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I had joined this MLM last JAN where i was being misleaded by a no of ebizers about Learn And Earn. This company executives are fraud and mislead a no. of ppl to earn but they cant and give false rewiew of the company I want to get my Rs. 7585 back. Please stop this company or else indian students will be mislead and money will be accumulated in such malpractices of fooling people.

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ebiz is nothing but fraud i my self had experienced it its a chain where every one are fooled they take to seminars and make you a fool easy money never stays if you want money work hard but don't go into these ebiz or amway or any other chain business

ebiz.com.ltd — call details

if any one know how to get call dateils in airtel prepaid card then tell me its urgent.my cell no.is[protected]
REG. DATE 03.08.09
I have joined to Ebizel through the associates located in Pune (Maharastra) after paying cash to one of ebizer Mr. Sandeep that he will be depositing the amount throgh bank draft. I have been given with the print where bank draft No. and details are with me. But till date I have not received the Kit as well as any confirmation from your company.
such complaints that made by this people are totaly meaning less. this people shld check company website throughly bfore joning. they also shld check the faq and legals on website .or they call to company directly to solve their cmplains. every points r clearly defined in this faq and legals. I WANT TO REQUEST ALL MY FRIENDS PLS CHECK FAQ AND LEGALS ON WEBSITE WITH EACH POINT THEN JOIN. BCOZ THIS IS A GOOD PLATFORM FOR THOSE PEPOLE WHO WANTS TO SUCCEED IN THEIR LIFE. DONT BLEM THIS NOBLE MISSION WITHOUT KNOWNING ANY THING. GOOD MORNING
good morning,
u all bull this comany is not a fraud and in future it i best MLM of the world .i think u have no brain.
jai ebiz
if u blind then u make comlain toward ebiz.
i am not earn a single money from ebiz from my joinig date last 3 years still i faith ebiz. & i countinue it.

why!!! ?
call me [protected]

jay jagannath & jay ebiz
i m a silver associate in ebiz. its been 18 months since i hav joined ebiz. i became silver in 6 months. m nt working since last 5 months. it was d same story like every1 hav before joining. i wanted to b a self made man. i was in F.y.bcom wen i had joined. inspite of no. of ppl trying to influence or comment negative about ebiz, i continued to do do ebiz with full passion n zeal. all i cud see was my dreams my dreams. plus i wanted to show many ppl tat i can do so i kept on doin. but d fact is ITS ALL FAKE n i lost many things. i lost my few frndships, reputation, frnds staretd avoiding me. i lost my precious time. m nt against network marketing but m against ebiz coz u dnt get wich is worth 7446. believe me frnds 99.9 % ppl dont use d courses at all. ebiz co. ppl dont incurr major cost in maintaining d site. n all d courses r available thru google n with better quality. accept the fact tat i have many dplomats, silver diplomats n few G. diplomats n D.diplomats as well. i know everything of ebiz in n out. dont challenge me or raise stupid qs wich an associate is taught by its uplines in the initial period. Also, out of the 100 ppl joins only 0.1% succeed n rest lose thier money as the package is nt used by them n nt worth n only 0.01 % ppl r able to recover their money n wen they have recovered they indirectly helped co. earnd money by making their frnds suffer. i know many ppll dont want thier frnds to suffer or anything but it jus happens wen u see a way to achieve ur dreams. n many ppl lose many other things as well. i personally faced a lot of humuliation at my place coz of my influential diplomat upline. he was way jus too sly n clever. n all the major uplines show concern towards u but in real they do only to keep u active n in touch. they dont care bout u in real. jus see wen u leave ebiz will they do d same. they jus care coz u in ebiz n tat too its jus fake. wen it comes to computer literacy n all its jus done to create a gud image in the minds of ppl n believe me frnds i have organised few but i was nt satisfied it was jus a formality n i on my own had to give those ppl's exam as i had to register 2 poor childre fr my income to keep coming. also i was forced n brainwashed sooo much to buy a bike yamaha r 15 n wen i purchsed, it didnt go as expected. i cud not even pay 1 3rd of it n my dad had to pay the remaaining. its nthng but a marketing tool to show ppl tat u earning n also join to earn. in real ppl sat tat dey hav karizma n cars but in actual dey got it wen dey bought wid the down paymeny of 26 k n ppl think he wud hav earned 1 lakh or soo n also bout cars d same story. det buy 10 lakh car wen dey have earned only 1 laks or so. n after silvers buy the bikes dey have to definitely wrk to repay the loan n dis is wat their uplines want so that they can increase their dwnlinnes n finally wen i realised all dis i stoppd working. i have made my diplomat upline shut his mouth as well. i can do d same wid any1. i have some very strong points wich SDs realise after 2 3 years n den they quit. anyways i think ppl shud not try it coz it looks amazing in venue meetings n all but wen u start ull know n regret y did u do so, anyways many ppl know bout ebiz n r very negative n dey hate it like anything. dis also narrows the scope. the only 1 who is actually happy is ebiz com pvt. ltd who is printing money like anything. also if a surver wud b done only 0.00001% wud say they r happy(dis wud include all those who have earned lakhs n who dont care even if 1000s lose thier money.) all d good companies in the world r respected n dis is one is hated like anything so it means its hud b banned. the fact is inspite of co. ppl(malhan n team) knowing d same dey nt cocerned bout poor n unawre ppl . .all det want is money money n money. GOD Bless u all n save u guys from this vicious trap. stay away or regret.
i was also the ebizer. when i was first year my freind told me about great plan. he took me in the seminar. One of them told that he become silver in 4 month. Now after 4 month i attened same seminar in same thetre and same boy/man again told us that he become silver in four month from the joing.
so all the ebizer i lier. after u join in ebiz they will teach u how lie and how get 7585 from poors by showing them false dreams.
poor people knows what is the value of 7585. what the return they aspect. I know they work hard to accumulate the people but mostly other peaple are not fool as like as ebizer. why they join ebiz.

my advice to all is 7585 going give to ebiz.dont give them keep for yourself enjoy it.buy
friends i see all ur comments about ebiz.
i joined ebiz just afew weeks above
i now feel joining ebiz is the worst thing i have ever made in life...!
man i can't even open the website man...
the website for ebiz was the worstest website .i have ever seen..
it cannot be opened in wwindows 07& vista...
could u ever seen a website like that...
i now request everyone to never think about to join ebiz...
they will make a very very perfect brainwash...
they will make u to participate as associate..
and make u ask and beg ur friends &relatives to join in it...
after some months they will sure get know about ebiz and feel like a foolz
so they will get bad impression on u( a cheater)...!
this is not yet the whole story...!
the money they give is not perfectly urs...
they will getback anytime from u..!
so dudes think before u leep..
no smoke without fire
Ebiz is really gr8 n vry beautiful website
the people who r against ebiz r really fools...
Gd mrng!!!

Dis all comments r WRONG N NEGATIVE...
Being an ebizers i request all d associates to avoid dis freak comments who r against e-BIZ...


good morning

I am happy after joining e-biz and i am really enjoying my biz.aAter joining e-biz i had so many friends and helpers and all the above complains are useless dont hear it just go ahed promoting e-biz.
I am completely agreed by your comments (infact truth) on eBiz.com. My school friend showed me plan of eBiz somearound on sept. 2009 . I saw something valuable to do for my country at that time, in eBiz. I spent with the bloody org. I used to have relationship with my diplomat upline on the account of Rs.8835/-. He used to force his downlines to cheat people which was totally unacceptable for me. But I had a sincere regret for 6 such people who trusted me and became my downline. Company does'nt have any hold on practices performed by her agents nor they want to do so.
phone No; [protected]
Email: shree_ani@yahoo.com
e-biz. divides friends and distracts them from studies.
creating social conflicts as well as snatching money for nothing
after joining in ebiz it has changed my life and myself too .it has developed my country and to my people my unawareness was cleared IT GETS OUT THE TALENTS FROM THE STUDENTS (BY VISION TO DEVELOPED INDIA )
ebiz has totally froud company. Don't waste your money .i have lost my money in 2009.All the ebizers are froud and all the legal document shown by ebizers are froud.If you want to waste money then invest in ebiz...
i think this is a perfect mindwash system...



i think ebiz has giv me oppoturnity 2 live to become some special in my life
dabba ebiz do not join to ebiz. they are all frauds

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