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 Nehatrft on Apr 9, 2018
Got a call from jevan jyoti trust, has anyone heard of this ngo?? They seem to be helping cancer patients from aiims. If you check their website, they seem to be a genuine ngo in the first go but if you do little research, this is completely a fake ngo. They don’t have any 80g or 12a, they have not filed their returns, no proof of it at all. The cases of their website are all fake as these patients are not admitted currently. They have a very shabby picture of the deed which also not clear and seems to be forged. These cases don’t have any estimates attached but the people calling for help ask for medical kits costing more than 20k to stop the infection from spreading towards the brain of the patient. Why are these details not available of the website of aiims? When i called to enquire, the hospital refuses to give details of the patient. Luckily i have a friend living in delhi who took time out and went to the hospital, he said that this is some sort of business where people are caught unaware and are blackmailed emotionally and asked to donate money online for the help to be given right away. My concern is that how they receive the money instantly as all settlements only happen after at least 2 or 3 days… to this they say that we furnish the reference id to the hospital and the medications are released… how is that aiims, a govt. Hospital release medicines to these patient based on id given by ngos who they claim not to know or verify??? People don’t fall prey to these fraudsters as they are very good in playing with your emotions and will go to any extent to get donations from you. And if you say no the emotional dialogues don’t stop… lastly, they will get rude and start cursing you if you ask to many questions about the organization… why are you asking about us, when we are asking you to save the child’s life you are bothered about us? You are just giving fake hopes… god is watching you, when something like this happens with your daughter you will understand the pain… how dare she speaks about my family like this… if i get a chance i will put these fraud people behind bars!!! I urge the general public to please voice our options and let everyone know about these people so that innocent people don’t fall for such scams…

Updated by Nehatrft, Apr 09, 2018
Today again i got a call from these guys.. When i asked them to share the details and letter from the hospital for this case she started to talk about everything but did not reply to question. When i kept on asking her bout details, she started to get angry as if i owe her money and then they became so rude and again cursed my family saying that when this will happen to your loved one then you will understand the pain of the parents. When i told her that i will post a complaint against them, she laughed and said do what you wish it does not matter... these guys are totally fake and fooling the general public into donating for needy patients...
Lets take proper action on them...
Updated by Nehatrft, Apr 09, 2018
their website is
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Thank you for the details neha... it was really of much help as these guys have been follwoing up with me for the past 2 weeks. i somehow felt that something was not right so was delaying my support. Thank god i did not donate to these people.. these people should be caught and put in Jail for doing all this.

Shame on you

Beware friends... these guys are fake and fraud don't donate to them
Yes these people are fake and cheating the public in the name of poor patients and forcing us to donate online...

Cheaters... shame on you

Go to hell... you are not getting my money.
I have been tricked into donating the 2000 for some injection... turns out that they are fake.. there is no such injection that costs 2000 as per the person who picked up the call at AIIMS Hospital. Now they are not refunding my money... i have tried contacting them several times and now they are not picking my call.

I want my refund these people are cheaters and frauds playing the emotions of people.
Nehatrft's [Complaint's author] reply, Apr 24, 2018
Report them to the cops.. mark an email to the police and cyber crime. they will do the needful. these guys should rot in hell for their deeds. duping public in the name of needy people and then enjoying on our money

frauds and cheats... be careful with these scam artists.
Please help me get the refund of my money from these cheaters... they are enjoying their lives with the money that we donate for needy people. These people have fooled many innocent people not any more

i will take them to court if they dont refund my money.
My God they are after me also for donation... continuously calling and sending messages to me for support. Turns out that they are fake, they have been sending me pics of the pateint that seems to be taken when the child was in the hospital. Now the is not there and still these guys are saying that we need to deposit some amounts for medications.

Dont fall prey to these people.
Such emotional messages these people send as if they are the only ones worried for the well being of needy people and then it turns into harsh and threatening sms if you dont answer.
Nehatrft's [Complaint's author] reply, Apr 24, 2018
Yes, they are very smart and well trained to exploit your emotions and if you dont respond, they start sending you harsh messages. I too got a message... if this happens in your family to your son or brother would still not reply. My god the guts these people have.

the cops should be on them by now!!
Again these frauds called me thinking that i had forgotten them. this time for a different case and the same old story. these people can go to any level to make you feel bad just so that you can end up paying for their lavish lives. turns out that even the hospital or someone at the hospital is working with them maybe a sweeper or someone who speaks the same language that these frauds speak. When i called the hospital again after an hour, they completely refused saying that the patient is not admitted in the hospital. Got one of my friends to physically go and confirm and he said that the case is not admitted in the hospital.

Guys they are frauds and cheaters Do not donate, this is a fake organization.
Thank you guys for the response i'm happy that i could be of assistance, was travelling so could not participate in the discussions... these people are still following up with me and the trying to convince me that the case is admitted and that they need to pay for some chemo kit that costs 30000.

There is no kit that costs 30K at the hospital. the MSW is also upset with the calls that they are receiving. It is not long before the police will get involved. I have made the complaint and send it to the right people so that action can be taken.

Till then, guys is fake and no one should donate to them. they are living lavish lives with the money we donate towards needy people.
I got a call from jeevan jyoti... everything written here is so true. these people will systematically gain your confidence and then try to ask you to donate for a case that is not admitted in the hospital.

fake and frauds... when you question them about the complaints, they say that it is all lies and that they are genuine. they are not even registered on the govt. portals.

People please don not donate to these cheaters!!!

Thank you guys for saving my money and me of all these cheap tactics... i have blocked their numbers.
Keep posting the truth, some one will definitely take action against these frauds and cheaters

they are palying with the emotions of the public in the name of needy patients. this is why people haev started to loose trust in the geniune people also.

dont fall for these fake people, they are running this racket just to survive on our money. they should all go to hell
payal22's reply, Apr 24, 2018
Yes Nehatrft,

We need to get these people to justice and should together voice this issue to the authorities. These people are very mean and bad invloving my family and cursing me if i did not donate to them. How can an NGO sort to such cheap and harsh languages just for the sake of getting money out of your account.

i'm convinced that these guys are fake and frauds with daily targets to complete.

shame on these people
I got acall from them they told me procesure to do payment i asked them weather i can pay through paytm or not since i am student i got only 69rs in my paytm. Then they shouted on me are u giving it for milk or cancer treatement. I replied do u want me to sell my books and my kidney to help out that child. They asked me to sware weather i aint got money. I swared, they said shame on u sir. 😂.

Conclusion: i am definitely not feeling ashamed. 😂 i have donated that 69rs to a handicapped.
I got call and I blocked them after reading u r comments tq guys🖤 this seems to be the website for the original ngo. These ppl are just fooling public who dont check clearly.
Today I got a call from that fakers he is make imotional and I decided to make payment and go to payment page to make payment but just I checked the review of the organisation in Google I found all your review and decided not to make payment

Thanks all for saving me from the fakers I will save 5000 rupees God will never excuse them shame on you ###. I am attaching my screen shot what they have msg me

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