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 bhagwandas baheti on Feb 9, 2018
Dear sir/madam
My name is bhagwandas baheti. My policy number is 18836269. I has been cheated by your agent mr. Abhishek sharma, neha varma & rajat mehta. Firstly i want to clear that i am a diabetic patient from 1990.in 2011 i went under bypass surgery.in starting of december 2016 i received a call from mr. Abhishek he said he is calling on behalf of hdfc life insurance co. Ltd & told that hdfc is providing a special pension plan for senior citizen’s & also along with those medical expenses will also be recovered. It is one time investment and from september 2017 your pension will start also he told that policy commission will come in your bank a/c directly. I clearly told him about my medical condition he said nothing will happen this offer is only for the senior citizens then he told that i have to invest one time in this policy & after 3 years company will provide me more than rs. 2 lakh with that company will also provide me bonus after 180 days on this policy. After so many questions & answers i agreed to provide them all the required documents collected by mr. Rahul. That one cancelled cheque is demanded by abhishek which i given to be commission directly come in my account.
After documentation i received call from him he told me that when you receive policy verification calls from authentic agent don’t tell them anything about this one time investment, commission (We have kept commission file for you) & this bonus facility otherwise company will not issue your policy & also will not provide you paid premium amount that time i was scared & also he used hdfc company’s name so not even in my dreams i thought that hdfc will do this kind of miss selling thing with me then i said whatever he told me to do then after some days i received my policy documents when i checked my documents i found some mistakes like my application form is company changed like they provide me computer generated application from with has no signature but when your field executive came to me that time i had signed application form then in this policy premium paying term is for 10 years but mr. Abhishek told me that this is one time investment policy when i asked him about this then he told me due to some mistakes while filling up my form he changed my application form & provide me computer generated application form & as per ppt is concern he said first i have to provide him my policy client id number then he will provide me on time investment documents within 24 working days then in middle of february he called me & told me company is ready to release my bonus of 1lac rs but to claim that bonus amount i have to invest 64, 440/- in oxxy international & after 24 working days company will release my 1lac bonus with 64, 440 investment means in total 1 lac 64, 400. Then after few days again he asked me for more investment on my daughter (Navita baheti policy number 19127554 with premium amount 99, 999/-) & son’s name (Nitesh baheti 19127274 with premium amount of 99, 999/-) for more bonus + one time investment in policy but asked him to wait till i receive my policy bonus but he said it will take time because of the year ending then he asked me to open two more policies that also he send his field executive he collected kyc documents of my kids & cheque from me he didn’t taken the signature of them on any application form after that i received call from company on my number regarding both policies. Then after a month he again told me that company has released bonus of these two policies after 180 days but for that i have to again invest 96, 600 in oxxy international then after investing that amount also i did not receive my policy bonus & no new one time investment documents but still i was keeping my self-calm but in middle of may again he was giving me reasons for delay in issuing my bonus like service tax rates has been increased. After all that mental harassment also he was trying to convince me to invest more but that time i lost my temper & i told him to refund my whole invested amounts that time also he was giving me reasons that my files are in process & also he was threatening me by saying that company will not refund my invested amount & company will deduct some amount from invested amount. & till 07/09/2017 he was giving me reason & in last call on same date he said he thought i might cancelled my policy that is the reason he is un aware about my bonus file process t in same call he said he’ll check in systems & call me back but from that day to till now i did not receive his call neither he attained my calls too every time i tried to call him his colleague attain my calls & told me that he is in a meeting or something. That time i lost my trust on your company means how can a company like hdfc life insurance do this kind of cheating with customers. I”ll never refer this company to anyone.
Now i am fed up with these policies i don’t want these policies & currently i am 64+ i can’t pay your policy premiums & want my all policy premiums return as soon as possible. Also i would like to inform you that i have recorded all the calls of your agent which i will providing you in attachments along with that i will also provide you my bank statement with that my medical certificate for my health issue. Please verify my complaint & revert me back as soon as possible.
Thanks & regards,
Mr. Bhagwandas baheti

Abhishek sharma – [protected]
Landline numbers - [protected]/[protected]/[protected]/[protected]/[protected]/[protected]/[protect...
Mr. Rahul – [protected] (Collected all the documents & cheques)
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Complaint Status

[Feb 09, 2018] HDFC Life customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Updated by bhagwandas baheti, Feb 09, 2018
please note one thing your agent who visited me he accept that all these three policies has been mis soled to me by your agent.
Dear team

I received your mail yesterday. Kindly please note some points

· All three policies have been sold to me by your same agent.

· As you mentioned in mail about my pre-conversation calls, let me tell you one thing I have each & every call recording of your agent/broker, from those I have provide you & Mr.Ishan K some important call recordings please listen to those call recordings carefully. You will found how he sold me all three policies & how he forced to me to not to say/ask anything about bonus.

· As per the documentation part goes, kindly please notice one point your field executive (Rahul) collected kyc documents with cheques that time he did not take my signature on any form if he can collect documents from me then he can take my signs on the application form too but neither did he take my signatures on application form nor my children’s signature & my children’s are unaware of these policies .so that please note me & my children’s did not signed any application form of yours.

· As you mentioned about features/benefits and details of this plan were explained to me at the time of purchasing the policies please note that your agentMr.Abhishek sold me these polices by explaining me bonus & commissions on these policies so please note these all three policies has not contain those commitment which your agent told me at the time of taking these policies. Also I haven’t taken these polices from branch so I take these policies as per the commitments by your agent/broker which you clearly find in my policy complaint & also in call recording which I have provide you & your agent Mr.Ishan k.

· As you mentioned about your certified agent kindly please ask him to meet me & also I have provide you each & every documents/evidence which clearly proves that these all three policies & OXXY international fraud has been done by same agent.

· As you have mentioned me to provide you consent letter to continue/convert the policies in the single premium kindly please note that I am not agree to your this decision. I have clearly proved you my side hoe your agent cheated with me by using HDFC LIFE INSURANCE name also I am a senior citizen at this age I am not able to pay your rest policy premium & also I lost my all the savings in these policies & OXXY INTERNATIONAL money so now I am not having any saving/money for my future & also due to my current medical condition I will need money in future so because of that I am not in favor of single premium. Also if you notice all three policies premiums & OXXY INTERNATION payment paid by me (Bhagwandas Baheti) by my own savings

· Also after so many mails & call I received you this decision which is not 100% in my favor. Also you have mentioned in policy about your grievances redressal process is that company will revert in 10 days from date of complaint but I received you decision after 24 days approx. that is the reason & my past experience with your agent Mr.Abhishek I am not in the favor of keeping my relationship continue with your company any more that is the reason I want my whole invested amount refunded & end this relationship with your company.








30, 000/-




99, 999/-




99, 999/-






64, 400/-




96, 600/-

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HDFC Life Customer Care's response, Feb 09, 2018
Hi, our representative has replied to you several times on your concern.
Updated by bhagwandas baheti, Feb 09, 2018
Dear team I did not receive any reply from company they just provided me new policy complaint number in my daughters name
Updated by bhagwandas baheti, Feb 09, 2018
kindly please share this revert on bhagwandasbaheti9819@gmail.com
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HDFC Life Customer Care's response, Feb 12, 2018
Please note that our representative Mr. Ameiya Kirtikar has already replied to you several times followed with the arranging of meeting with one of our Sr. representative. Further, Ameiya will be sharing our concluding response with you.
Updated by bhagwandas baheti, Feb 12, 2018
dear team HDFC life insurance Mr.Swaroop & Mr.Ajay mehta vistited me on 23rd of january 2018 & I have clearly told them I want my whole invested amount to be refunded as soon possible & same thing I have mentioned/sent to your escalation level 1 on 25th of january 2018 but from that day to till now company did not reply any of my mails they just send me new complaint number on my daughters name.also your agent on chat said that I did not provide freelook cancellation letter in time that clearly shows that company is blindly investigating my policy complaint & also they are ignoring my all the 17 call recordings & my medical certificate.also I again want to share with you that after launching my complaint on 17th december 2017 very next day I received a call from a girl she again told me to invest some money in reliance life insurance plan that clearly means data has been leaked from your side.Also on your policy bond company mentioned that any grievance complaint will be resolved in 10 working days but this is 55 days since I first approached to your company but I still did not receive my policy cancellation mail from company.
also I request to you kindly please share me ameiya kirtikar's mail id so that i will talk to him on mail & help him to resolve this policy complaint or tell him to call me as soon as possible
Updated by bhagwandas baheti, Feb 13, 2018
Dear team
I am fed up with your poor service yesterday I received a mail from your company & they have provide me a new policy complaint number on my son's name that is the reason I am really dis-appointed by your poor grievance service I have clearly mentioned that all three policy premium has been paid my me only & my son & daughter has not been aware of this policy mis selling also please note that they did not sign any of your application form & now I have understood that company is deliberately doing this kind of thing they are giving each policy a new complaint number so that they can declined my policy concern & save their cheap & fraud authentic insurance broker.after telling you so many times that your agent/representatives Mr.Ajay kapoor & Mr.Swaroop accepted mis selling in this policies & also your company has accepted single premium option on these policies which I did not accepted it then also your company is doing same thing again & again.I am not able to understand why company is ignoring my evidence & also why company is not accepting 3 policy complaint in single complaint number.
This is a very poor & pathetic service by HDFC life insurance.
Updated by bhagwandas baheti, Feb 15, 2018
this is reminder mail no.1 to escalation level 2
dear team HDFC life insurance
This is regarding to your poor & blind service towards my policy complaint.I approached to your company regarding my policy complaint on 17th december 2017 then I received a visit from Mr.Ishan K who verified each & every call recording & accepted that mis selling is really happened in this case & he committed that he will send reports to the company & company will revert me back soon then on 15th January 2018 I received a mail from company they given me single premium option which I did not accepted then they sent Mr.swaroop & Mr.Ajay Kapoor to visit me & they try to convince me to keep policies in single premium option but after discussing with my family I told them I am not agree to keep these policies in single premium option.then from that day to till now (25th january-12th feb.) I did not receive any satisfying reply from company on the other hand your company is providing new policy complaint numbers on my daughters names & on my son's name I told them several times that all three policies premiums has been paid by me only & complaint has been approached by me only also my kids not aware of these policy fraud, when ever I do online chat with your agents or simply chat they also told me that company has already reverted me or company will revert me at the end of the day all kind of fraud commitments.this is also a very poor & pathetic service by your company because when I read on policy documents that company will resolve any complaint within 10 working days but from 17 th of december to till now it has been 2 months but I still did not receive any revert from company this is also a kind of mental harassment by HDFC.If I did not receive any satisfying reply from company as soon as possible they I will approached to ombudsmen court & consumer forum regarding same & I will make sure I will drag HDFC & authentic insurance to the consumer forum soon
Updated by bhagwandas baheti, Feb 15, 2018
I approached to HDFC life insurance company on 17th December 2017 then around 5th of January 2018 they updated me about ishan k meeting after that he met me & heard each & every call recording & also he accepted mis selling in these polices then he said he will send a report to the company.on 15th January 2018 I received a single premium option from company which I did not agree with then company sent Mr.Swaroop & Mr.ajay kapoor to visit me & they also said company is not anymore tied uo with authentic insurance broker ltd so because of that they cant recover brokerage charges which they have already paid to them so because of that company is not giving you refund that time also I said to them I dont want my money to be refunded brokerage recovery is companies problem not my problem then from 25th of January 2018 to till now I am mailing HDFC life insurance so many times byt they did not replied me back & whenever I do online chat with their agent they always given me same answer that company will revert me at the end of the day but till date I did not receive any satisfying revert from HDFC life insurance company.HDFC life insurance giving me mental harassment.
Updated by bhagwandas baheti, Feb 16, 2018
dear Mr. Ameiya Kirtikar
I received your mail.thank you so much for replying me...
Firstly about freelook cancellation letter :- as you mentioned that I did not submitted freeook cancellation letter in time that clearly means that you did not investigate my complaint properly.I have provide you call recordings in which your agent committed that I will receive my bonus after 180 days.
signatures of two polices which you have mentioned :- kindly please check both policy documents did not have any signatures on it.My son & my daughter did not signed nay of your application form & also as you said I did not provide you my children's signatures that means you did not listen 25th january mail attachments kapoor clearly told me to provide signature verification to Mr.Ameiya on his mail id & from that day I am asking everyone to provide me Mr.Ameiya's mail id but nobody provided me his mail id.
previously your company on 15 th of January 2018 reverted me single premium option which I did not accepted on the other hand I told you to refund my money & in future if we required we will definitely take insurance policy from HDFC life insurance
As you talk about pre verification calls & welcome call :- dear sir please note only one thing your company have only 2 or 3 call recordings of mine but I am having more than 30 call recording of your fraud agent MR.Abhishek from which I have provide you 17 call recordings.
Also please note MR.Ishan k & MR.Ajay kapoor accepted mis selling in this polices which meeting voice recording I am having

On Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 5:28 PM, service@hdfclife.com <service@hdfclife.com> wrote:
Dear Mr. Bhagwandas Baheti,

We refer to your concern raised against aforesaid policies.

We would like to confirm that we have done a detailed re-investigation and our decision sent to you via email dated February 05, 2018 is correct and remains unchanged.

In the event you are dissatisfied with the response provided by us, you may approach the Insurance Ombudsman in your region. You are requested to refer to the IRDAI website at “www.irdai.gov.in” for the updated details of the existing offices of the Insurance Ombudsman.

However, insurance is a long-term contract and it is mutually advisable to continue the policies till the end of term to reap the full benefits of the plans.

For any further queries or clarification, kindly contact us at any of the touch points mentioned in the email.

Assuring you best of our services.

Yours sincerely
Ameiya Kirtikar

Escalation 2
Service Recovery – HDFC Life

HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited. IRDAI Regn No. 101

Regd Office:Lodha Excellus, 13 th Floor, Apollo Mills Compound, N.M.Joshi Marg, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai–400011

Call us on our help line[protected]Local charges apply).

Available all Monday to Saturday ; 10 am to 7 pm. DO NOT prefix any country code e.g. +91 or 00. |

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IRDAI or its officials are not involved in activities like sale of any kind of insurance or financial products or investment of premiums.
IRDAI does not announce any bonus.
Public receiving such phone calls are requested to lodge a police complaint along with details of phone call and number.
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There are many cases of mis selling of HDFC Life policies. People's hard earned white money is duped by agents by fake promises, or mis-representations or indue influence. By mis-selling only 2 people are benefitted i.e. Agent and Insurance Company.. After lodging a complaint - HDFC gived standard reply that Customer has agreed with all condition by signing and on verification call and policy not returned within free look period . HDFC life people themselves know that there policies are mis sold and hence they dont take action on such spurious agents. Simple question they should ask why people would buy policies earning returns less that 3% and distributing commission @ 35% .
IN SHORT HDFC LIFE is loosing faith amongst people at large. Now people hate word of HDFC LIFE
HDFC Life Customer Care's response, Feb 26, 2018
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Hi, if you have any unresolved issues related to HDFC Life policy, kindly write to us at service@hdfclife.com from the registered Id to have a look into the same and to reply to you.

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