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Griantek — employees are treated like garbage

Hello everyone. I have worked in griantek for 4 years. This is one of the worst companies that can exist for both clients as well as employees. Some people are working here because of their family situation and other people are working here to enjoy their time till marriage. All they can think about is money, money, and money. People are made to work even on government holidays, new year, republic day, and many holidays. Employees are treated with so much partiality. If you are close with vishnu the hr, you can do anything. General office rules don't apply to them. I[censored] become a servant to md, you can enjoy office. Office cameras are turned on and off as per their need. When a female interviewee comes for interview, her phone number is shared among hr's friends and they use it to their advantage. Programmer mano used to sit near new girls and torture them. Employees can't discuss their salary package with other employees. Because the salary differ from person to person even though they are doing the same job or in same position. The employee who is friends with hr can get increment. If we ask for raise, we will be fired. They have formed a new marketing team with new employees. They are treated like vips because they are in good terms with hr. They even go out saying that they are going for marketing, but they just go out for enjoyment. If you are close to hr, he will take you to these outings even if you are from journal section. They even have food in the management's money. Others are treated like #. If anyone from marketing team don't like someone, they tell that to hr and he will take every possible step to terminate that employee even he/she is a very good worker. Also there is an illegal affair couple in the office but no one seems to care about it. Also heard that md has demanded physical favours from some of the gents staffs and some gents staffs resigned their jobs because of this issue. This is so disgusting even to imagine that such a horrible person is living among us. He has a wife, and children. Now imagine a office run by these power driven, immoral people. One of the basic necessities in an office is rolling chair. But they use plastic chairs. Computer tables are joke here. The toilet facility is worst of any standards. All they want is people who put jaaldra to hr, and md. They can't take criticism like men. Even now they will be thinking who wrote this review instead of correcting the stated issues.

My personal suggestion to md, and hr to improve this company:
Treat every employee equally.
Improve the computer systems, tables and chairs.
Get anonymous feedbacks from employees and respond to those feedbacks.
Pay them what they deserve because most of their salaries are worth only for 15 days of work.
Stop using office employees for personal use and as pimps.
Stop using office as a bar.
Stop asking for physical favours.
Stop misbehaving to lady staffs.
Stop torturing staffs in non working hours through phone.

But from my experience i am sure the management will not even try to correct these issues. They will just try to cover this.
Other ex employees please share your experience in griantek so that people can know griantek's real face.
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