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Nagarcoil, Tamil Nadu, India
Dear Sir,
My Name is K.Balachandran. I am a customer of Xenon batteries and inverters. I was brought a home inverter with battery dated on 29/03/2009 from your Nagarcoil Dealer Named Pearl Generators. It was working properly without any problems. Suddenly I was found much heat in battery which I never feel like that before. And after 2 or 3 days I found that the inverter was charging continuously (Nonstop) when there was no power failure within 4 to 5 hours. For confirm it I checked it for 1 more day. The things were happened mid of September 2010. By next Sunday I was trying to compliant the problem with the dealer were I brought the instrument. But I unable to found them in the same location as they were shifted their office to other area. Then I got the address from internet and go to the shop by next week as I am unable to get leave in week days. But when I go there, the office was locked as they are not working on Sunday. Then I got chance to go there on 2nd of October and I have explained the problem and they were register my compliant and said that the Aamararaja service engineer will come within 2 days, but none of them contact me. 10 days later again I go and ask them. Then after 2 or 3 days the service engineer came from Amara raja Named Mr.ABU. He was checked the unit and fill some water in battery as the level was bit less. And he said let it be charged for 6 hours, then it will be ok. And he got my signature in the job sheet and he left.
After 6 hours the problem was not solved. Then I call him over the phone and convey the same. Then he said maybe the inverter card to be changed but we don’t have any spare card now. So, i will come back and change the card when we receive it from Coimbatore. Then he was come after a week and changed the card and again he said let it charged for 6 hours then it will be ok. And again he got my signature in the job sheet and he left.
But the problem was not solved after six hours. The inverter starts to changeover between the mode of inverter and EB within every 10 minutes. Also the inverter starts to give the beep sound while on changeover. Then again I call him by next day. Then he said he will come and check it again. After my frequent follow-ups over the phone he came again 1 month later. Again he changed the new card in inverter. And said it will be ok by next six hours continues charge. Then I asked him is there any problem in battery? But he said battery will never get any problems don’t worry about battery. Then he left.
But, again the problem was not solved. Again call him over the phone. He said may be the neutral wire cut in the inverter supply inlet plug top, and ask me to cut the wire from outside of inverter and changed it by new wire and plug top then it will be ok. I did the same but still the problem was not solved. Then again I call him. He said he will discuss about this problem with their senior’s and he will come back to my house and solve the problem.
After some more days I was waiting but none of them came or call me. Again I started keep calling him and he came 1 month later. This time he said the problem is not in inverter but with inverter input supply. Maybe the neutral linked with earth some were in the wiring. Then I was checked all the connections, whatever he doubted we removed that connections and finally for our satisfaction we removed the main earth connection. Then he said check it again for six hours it will be ok. Then he moved out. But within one hour the inverter was started to getting changeover. When I ask him to come back for check the unit he said nothing is there to check, better you bring the unit to the dealer’s office at Nagarcoil and check it there. Then the next day itself I took my inverter along with battery to pearl generators and checked it then and there with their service technicians. The result was none of the problem found in inverter, but the battery charge was not holding. The voltage is getting too low immediately when the EB input connection of inverter removed. Then they said they will put it in charge for one day then will check again. Next day when I go there they said the battery cannot be used. And I have to buy a new battery.
Then I asked the service engineer about the problem. He said he will check it once again and give me solution. But, there is no action taken upto 20days.Again I started to ask them about the things. But, they are talking with me the same from the beginning. All the above I have many times talk to Mr.Dinesh, Amara raja service center Thirunelveli, about the problems. All the times he was convincing me by friendly way but never solved the problem.
Again they have sent the senior service engineer named Mr.GOPU. He came and checked everything and again he said the problem is in EB input. Some were the neutral got linked with earth. And battery replacement will take time because of the formalities which they have to follow. So that he advised me that to service the battery by drain all the fluids and fill new acid and charged. If it is ok there will be no problem otherwise will take necessary action for replacement. In the mean time I have to clear the EB problem.
Then I reported to EB and they send the technicians to my house. They have checked everything and reported me that there is no problem. Then I call Mr.GOPU and convey that and ask him to talk with EB technicians. He talk with them and he said that he never say neutral linked with Earth. I was very much surprised. The next day I call Mr.GOPU and ask him what the problem is. Now he says that the voltage variation will be there. That’s what the inverter getting frequent changeover. Then I ask him to come and prove the same. But till now he didn’t come back. In the mean time we sent the battery for service but after changing the acid also the result is same. I conveyed this to Mr.GOPU. Now he says may be they are not serviced the battery in well manner. And he wants to check it again.
Now yesterday they have sent the same technician Mr. Abu to check the battery again for final confirmation. He checked the battery again to put it in charging. But now the battery is not charging. And Mr. Abu said that he will discuss the matter with their senior’s and will come back to me. Now I want to know still how many days I have to wait for their confirmation and replacement!!!

Now I have some questions and I want the proper answers.

1. Why the service personnel’s are not giving the correct information’s?
2. What for the customer service? To satisfy the customer or give much struggle’s to customer?
3. What is the costumer service? They will do their service for customers or customers have to service for them?
4. What is the exact duration required to clear the customer complaints?
5. How many times the customer should call the service personnel to clear the problems?
6. When will my complaints get cleared as already 5 months are passed away?
7. Why they are hiding the actual problems and rolling the costumers from here and there?
8. What is the service personnel’s responsibility?
9. How many years the battery will function properly? Because while on sales you assure that the battery will work life long without any problems.
10. My battery warranty was completed on 29th Sep 2010 and I given the compliant on 2nd Oct 2010. Am i not be eligible for replacement under warranty for this gap of three days?
11. If I am eligible for replacement under warranty, when will I get the replacement?
Please take necessary action to replace my battery accordingly. As I got very much delay in your service around 5 months and the problem is not yet solved, I expect your action and feedback in this regards within 2 days.
My inverter warranty to be expired on 29/03/2011. For your information.

Thanks & Regards,
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