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 selvi (malaysia) on Jul 12, 2011
Your Thendral serial is awesome...Tulasi & Tamil is ideal couple to the Serial...Shruti acting were excellent & i hope the team could give more scope to shruti to shows more of her acting capabilities...Pls give Tamil a proper job becoz after married Tulasi, Tamil has no proper job & i don't like to see him roaming around without job...Pls revealed Charu & Tamil mom real face to Tamil.
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Hello vikatan televistas your Thendral serial is going very fine... All actors are matched with the characters especially Tamil&Tulasi... They are looking as ideal couples... And Sruthi's acting is very nice especially in emotional scenes... Even Deepak acting too... The storyline is different unlike in all other serials... Hats off to all actors and technicians working in this serial...
sir, can you upload last two episodes of alaigal serial in you tube
hello vikatan can u upload alaigal serial...
Hello vikatan televistas i request you to play the title song of thendral, because the song is super, and i hered in telugu version so please play the title song for daily, i didnt see the title song up to date now, instead of watching in Telugu Version (title song), Nice Serial sir, this is 3rd year entering the Thendral Serial when Dec Month comes i think,
hi vikatan televistas., can u upload alaigal serial..

First i want to thank you for such a wonderful true love story “Thendral”. There are thousands of online fans who are regularly watching Thendral across the world. We all are mentally tortured and frustrated like anything for the past couple of week because of Tamil and Thulasi fight. After seeing lovable couple for one and half years, we are not able to tolerate fight between Tamil and Thulasi for no reason. Please stop this fight as soon as possible and show motive and positive about true love.

Please take this request as high priority and take immediate action.

Please refer below link to know how viewers are suffering day by day[protected].html#comment-form

True lover of Thendral
Hi Vikatan,

Please stop tamil and thulasi fight in Thendral.We are unable to tolerate their fight.
Please end charu's track.Otherwise you will lose lots of thendral fans like me.
Already we are tortured with last two weeks episode.

True lover of Thendral
Hi Vikatan,

This is with regard to THIRUMATHI SELVAM. Please dont allow Selvam to die or Allow Archana to distribute her Property. Because If the story goes like that, then it is of no use of bringing the story to this extent showing Selvam till now being a good and honesty personality and moreover his Efforts of becoming SUCESS In his life is Waste. Please do not take the story only towards the Criminal Part. Please try to make the serial atleast 50% Positive Manner. Always showing the Criminals in the First Place. Please do not show only the Bad Part of the People always that too showing the ladies acting in a Criminal Way. Please Put an End to Archana's Sufferings and Bring Back the Selvam and End the Serial in a good way making all the Criminals to change themselves into good personality.

This is my humble request.

im watching thendral serial from the beginning... nice story in starting... but nowdays a days i think the director dont know how to continue...sorry to say its getting very bored now a days... tamil, thulasi and charu every 1 to 2 weeks charu will play a game and again tamil and tulasi fight... really its getting very bored... many of your relatives watching thendral continuously but now they r switching off the channel to super singer vijay tv... PLZ go ahead from this situaation...
dont no what to say... sorry thendral teamm... u r gonna to lose the viewers...
I agree that thenral serial is getting bored to c tamil and tulasi fighting for the dramas done by saru... beginning it was nice cing tulasi tamil as ideal couple...after showing them as ideal couple how tamil believe saru by her dramas without believing his loved one? cant believe this and this serial is also seems to be dragging as other serial..nowadays not interested to c their fighting and v r switing over to vijay tv...better to show positive things about the couple.:)
Dear Sir,

Pl remove shruthi raj from the serial... we dont want to watch her herafter.. shruthi should have some good quality to act as a heroine, but she does not.. she is a no.1 prostitute in her personal life.. she came into cinema indusry by doing prostitution.. pl quit her from the THENDRAL.

indru chinnathiriyil super hit kadha nayagiyaga valm varum shruti nadigai, avarin vazhkaiyil ippodhu thendral adithu kondirukiradhu.


Ippodhaya vida innum ilamai thookalaga irundha shruti pala suravaliyai sandhithaval.

Bollywood il sharukudanum kollywood il vijay udanum jodi potu vidanum endra lachiyathodu kerala vil irundhu kodambakkam vandhar shruthi.

adakam odukamaga aadai anindhu amma vudan cinema company galuku chance ketu povar shruti.

autovil ponal ponnuku panathuku kashtam nu kasu kodutha adhuku sammathika vachidalam nu cinema karanga muthirai kuthiduvanganu vadagai car pidithu kodampakkathai valam vandhanar shrutiyum ammavum.

uppuma company galum adhai vida menaminikiyana kichadi company galum pachadi panna alaiyai alindhana.

ennama puriyama pesuringa, adutha padathula ajith dhan hero, neenga dhan avaruku jodi, adhanala ippo indha chinna padathula nadinga ena then vazhiya pesinargal, aanal adhil jollu vandhadhal mosadiyai purindhu escape aahi vandhanar.

shruti aasaipatta andha hero vai sandhithu vayppu thedi vida muyarchitu adhu kai koodama aluthu pona nilaiyil herovin adutha padam aarambamaga irupadhiyum herovin appavai sandhithu pesinal kattayamaga kadhanayagi chance kidaithu vidum ena thagavalgal kidaika herovin father office ku ponargal shrutiyum avarin ammavum.

pesi mudithadhu nan busyaga irukiren 2 naal kalithu vaangal endru herovin father solli vida ungalai dhan nambi irukom endru solli vitu kilambinargal shruthiyum ammavaum.

2 naal kalithu vandhargal. herovin appa sonnar cinemavuku sattam iruku adhu irutarival velipadutha padum.. screenukaga sila test pannanum adhuku glamoura stills edukanum neenga ready na 2 naal kalichi vanga ena ammavidam solli vittu shruthiyai paarthu yen ammavai aliya vidura ena solla avargal sari endru thalaiyai aati vitu ponargal.

adutha 2 naalil 2 perume aajar. indha ponnu yen thaniya varalai endru herovin appa paarka andha vishayathuku sammadhamanu sruthiyai paarthu keka, shruti avalin ammavai paarka padhil illaiye endru shruthiyin pakkam vandhar herovin appa.

adharku shruthiyin amma unga paiyanoda nadika virumbura, unga paiyanoda adjustment pannika virumbura, aana unga kooda iruka sangada padura.

yen endru hero vin appa keta, shruthi elundhu nindru avarai vanangi, neengal en appa mathiri endru solla aathira patta herovin appa kovathai adaki kondar. sila nera mounam nilaviyadhu.

adutha sila nimidangalil ava seidha kaariyam iruke...



Pl guys read NAKEERAN (03.12.11) ORU NADIGAIYIN KADHAI) the story comes with her picture also..
we know thulasi personally to know her life story?same goes to people who are talking good about her?do u know her?don't simply support her just because she acts like a nice girl in a serial.even ranjitha acted like a good and homely actress, at last what happened?Ava vandavalamla thandavalam ache la?actress acting in negative roles can be good and actress acting in positive roles can be bad too.

Yesterday someone said that thulasi said in an interview that she failed 10th and now us she insulting doctors saying she wants to become a doctor?does she know the spelling of doctor?shruti u thought prostitution and studying medicine is same? U .
yesterday my friend saw thulasi coming out of the hotel room in t.nagar with some guy(must be some light boy in serial).che thoo.feeling digusted to watch this serial.i dont know why kumaran is putting only b-grade heroines in his movies.i think this pomabala porukki wants to enjoy with women(this b grade director will only only get b grade heroines so only he is putting them in serials)and then they will act for free for him and he can give them some pleasures.thoo.
first i did not believe what written in magazine.then i thought when so many actresses are there why should they write about this alone?is she that famous or a sopanasundari?then i understood that she is like that so only they wrote.before also whatever written about actresses in magazines were true, so this also true.and yesterday when my friend saw this , its confirmed.that too when she came out of the hotel, she was so horrible that even the workers in the hotel started looking at her so badly and that hotel is not even a good one.there were raids in the hotel earlier.chee thoo.better u beg shruti instead of living a life like this for money.
Hi suntv thendral serial director,
Hai me and my mother, friends watch dis serial regularly I like thulasi role and thamizh role very much but now a days this serial its going very worst. please show some changes, the thulasi was insulting by all.. thamizh want to believe thulasi…..daily before starting this serial we think atleast today thamizh ll understand thulasi and make some happiness…but daily this serial cheating us.. are otherwise make thulasi to continue her studies and show her in good position….about charu how much she bad that wnt to know by thamizh….please we all waiting for that day and thamizh becoming very arrogant person this character showing thamizh to hate please please tke this comment as serious and show some interesting changes we all waiting dnt cheat us….by students
Thirumathi Selvam is heading the wrong way, what's happening to Selvam. The director is changing his character totally. He is drinking, lying to his wife. There is absolutely no lovable communication between Archana and Selvam except during food. I hope nothing happens between Nandhini and Selvam, that is just unacceptable. I will stop watching this altogether. I think it's high time that this serial ended on a good positive note. This serial was promoting positive things all along and now it going the opposite direction. Nandhini lying and playing along with Selvam's character changing. Why can't they show good things happening. At this rate, I am going to give on this serial soon and stop watching it.
the story writer of thendral must be a dirtest creature ever in the history of civilization. such a crap jus raises the irritation of watching tv. after coming home having a hectic day in office have to bear such a f***ing serial on tv with no other option. May god curse u ppl including sponsors who are all in this by torturing people minds and making peaceless . I advice u people to take survey from public how it irritates the people. for hell sake don ever take such serials. one more advice please see serials before n after of ur crap telecast . those serials will show moderate thrilling n suspense. but urs taking to extreme level like bursting veins. i really hate ur crap. get lost
your thendral serial is awesome.. but now few days, tamil suffered lot. i dont like it. he is a hero of this story.. but he suffered lot by maya. why charu's re-entry? i dont like it.. please close charu's chapter.. at the same time, unnecessary character siva. find out the real culprit in siva's death soon... and close his chapter.. please save tamil from maya soon.. and tamil enjoy his life with tulasi.. please avoid charu.. tamil never shared his life with charu.. dont seperate tamil and tulasi. bcoz i didnt like the end of thirumathi selvam. selvam and archana - good pair. but selvam changed his character and shared his life with nandhini.. i dont like it... so save tamil from maya soon.. and tamil enjoy his life with tulasi.. please avoid charu. then tamil and tulasi will help to mohan and prabhar for enjoy their life with kalyani and deepa. then 3 friends (tamil, kalyani, deepa) will get good life from their husbands..

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