[Resolved]  Yeo Man services — Fraud

iam zakir from new delhi i have taken a medical process from yeoman services whcih is not even a registerd company run by two guys name nitin walia and kunal rajput.they charged me Rs15,000 as cunsaltancy charges for one seat and the payout was around 650us dollars,but at the time of billing they totally refuse.i don't want my money but just want to inform all you guys not to deal with this fruads,..
nitin walia does not have his right hand i know god has already punished him for his karmas and kunal rajput looks like a drug dealer and one girl use to work with them name yogna pandey who is totally look like a low standard ###....
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Aug 14, 2020
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Hey Kapur/zakir or whosoever you are...

Instead of putting Yeoman's number on this portal, you should come up and put your mobile number and address so that people can check your authenticity, because you are the one putting allegations on someone else.

I spoke with Yeoman people about you, and they told me that they have never dealt with any person by the name of Sanjay Kapur, this only proves that you are high level fake guy.

I simply dont understand why you people cant see anyone else earning??? Why your asses pinch so much when you see someone succeding at a much high pace than you ever imagined??? I guess you are one of those consultants whose businesses may have been affected by the sucess ratio of Yeoman in the recent past... am i right XYZ Kapur????

If you feel you have a point to raise and prove, then come up with something substantial, which really proves your point. Otherwise, i request all the readers, not to give a single thought over this, as the guys like XYZ Kapur have no other work to do.

Everyone in today's world knows about online jobs, you perform and you get paid. When you dont perform or when you are not able to perform, you should have the courtesy and energy to accept your defeat. I am also doing Yeoman's work from past 6 months, and getting paid as per my accuracy level, i got into this work after a thorough check of their references, not only on calls, but i took out my time to understand the job in the best way i can. And, only after that i went ahead with Yeoman. And, i am happy today. Delays do happen, but they are all part-and-parcel of the job.

If you have any grievences with Yeoman, you should come up to them and talk. May be you could get something better than just sitting in front of computer and writing these postings.
Dear, you are not going to earn through this and Yeoman's earning will not be affected through this. Keep this in mind.

And, also remember one thing, dont look for soultions through emotions, look for magic by logic.

PS: A man's integrity is reflected by the way he treats a woman. By insulting a woman on a public portal, shows your unworthiness as a human.

You really need to get well soon XYZ zakir Kapur.

Take Care and Good Bye.
i am also working with uoeman. I have no complaints with the company. My work is going smoothly.
Actually zakir is very true, Yeoman Service is real a fraud company. Even I and one more company in ahmedabad gujarat have the same complaints. Nitin Walia, Kunal Rajput, Yojna Pandey and Amit bhattachryya are working together and cheating everyone. Dont ever deal with Yeoman Service and above mentioned guys.
I am working with Yoeman since past few months. I recived payment from them. I also personally visited Mr. Kunal Rajput at Gurgaon. I did not find any suspicious about Yoeman till now. Evertybody has own opinions and nobody can shut your mouth.

Please have a look at www dot nitinwalia dot com to get clearview

I read a lot about nitin walia, kunal rajput from yeoman services whether they are fraud or not.
I took medical form filling process of globaledge from them . You can see A to Z of my experience
with them at with all proofs and make opinion about them yourself.
Johnson & Johnson is a website owned, designed and operated by Chaitanya Kiran and Suman from Vishakhapatnam, Suman works with HSBC bank and Chaitanya is a college dropout jerk...
These vishakahapatnam guys, Chaitanya and Suman took work from Yeoman Services of Global Edge on 10 seats and there work was stopped and contract was cancelled just because of non performance as they acheived an accuracy of merely 50%. As per the SLA all terms and condition were laid down which Chaitanya and Kiran were not able to fulfil.
Globaledge is a company based in US, whose outsourcing rights are procured by Yeoman Services, Gurgaon, Haryana, Mr.Nitin Walia...
Just with a feeling of revenge, they started using the name of Nitin Walia, which they nowadays are also using and are making money from people by charging them for nothing. The web portal or work they provide, ie Johnson & Johnson, just note one thing... Can anybody think Johnson & Johnson, a fortune 500 company will ever outsource their work to these stupid people like Chaitanya and Suman, who does not even know how to write a english sentence properly...
They have tried every nook and corner to tarnish the image of Global Edge, Yeoman Services and Nitin Walia, but by any means they have not been able to compete with Yeoman Services.
And, i do feel pity on people who trust Chaitanya and Suman, and i really feel how stupid can people be... Chaitanya asks people to deposit money in a ICICI Bank Savings Account and people are easily going and sending them money.
The account details being used by Chaitanya and Suman are as below-----
A/c No:[protected]
Name: B. Krishna Varma
Address: MVP Branch, ICICI bank, Visakhapatnam.
Dont they have any knowledge that if any firm charges some upfront or any such thing, it should be paid in the Company's Current A/c.
The number provided on johnson & johnson always goes switched off or out of coverage.
Everybody here thinks that it is Nitin Walia behind all this, but here as i have invested my time and effort, i would like to let all of you know, that the mind behind Johnson & Johnson is Chaitanya Kiran and Suman from Vishakhapatnam.
My name is Vishal, and i have been working with Yeoman Services and their clients from past 4 years, and there has been a continuos support provided to us from Yeoman Services. There have been some disagreeements too, which have been sorted out very patiently. I never wanted to put on my words on this kind of idiotic website, where anybody can write any damn thing for anyone, and that too free of cost, but i feel that the reality should come out and should be known to everyone.
I do not say you to trust my words, but please use your mind before entering into any kind of business relationship.
And, if you seek any kind of more clarification pertaining to Global Edge, or Yeoman Services, or Mr.Nitin Walia or any of their associates, you can straightaway write a mail on : nitin.[protected], or [protected]
All your queries will be sorted out, and i hope everyone here will get to know the real thing.

Thanking You All!

Vishal S
Hello Vinod

Yaar dont drag me into your personal issues with Nitin, because i dont have any issues with their work or with anything. I am getting reports and payments both.
I am fully satisfied. you had personal ego clashes with them from the very first day due to which this all happened. Everybody knows that you tried approaching their client directly, beacuse of which you lost their support.

But i must say Vinod, the approach used by you is really pathetic, go legal, you have options and you did that as well... but this thing creating a website on someone else name is really pathetic. Never knew you will de-grade yourself to such extent by creating Do you think anyone will ever give any work to you or your company in future??? If you failed then you should be prepared to handle the loss, i failed and i submitted to it, i took this work again, practised on it, took time to understand the things...

And now i am going good. Still, failures can happen anytime, but i will never come with up a thing in my mind which just highlights that i am simply BLACKMAILING the other person to pay me anyhow for any thing, for even the wrong work i did.

You have written that you didnt got paid, and have posted the bounced cheques as well, but dear WHY DONT YOU HAVE COURAGE TO POST THE ENTRIES OF PAYMENTS YOU RECEIVED IN THE PREVIOUS MONTHS?

Because the only thing you want people to know is the negative side of Yeoman or Nitin. This simply means or says, that till the time person keeps paying you, he will remain a good person for you, the day he stops paying you, you will do all possible things to harm him/her.

We all know your other clients history as well, none of your clients are happy with you because of your behaviour.

You wrote my name on the portal and that is the reason i am goving up the clarification on a public portal to make everyone know, that i have no issues with NITIN WALIA or YEOMAN SERVICES.

Other person you wrote is Arvind from Sagar Data Technologies, dont you know what Arvind did??? He is absconding from here, even he was outsourcing a direct client's webmail creation project, what happened????

None of his Arvind's centers got paid... You atleast got paid from YEOMAN for 4 months.

From the start of this MEDICAL PROJECT, i have been hearing of people taking money using NITIN WALIA's name or YEOMAN's NAME or by CLONING THEIR PROJECT, major one was CHAITANYA KIRAN's JOHNSON & JOHNSON PROJECT. What happened to him, he too even blew with time... then few more like you came and posted their complaints... what happened??? They too will go over... But YEOMAN is still there, promoting the same work, same deal, same payouts, same accuracy level, with much improved support on all levels...

Yaar you are elder than me... i would suggest you understand the things calmly, and by not being impulsive. Few may approach you for asking about it, but trust me none of them will even come for your rescue... trust me. none of them even care about your words.

I am giving my time writing this, and will not write or see it ever again because i have few more things to concentrate.

Rest, if anyone calls me my answers would remain good for you also. but it would be all real.

Anyone, who wants to talk to me can call me or write to me.

Pradeep Jain
We agree with you Pradeep, we are also working with Mr. Nitin Walia though we are not associated with him for long time but still we got advance payment cheque from him.

And we have also come to know from other sources that Nitin walia is a Professional Guy and people do get payment from him.

Dolphin International
nitin walia yeoman services

first of all if nitin walia have guts i am challenging him to say on my face that i have written something wrong on site . i never abused anyone i have written only the truth that happened with me . Moreover he is complaining that i have not wriitten about other payments i am fulling his wish .check my site for same.
reply in the name of pradeep jain is by some fake person. And dont worry about me getting new projects
because i am much more capable to earing through genuine means instead of this BPO industry
full of parasites . nitin walia really have guts tell him come face to face with me tell i am wrong .Well Guyz
word of advise Please get out of this pathetic, full of bpo industry ...because it is infested with parasites who are not capable of earning without making fools of hard working people. I am out of this
industry only thing that i carry forward from this industry is to share my experience with as many people as possible. site updated

Vinod sharma
Hi again,
I am not holding any fake personality. My name is Pradeep Jain and I am the same whose name and number was mentioned in, but is now deleted because I am not supporting Vinod Sharma. This man has now written Arvind's name, who's already absconding from market after duping many centers. I also see a new link added onto it, after reading that it seems like Vinod is deeply into such things and is following this modus operandi from a long time. (Laugh) And, this is no big deal that Vinod must be a hand or mind behind Arvind's activities. Rest, its only the GOD who knows the truth.

Pradeep Jain
Hey all, I have been working with Mr. Nitin Walia Since 2 years. And i must say that the cheques mentioned on the website are tampered using photoshop. If you don't believe me you can check out on your own. The one who did this had posted a small image of the cheque and used noise filter so dat the image looks more grainy..

Please stop believing these guys, everyone in the BPO industry knws them. NITIN WALIA IS NOT FRAUD. THEY ARE PLAYING WITH HIS WEB IDENTITY.

I have one question, any body got payment from globaledge after Oct 2010? we have been diverted with every possible reason one can ever hear. Can some body who has been processing globaedge project respond?. Is there is any number where we can talk to some human if available in globaledge... Please Respond...
i rcvd my pay till mar2011, aftr tht i ws shftd to anothr consultnt in uk who handles the same client, as indian consultnt contrct gt discontinued due to low quality scores of othr cntrs(thts wt we wr told).ppl in my group and i knw hv gt their pay's and r nw happy with overseas consultant also.




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I am agree with you specially about Nitin Walia... Complete fraud .. Never deal with him.


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