will put the baby on an ambulance for immediate transportation.
*non-centralized AC for the entire hospital
*car parking lot still under construction
*security guards and cleaning maids keep on asking for tips. (Hospital has strict rules about tipping to staffs. May be these people are not categorized as 'Staffs')
*One big lift for the entire hospital. How ever, it has a dedicated lift operator who will respond to emergencies immediately by overriding the controls.

BEST — Public transport unsafe for public

BEST bus drivers not so ‘best’ afterall

I was waiting for the BEST Bus No 310 at the Kalanagar Bus stop at 9.00am on April 21'2009. When the bus arrived, it halted at the bus stop for a few seconds and then sped away. It didn't even wait for all the passengers to get inside and in that process I fell down. Luckily, I escaped with a leg sprain,
The bus was not crowded at all. The bus no is 8012 badge no : 90752 Conductor name : sanjay
This is not the first time that I am seeing the BEST drivers/conductors not waiting for the passengers to get in. This type of rash driving by the BEST drivers is totally not acceptable.
1.) I was waiting at Military camp bus stop (Santacruz (E) for at bus at Kurla (W) station on 23/05/09 at 8.00pm. 3 buses buses for Kurla(W) passed-by without stopping as they were full.
2.) But bus no. 37 came next and did not stop though was empty.
3.) After 5 minutes another bus no. 37 came and "had to stop" since it did not had enough space to skip pass the stop as another bus was standing at the bus stop.
4.) I had heard the conductor ring the 2-bell signal for the driver to skip the stop.
5.) When I boarded the bus, I asked the driver why he rang the 2-bell before the passengers to board to which he replied shamelessly that it was his duty to ring bell. He avoided further questions by moving away for tickets.
6.) The bus no. was MH01 L8307 and Conductor batch no. 47752. Please take action.
7.) I have also experienced similar incidences many times at bus-stops: Hunuman nagar & Garware (both at Vileparle East). Also experienced rude behaviour from conductors and drivers, bus starting without passengers boarding or alighting bus. Sometimes even women, women with small children, aged passengers are not cared. Bus not stopping at proper bus stop causes passengers to run after the bus where it stops. Also buses at many times stop in the middle of the road since the drivers had not followed proper lanes and had to stop due to passengers inside bus wanting to alight.
8.) The best must put in place passenger friendlyand convenient complaint and redressel so that people can come forward with their complaints.
I fell Venkateshwara hospital is one of the best hospital in Chennai. My wife was admitted 4 times and myself admitted once. She delivered noramally my two childs by noraml delivery. In her first delivery, she was crying and asked Doctor(Dr.Santhi sanjay) to do Caesarean. But Dr. completed the task by noramal delivery only. No hospital authorities interfere for Caesarean. Two more times my wife was admitted for ortho surgrey, she was treated well by ortho team. I was admitted once for a surgrey in the Month of June 2009. I feel it is my family hospital. Whenever I cross the chamiers road, I tell my daughters that you were born here.
I've read a lot of good reviews about Dr Shanthi Sanjay and hence I personally chose this hospital for my first delivery.. Dr Shanthi Sanjay is a very nice lady and I am looking forward to deliver there
The staffs working there are sort of careless once they gave a 3 yr old baby blood test report for me instead of mine
I agree for the comment. But i want to comment about Dr.Shanthi sanjay. She s realy a sick women and also she s not a professional. Whenever we want to meet her staffs in the reception either they wil say "madam wil not meet you" or too much hipe they wil create to meet her.Minimum 2 weeks waiting period to get appointment. She is 100% not friendly and also she wil speak like a robot, at times she behaves roude as well.

I had my delivery over there and she was the person who did C-SEC for me. Till now i was not aware whether she did Csec just to get money or if that is realy necessary. so I wud not at all recommend this doc.

Now i am going to EVK(Kalyani nursing home) for gynic consultation and also i am happy abt the hospital and docs as well.
I totally disagree with the comment. Dr.shanthi sanjay was a blessing for me. She is strict with her rules towards her patients so that there are no complications during delivery time. She is very specific regarding diet and exercise during pregnancy for the benefit of her patients. This cannot be considered rude. I delivered a healthy baby this April through normal delivery. It was the confidence and all the guidance which she gave during the gestational period and the wonderful labour class which she conducts, that helped me deliver normally. I would recommend her to all. And regarding her appointments, she has a lot of patients so we need to get prior appointment which is the same for any doctor. But in an emergency she even answers in her mobile at any time which i have experienced. Found it very disheartening to read a negative comment about this doctor.
I agree to the complaints. It happened to me when my wife had to deliver a baby. It happened through only C-Sec. I am not sure if it was necessary. Whole night she was crying in pain just to see that delivery can be normal, but in morning doctor only suggested that there is an emergency and we will have to operate. So in those circumstances, you are left with no choices and I had to say ok. After surgery, you expect the consulting doctors to visit you but there was no visit for whole 24 hours. We were not aware of what are the do's and dont's. Food which is included in room charges, was not provided as well for 1 full day. When complained about it, we got visits from doctors and dieticians about food preferences. During discharge the split up bill was there but not for medicines from Pharmacy.
Nurses ordered medicines (plus other things) which were in excess. I had to return the excess or unnecessary items to pharmacy after my discharge. But Pharmacy was not ready to take them back and declined it in a very rude way.
One of the examples of running after money is, if you go for consulting any doctor and that needs usage of some equipment like scissors, trays from Casualty, then after usage nurses ask you to pay for it and make a bill of it. Doesn't matters if you already has been discharged from same hospital or an out-patient.
I am totally against this comments. She is servicing more than 25 years. She know what to do when to do and whom.
Worst hospital, money suckers. Dr shanti sanjay worst among the slot. Erratic lethargic dr. Dont go there you baby and you will be in risk like me. God must answer her brutality. Hospital really worst, all time they want money money. No proper treatment dont go there
I agree with the complaints, she will not be friendly at all
I agree with the complaints, she is a very rough doctor.she behaves like hitler.if we complaint about any pain during pregnancy she will not care at all.we will not be comfortable with her at all.she will not accept her mistakes.but nurses in tat hospital r very good and caring than doctors.if we r questioning something with docs in tat hospital, they never reply.tat too shanthi will give negative answers only.i will not recommend her to anyone
i am Vigneswari, 38yrs Dr.shanthi Sanjay was an amazing Dr. and blessing for me. God only shows me dr.shanthi sanjay .. I delivered a healthy male baby 24th December 2014 l through normal delivery. It was the confidence and all the guidance which she gave during the gestational period and the wonderful labour class which she conducts, that helped me deliver normally. I would recommend her to all.
and once i and my husband thanks to dr.shanthi Sanjay madam. and good hospital and very good staff nurses .
Hi All

I have gone through complete pro's and con's written about Dr.shanthi sanjay.
Dr Shanthi Sanjay is really good doctor, as said in some earlier posts, all are not lucky to go there and get treated .
I totally agree that she will not be friendly, but that is not at all necessary you have to get your work done that's all
Don't bother about how doctor is speaking to you . HIDDEN THING IS HER STRICTNESS MADE MORE SUCCESS.
She is Excellent doctor with multi skills so need to bother about other things.
Each and every consultation you will be molded slowly with things to be followed and you will feel the complete happiness later instead of speaking every time nicely/friendly and finally sorry.
Right from Sugar level to Baby's growth will be guided in all manners.
Please don't believe whatever said in forums or through friends or even my post ( Possibly ).
Get appointment once and you start analyzing...
As per me I will tell Chennai'1 BEST Gynecologist is DR Shanthi Sanjay.

The negative comments about Dr SS was appalling to say the least and shows how utterly ignorant our people are. Dr SS clearly clarifies on what accounts a C section is chosen when a woman is in labour. So, instead of mindlessly writing without doing the groundwork from your side as to why the C section was undertaken (not sure the complainants even bothered clarifying with the doctor on that before concluding her as a bad doctor, shame!). This only shows how highly we've educated ignorance amongst us. Dr SS did my delivery, she did for my elder sister also who btw had a C sect. So, all of you there ranting about her without a forethought, think! I had an example where I could've refrained from going to her assuming something wrong about her from my sister's delivery. But nope. She handled that very well and mine went on perfectly well with her where I had normal delivery.

A robot, rude, and oh the outrageous spelling! As someone rightly said, if you want your doc to go for coffee with you, this isn't the right spot. How silly! Do you expect a doctor to be entertaining through your visits? Dr SS is a very jovial person with a good sense of humour, strictness when it needs to be and all the right things that one would want in a good doctor.

I would highly recommend her. As with V hospital, bathroom hygiene was an issue with me where I couldn't see pregnant women using toilets while men also used the same, it was unisex. That apart, everything else was fine. Nurses are good if you are polite and good to them. 15 hours of labour I was still courteous to them because I know my care is in their hands till the doctor arrives. They appreciated me for being very co-operative too. So as a patient we need to empathise their job too and not be judgemental. If one is cynical and whiny, you get the same response.

Hospitals in India are almost the same everywhere with overflowing population and people with no civic sense, hence flaws are there in every hospital where there is a plus there is a minus also. Choose at your will and don't expect friends and entertainers for doctors.
I had my delivery there recently, it was very worst experience of my life i had c.sec is very rude, arrogant and don't give proper response when we ask her some questions . This hospital always focus on money where not only me my entire family had very worst experience there please don't go there.

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