Haier India Deep Freezer — haier fridge door breaks and fall on my head

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Mira Road, Maharashtra, India
 Gopi Modi on Aug 7, 2019
To whomsoever it may concern,

With deep grief and disappointment i have to say that i am really very sick and tired of the double door refrigerator that i own of haier brand.
Since the day i have brought this refrigerator at my house i and my family are suffering to the core of frustration.
From the beginning itself there was a lot of problem with the cooling of the fridge. It never gave the cooling that a normal fridge would otherwise give. All the food in the fridge would get spoiled most of the time. But due to lack of time and observation i could not judge the main reason for the same and thought it would be fine by itself and could be just a matter of climatic change or something.
However when the problem continued for long i had to make a complaint to the service centre at Mira Road East about the same. They send their technician for locating the fault and said it was only a matter of temperature control settings and did something with the temperature settings and left saying that now we would get the proper cooling. But even after days passed the same old problem of cooling continued and we were back to square one.
Then i again made a complaint about the same thing to which they said they will again sent the technician. One day when i tried to open the door of the fridge i cud not manage opening the door with the normal pressure used otherwise for opening, so finally i had to apply little more pressure than normal just to open the door and it opened finally pulling and breaking / tearing off the rubber also known as the gas kit technically. Then somehow i managed to stick the rubber temporary with a celotape and run the functioning of the fridge till the time the technicians arrived. When the technician came he said that there was ice formation of one of the parts of the fridge due to which the cooling of the fridge was not good enough as that was choking the air vents in the fridge, he added that he has removed the ice from over it so now it should give you the proper cooling. But the same story repeats again and again and again. Even after days and months the same problem continued. However i had lost patience by now and told them that if this time they will not give me a permanent solution i might have to take this matter ahead. They again sent their technician for survey. This time for a new story again . They said that one of the internal part of the fridge which was a kind of white colour thermocol kind of was damaged because of which was this regular problem of cooling. When asked which part they opened the part from inside and showed it and when i asked this doesn't seem to be damaged, they clarified me that some kind of pasting on that part had come out and due to which air was passing through the passage where it shouldn't and ultimately disturbing the cooling of the fridge.
I asked them first how cud this pasting come out if it is beyond the reach of any individual bare hands so the changes of the wear and tear of that part during the usage by different members of my house was impossible as it was an internal part which is not accessible. So i estimated that it cud be the manufacturing default at the time of purchase of the fridge and possibly that could be the reason for not giving us proper cooling since very long or can say from date of purchase.
He said it cud be a manufacturing defect but since my fridge was out of warranty it would be chargeable to an extent of approximately 1300 rs. i told him to order the same and get it fixed to the earliest as i had a 12 months old baby for whom we had to store milk all the time and it was becoming very difficult. They said they will order and the same will come in 7-10 working days.
Days and weeks passed but i had no reverts from the service centre and when called they said they have ordered and the part is in transit. I had no option as all my day to day food was getting spoiled everyday due to non cooling and a lot of food and indirectly a lot of my hard earned money was getting wasted.
I finally had to order a temporary fridge from a retail store on rental basis till this wasn't rectified/repaired. I had to pay 150 per day for it and finally till the time my fridge was repaired i had to keep the rental fridge for almost 28 days and had to shell out 4000 to the fridge vendor after a discount of rs.200 from him. I was super pissed with such a treatment and service of a brand like Haier. However after listening to my problems faced they didnot charge me a peny for the new part that they replaced and THANK GOD that this this finally my fridge was ready to use like.
I and my family were very contempt ed that the long term recurring problem has been resolved and for sure it was this part which was changed this time which was not proper and was causing the cooling problem from day one. At the time when the technician was leaving my house he said that he would come back and change the gas kit for the better functioning of the fridge but till date he never came back its been months by now.
BUT NEVERTHELESS THE BRAIN STORMER WAS YET TO ARRIVE for me when like other days i tried to open the door of my fridge and it suddenly broke apart from somewhere and the door edge directly feel on my forehead near eyebrows very close to my eyes(shared image also) hurting me badly and for some time i was out of my senses and somehow manged to hold the door as it was extremely heavy and feel down with the door hurting my back. I was on bed rest for a couple of days due to the ### on my back. It was a very close save for my eyes and i am very thankful to God that its saved.
I cannot imagine my wife or my mother or my senior citizen father in my place of accident the situations could have been worse. I don't understand what kind of cheap material or fibre are the haier company using for their products that without any warning the main door of the fridge breaks apart from the hinges area and falls on the consumer.
I also had a mark of blood clot of my forehead where the fridge fell and the mark remained for almost a weak with immense pain. Now i have complained it to haier they have sent their technician and have told that they will get the door changed on chargeable basis and that too it would not be the same door as it was the first of its kind incidence and they don't keep spare of doors and since it was an old model(2 years back) they will replace it with the new model door that they have.
After a long follow up with the Mira Road service centre who had told me that the new door has arrived and will send the technicians to the earliest to fix the new doors, no one has yet turned up at my residence. Even till Yesterday ie 06th August 2019 he had promised me that by 5 pm the technician will arrive at my house of which i have a confirmation mobile message from his number also but no show.
First when i spoke to the service centre they said i might not have to pay for it but now they say i have to bear the door charges of approximately 4000.
I am unable to understand that is the company itself so late back and takes its clients for a dam or the people at the service centre are least bothered. Whatever it might be it has taken a good toll on the reputation and goodwill on the company name.
I had bought this refrigerator by being attracted on the appearance and believing on the brand name but very unfortunate and sorry to say me and my family experience with this brand was nothing less than a night mare. I hope the company understand the importance of the biggest Publicity in Market "Mouth Publicity".
Now i would like to ask the team of Haier or say to the founder / chairman / CEO of Haier Respected Mr. Zhang Ruimin that how do i deal with this sir. Plz HELP assist... DO i have to pay for the new door charges or should i be liable for something better for facing such frustrations from the date of my purchase or should i ask for my rights or should i ask for compensation.
Even If there is any one Responsible member or staff in Haier i expect a asap feedback. I Request i would like to speak only to the top authorities.

haier fridge door breaks and fall on my head
haier fridge door breaks and fall on my head
haier fridge door breaks and fall on my head
haier fridge door breaks and fall on my head

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[Aug 08, 2019] Haier Appliances India customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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I have bough Haier refrigerator during 2015, it is causing me trouble from after 6 months and it is still happening once in every 3 months. My foods are wasted becasue of that.
If you want to take revenge on someone buy/ refer them Haier fridge

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