Fedex — misguided, misled, no communication and extreme delay-a case of mental harassment by fedex and his employees im dealing with.

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 Kans84 on Jan 10, 2019
The below are the details and communication points I had with customer service team of Fedex. The case is pending for 4 months and has been wrongly initiated by Anil Baranwal and misguided and miscommunicated by Sharad Dharan.I was confirmed over call that due to misguidance and long delay Fedex will bear all the charges and I don't have to pay anything regarding my shipment.I asked the customer service to retrieve a call but they are not at all helpful and save their employee for his wrongdoings.
Please help-Im harassed enough by them.
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Dear Glen/Francis/Jason,

As discussed on the call with Glen, it is very evident that due to miscommunication, misguidance and lack of initiative by Sharad, I have been put through lot of mental harrasment in order to receive my own shipment for which I have paid the shipment charges.
AS PER MY LAST CALL WITH SHARAD IN DEC, HE CLEARLY CONFIRMED DUE TO DELAY AT FEDEX END, CUSTOMER SERVICE WILL BORNE ALL THE REMAINING CHARGES AS I cLEARLY CONFIRMED THAT I’M NOT READY TO PAY ANY SINGLE PENNY (internal or external charges) FOR MY SHIPMENT.Since my other shipment was delivered without any other charges, this is also the same just had 2 sets of shipment so I can’t be paying for one and not for other.Also, considering my non stop hundreds of follow ups with Fedex and going through this mental harrasment journey.

This is a total unprofessional and unacceptable work by Fedex and a way to extract money from customers and not delivering their shipment.We trust you as a company that you will make our life easier and not torture your customers in all the possible ways if your employees misguides or lack effort.You need to own your employees mistakes and not to pass it to your customers.I have done hundreds of follow ups on my shipment and this itself should make you realise that you as a company lacks the service and there is no passion to improve self or company as a whole.

The summary of horrible journey since September 2018 I had with Fedex Is clearly given below and I hope you as a customer service member will act in a clear manner and do the right thing what you’re there for your customers.

I’m explaining the entire thing as I’m not ready to feel mentally harrassed anymore from any of your Fedex representative hence the detailed summary and pointers of The harrasment and misguidance; My two shipment containing the same stuff(old and used clothes)was shipped under the courier mode without being guided on the extra charges beside the shipment charges which I paid already to Fedex.
My shipment landed on Sep 5 and I received a call for the delivery for one of my shipment ending with 515 on payment of INR 18k+ which was shocking for me to pay that much money as there was no guidance on additional charges.The other shipment was not custom cleared by then.
I made a complaint to customer care and Anil Baranwal got in touch.I explained my concern about the charges and the uncleared shipment and I was guided that both the shipment shouldn’t be categorised under courier mode at first place and should have been processed under Cargo to avoid any customduty.As requested by Anil, I sent a request letters for the same.
After this, one of my shipment ending with 257 converted into Cargo mode and Shipment ending with 515 has been delivered to me without any charges(Thank you to Bhawana for understanding the mistake at Fedex end).
Sharad, took over for the shipment under Cargo mode and after exchanging lot of communication, I was called to collect my shipment ending with 257 from Airport.Sharad confirmed the waiver of levied charges however, I found the charges levied despite of the confirmation and after lot of struggle I was given papers to collect the shipment from Cargo office(THiS IS AGAIN A SHARAD MISTAKE FOR CALLING ME TO COLLECT THE SHIPMENT WHEN IT NEEDS MORE WORK TO RELEASE-LACK OF PROCESS KNOWLEDGE OR JUST WANT TO TROUBLE CUSTOMER)
I went to collect the same however custom officer mentioned that there is a Bill of entry that needs to be filed before releasing.I was also in talking terms with Shahrukh Khan who assured the customer officer on Sep 26, (as the officer was really angry on misguiding me) that he will coordinate with the team and have the Bill of entry filed and ensure the delivery of the shipment in a days time.
I waited for the shipment to receive however there was no update hence I emailed all regarding the same.After few days, Sharad asked me to furnish the documents in order to file the Bill of entry which is again a misguidance from Shahrukh’s end.
DOcuments were asked in instalments by Sharad with no proper guidance due to which it delayed in processing.


Anil Baranwal confirmed that my both the shipment shouldn’t be under courier mode and suggested to send a request for a cargo conversion in order to avoid charges.He accepted that Fedex didn’t categorised my shipments correctly at first place as none of my shipment should be processed under courier mode.

One of my shipment converted into Cargo and other into courier despite of containing the same items.The other shipment could have been processed under Cargo only as both contains the same contents.

No communication from Fedex before getting my shipment ending with 515 cleared under courier mode and payment of duty without realising the actual contents inside and that if the same can be processed under Cargo.I wasn’t aware about any additional charges beside what I paid already.

Misguidance by Sharad to call me over all the way to airport to collect my shipment from Cargo zone and that he waived off the charges already but there was no communication with others due to which I had to struggle in your office for 3-4 hours to get the same sorted.Even after that I couldn’t get my shipment.

Misguidance by Shahrukh Khan to me and the customer officer that he will have the Bill of entry filed and deliver my shipment at my residence in a days time, the day I was asked to visit Airport office and collect the shipment.

As per my call with Sharad today, he confirmed that there has been a FedEx mistake as no one took the ownership to check on customers and shipment landing.Being a layman I wouldn’t understand and keep the track of the same.This is fedex responsibility to have the necessary questions answered.

There is no professionalism, as I clearly realised when Sharad asked if I actually travelled 80 kms(to/fro) to collect my shipment.ARE YOU all showing a PROfESSIONALISM by asking customer to come all the way to collect shipment which can’t be collected due to no accountability/lack of effort at your end?I didn’t like the way Sharad started the call as it was just not in right tone.
After all this struggle, I DO NOT EXPECT FEDEX TO MAKE MY LIFE HELL AS ITS BEEN almost 4 MONTHS NOW AND THIS IS CLEArLY NOT A PROFEsSIONALISM THAT CUSTOMERS EXPECTS because of no effort or seriousness to have the issue resolved ASAP and especially torturing me with no professionalism.

I’m seriously taking this as a MENTAL TORTURE from FedEx’s end for 4 months now as I can’t keep talking and explaining myself number of times if you all are not taking an accountability of your mistakes and misguidance.

AS CLEARLY DISCUSSED WITH YOU and explaining my entire stressful journey all over again, I WILL NOT BEAR ANY CHARGES related my shipment as my other shipment was also delivered without any charges due to clear FEDEX mistake.Its the same shipment just divided into two sets.I have been misguided enough by Shahrukh and Sharad (as explained above).
I’m not ready to explain myself again after this and at the end just want to know as WHEN ARE YOU GETTING MY SHIPMENT DELIVERED WITH NO CHARGES?
Thanking you,

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[Jan 11, 2019] FedEx customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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    Fedex - misguided, misled, no communication and extreme delay-a case of mental harassment by fedex and his employees im dealing with.