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 pradipmehta on Aug 24, 2014
DSIM, B-26, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, Delhi.

Level of DSIM's trainers is less then their trainees, whenever you ask questions more of the time they said "do Google & get answers" even in running class their trainers disconnect the projector and finding answers on Google in front of trainees.

Their PPC & Google Adword trainer don't know that ads can also run on Bing. They never do live examples.

Their Google Analytics trainer finding answers on Google in front of us and then said " I will find it on Google later then will tell you in tomorrow class".

Analytics trainer said " I don't know about the coding can anyone help me to place codes in word press website for Google Analytics". At that time I was feeling what the F...k is going on, even he was misleads us many time.

Their Word press trainer don't know the correct & free plugins. Whenever you ask for website or any page he simply answer that " I don't know I always get this done from programmers I don't use word press websites.

Their SEO trainer never shows you how to optimize a webpage, Keyword Placements.

Their SMM trainer never teach how to do Ad campaign with practicles, though they mentioned in their curriculum that they will teach us by live examples. When we asking for live campaign their trainers words were "please tell DSIM to provide us credit cards so that we can show u live campaigns".

In curriculum they said, " creating blog with our FREE SOFTWARE" and guess what is that...WORDPRESS

Trainers of DSIM don't know the curriculum they "Oh I don't know that, no body tells me"

Their fee structure will let you feel cheated. Some are paying INR 37, 000 and some INR 45, 000.

They will never revert on your mail.

So guys my experience suggestion is please don't take admission in DSIM.
They will only provide overview of modules and the main thing is that on their website they show many batches with the pics...
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have gone through all the reviews...and the best part is whoever is defending DSIM..their name starts with "A"
quite a coincidence (ameera, anbar, anushree001, anshika786, anviR)
Are these DSIM guys have a fascination with the names starting with "A"

Was planning to join DSIM. But have some serious questions about them
you are right.. i have also taken training there but now i am doing course again as there was no practical, pathetic training .. nice packaging but poor quality.
a big no to dsim (pathetic delhi school of digital marketing)
Mr. Pradip for your kind information digital marketing industry is quite dynamic it keeps on changing everyday so if any of the trainer says that he'll google about it so its obvious that rather then giving outdated info they google and update trainees with the latest info... and these are purely marketing trainers not the technical coders decoders so how can you expect them to tell you the same so can you please stop misleading people with these types of false statements.
well probably I might not agree to this... the only problem I faced was of back up classes not delivered on time... but really can't complain much as they got me a job as an social media analyst ...

I m happy overall
I can see how it outraged you pradeep. So next time you make such allegations perhaps you should also mention trainers name. Saying all the trainers are bad is spoiling someone’s name in the industry which is not appropriate. May be one trainer was not upto the mark but after reading your testimonial it is clear that they do have many trainers. It is just not possible that a brand like dsim has reached where is at the moment without having quality trainers.
Wow ! that’s some response, Saying that DSIM trainer does not know how to add Google analytics code in wordpress is a bit extreme. Even a kid can do it. Probably he is not very happy with dsim because he did not got discount and others did.
LOL I could not stop myself falling from chair. Mr Pradeep Mehta wants dsim or trainers to use there credit card on his behalf. Reminds me that we Indians can be extreme in our demand at times. Mr pradeep people can only teach you but it is you who has to practice it till you become a master. There is no such thing called as spoon-feeding in professional life. Be responsible for yourself dude.
I have also done course from DSIm and yes there were some petty issues here and there but saying that trainers check google to give answers is bad on your part. The best thing about dsim is their trainers. You should never speak like this for your guru. Gurus have been given a place next to our parents. Sir with due respect to you it is a shame that you are doing this.
Pradeep, don’t take offense to this, but we really don’t know how honest or unbiased your feedback is. May be it is because you have a lousy way to see things and you entered in this course expecting something else then what it actually is.
I don’t know. I am just saying.
Did dsim not teach you what is part of there curriculum? We would like to know that too.
Like most of the members have said already I also don’t find this post in the right spirit. He has written- “Their Word press trainer don't know the correct & free plugins” Well I don’t think any one in this world would know all the free plugins of worldpress, not even the guy who founded wordpress as there are 36, 164 plugins in total. Refer this page https://wordpress.org/plugins/ My point is did you go there to learn wordpress website building or internet marketing?
Like most of the members have said already I also don’t find this post in the right spirit. He has written- “Their Word press trainer don't know the correct & free plugins” Well I don’t think any one in this world would know all the free plugins of worldpress, not even the guy who founded wordpress as there are 36, 164 plugins in total. Refer this page https://wordpress.org/plugins/ My point is did you go there to learn wordpress website building or internet marketing?
Guys they are complete fraud.I have got to know that they have one more institute by the name digiperform where they are charging 15000 and in dsim they rae charging 45000.

also my friends in june batch said they had a fight with dsim for fooling people and they are charging different fees from everyone. half the batch left in the middle of the course only.
digiperform and dsim is one and they are fooling everyone. you can meet our entire batch.

please tell us more.
i am intrested.

i suspect of this as a fraud somewhere too. and i have been recording every live class to email to any conversation on phone to support any false statement if comes up.
i belong to a family of one of the best lawyers in the country. i can help you . update me more about your batch. but write here whatever you have to say
Hello Everyone,

I have done the diploma in the month June'15 in batch no. 125(Regular Batch) and the Fact is that DSIM is really a big fraud institute they have trainer like ANKIT NARANG(Who only know how to create FB account), SANDEEP (Who don't know how to teach student, also come late in class everyday), KARAN (a Highly unprofessional) also want to tell everyone in this chat as their are some positive comment by few people, But in reality those comment are done DSIM people only.

So i advice not to take admission in DSIM.

Very Money Minded..Dishonest Team...Genuine Review

Although I never write any review or pass any kind of judgement for any product or services but this time it's entirely different cz it has cost me my time in listening all kinds of false and fake promises.

Frnz. Seriously I wanted to join this DSIM course for a long time as you know it's a requirement these days.and I even interacted with DSIM team for a while.Earlier they quoted me the package of Rs 37000/- inclusive of all taxes n all.but since the timings were not suitable I cudn't join .after 6 months again I asked.it was Rs 55, 000/-.

Can you imagine within one year.A big jump of Rs 18, 000/-.Yaar itni jaldi toh " rates of service tax was not changed" .I was shocked.I decided to negotiate, but finally they gave me the package of Rs 47, 000/- inclusive of all taxes.n asked them to notify me about the schedule. I agreed to join.

Best part of Shock was.When my Batch was about to start, hardly 4 days were left.i got a call from DSIM.They asked me to pay Rs 53, 000/- .I cudn't believe for a moment.I cleared about the package given earlier.He(Puneet with High EGO & Unprofessional Attitude) simply refused it and was also very rude.I got very angry but cudn't do anything.

Then my friend told me to check out reviews about the institute, atleast it'll help me to get some idea about it.

I won't write anything about the reviews.as it can be promoted also.afterall they'll are digital marketing people.knows how to fool through internet.But I won't deny either.many candidates must have faced bad experience from them in some way or the other .You can Judge on ur own.

Trust me guys.People who are focusing only on marketing about themselves.Money grabbing nature.Fraud & Dishonest Team.Infact Rude too.Not Focusing on their quality work.will only waste our hard earned money.

Last thing.Mr.Puneet Satwani.Dnt Forget that WE ARE PAYING YOU not you to us.You are employed till the time we(All candidates) are joining your course.
Please don not join this institute due to following reasons:

>trainers are not good

>trainers are unable to explain things to students

>trainers are very less experienced

>classroom are small and strenghth is large u cant see and also u cant listen to what trainer is saying.

>no individual attention is given to you because one class has 70 students.So everybody can't get the chance to interact

>when u go to this institute they will say we are giving you free wordpreess theme of 5000 and a software of 15000.they are fake they just give downloaded themes of wordpress to students.and the software which they are giving of 15000 is not worth they have the tie up with them just making your money waste.

>strenghth of students is so large that u cant listen and see if u come late.

>as they are saying they are giving 12 hour back up. they dont give individula back up they only send u to other class wen ever that topic will be there in that class.

>I will say that please don not go to this instittute its just waste of money.

>I am a current student of dsim. and I am totally disappointed.

>i had wasted my all money.please u don not go there.

Mr. Siddharth,

Never criticize someone who is sharing some thing with you even though they are charging for it.If they are standing in front of you and giving you something that means they are at least 100 steps above you.

So if you are talking about individual attention then you are neither a kid who needs attention nor you are going to psychiatrist for personal counselling. Learning is something what you need to do by yourself.

Comeon Siddharth you are a digital marketing guy and still complaining just like school kid of 2-3 class, behave like a mature guy.
The scope of trainingin DSIM was wide enabled me to gain deep knowledge about every aspect of Digital Marketing and helped me to get some highly advanced tool for Digital Marketing.
Trained in Digital Marketing .Dsim trains well with real examples and casestudy related to every industry whether it is fmcg or fmcd or any industry, which made me expert as they had promised.

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