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 jasbax on May 17, 2018
Below is an email i have sent to dentzz and thought it an appropriate review of my experience, i will also say speaking to other people while a the dental practice i was not alone, when it came to them not doing work that they said they were going to do and charged me for. Before i left uk i was quoted £1600 for four implants, after consultation i had i implant and about 12 crowns although they said they would be doing more work work and was charged £3700 although this is because i refused to pay the £5000 because they did not do all the work

To the managing director dentzz dental care centres

Please regard this as official notification that if all guarantees and a detailed explanation of the work carried out to myself j baxter is not received within 14 days of this request, i will have no alternative to take further action against your company for breach of contract.
This may include contacting my credit card company and requesting a chargeback / or taking further advise from a solicitor for not honouring your part of the contract and to seek compensation for the pain and suffering i endured why under your care. This included a full and comprehensive detailed pack including guarantees for the work dentzz dental care carried out on myself j baxter.
I would also like to know why the full work as agreed was not completed by dentzz dental practice, this includes the fact an additional four of my bottom front teeth were included in the initial quote because it was claimed by doctor aakansha that all these teeth were loose and when crowns were put on these it would strengthen my addition, because only two of my front lower jaw teeth were actually worked on, these now stand out and look cosmetically different to the rest of my lower jaw teeth, which is causing some embarrassment. When i confronted dr. Aakansha at the time she claimed i was wrong and must have had jet lag and i could not afford this extra treatment, although i did ask to speak to the other consultant that also stated this, this request was declined.
I would also like a written explanation stating why on the day after my initial treatment for my implant i passed out in the street and vomited. I was physically unable stand for at least 45 minutes after this episode due to the overwhelming feeling of breathlessness, and dizziness, my vision was impaired. This was also after being prescribed antibiotics and painkillers from your practice, this also happened 1 hour later where i was left stranded in what looked like a very vulnerable area although it did turn out passers-by were very helpful and concerned for my well-being.
I also mentioned this to both dental surgeons after these incidents and your staff on reception but no advice was recommended. I believe this may have been an interaction with my diabetes tablets that your practice did not take in to consideration or it may have been that during the treatment the day before i was having, that substances used was going down my throat, something i had never experienced in a uk dentist. I would also like to know why your orthodontist believes the was to test if the injection has numbed the area to be work on, is to prod it or drill it until i shout out in agony, this seemed to happen several times and i asked him at the time if he was torturing me. I was left physically shaking in the chair he finally applied more injection that then numbed the area but i did have to wait several minutes before the shaking stopped.
I would like to jump to the final day of my treatment 2nd may 2018, which was left to just 12hrs before i was scheduled to leave the hotel for my flight back to the uk on the 3rd may. Although i had an appointment schedule, which claimed all work would have finished by 30th april 2018. I asked the dentist making the final fitments of my crowns, bridges, why my teeth at the top right hand side of my jaw did not feel sharp, and would i be able to eat an apple with them. He told me that those teeth was compromised and its best i only chew on the left side of my mouth, he then gave me a disclaimer stating that if i did not sign it, that i was happy with the bite, fitment and a few other things that he would not be able to fit them also i would be charged to have them removed if there was something wrong. I had literally had the crowns, bridges, implant in my mouth for less than 3 hours which i was told i could not eat or drink with them, i was then told i would have to sign this before he permanently cemented them in, i felt blackmailed and forced in to a situation that i had no control over. He would not fit them in if i did not sign this form, i was going home to uk later, i had no choice but to sign it or he would not fit them.
I would like to know why?
1. I was put in to this blackmail situation at such a late stage in my treatment.

2. I would like to know why my teeth are compromised if i chew on my right side of my mouth, as the sole purpose of the dental procedures undertaken was to have extra teeth to chew with. This was stated in my initial consultation.

3. I would like to know why my bottom teeth crowns do not match the colour of the other bottom teeth although i requested this.

4. I would like to know why the work on the rest of the bottom teeth was not undertaken as initially stated.

5. I would like to know why it was stated, that the bottom teeth were loose and if the teeth are still loose, as you did not do the work recommended by you and included in your initial quote.

6. I would like an explanation why i passed out on the streets of mumbai the following day after treatment twice.

7. I would like to know if the foreign substances going down my throat during treatment contributed to me passing out on the streets and vomiting the following day.

8. I would like to know why i was put under so much pain and left shaking in the chair during treatment with your orthondontist.

9. I would like to know why advice was not forthcoming after mentioning to your staff that i had passed out twice after treatment.

10. I would like to know why my teeth still do not feel right and i have mild pain when eating on my right hand side of the jaw

Please provide detailed answers to my question within 14 days to help prevent further action being initiated

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[May 17, 2018] Dentzz customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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