[Resolved]  SIES Graduate School of Technology — Torturous Principal Dr.Alka Mahajan and arrogant college SIESGST (SIES Graduate school of technology)

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SIES Engineering College is going through worst phase of Management.
Please make a note of following points before you get your kids admitted to SIES Engineering college.

- Students are facing issue's conducting events in college.Unnecessary bias been created by principal between different streams of Engineering such as Electronics and Telecommunication, Comp Eng, I.T, Packing and presentation, Mechanical and Biotech streams.which has create's unnecessary feud between students.
- Probably anyone can make out the here that Teachers and Students are being ragged by principal.Entire Staff has been suffering because of the such weird behavior of principal.
- Students are forced to through unnecessary hardship.
- Students aren't allowed to use their cellphones they are been fined exorbitant charges of Rs 5000 for using phones, where in now college has almost collected more than Rs 3 lakh in fine.
- Donations are taken from student ranging between 5 to 10 lakhs.
- Because of improper behavior by principal college has lost placement opportunity from companies such as Infosys, Wipro and Capegemini.
- Attendance issue are not dealt appropriately (for eg:- Principal has even gone to such an extent that a students father had expired and even after his mom visiting the college and informing the same to principal students mom is asked to submit the death certificate in arrogant manner.)
- Parents are treated inappropriately by management staff and principal.They are embarrassed in front of their kids
- Arrogant management staff such as Vijayalaxmi who thinks about she being boss .
- Improper Lab equipments where in students are crammed to work on the work on the same kits in a group of 6 to 7 at a time.
- Students are burdened with number o[censored]nnecessary examinations and forced to attend the same.
- College has almost completed 10 years but haven't received grades because of such arrogant approach towards the AICTE committee

Please don't waste your KIDS life by forcing them to join such college where Principal has also executed detention plan for students.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I 2nd te comment above. SIES has got the worst ever administration a graduate school can get. the prime culprit being the principle herself. Got no manners hw to speak to someone's parents. got a hell lot of arrogance and one best example on hw someone can misuse one's power. the principle literally waits for the term end wen the submissions n internals gonna start to take revenge on students and the teachers are jus puppets for her.
Very true... The main motive of sies is to ruin students happiness
And i want to add something more.. The head of department of IT mrs Leena Ladge is a teacher in IT department as well. Being a teacher she doesnt know how to talk to students. Calling a student rowdy and all such things doesnt suit a teacher. People say teachers are like parents. But i never felt so in S.I.E.S. Never get your children admitted in S.I.E.S if you want to see him happy in life ever.
I would also like to comment on each teachers present in the SIES college nerul.
IT department. Half of the teachers r nt teachers itself. They dnt behave like teachers nor they have knowledge. I will also say if teachers like Ms Radhika, Ms Neena jacob, Ms sudhalakshmi, Ms Manjula, Ms Somya, Ms Mrinal were not present this college would have been dissolved long back. Few teachers like Ms savita lohiya, Ms Leena Ladge, Ms Seema Desai r nt teachers actually. They are present in college to take revenge from students. During aubmissions they make sure that the atudent suffer the most. Student should beg them, fall in their feet and cry in front of them. I am sure that out of 100%, 80% knows that whatever i am writing is right.
Now extc department teachers
Mr. Gajanand, Ms Preeti warrier are to be called as teachers. Others are just to bully students.
They say ragging is banned in colleges. But its wrong. Ragging has been shifted from between students to teachers-students.
I am from SE MECH branch we face face a real hardtime with our HOD and professor, neither are supportive.People such as Ganesh Kadam and our HOD MR Taglpalkar are such a huge mess.Ganesh Kadam thinks about he is the one has all the tension of invigilation, we faced issue last time when we were 5 mins late he was talking is such a bossy manner and was saying kya bhikari jaisa paper maagne aa raha hai.when talked the same to HOD he says jaane do hota hai gatli aadmi se.You people think about yourself, if we start behaving with you in same manner.All professors of SIES let me inform you that you are getting salary because we pay the fees upto 1lakh think about it if people stop taking the addmission in such college u all a--h---es would be big time and then keep wiping your with newspaper.This
is the only case about this college recently an entire batch of seniors
were suspended for just celebrating traditional day this was done by
our so called pyshco principal Mrs Alka Mahajan she still hunts for mobile phones and takes 5000 rs for the same.Nowadays she has earned so much from the Mobile penalty the sum has gone above 6 lakh and she has purchased new car with full accessories form the same (Hyundai i20).last
week some people from first year comps were talking about the worst
part of food in canteen and they had found cockroaches in he canteen of
SIESGST even after complaining no action was taken by siesgst college management, when said the same to canteen owner he was laughing with his entire staff.Check the pic out. I think it would be wonderful when some guest would have cockroach in their savouirs which they would eat at SIESGST.On all above points this college has to closed or else the their gradation has to be cancelled by AICTE for thier such wonderful acts and plays they arrange for students.Its my humble request form all the parents please donot get your kids addmitted to SIES GST also known asSIES Graduate School of Technology, Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Vidyapuram, Sector-V, Nerul, Navi Mumbai - 400706.If you want to waste your kids life you are always welcome.

really true got headache of all the tings done by this college
unnecessarily weekly test and moodle test have to be given for them
n no of assignments to be given
no mobile phones to be used even headphones also if founded then 5000 rs fine immediately to be given or else no college
if somebody bunk the class or bunk the whole day then a letter to be give them with parents sign
they just find reasons to embarss in front of the class
no relaxation is given to students in this SIES engg coll
its just like a school
Hello, everybody!

I am Niranjanraj Ramasundaram, an alumnus of SIES Graduate School of Technology (GST) from the 2013 batch, having majored in Electronics and Telecommunication.

A couple of years back, I had heard about a post about SIES GST being put up on a consumer complaint forum, and the hue and cry surrounding it. Just a fresh graduate at the time, I didn't give it much thought and got busy with my life. A couple of days back, I was thinking about my GST days and as a practice, just 'Googled' SIES GST! I saw the new and revamped website and was delighted with some of my juniors' achievements listed there. I also heard about our Mechanical department students starting to work on Go-karts and all terrain vehicles! This was also when I stumbled upon "that" consumer complaint forum post that I had heard about back then!

Out of curiosity, I went through the entire post along with the several comments that have been posted since. I was taken aback! Some of the points were serious and damaging to the institute and I couldn't believe them! Simply because, I was closely involved in the functioning of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell, Training and Placement Cell and the Student Council of the college. As a result, I was interacting closely with our Principal, our Office Staff, our Training and Placement Cell, our Department Heads and our Student Council In-charge. The start of my engineering education coincided with the appointment of our Principal, and all my batch-mates and juniors witnessed GST growing from strength to strength.

During my first year, around 6-7 new air-conditioned labs were being constructed for the EXTC and CE branches. Along with this, planning and work started on a Computer Center with over 50 PC's for students, expansion of the library- area-wise, number of copies of reference books and subscription to more journals and revamping the Administrative office of the college. These developments continued and we soon had a new AV system in our Auditorium, a Boys' common room and a Girls' common room. Second and Third years witnessed the college applying for AICTE/NBA accreditation. The teaching and non-teaching staff got busy with the accreditation related activities and we students chipped in too! This was a matter or pride, and a great experience for us students as we were helping our Alma Mater. Our efforts paid dividends as our EXTC, CE and IT departments were accredited by the NBA.

The Student Council and Student Chapters like IETE, CSI, IEEE and the Entrepreneurship Development Cell, helped cultivate a culture of trying out new ideas- technical and otherwise. We started collaborating with the country's finest IIT's, and organized many a program/workshop for students. We saw start-ups from IIT Bombay, a Former Diplomat, Business Leaders et al. visit us and speak on Entreprensurship and conduct Business Plan Writing workshops and competitions. Our technical student chapters started events like Project Competitions and National Level TPP's, among other events. We then started to actively participate in the Mumbai University Cultural and Sports events and in the very first year, we had medal-winners from GST in both categories! The extra-curricular student activities also saw an increase in stature, year after year. Our Technical and Cultural festival Tatva-Moksh, soon had national level events like Robot Wars and Business Plan Competitions. Lakshya, our Sports festival introduced Cage Football for the fist time in Navi Mumbai. We had participants from various states for our events. Our Cage Football event was so popular, that other colleges in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai started the same, and for this, they used the Cage that belonged to GST! Our NSS unit is among the most active units in the university. Along with organizing regular blood donation camps and cleanliness drives, the unit also performs street plays to create awareness about prevalent social evils.

It was during this time that I got interested in organizing events for our students and also in the placement related activities. As a result, I started understanding how the college functioned and how different departments- academic, administrative and accounts- had to work cohesively and in coordination with each other. As an active member of the Placement Cell, I was involved in organizing training programs and expert lectures for my seniors, before the start of the placement season. GST was one of the first colleges to conduct pre-placement aptitude tests every week for final year students. Here, I would like to place on record, my disagreement regarding the opinion that IT giants do not come to GST because of the Principal or the management. I would like to state here that all IT giants want to be the first ones to visit a college for placement and they refuse to visit the college, once they know it has already been visited. It is because of this reason that colleges affiliated to Mumbai University have only one or at the most two IT giants visiting for placement. There isn't a single college which is visited by all IT giants and this does not include pool placement opportunities, which are available for everyone.

The complainant has also advised parents against sending their wards to SIES GST. Well, all I would like to do here, is list the achievements of some of my peers, juniors and seniors. Some of them have gone on to complete their Master’s at the best universities in India, the US and elsewhere- like the IIM’s, IIT's, IISc, Georgia Tech, University of Pennsylvania, North Carolina State University, University of Southern California, while some o[censored]s have made good starts to our professional lives- working not just in the IT and Computer Science domain, but also in the 4G Telecom domain, start-ups at IIT Bombay, research groups at IIT’s and also as lecturers at industry affiliated institutes, among others. My juniors have been participating in prestigious robotics competitions organized by IIT B and have also been winners at the same. A couple of my juniors developed a Raspberry Pi based Autonomous Intelligence Surveillance Quadcopter and a Glove based Gesture controlled Human Machine Interface, having applications for the physically disabled, in automation and for power/control systems. We also have an alumnus with 2 patent applications in the area of Nanotechnology and Micro Electromechanical Systems- and yes, he got into this company through an event conducted at GST. We have an alumnus who is working with submarines at a leading defence company. Another alumnus was AIR 1 in the Army Biotechnology selection merit list. Some of my juniors have also started their own ventures! This list is endless! We GST-ians are making a mark for ourselves in many fields. Many o[censored]s owe our preparedness for our professional lives to the exposure and opportunities we got during our time at GST. We aim to become model citizens and torch bearers for our generation. We are one of the few colleges that proudly sings the national anthem at the start of each day. Should someone desire to question the veracity of my claims, please be my guest!

I heard about the ban on mobile phones! The hue and cry was nothing short of hilarious! You have governments in England, US and our very own central and state government mulling over the idea of banning use of mobile phones during college hours at educational institutes. Premier institutes like NIFT have already imposed a blanket ban! Surely, so many learned people and good colleges cant all be wrong! Also, FYI, there are several companies that prohibit their employees from using mobile phones during office hours. When they don't have a problem, surely we as students, just cannot! Well, I'm not here to give a point-by-point rebuttal to the original complaint; that is not my objective. All I'm saying is that it is damaging to the reputation of the institute when ill-informed people put up posts such as these, maybe due to a personal vendetta or misplaced anger! To my juniors, if you feel you're being hard done, go to your Student Council Rep and In-Charge. They will put your point across to the Principal. Understand that no one is here to make your life miserable. And as a senior, my life advice to you would be to stop feeling miserable about problems and start finding a way to solve them.

All I can do is simply present my case and my experience to everybody out there. My skills as a leader, a problem-solver and as a good professional were honed during my time at GST. The nature of exposure that I was fortunate to get GST, has held me in good stead. In less than two years of my professional life, I am working in a cutting-edge technology and product development start-up in a managerial capacity and am also in-charge of Intellectual Property related activities. I have given talks on entrepreneurship to IIT Bombay’s MBA students and it’s exchange program students, along with helping stray animals in distress and in their adoption. Not bad, considering I graduated from SIES GST, right?

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