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 Tech Trick Tip on Nov 6, 2019
No contact details provided on the website, they took 970 rupees for the online registration which they said is refundable, they give 10 typing tasks daily, which after completing and submitting, they told the next day that they will give 70rs per page, but they rejected 8 pages for no reason, the rules they gave were all followed. Then the next day they rejected 8 again, next day i i did just 2 and that too wrong, they accepted one from it, next they again they accepted only 1 out of 2. I'm constantly trying to contact them through their bot, but they are not responding. First they said that you can withdraw money the very first day if your account reaches 1000 rs and you can withdraw refundable amount with it, now they are showing 1500 as min withdrawing limit, but their is no option to withdraw money. This is a fraud website to cheat with the needy job seeking candidates.
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I registered to this https://ebooksdataentry.com/
And paid Rs 199 for registeration.
Later after completing one task, it redirected me to login page and on trying to login, now it is showing Wrong ID/Password.
Absolutely Fake and Fraud
It is a worst company. Cheating the public. No involve in this company. They all the pages and they discourage the candidates. they wont pay even a single rupees and take the amount.
I registered by paying Rs.799/- and they provided the work but after submission their reply is that only one page is correct and that amount will be gone to wallet . No contact number is given. I made chat with them repeatedly to say me what is the mistake and show me the mistakes instead there is no reply form their part and they are not even seen in the picture for 4-5 days. Now they come back and i check my account but it is empty and i made chat with them to activate my account. But the reply is register with Rs.399/- They did not pay even a penny for my work as well as the registration fee. Not join they are fraud, cheating and exploiting the unemployment
wrong, cheat, fraud, don't believe. They are exploiters and our authorities may be alert about them If possible I am complaining to the allowed authorities.
This is one Fraud Company. Took 499 as a registration fee. Rejected all the 9 pages and accepted only 1 in which we followed all the rules. Again next day same thing happened.'

At last thought of withdrawing the money and the system tells that we can only withdraw money only if the vallet reaches min 1500 rs, which was never mentioned before registration,

Now today i am trying to login, but it shows that the Id n pass are invalid. Tried to reset the password but got reply telling that the email id entered is not in their database.

Fraud Company which is looting money in public.

And no customer support is available instead of that dead bot chat box in which always a bot named Raman gives useless silly replies that too after an hour ..

Dont believe this .. its a FRAUD...
Nikhil meshram's reply, Jul 6, 2020
ebook data entry is very froud...bcoz i lost a 499
This is fraud company, Took 499 rs as a registration fee. First day they had sent 10 pages task, I had submit 8 pages and without reason all eight pages are rejected.
Next again I recieved new 10 pages of task out of which i submit 5 pages and while doing 6 page its stop working.
While chatting with customer care (raman) he asked me to relogin again, but when i had tried to login again, but it shows invalid password and username. Trying to reset password but they shows email id is not entered in their data base.
I had paid money then they active my account but now they said your account is not active . I had send all screen shots to that person named raman, he had never give any reply to me .

This is a fraud company, so don't believe in them

Fraud cheat company..

they won't give even a rupee for the work we have done.. I have registered with RS.499 and did the assigned tasks for 7 days. At the end In my wallet it was showing 1050. But on 8th day while trying to login, it prompts "wrong password" and "email I'd doesn't match"..

All online data entry sites are fraudulent.
Attention Candidates!!! Pls avoid online or offline data entry works without knowing company or personal bcoz in this offer 90% will be fraud, Mostly asking money for registration 500 to 1000, we il give bcoz this is small amount & can afford, This is the fraud trcks they will getfrom min 100 peoples= 1000X50=50, 000 easily, first u think don't be foolish, Another tricks from frauds first they will provide work (offline)without any payment & tell us want accuracy & should submit with in a period of time, after u submit the given work
they will ask u to pay wallet activation charges for crediting salary, they will force you to pay regularly using different tricks & messages. Another frauds are offering data entry works but need to buy a video dvd that instructions of how to work, i[censored] interested they il send to ur address with COD, after they il not response ur money will lose.These are the most fake activities by data entry frauds, another fraud techniques may be happen but candidates should be alert from these frauds.First u think a legitimate company offering online work that can be done from home will not require you to pay fees or make an investment in software, training or any other tools needed for after and before the job. If you any queries about genuinity about works & assistance pls mail me: [protected]@gmail.com
I have also submitted 10 pages of typing but two pages accepted or approved. I asked them to send my mistakes, they did not reply till day. This is fraud company. Please do not work on this site
They are cheaters
Never take ebooksdataentry.com
i typed around 30 pages as my typing is 100 percent accurate
they just deleted my logins
showing username and password as wrong
purely fraudsters
never trust them
Avilie's reply, May 30, 2020
Hello.. dear user.. they charged me rs99 as registration fee and now telling me invalid username and password.. what the hell on Earth are they looting people around. Its a daylight robbery. Google should banned this kind of fraudsters and save the masses for being duped of their har earned money to this scoundrels. Hell with them
They are cheaters
Never take ebooksdataentry.com
i typed around 20 pages as my typing is 100 percent accurate
they just deleted my logins
showing username and password as wrong
purely fraudsters
never trust them
I dont know why are you fooling us.
Taking advantage o[censored]s. I paid 250 rupees as registration fee.
And did 10 pages typing no even 1 has been approved is this a joke to you... I want my money back...
They are cheaters. Dont invest money in frauds.
I loss my Rs. 300 for this website. Rejected all my work that is from 15 images 1 image accepted from the site.
No demo work.
Don't join this work. ebookdataentry.com
I also facing same issue
Now they are saying if I didn’t pay penality amt 7000 i will face legal formalities
Plz hlp and reply
Don't join this work. ebookdataentry.com. Fraud company for sure.

All cheaters will die without food and I pray god for this.

Guys, Lets take some legal actions against these company else people will be keep getting cheated.

Please drop me a email ( yk.[protected]@gmail.com )and we all can work to take legal actions on them.

Lets fight against these cheaters.
Avilie's reply, May 30, 2020
Yes I agree with you . Let's fight against this fraudsters. Looting people's hard earned money.
Even I got cheated I wrote 10 pages yesterday n today they rejected all mh pages a fraud company playing with people's money n even with the hope of people's earrings need to take action against this fraud ppl big scammer 😠😠😠
it is a fraud company. yesturday i was registered and paid the registration fee as they said and after that i did the task and now duering login to the site the pw and id shows invalid and the whatever the task i did that also gone..really this is a fraud company who cheated people and get money from them and not even give a payment for the work which we have done ..such a worst company
After seeing all this reviews and details o[censored]r company its seems like its a big fraude.
Actually befor i paying amount iwant to chek ur details and reviews vammooo fake company...
So many people r serching for job even they dont hae food to eat with money they will pay u after submeeting the work uwont pay they will suffer alot i[censored]r company ill do this fraud god wont help u
Totaly fraud website don't trust any one and don't pay amont.this totaly fake website.

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