www.online-home-jobs.com or Rackspace Outsourcing or Kenoutsource — After working of 3 to 4 month the company does not give my monthly payments..

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 y777 on Aug 5, 2011
My company user ID: KJ220235. I am working with www.online-home-jobs.com (Rackspace Outsourcing) online part time jobs company, since, January 2011, I have worked 3 to 4 month, but I am not get any payment from this company. I have send many times emails, but no reply. Please help me...

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I was a victim on the website too...You can ask your registration fee refund via Plimus Ltd which is the payment collector for the scam webiste.

I started on 6 Aug 2011. After a few days of working, I fund a few problems about the online date entry job. On their demo video, the file was clear and easy to read. I thought that was easy to make USD $3.00 just to retype the text. However, the truth was the files were almost imposible to understand. There were missing letters, unclear letters which meant that was extremly hard to identify "r", "u", "n", or "m". All the files were about medical terms. Even a medical student would have trouble to spell all the words right. Furthermore, after submitting a file, the file kept coming back more than 10 times. I wrote the company and never got respondses.

I started worry that it might be a scam so I googled and came to this webiste. There were a lot of people complainted about the website. I saw a comment which the victim explained how she/he got the registration fee refunded. I took the action and did exactly the same. Luckly I got the refund. I hope it isn't too late for you to get yours back
I bought the Tweet-N-Earn program from Rackspace Outsourcing through Plimus on July 31, 2011. Today is September 1, 2011. I still have not received the program. I have sent many emails to Rackspace Outsourcing. I also have contacted Plimus several times and did told me that they are only allowing Rackspace Outsourcing to market their program through them. I also contacted Paypal and their response that because it was a item that was not tangible they could not help me. If somebody know another way that I can get my $112.00 back please let me know. In the meantime I hope anyone that is thinking about doing business with Racksource would read this website and find out the company is a FRAUD.
I joined end of July 2011 and according to their website, payment will be received every 7th to 15th of the month. It's already September 12 and I haven't received my salary for the job done. My salary should be $1, 421.00 but up to now, not a single cent was paid for my work. I spent time doing it but it didn't pay me as was stated in their website. I am filing my complaint to BBB regarding this scam. What a waste of time.
I also joined Rackspace Outsourcing and i'm also make above 300$ in one week. But according to Company, payment will be received every 7th to 15th of the month and its almost 24 i'm not receiving any type of payout from my account. Its just scam such a wastage of time.
I joined it..yet nothing happen..Its just making me sad..to mingyiwu..how did you refund your money..I wanna do the same..its making me sick..please help me..thank you..
This is a scam! I too worked for them and received no payment for work done, no communication, nothing. What a waste of time and energy!
i am regestersted and pay 40$ for a schemes
but until now nobodey activate the account and i cannot start the work
I can't believe I almost got scammed by that no good company. I just registered today with all the interest of making money and working online but it's just too good to be true. I wonder how they can sleep at night knowing they are ripping people off their money. Shame on them. Waste of time. Such bs.
I had deposited money for offline data entry job of 15 days in the month of Feb'2011. And still my job work has not been activated. when I send an email they send an automated reply. Only they were truly replying my mails until they got details of how I deposited my money to them. Now eight months are over.

Rackspace Outsourcing - data entry jobs — Scam Website

http://www.dataentryjobs.us/ This company is providing to earn money and never give payment. So please sir suspend this sort of websites. This website is not giving payout since it is formed.
I was also lured into the trap, 1 am 58 years old, i left my job and invested in computers and broadband, thinking if i give full time concentration i can earn handsomely and repay my home loan which was at default. The payment for 2048 jobs @ USD 7224.00 never came, neither they replied to my numerous mails, mobile messages nor responded to my Pay-pal demands to request the money. I think such sites should be black listed from the Internet, to stop further innocent people from being cheated and if possible these scrupulous people put behind bars. Vijay Soni KJ285537
I work for them too, the first month they pay me $125.10USD. So, I thought of doing it seriously. But the next month, I didn't hear anything anymore. Then I decided to find if this company is real or not, finally I come to your place to know that it is a SCAM, 100%LEGITIMATE SCAM!!! But, I do get paid for the first month. I think it is just another strategy that they got on their sleeves.
Don't do that PLIMUS.LTD to. That is also a SCAM!!
Me too, I do get paid on Nov 2.2011. I got money coming from Rackspace Outsourcing to my paypal account last month. But this month, they pay me nothing. I'm so confused right now. Or is that is some kind of new trick that this company got?
i am a rackspace outsorcing member.my account balace is $120 but payment request is not aproved i am very worried about this site. i am sending email alot of time.but he give me no responce.it is a scame and wasting time.
I also joined the Rackspace Outsourcing. I am worried that I may not receive the payment after I had submitted my job order from them but until now I haven't receive my salary expected as $1, 250 for 15 days offline data entry. I really waste my time and sacrifice sleeping late at night. how could this people sleep at night?.. A BIG SCAM WEB SITE!
yes www.online-home-jobs.com is fraud company its no..1 scam company.. and the company owner name is ZIAUL HAQUE. he is in mumbai.. he is person having many site www.365jobs4uc.om, www.dataentryjobs.us, www.jobsinus.us, www.infocuswebdesigning.com, www.instantrankingseo.com

his person address is : 133, 134 royal nawab avenue, sarkhej road, juhapura, ahmedabad - 380055, gujarat, india
My sincere advice to all those internet users who are palnning to join Rackspace Outsourcing company for online home jobs, Please do not part your precious hard earned money on this company. On 22/12/2011, I deposited Rs.3000/- into their HDFC Bank A/c. Immediatly after depositing the money, within 3 hours, they emailed me the password and project work. It took me twenty five days to realise that it was a scam site.They do not have any office at bangalore and I physically verified their address at Banashankari, Bangalore. The HDFC Bank A/c is registered at mumbai.They do not reply to your emails, instead you get a automated email reply for every email query you send. So Beware of this Web site and think a thousand times before depositing your money into their a/c, as registeration fees.
This company is one of the most confusing in the internet, fck you guys you just take peoples money you people never ever think of joining them.To hell with all your work.ITS SCAMMMMM!!!
Thanks for the advise. I am Uday from Andhra Pradesh. I have gone through online-home-jobs-india.com and registered and got an Rackspace Outsourcing Account Id, and about to pay for cut and paste job masterplan 7274/- and unable to login. so, i have searched the net for rackspace outsourcing and found this page. Thanks every buddy for enlighten me.

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    www.online-home-jobs.com or Rackspace Outsourcing or Kenoutsource - After working of 3 to 4 month the company does not give my monthly payments..

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