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 Kunalkadam on Jun 3, 2012
Dear all,
Dont fell into the prey of auction properties by YAVI GROUP OF COMPANIES who say the are specialized in dealing with auction properties. The way they talk you will feel very comfortable. They say loan will happen in auction properties also & they will arrange for you without taking a peny from you. If you ask for documents for verification they say you wl get at the end of 100% payment. They ask for DD in the name of bank only, here the area where you will become comfortable & get ready to pay by DD. But many things can be done with your DD & you will not get your money bank. They say if you don't want to buy the flat for any reason after making payment. They will return the money, here you get trapped.

Note: Remember no bank gives any loan without documents.

I was suppose to make DD & was ready to give, in the mean time I called my brother & told about the auction property that is available at cheap price. He advised first go to that bank & get details. Then after going to that bank I came to know that flat settlement was already done by the owner himself few days back & these people( YAVI GROUP OF COMPANIES) are still doing the deal to trap the innocent who are not aware of all these & they become very eager to get flat at a cheap rate compared to market price.



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abe yogesh kalia tera jab 5 naam hai tho tera 5 baap bhi rehega re, abe yogesh yeh chutiya bananeka kaam chod de aur tera office kho rand bazzar bana de, aur tu bhi kidar jake tera sadahua kalla gaand de (YAVI GROUP OF RANDI) director yogeshkalia n family

terekho jitna bhi log ne comment kiya sabkha hai terekho lagega re madharchod, tu raste mein kutta khi maut maregha.

tera photo kha size mei ne photoshop mein bada kardiya hai.

its true
Dear Above,

if ur Asking Property documents to verify then its not a resale or new sale property, its a auction property means defaulters property, as per bank rules & regulation they cant show u documents before auction if u people are want clarification just visit to bank or any financial institutes, one thing can be done they wil give u registration number u can verify the same at sub register office belong to property, another thing we are not a Bank agents or Brokers, We have NRI investors & Money Lander's, with the support of the same we are investing in auction property ( Agar aam admi auction property ka dealing karleta tho shayad aaj hum aur hamaara company nahi hoti ) some time deal will be cancel if there will be more litigations if anobody want clarification or want know auction property processor before appoint please visit our head office to discuss with our advocates & solicitors.

Note : Please Don't Blame our company we are specialized in auction dealing

Thanking You
Yavi Group Of Companies.
this people shows aother builders property and says they are builder but his popler are fraud and cheater
Whatever YAVI people wana say but the legacy of Mr. Suraj Chaubey is not unknown. Plz read my horrible experience with YAVI BUILDERS / AMBER CAPRO.


Promised bank auction flats but only got frustration
I am writing this to create awareness among people for a nexus that’s been run by Mr. Suraj Chaubey. This extremely fat, piece of football seems everyone like they are fool and not a good person if you are dealing with him for flats.
He promotes and calls people by luring for offering modestly priced bank auction properties by the name of Yabhi Builder / Amber Capro office at Nalasopara West, Satyam Shivam Complex, but recently he has started a new company that’s been highly promoted by the name of AGRYFS. Just remember Mr. Suraj Chaubey not only calls people and finalizes deals (like in my case he offered a flat at Vasai East for 14Lakh with registration). He promised that property takes time as legal works will finish in 4-6 months.
First Mr. Suraj Chaubey stopped picking up our calls after a month of our deal. Later on he started calling us at late night hours with demand of money of 50K for registration of property (That he had promised to be part of all set deal of 14lakh). Months after with no response or updates from Mr. Suraj Chaubey we were bound to call for follow up. But this of goofball keep telling us that next Monday he will get updates on property legal work status and usually used to revert after 3 weeks by giving some reasons (Once he told me there is a personal loan on flat that I booked so its taking time). This was the case with my other 2 fellow colleagues who booked flats with him at Nalasopara.
In this June when our patience ran out of bound we asked for refund, that he paid without any hurdles, but then we come to know that earlier “Amber Capro” and “Yabhi Builders” was his banner under which he has been fooling people. Now he has started a new identity called AGRYFS and caught him there at his new office at Ambadi Road, Vasai West.

I request all people not to make any deals by this man. Mr. Suraj Chaubey is fraud. If he is luring you for bank auction property, well he can’t even give you an inch of a bank auction flat. Any deals with him will come with late night phone calls asking for more money, no responses to your phone calls, making to frustrated.
He is just a lie and don’t trust. I can give you contact no. of my other colleagues who went through a mental trauma. Just avoid any deals by any of these names AMBER CAPRO / YABHI BUILDERS / AGRYFS
my brother u r not only one person there are so many inoscent people not only suraj chabey is frau his company ceo mr.yogesh karande and the company name is YAVI GROUP OF COMAPNY and they will use u r money the shows other porpery and they will give in very low price which is totaly unexpecteble but u will fill happy but end of the day he will asked u only cheque but after that he will not answer u r phone not even he will meet u and his dial tone is bussy
app jis number se sampark karna chate ho wo filal vast hai if u call in night also the same tone u will gethe have 4 office 2 in vasi west behind neelam punjab hotel 1 is in nalasopar and 1is in mira road the ladies are working in his office they also give u wrong information if u go to right builder and show him that paper which he gave to u and he shows us ur property he is also not taking ligal action on that still this people r doing same
be ware of this people
2 my brother who has been cheater by yavi group of company i am facing, last 2 years this people had cheated me in auction propery which propertu is alredy been sold and this people yogesh karande and kunal kadam and suraj choubey this people will talk with u so sweet and once u gave money to them this people will not anser u my brother had told the same ring tone i am hering from last 2 years and i gave 50% money to him and thats all in cheque if u go any where no body will listen 2 u becauce this people are gunda if u go to mira road office all young grils is sitting there and all are them are bussy on mobile and they will not see their old client if u seat there they will tell u to go they do some wrong thing theri in office but all know about
my dear brother if u have any other way 2 get my money plz let me know on this message
he is yogesh karande a big cheater

plz be aware of this perosn

To dear all,

Taking auction properties are safest way to invest in properties . and also this properties not get homeloan till its titled cleared so when ever some peopls hav cbill matters they cannt get loan and they become frustrated and arrogant so make this type of rumours and false statments as this has done these sick personalities make faulty statments to get downfall in the company but company is based on strong minded staff and our reputed clients they always praies the fact tht company can grow faster .
We hav our rules and regulation to handle this type of illreated peoples and this is very common sense tht if anybody invest through us they invest through cheque (white payments)
so their is no money matter . and nobody can make quiteness for their money if they realy invested through us . those who will not get properties are their own personal reasons compnay are not liable for thtt.

Thanks & Regards
i agree with u sir that u r company take all money in cheque but u people use that money in roling and after 1 or 2 years may be u give them back or not god know but this is true that u r company is fraud and cheater comapny
Registrant Name:Denis Beltukov
Registrant Organization:Mex Group
UR LANLINE [protected]
Dear All,
Yavi Group and its other companies do need clients.
I myself after going through ads for auction property was planning to approach yavi group. but this complaints have made me more cautious. If yavi group are really a good company. Then they should give a list of such clients were transaction of auction was successfull with amount and date and name of such bank.
they use inocent people money but after 1 or 2 years they will give u money back till that time u have to pay interest he will not pay he will give u same capital which u gave him
yes when after one year i went 2 his office there are more then 23 people those who gave money to him and he expect only in cheque that show that he is white person . some of them has gave him 14 lakh and some are more then that that show that how clever he is he roted others money only that also without intrest and that intrest we have to pay
I don't know who is right and what was your issue. But I do know this much that my friend uncle invested through them in Andheri and is happy since the last 2 years. Guys take your documentation to an advocate.
iam also agree wid u mr tdsouza, ... bcz my cousin investd one of the flat in virar n he is also happy... i dnt knw who is right n wrong, , , , evn during the payment time i also thought they are frauds... but nw i dnt think so... its betttr take ur documnts 2 an advocate... tc
I am also the another victim of the same company. They have taken 30% amount from me. I didn't get the property also they are not picking my calls too. Kunal kadam is vanished and then there is another person Rahul Sharma.. who promised me to give me my refund. And now he is also away. None of them picking my calls.
I am highly frustrated and my family is suffering from very bad situation because of them. Please, I beg you all, If anybody has something about them do tell me. I can't buy any home without my money. Please please, anybody can tell me how can I get my money back? I am looking to launch a serious complain against them, and for that I need more evidence.
Anybody has Kunal Kadam's pic or address. Any how I want my money back. So please help me...
you guys are fool. jahan sasta kuch mila bhag gaye...they are real time fraud.. ab bhool jao apn apaisa. or broke the companies which are promoting them

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