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You would be living in a “world of dreams” if you think you could make money by associating with this so-called fraudulent company ‘dream world pvt. Ltd.’. Let me make a presentation here about this so-called fraudulent company called 'dream world pvt. Ltd.' and how you get taken for a ride and lose your money. This so-called ‘dream world pvt. Ltd.’ is located right outside andheri station. I had taken-up the ‘form filling project’ offered by this company. They take an upfront registration fees of rs. 3000/- from an applicant. Now let us get to the specifics of the work involved in this ‘form filling project’. They will give you two ‘files’ per week for completion. Each of these files has 75 ‘forms’. Further, each of these forms has 15 ‘rows’ or ‘lines’ with 5 ‘columns’. They will tell you that your registration fees of rs. 3000/- will be refunded back to you if you complete and submit back the 2 files given to you within a week’s time. (Actually it is just about 6 and a half days time). But let us discuss details of more important matters pertaining to this sham! Now each of these ‘lines’ have about 25-30 words on an average. You have herein data that consists of words, numbers, besides inverted commas, periods, brackets, colons, hyphens forward slashes, vertical line, etc. Besides special symbols like %, $, etc. There are also many entries that are in the “alpha-numeric” format too. The other apparent disadvantages for a person doing this typing task are that the data is in very small font, (That cannot be altered!) and of course you don’t have the option to copy & paste! Now let us discuss in detail about the ‘error criteria’ as laid-down by this ‘dream world pvt. Ltd.’ for executing their work. As per universally established and accepted norms, the number of words incorrectly typed out of every 100 words typed is your ‘error rate’. To ascertain this fact, you can simply go online and take a free typing test. Now let us come to the ‘dream world pvt. Ltd.’ “error criteria and calculation”. They state while executing their ‘form filling project’, that you need to have a 90%+ accuracy rate to get paid! In other words, they allow you a maximum of 7 errors in a file containing 75 ‘forms’, or simplistically 68 ‘forms’ out of the 75 ‘forms’ in any given ‘file’ need to be 100% accurate for acceptance. Now let me do the calculation of actual error percentage for the readers. As stated in the earlier paragraph, there are about 25-30 words in a particular ‘line’ across 5 columns. For the purpose of my calculation, i am only taking the figure as 25 words. Now every ‘form’ has 15 ‘rows’ or ‘lines’. So when you multiply 25 words per ‘row’ by 25 ‘rows’, you get a total of 375 words in one ‘form’. Now every ‘file’ has 75 ‘forms’. So to get the total number of words in one ‘file’ multiply 375 words per ‘form’ with 75 ‘forms’ in one ‘file’. So 375 x 75 = 28125 words in total. So as earlier stated, when you allowed a maximum of 7 errors, the total error percentage across 28125 words works out to 7/28125 x 100 = 0.0248%. Or effectively, to get paid from ‘dream world pvt. Ltd.’, you need to have an effective typing accuracy of 99.975% as per universally established typing accuracy standards! Now achieving this level of accuracy is highly improbable if you do not want to use the term definitely impossible! It would be absolutely safe to declare that 99.975% of people who type will not be able to attain an accuracy of 99.975% with their typing work! Now it is not realistically possible for a person to finish these 2 given ‘files’ within the 6 and a half days time that is given to you. This is something next to impossible. Hence, when the ‘dream world’ people tell you that you have to submit 2 ‘files’ within 1 week with all the other parameters in place to get your registration fees back, you can say goodbye to your registration fees. Now they will tell you that you can also submit 1 ‘file’ within one week if you are unable to complete both the ‘files’ given to you. Now even that is a herculean task to be achieved considering the quantum of work involved and the absurd accuracy percentage laid-down by ‘dream world’! Now i managed to complete and submit 1 ‘file’ with the stipulated time allotted for completion. They still did not accept my submission due to so-called accuracy reason! Let me tell my readers that these people give you 2 test ‘forms’ initially (Of course these are test ‘forms’ and don’t even dream of any payment for this!). I had submitted these two test ‘forms’ in accordance with all instructions given to me!). I have an official email of acceptance and accuracy verified of this submission. Thereafter the ‘1st work assignment’ was given to me. But what was deemed as correct in the initial ‘test form’ was now categorised as incorrect. This was done by them to deny making a payment to me and due to my high degree of accuracy. This goes beyond any doubt to prove that they do not have any typing projects/work in hand and they thrive by conning each applicant of their registration fees of rs. 3000/- taken before commencement of work. A big fake company involved in a huge sham! Please do not be impressed by any so-called ‘positive reviews’ posted online on 'google reviews', etc. About this company. The posting of “positive reviews” are undertaken by the scamsters themselves to promote their own nefarious activities. Those are nothing but their own business tactics to lure people to them. If you do fall into this trap, you are sure to be poorer by rs. 3000/-. I have retained all emails, etc. To substantiate my stand and submission as stated above. If any company would pay me for the same, i would be happy to prepare, present and post online any number of wonderful reviews as customer testimonials for them. That is not a very difficult task.

On the other hand, i am extending the following invitation to all those who have supposedly benefited from this excellent job opportunity and posted highly positive reviews for this fraudulent company ‘dream world pvt. Ltd.’. You can pay me the upfront registration fees of rs. 3000/-. This company ‘dream world pvt. Ltd.’ is offering you rs. 3750/- per file. They also supposedly give you two chances for successful submission. I will offer the same task offered by ‘dream world’ to any respondent and rs. 5000/- per file. (I. E 33% more than what ‘dream world’ is offering!). All rules would remain the same as established by ‘dream world’. My only condition is he would need to work in the facilities offered by me. This is to ensure fairness and enable surveillance on my part. Of course, the respondent can work for 8 hours a day for 6 days in my facility. On evaluation, if he clears the accuracy rate as laid-down by ‘dream world’, in two chances, he earns rs. 5000/- per file from me. Or else, he forfeits his initial deposit of rs. 3000/-. Any unprejudiced person would agree that i have given a highly fair and definitely more lucrative deal than what is being offered by ‘dream world’! Now this endeavour is undertaken by me to practically expose this fraudulent company.

Now, for that matter i would say, not just ‘dream world’, but any and all other local entities who ask you for a payment to undertake their typing work would in all probability be fake! Thank you all for reading my submission of facts and do not lose your hard-earned money.)-
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