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hey pals ,iam williams from andhra pradesh,have no job tried for the job through this jobineurope .net ,they indirectly charged me first 30 euros and for courier15 euros ,i have sent them through western union through my friend in u.s.a to bulgaria address then they told me to wait for work permit which is a false claim after 35 days they told to again apply from bulgaria for that they are asking me 60 euros with that i got angry with them as iam searching the internet i came to conclusion that company is cheating the people even their first page of website is COPIED from the SOFTWARE COMPANY WEBSITE WWW.IDOSAP.COM.SO I REQUEST MY FRIENDS TEACH JOB IN EUROPE.NET A FITTING LESSON BY TAKING SOME LEGAL ACTION .
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Aug 13, 2020
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Yes this is website of scamsters, I spoke to them over Yahoo and boy not even one person spoke proper english. This from a company which claims to have its office in England, [protected]@lls. These Bulgarian freaks are only hitting on innocent newbies on the internet, I had my doubts on the day of the interview itself when they didnt ask me a single pertinent question regarding the job. Similarly they sidetracked all my questions regarding the background of the company, mind you I didnt ask for the company details, which I knew wouldnt come through anyways.Funny part is these guys didnt yet know that I had European work experience(part time as a student), which I hadnt mentioned in my initial interactions and my CV.Now I have gone on to the long route via HSMP and would get a WP soon. So anyone who has been affected by this or is about to be, BEWARE and dont pay these [censored]ers.Dont worry friends, once I get to U.K. am gonna take their happiness away. :-D
Yep, thanks mate, saw this website and the postings when I did. Didnt pay any money to these losers. Hah they even come back and post positive vibes on forums to win back confidence. Even their website is copied hahaha. If you call em up on Skype, they are so hesitant in talking, you know right away that English isnt their first language. BRING out these scamsters into the open. Cmon' everyone speak up and be heard.
Heres more proof of these scamsters.

Gov’t exposes scam to hire Pinoy workers over internet
Monday, April 09, 2007

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) today exposed a spurious hotel, ostensibly operating in the United Kingdom (UK), for its scam to recruit overseas Filipino workers for non-existent hotel jobs such as receptionists, cashiers, waiters, and waitresses in London.

“We strongly forewarn unwary OFWs and would-be OFWs, as well as the legitimate OFW recruitment industry in the Philippines, against being enticed and victimized by this and similar scams currently proliferating in the world wide web,” Labor and Employment Secretary Arturo D. Brion said.

Brion cited a report of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in London, UK, identifying the spurious hotel as one “Crystal Spring Hotel UK,” which had earlier e-mailed a licensed recruitment agency in the Philippines on its offer to become a “prospective employer” of OFWs.

Labor Attache to London Jainal Rasul, Jr., however, said that upon examination by the POLO, the “hotel’s” scanned documents including Certificate of Registration, Special Power of Attorney, and Demand Letter, indicated a “patent scam” to dupe OFWs and the legitimate recruitment industry, based on the following evidence:

n The stamps appearing on the documents purportedly bearing the seals of the POLO and the Philippine Embassy in London are all fake, including the scanned signature of the Ambassador, who does not authenticate verification documents at all;

n The “hotel,” in its demand letter, requires positions such as receptionists, cashiers, waiters and waitresses, which are not open to non-European Union (EU) workers;

n The purported certificate of registration of Crystal Springs Hotel appears like a World War II Veterans’ Certificate bearing the superimposed logos of Scotland, Kirkwall, and the UK;

n The registration date is 1994, which means it had not been renewed for 13 years; and,

n Aside from the dubious postal code in its text of registration, a Googles search in the Internet has revealed that no Crystal Springs Hotel exists in London.

Rasul cited a licensed recruitment agency in the Philippines, Worldview International Services, Inc., for linking up with the POLO to ascertain the “hotel’s” authenticity, and in the process, helped prevent victimizing OFWs and legitimate recruitment agencies.

Source: Information and Publication Service
I want to ask to POEA if is legal ?
Sir, i applied this website the,. they give me a website caleld peldinsmedia, then they are the one who will make all the documents, thena fter that they let me send 32 euro, so sir, i sent them coz i think this is legal website, thats why sir, im asking you if is leegl coz now they ask me again 15 euro , sir pls give me information aboutg this site.. Thank u, i will wait for your email..

God bless you

Sir, i applied this website the they give me a website caleld peldinsmedia, then they are the one who will make all the documents me and my children, thena fter that they let me send 55*3=165 euro, so sir, i sent them coz i think this is legal website, thats why sir, im asking you if is leegl coz now they ask me again 15*3=45 euro, sir pls give me information aboutg this site.
It would be desirable to learn about this company on employment <>, Our tel.: +[protected] London, England
+[protected], YAHOO-messenger: moshnostkontrol,
icq: merton11. Skype -, merton11.
Paldin Medja Co,,
It would be desirable to learn about legal responsibility of this company.
Thank u, i will wait for your email.

My sister went to work in UK with them she works as room attendant. Her salary is 1600 pounds. I am presently visiting my sister and I also registered there and today I got my documents from Paldin medijia. They charge commission out of the first salary but otherwise only expense is 32 euro for documents preparation.
i have also contacted the websites and ask to pay me 32 euro fr the docs prepearations.
i dont they r true or nt.
whether they provide work permit or not.
I'm from the Philippines and desperately seeking for a job in Europe. Honestly right now I am totally bewildered with all of these informations that I just gathered about I actually applied on this website since Aug 2007 and underwent with all of these proccessing such as interviews on line, sending documents. It's true that they have referred me to Paldin Media located in Bulgaria which is the one who processing the documentations. I have paid them numerous times for the courier fee. And ofcourse here in our country the amount that I have sent was already a big pain in the pocket. Now they said that I should be waiting for a working permit in Spain, but they couldn't tell me to when I could get a reply since it's governmental activities. Just lately I received an email from Germany requiring me to pay for the courier fee since my documents was directed to them. So I did thought that it was the documents that I've been waiting for. I paid around 4000 pesos including the bank fees. But what I did receive is just an offer on how to go there if I want to form a business. So it's just a big waste of money. It's just other options that obviously I wouldnt take advantage. When I talked to JobinEurope representative via internet. She said that I still have to wait since I do have a pending application for work permit in Spain. Now with all of these informations that I just discovered, it's really making me so down and frustrated. Considering the time, the money that I have spent but most of all, my dreams and hope going there to start my new life.
What is it all about! How much did you paid to leave? 30, 60 or 100 euro? May be 2000 or even 5000 euro – the sum the other recruiters take. Practically, we haven’t paid anything to come there, but …., oh, … how is it possible… Some people are never happy with what they have… Even if we advertise their services, you tell me, what kind of advertisement is that? Aren’t we all already in Europe, don’t we work, don’t we get great salaries? This, my dear, is not an advertisement – it seams like are fighting their competitors, who (shell I remind you) are now panicky because they want hundreds of euro for something have given us almost for free… The frauds abuse our people, so, we must defend them?!
I agree. I had no intention to write anything in the forums when I got their message. But now thinking it over, it may really be so. I am already working abroad and now when I look back I see that I have paid for documents preparation only – for the application documents I needed. I have not paid any fees for work permissions and or others. Totally all cost to me 32+15+60+15 – 122 euro in total which is nothing as compared to 2580 euro asked from me by another agent in the capital.
Right now my payment is 1600 sterling pounds which amounts to 3500 USD per month. I am happy with and I am totally with them!!!
Obviously, we are all here! I guess this is a great advertisement for them… I also got that letter
I get 5000 euro and I am only 22 years old and I am a girl. I work in one casino as casino dealer. What to say here in this forum … JobinEurope are great!
Baby, you are way behind with information… My salary is twice as big as yours – come to visit us on the oil rig to see real men and sunset in the sky!
JobinEurope asked me to write in some forum how I have departed and started working in Europe and how much personal savings I have invested in my departure abroad.
I duly fulfill the task – I departed with their assistance of I paid 32 euro for my documents and another 15 for courier and then another 60 for work permission.
Now I am in Europe and I pay off the plane ticket since the employer decided to withhold it from my salary (it costs 600 euro).
I get 2000 euro each month. I have new car but I rent an apartment for which I pay 400 euro per month. Food is not a big expense – about 300 euro. However, gas is very expensive here about 2.20 per liter.
I do not find any need to inform you who I am, where I am from since the letter of advises me not to do it – since my house can get robbed.
However, you can check my IP to see where I am located in Europe.
Hello cuties! I am a boy from New Orleans! Well, not exactly from there but I feel pretty lonely now. It is good to work in the European Union – money, cars and so on, but girls here are like men in my country. They give in one’s hands immediately. Holy !!!
Back to the point – yes guys, these people are reliable! I mean My brother, my four sisters, my mother, me and my first, second and third step-father and my eight cousins – we all are here!
Joke aside but in the company where I work there are at least 10 people who have come through the assistance of My humble self too!
Need to run! Talk to you soon.
I cannot decide, really …. I registered on this website and now I have to pay 32 euro for documents… Here half of the opinions are negative half are positive. No, I cannot estimate really… I will try however – I might get lucky…
Welcome to the club! If you are lucky you will depart. I also was lucky. I paid 32 only and now I work in one recreation resort and I get paid 32 euro per day and even more.
Here by law, you can’t get less than 8.20 euro per hour – this is the minimal payment. Work is about 39 hours per week. It is good. So, wish you luck!
Hi everyone! are sooo cool people! Kumar from Italy
I will not tell my name because told me in their message there can be bad people who can violate my house while I work in Europe. I want to certify that I went to work through this website and now I get 2700 euro net payment. I work as an accountant. I haven’t paid anything to the website but I paid 680 euro for the plane ticket – I paid 150 euro from my first salary and then 250 from my second and then 280 from my third.
Of course, in the beginning, I paid 32+15 euro for courier in to Paldin Medijia from Bulgaria and some courier company. That’s it – I am happy with the website and the job I work now.
Wish you all best!
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