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[Resolved]  Vodafone — billing and misbehaviour

This is the detail of all the mails that i have put in to get my issue resolved but nothing was done instead i recieved legal notice for a bill of which due ate was yet to arrive...i want the email address of md of vodafone essar india so that i can let him know how their customers are being treated

Dear Vikram, Sudipto,

I have not seen any progress in my case i am without any number for more than ten days now for which i will be charged rent plus the hrassing calls at my home everyday for non payment of bill but the truth of the matter is that i have recieved the bill just a day before and i my number is not working for the past 11 days for non payment of bill of which due date is yet to arrive ...i want the compensation for the inconvience and harrasement at your hands that i have to go through and QUICK RESOLUTION OF MY PROBLEM other wise i am going to lodge a complain at TRAI and CONSUMER FORUM.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: manik bajaj <[protected]>
To: vikram.[protected]
Cc: sudipta.[protected]; vodafonecare.[protected]
Sent: Friday, 15 August, 2008 2:21:59 PM
Subject: Re: customer complaint [REF:[protected]]

Dear Vikram,

I know that the creidt for RS 1400 is not recieved because it is not showing up on my statement but my concern is that it was your mistake and how could you chang my billing amount in the middle of the month my last bill was 791 which i paid in full and if you came to know about that rs 1400 charge charge it in my next bill and let me see it my bill and i should have the time to pay the same as i have for all my normal bill how could you stop the services of my phone as my last bill was bill was paid in full and how you make cals at my home saying that my bill is not paid for the bill which i have not recieved yet and what about the lossand the inconvience i had to face for the discontinuation of my services it was the FAULT AT YOUR END and not at my endso why i have to suffer for it.I am a manger at a leading bank and know the importance of customer nor one of employees said a word sorry for their mistake instead kep on blaming me for non payment of bill how could i make payment when i have not recieved the bill for the same my payment due date is 26 of every month and i should have given time for the same.

Dear Sudipto,

PLZ look into the same at the earliest

----- Original Message ----
From: Vikram Bains <vikram.[protected]>
To: [protected]
Sent: Thursday, 14 August, 2008 1:54:59 PM
Subject: Re: customer complaint [REF:[protected]]

Dear Mr. Bajaj,

Thank you for your email dated 13/08/08 regarding mobile number [protected].

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you. And will ensure that necessary action is taken to prevent the same.

We would like to confirm you that, the credit for the payment of Rs. 1400/- made on 25/03/08 via credit card has not been received from your banker.

Hence, you are requested to provide us the scanned copy of your credit card statement for the last 6 months, so that we can check the same and proceed further.

The docket number for your future reference is [protected].

However, in case you need further assistance, do call or email us. We'll do our best to help you.

Happy to help,

Vikram Bains
Nodal Officer

Contact numbers
Vodafone Care : 111 or +91-[protected]
(Toll free from Vodafone mobile phones within the home network)
Nodal Officer : +91-[protected]-99
Fax number : +91-[protected]
E-mail : vikram.[protected]
Website :

---- Original Message ----
From: [protected]
Sent: 13-Aug-2008 21:19:47
To: vikram.[protected]
Cc: sudipta.[protected]
Subject: customer complaint

Dear Vikram,
I am a customer of vodafone my no is [protected] which i am using for the past 9 months.
My no at this point is not working with outgoing and incoming calls being barred due to a dispute for which i m not at all all started in month of march when i went to make a payment in vodafone store my bill was around 550 and i paid it with credit card.your representative by mistake made apyment of 1400 rs which when i informed her was reversed and correct payment made.But when i recieved my bill next month it was in negative and i informed about it to customer care and their answer was sab theek hai.after that 2 months i recieved my bill which was in negative and therafter 2 more bills for which the payment was made in full but when i made my last payment for 800rs on 26july for the bill amount 791 which i had recieved after 2 days i started to recieve calls from your office to make payment for bill mount 1394 i informed that i had made the payment for the last bill i had recieved and after that i had not recieved any bill and i will make payments only after i recieve my bill.From the past 8 days my calls are barred and i am recieving humilating calls to make nmy payment nobody is ready to listen to me they are just humilating me for a mistake that was committed at your end for which i m suffering for the past few days.I want this issue to resolved at the earliest otherwise i can go to consumer forum and file an appeal.HOW CAN I MAKE A PAYMENT FOR A BILL WHICH I HAVE NOT RECIEVED AND I AM NOT BEING TIME TO MAKE A PAYMENT ...MISTAKE WAS YOURS NOT MINE SO I SHOULD BE GIVEN TIME TO MAKE PAYMENT AS I GET FOR EVERY BILL MY DUTY WAS TO INFORM ABOUT THE MISTAKE WHICH I DULY DID I HAVE BEEN RUNNING AROUND HERE AND THERE FOR WHICH I REALLY DONT HAVE TIME LOSING MY BUSINESS ALL BECOZ OF YOUR PATHETIC SERVICE.i want this issue to resolved at the earliest
Complaint marked as Resolved Dec 3, 2016
Verified Support
Vodafone India Customer Care's response May 21, 2012 Hello Rupesh,

Thanks for writing to us. Kindly share your number with us at so that we may assist you better.

Vodafone Customer Care
Verified Support
Vodafone India Customer Care's response May 22, 2012 Hello Rupesh,

Please send us an alternate contact number of yours at Also mention the best time to get in touch with you.

Vodafone Customer Care
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Dear Mr. Bajaj,

I am also a victim of Vodafone but my case was well addressed and resolved finally.

Indian govt has provided a proper way of filing these kinds of complaints.
You should visit

They will fight for you without any fee. Just copy and paste the whole conversation there.

This facility is provided by government of india to reduce the load of consumer courts.

Vodafone has to appologies and give you the compensation for there wrong deeds.

You should not give up.

Er. Ketan

Vodafone — Not refunding the outstanding amount due

Dear Sir.,
With lots of grudge against Vodafone Essar East Limited Company I am writing this letter to you .Myself Karthikeyan J residing at ITPL, Bangalore was customer of Vodafone. i was using the post paid connection number ([protected]), i closed this connection on 25th Nov 08. At the time of closure the representative (Udaykumar) in Vodofone store (ITPL branch) informed me that there is nearly Rs:170/- more balance is there in my account and the same will be refunded to me after 45 days. But after that they changed the amount to Rs 143/-. But still now i haven't received any cheques for the same. when i approached the ITPL Vodofone store on 4th Feb 09 the repesentative (Rajesh) didnt respond me properly and made me to roam for many times. The repesentative (Rajesh) said that he will call me back on the same. But till now he havent reverted back on the same. If this kind of attitude continues from one of the reputed company then i am sure there will not be any customer taking this illful service providers. Though the amount is less for me, i need to address the same to the higher officials who doesnt monitor their workforce for misbehaving with the customer.
my number is [protected] and I am From jalandhar . in this days in my city tanse. how can i pay my bill.if you not anythink. i am stop my vodafone number.
pls send my phon bill on my e-mail adress i dont know how i can login to you for check my bill details
Hello My phone [protected]. I am using this no from last 3years.My billing record from last three years is ok you can check it and you will be found that i am a geniune customer.last sunday i.e.on 12.7.2009 time is 16:00, 16:02 Miss Ramandeep using phone no [protected] she misbehave with me on account of paying my bill. Whether i pay my bill or not my problem will occur to me but she uses abuse word with me this is not the way to talk with the customer.It will happend last 2-3months back also that time i ignore but this time the behaviour is not ignorable it will give wrong impression on the customer.I hope you will take a strict action against her.
My no. Is [protected]. 10 days ago vodafone prmosnal call was incoming on my no. [protected]. I was disconnecting the phone. After some time one msg was coming on my phone i saw miss call alert sceem was activate on my no. I was nearing vodafone care centre sector 19 chd one girl was sitting there she was say that, sceem was stopped by me. And my bal. Rs. 30 will be refunding with in 3 days but bal. Not refunded. I was going again care centre after 5 days one boy was sitting there he was say that, sceem had stopped but no complaint forward in system
Please, solve my problem
Dear Sir

This is the detail of all the mail that i have recieved and replied to

I am sending this to get my issue resolved. i recieved this Demand Legal Mail Notice i want you to know how their customers are being treated.

How can they stop the services and make calls to my mom and abuse me and my relatives at my home saying that my bill is not paid for the bill which i have not recieved yet and what about the loss and the inconvience i had to face for the discontinuation of my services it was the FAULT AT Cellular Mobile Telecom Services END and i was not in Chennai i was in Hyderabad in this period due to which i couldn't make cash payment in a vodefone store this was the issue from my end.

I am a freelance artist i have lost many of my clients calls, which is lost forever due to non connectivity caused by Vodafone Services.

Kindly look into it and give me a solution on this issue.I have attached the both the mails i recieved from them and my reply with this mail.



Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub: Your Vodafone Mobile No.[protected] Acct No. 1.12798474Demand for payment of net outstanding amount/dues.

1. You had subscribed to the Cellular Mobile Telecom Services being provided by us on the terms and conditions of the Customer Application Form (CAF). We have from time to time sent you bills for the Cellular Mobile Telecom Services availed by you. You have been served monthly statements and reminded through telephone calls, SMS messages and visits made by our representatives, including our agencies, to make payment of the bills sent to you. However, in spite of several such demands and reminders, you have failed and neglected to pay the amounts of net outstanding amounting to Rs.3000/- as on 21.07.09 after adjusting the deposit if any.

2. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the CAF, you are under an obligation inter–alia to make payment of periodic bills raised upon you in respect of services availed by you. However, in spite of the receipt of bills, you have grossly failed to make the said payments. That you are aware, that you would be liable to pay the net outstanding amount that is in default together with interest thereon @ 2.5 % per month from such date on which it became due. That the above acts and omissions ex facie contribute flagrant breach of your admitted contractual obligations, which may necessitate appropriate civil proceedings.

3. In the aforesaid circumstances, we hereby call upon you to pay the net outstanding amount mentioned in Paragraph 2 above, together with interest thereon @ 2.5 % per month from such date on which it became due within 4 days from the date hereof. Failing which we will initiate appropriate legal proceedings against you. This Legal Notice supersedes any other Legal Notice(s) sent by us.

For any clarification you may get in touch with Mr. Alfred Irudhayaraj, Mobile No. [protected]//[protected] from Monday to Friday, between 10 Am to 6 Pm or respond in writing to:

Deputy Manager

Credit & Collections Department

Vodafone Essar South Limited

No.48-4b North base

Developed flat



Note: In case you have made the requisite payment before receipt of this notice, kindly treat this notice as withdrawn, provided details of payment are sent to us under advice to our clients. This demand notice supersedes all previous demands.

Legal Cell

Vodafone Essar South Limited

My Reply was this

Dear Legal Cell

First of everything check this point in your mail (However, in spite of the receipt of bills, you have grossly failed to make the said payments) and also check it with your people. I didn't recieve any bills from your side stating the amounts for the past 1 month . Check it clearly .

I was a Pre paid customer and basing on my usage you as Cellular Mobile Telecom Services company gave me an offer to change my connection to Post paid that was may be two years ago, from the date i dont have any defaults in the payments, I used to make payments even through Credit Cards but the present global positions in finance i dont have any Credit Cards and the last date of reminder irecieved is 06/06/2009, 02:39 pm and the msg says

Hello. Pls make pymt of Rs. 1368 for bill Zdtd 20 May, on or before 7Jun to avoid late payment charges. Call 729 from your mobile for the free pymt pickup facility .

After this from14/06/2009 my mobile services has been blocked/stopped. I didn't receive any of the bills you have mentioned after this date. Your people also spoke to my mom abusing me and my relatives basing on a number given by your service executive the person who used the unnecessary and bad language has admitted this, and she said also admitted that the bills were not sent, her name is Ms Sakthi called from this number[protected],[protected] and[protected] she told she will say sorry to my mom which didn't happen. So before sending mails try to gather all the information to your best knowledge then proceed that will develop your skills.

Lets see how it works for you. Gather all these information and decide what best can you do in this case and write to me.

Ramesh S

Vodafone — Due amount not received

Complaint Reference number :[protected]

I changed my Postpaid Mobile connection to a Prepaid Mobile connection.I made extra payments for the last due bill from Vodafone in November,2009.
Vodafone has not yet paid me the excess amount I paid. I was told that the due amount will be delivered via cheque to my local address. I requested Vodafone not to do this as I had changed my local address.
Three months later I went to a Vodafone store for information.They informed me that the cheque was delivered to a person with some Mobile number(which was now unreachable).
This is what went really wrong as Vodafone cannot deliver the cheque to anyone else but me.

I am into the month of April with no response from Vodafone.
Bad service.Not happy at all.

And they say they are Happy to help!!
Vodafone Head Officer,
Dear Sir,
My Name Is ARSH BATISH . I am from Phagwara, Distt. Kapurthala, Punjab .My contact No. is [protected] . On date 23.5.2010 a caller tune " SAI VE SADE FARAYAD " was activated without my permission and balance from my phone was deducted . I came to know about this when i got message from vodafone . I immdiately report to customercare about this . They tell me to call on 24.5.2010. When i call again they tell me that your caller tune will be deactivated within 5 hours . when i ask about my balance they tell me that you call again on 26.5.2010 . i am really diappointed by the behaviour of your vodafone sevices . My balance is nearly Rs. 33 before the activation of caller tune and after activation my balance is -11 Rs. This is really bad that your customer are not satisfied by your services . I hope you will take some strict action as early as possible . I want my money back as early as possible . You can send reply on my Id [protected] Or you can call me on my contact no mentioned above .
Vodafone Head Officer,
Dear Sir,
My name is Mr.Parmod.My Vodafone number is [protected].I am from morinda distt.ropar Punjab.I want to say that in my recent bill without my permission your services has added STD pack of RS/-110 and the bill was incomplete.So i want again my complete bill without adding this pack.You can call me on my number or you can send me reply on my id sumi.[protected] i hope that you will help me. I am very disappointed by your this bill services. Its not the first time i m complaing about the bill before this i have call on customer care for complaint of bill also.
Hi Team,

This is my last mail to vodafone care, because last 3 month i am compling abt my bill copy not geeting for [protected] . thats why i am thinking abt to change operator.
Dear Sir,
I have the Mobile Connection No[protected] with pre paid plan, On dated 30.10.2010 Vodafone deducted Rs 21/- from my balance saying that Internet activation instead I have not demanded for this service. Moreover I have not the Mobile set with GPRS facility.
I have lodged complaint many times with the customer care at [protected] complint No [protected] but no proper response /solution has made by them uptil now.Such harrasment & wastage of time type activities do not shows the graceful act for the corporate company like Vodafone.
It is requested please look into the matter and arrange to refund the deducted amount immediately as I am a student having very nominal funds .

Arsh Batish
This is worst company to deal with. Especially the Punjab Customer Care executives who don't even know the processes and just keep on replying to the emails without thinking what they are writing what is being demanded.
BAD Experience
mera no [protected] aur od no r[protected] hai yah recharge faild huwa hai to yah recharge kar dena

Vodafone — misbehaviour of customer care member and detection of balance

i activate internet pack but every time when i use the internet my balance goes to negtive.i goes to vodafone store in 35c at chd.but their behaviour was not good and they not able to solve my problem.they are not able to understand my problem.please take appropriate action..

Vodafone — Complaint against non resolution of payment made in 2008

Dear Sir,

I am a user of Vodafone Mobile no [protected] from more than 7 yrs, during the last 7 yrs, there has been changes in plan i.e. individual no to corporate no and then back to individual. During one of the plan change. i.e., individual to corporate (company paid) due to some confusion, there was a delay in payment for the month of June & July 2008 amounting to 1598. I made the payment for the same on 01 Dec 2008 via cheque no 377086 at Bandra (W) Vodafone branch.

Later in year 2009 i received calls from vodafone collection agents for the payment and even after conveying that the payment was made they diconnected my number, for which i submitted the proofs (Bank statement) and payment details at Bandra (W) and Malad (W) Branch.

However the same was not been resolved, and still kept on getting calls and i provided the cheque nos to them and also wrote to Vodafone care and raised a complaint and submitted the proof for the payment made and received a acknowledgement of resolution. However even after that i still kept on getting calls for the same. Today (i.e 19 April 2011) i received a cal from one of the executive from mobile no [protected], stating that he is calling from Vodafone legal and Vodafone has put a case against me for non payment.

It is really disturbing to get such calls even after i have made payments. Request your help to resolve the same and take necessary actions.

Thanks and looking forward for your response.

Rajesh Kudva
+91 [protected]
Respected Executive,
I tried to recharge my number online through the official site of vodafone. At the last moment, transaction got
failed and subsequently, I didn't get any talkvalue . It happened twice.
As I was using axis bank netbanking, I have respective transaction ids with time-stamp. Could some representative of company tell me how you people respond to this kind of scenario? Is there any provision of returning that money? If so, why don't you did the same?
sir, I would like to tell you that customer care executive are in the good habit of cutting the line when they see matter is tricky or different from regular complains.
Please do the needful.
Arpit Shivhare
sector 22 noida
dear sir vikarem bains myne apke vodafon ke agent se apki compny ka ak number jo hai [protected] post paid 250 rupees cash dekar lyaa thaa per in teen mahino me mera yeh number on nahi huaa jis ki slip mere paas parhi hai or aaj mujhe apka beja hua chek mila 147 rupees 6 paise ka or us me likha tha ke apke paise refund kiee ja rahe hai per main yeh janna chahta hun ki apki compny ne mujhe sim di jo ke aaj tak surhru nahi hui maine ptta nahi kitni baar apke agent ko phone kiya or kitni bar mini store me gaya per har baar mujhe koi na koi baat keh kar taal dya jaata rha ke agle hfte hogi n per aaj tak nahi hui or uper se yeh order ke aap apne paise refund lijie per mai paise nahi apna vahi number chahta hun [protected]pleaz aap mera number mujhe vapis de dijie nahi to mujhe cort me jana prhe ga kyuke apki compny or sttaf ne mujhe phle hi bahut tag kiya hai or mera trime kharab kya hai request hai hai ke mera number mujhe wapis de dya jay mera naam gorav sharma add old hno 862 new E4/762jwaher nagar opp mhajan desposable wala Tand d chheharta amritser mobil num [protected] pleas request
thanks sir
Dear Vikram
my no.[protected] is deactive form the day i have change my no. from post paid to prepaid so please check

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