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 cant say
Sir this company hires fresh boys and girls for outbound calling process. After selection in interview 1000 / - rs are taken as security which is refunded after 2 months. The candidates are trained for 3 days only unpaid if any one takes a leave in training for any serious problem. The candidate is unhired and money taken is not at all returned. Selected candidates are given 1 - 2 weeks time for sale of product else terminated without any remunaration for days he came to company. The company harrases the nris by calling again and again for same product by different employees. There product include a $39. 50 cents refundable security which once taken never returned to customer. They mis guide nris by saing the calls are from newyork while the calls are from delhi. If searched about the company in google real picture comes out about the company named "union telecom". This xprezto company is bluffing young lads who are unemployed for there profit and also making name of india bad in us country. Pls take some action and save young lads from getting misguided and save india name and pride.
Company add: - xprezto 8th floor roots tower laxmi nagar behind v3s mall
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By Pratik
Guys, Do you Know Irfan use to work for 5-6 Hours and getting Salary in FULL.HE MARRIED TWICE WITHOUT LETTING KNOW ANYONE.
gusys can u believe irfan who cannot even support his earlier wife and pregant lady.Can u believe that person.
everybody came to know that Irfan sir has filed a lawsuit against Saurabh, Vijay, Rajiv and PK. so Saurabh have to be present in Kakardooma court New delhi on 28th may 2012. so V can understand the lots of frustration of saurabh in fake name of edu.
Saurabh sir
Vijay sir,

Irfan sir has already left the company and U are wasting time discussing instead of looking into our big problems.

Can U please look into reps problems ? we dont get good food in quantity and quality and in time.Water not regular in our toilets Lifts not working properly.we have to go 8 floors by stairs.Rajeev sir, PK sir you all need to know what's going on here. Toilets are always dirty and many reps spitying gutkhas including Pandey and guards.Surender sir giving away our numbers to others and all our references are gone.. incentives not paid and Lingo team is favoured. Half day Salary deducted if we r late by 5 minutes on job. We get salary 3 to 5 days late in ING Vysya bank's salary account. A/c s not working so lots of heat on floor. Managers not reporting our problems.
i want to say something about this company.if u join this company then first aware about the work, what u have to do in the company.if u don, t able to make the sale in this company in first fifteen days, then u get a chain of harassment and insult by your team leader.he will say u cannot do anything in your life.i know each & everything about this company.i agree with it, in the company has a policy he wants only sales from your side in any condition.the company trap the new girl & boy in every day.first he/she take interview then company then take a security money as rupees or certificate then he gives u a job of title of coustomer care executive but there is work of sales.its my kindly advise to the company, please give the chance at least one month to newcomers in the company, who do not able to make a sales IN FIRST MONTH.after one month, if u have given the salary of one month, u can terminate him/her.BECAUSE U DONT ABOUT THOSE BOYS &; GIRL WHO COMES FROM POOR FAMILY, and U DONT KNOW ABOUT HIS/HER PAIN WHEN HE/SHE HAS NO MONEY TO STAY IN DELHI FOR FURTHER DAYS .its my own experience in this company.if u go to join any BPO company please try to know first what u have to do in the company.very very congratulation to newcomer. DONT TRY TO UNDERSTAND THIS IS A JOKE
Dear frnd,
Extremely thanks for sharing ur feedback of this company.I was also in his jhasa to join.Just before i was ready to go because they called many more times to join his company.So i search this company on google then i got this info from cosumercomplainsts.in. lot of thanks for social working.All employees should be like you.

Thanks a lot.
Vaibhav111's reply, Dec 31, 2016
ohhhhh...still people like you survive in this world, well well these comments are before more than a year or some comments are more than 8 years .in this modern world every seconds world changes man...instead of focus on fake comments feel the experience yourself than definately you will reach ground reality...
Thanks to all.
i got call from this company to join. Now i got info from ur side. I can't go for join
once again thanks for sharing info of this fraud company.
Xprezto...Mah first company and the gooood experience i had
Management here is really Commendable..
Always ready to help their employees..
Elloo Everyone..!!

Hope ol doing well..!!

had work with many companies...and even wd this company had work with 3 years ago.
So again ws looking for rejoing the co..
And i even wen for rejoing ...
n the management has recognized easily..

Saurabh Sir asked few questions ..in a polite way.
Although i left the company without informing ...n nor receiving calls too..
Still no harsh behavior from his side..

Really appreciated..!!!

Everything has positive and negative aspects..
I duuno y everyone is blaming company..
Employees to and fro..

If d employee is not able to meet up the sales ...thy quit.
And blame the co ...above the management too.
That's quite unfair..!!

So guys use your brain...visit the company once..
fin yourself..

Is it so wot mentioned in this forum...or apart different

Rest if i talk abt my exp with this company..
thn earlier i wasn't able to meet up the targets too..
and the manager and the TL helped and motivated me..!!

Now i accomplish my target before time..

Loveeee you Xprezties n ofcourse xprezto..!!!

Have a blooming year ahead..!!!
Hi guys, My experienced was Amazing IN xprezto, company is doing so well that people here working from last 8 to 10 years even more and taking experienced with such hardworking people its incredible well people are very good and help full too
Good morning..!!

Hie..this is twinkle..
Obviously me too a girl
worked as a process associate few months back..

And the environment is quite natural..
girls are safe in the company..
As company is fully camerisied..

so the person commenting that girls are not safe..
can give a proof?

either just mention your name in the comment.
if have guts .

so according to me girls...need not to worry..
safest environment ...ever

Just Believe in yourself..!!!
Vaibhav111's reply, Dec 31, 2016
I totally agree with twinkle
Smartidiot's reply, May 21, 2017
OK let's see practical is good then theory
Hi guys, My experienced was Amazing IN xprezto, company is doing so well that people here working from last 8 to 10 years even more and taking experienced with such hardworking people its incredible well people are very good and help full too

Everything has +ive and - ive aspects.
I dunno y everyone is blaming co..
Employee to and fro..

If the empoyee isn't able to meet the sales target..
thy quit without informing...
and blame the co...

i was too appointed as a process associate ..
and wasn't able to achieve the targets..
but TL and manager motivate me..

and finally started achieving targets before time..!!

So i had a fab working exp with this co..

Loveeeee youu xprezties and obvio xprezto too..!!

Actually I'm going to join the company if there will be any harrashment or any misbehave..I will write u ..for now I will give no rating..thnks

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