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 jobseekers on May 29, 2013
The company GCS infotech Pvt Ltd. Bangalore. is completly fraud company and is not registered with MCA if anything happens we cant do any thing. This company is giving job only through Backdoor process and not legally. They say that they are opening another branch in Srjapur and for that they are recruting nearly 80+ candidates. But when i went inside and asked if there are any openings the receptionist said that they are conducting interviews only through reference, And guess what the reference is, its only placement consultants who are charging 50k-60k. You can find many placement consultants standing outside their company. Now tell me one thing, if it is a good company and if they want to recruit 80+ candidates then they will give big ads in various job portals, but guess what there is not a single ad. Every candidate is taken through backdoor process only so that means even a person who doesn't know anything about programming will get a job provided he has the money to pay. Now tell me how can a company survive if they recruit such people.
I know Backdoor process goes on in various companies but they take only 10% candidates through backdoor but what if each and everybody is taken through backdoor how can the company survive. This company is only providing backdoor means the money to this company is not coming through projects, its coming through these agents and they do not want good workers they just want there money.
This company started only 5-6 months back so there is no proven track record of the company nor its registered. Have a look at their website http://www.gcsinfotech.com by looking at website itself a sensible person can make-out that it is being created by an inexperienced person. There are so many grammatical mistakes in there website. By looking at such a pathetic website will any client give projects to that company.
My sincere suggestion to all those who are planning to join this company through backdoor process is its not worth to pay 50-60k to any placement consultant and join in an unregistered company which is new. Anything can happen tomorrow you cant guarantee about this company. The only thing that the agents say is that its completely genuine company and you will not find any complaint against it. So i am giving this complaint.

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My simple question is this..."IF THE COMPANY IS HAVING PROJECTS THEN MONEY WILL COME FROM PROJECTS, WHY ARE THEY ASKING FOR MONEY FROM JOB-SEEKERS"...whatever it is the company is taking money directly or indirectly from job-seekers, but I am unable to understand that why are they taking it through Consultants if they want money they can say that you will have to pay for training or something. Why are they hiding behind Consultants. When backdoor comes into picture this itself is illegal and unethical. So how can you trust a company who is using wrong means to take candidates. And you are talking about the 1 year bond, let me tell you that this bond means that you cant leave the company for 1 year but the company can leave you whenever they want.
You cant go by what the employees say as they joined only 2-3 months back and they themselves know little about the organization, and one more thing is that when I asked some employees they themselves said that they got backdoor entry to the company.
And after that the company is not registered if it suddenly disappears nobody cant do anything and all your money is wasted.
If its such a genuine company then why they are recruiting through backdoor only, its illegal and unethical on the company's part.
When the first step itself is wrong then how can you go the right way.
And ya the positive comments that are posted here are from the company or some money making consultant.

WEBB INDIA PVT LTD — survival benifit


My Policy No.[protected]

Payment of Survival Benefit cheque not recevied.

My Address:
No. 70, Ground Floor, Surya Chandra Nilya,
Renukamba Nager,
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Best Info Way — No receipt will be sent for the money you pay

Hai People,
i have met this guy who is running the "bestinfoway". I just paid Rs.400 and asked for a receipt. There is no receipt provided. You will just receive a mail with a list of around 500 companies. Thats it. They dont claim any responsibility or they dont assure that you will get paid from these sites. When i asked him do you have any proofs for income atleast from any one of your previous customer but he said he has no proofs. Then i asked him if he had tried it out but he said that he is working on something higher level and he had not worked on this email reading jobs. So there is no guarantee that you will get paid. The bussiness model here is that you pay Rs. 400 and just get a list of sites via mail. Thats it !!!!
I have got the mail regarding the sites immediately. But the guy doesnt seem genuine to me.

Sana — Not coming to the desired location

This is with regards to to the Auto Richshaw at Andheri East Near solitaire corporate park Road ( Chakala).

the autos standing there never come to passangers location when asked. this becomes more pathetic and inconvenient during Rains. there are loads of Auto rickshaws standing outside solitaire corporate park an also on the road itself. they refuse to come to any of the location when asked ,ot even to Borivali Location and also going from East to West. they stand in groups and when asked they deney to come. they are been threatened to be taken to police stations or even calling a cop still dey are unperturbed and give back answers by saying they dont get scared of any cop and freely ask us to call a cop. this is height of being stubborn. I fail to understand for what reasons they stand outside Solitaire corporate park wen they dont want to come and to none of the locations. they should simply stay at homes then.Many a times i have approached cops also but to no awail. i request to the RTO to consider this matter very seriously and to take some serious action against this issue.
Hey..even im gettin GCS infotech opening from many consultants with commitment ranging from 50k to 95k...i made a visit to the company and spoke to some employees working there..I asked them if they getting salary on time and they told me there is no issue with salary till now but those i spoke to are working there only past 3 months..they are getting 8000 during training as mentioned in their offer letter..and about training they told me its good..people coming from IBM to provide training...and wen asked about project they said tat as far as they know the company is got around 7 projects now and about the clients mentioned in their website i enquired with my friend working in accenture and they confirmed tat its true..about the rest clients mentioned i dont know if its fake or real..about the registration i asked some consultant and they say its in the process of getting registered again i dont know how far that is true..but like he said they are takin freshers only through backdoor though experienced people can try directly..The company provide 1 yr bond..overall i feel its ok to start off our career with GCS and hopefully wont get into any trouble later on...all i said is after i enquired but i suggest u enquire yourslef before taking a final decision to join this comapny or no...Good Luck guys
as gcs infotech is a small pvt firm so they are taking candidates through referral...if anybody have good skills n talent, so y 2 go 4 backdoor...
most companies have some backdoor process..like that dont underestimate any company...as i enquired overall a very good company 2 start ur carrier...but wisely make ur decision n dont waste money on fraud consultancies...they r only reason 4 rumours...best of luk guys...
as a small pvt organization gcs infotech pvt ltd. taking candidates through refferal drive only...most have the companies have some backdoor process..like that u have skills n talent so why to go for backdoor...pls dont waste money for fraud consultancies...they r the only reason for those rumors..so dont underestimate any company...i enquired from employees overall a good company to start ur carriers..so wisely make ur decision n best of luck...
Im not a consultant nor working in that company...im just lookig for a job in bangalore..if you still think im a consultant or employee of tat company..please create a new mail id and post it[in case u dont want to share your existing mail id] i will forward you my resume.just to show you tat im not puttin my comment here for any monetary benefit..i have done enough research about the company by directly visiting it a couple of times and in all possible ways..about the MCA registration wat u told is totally not true..it is registered and i saw tat directly..the consultant i was talking to showed me that...and about the 1 yr bond..it is a mutual bond and so the company will have to give you compensation in case your are sent out of the company for no wrong from your side..that is wat mutual bond means..please check the mutual bond letter of any company [not only gcs infotech] to know wat mutual bond actually mean.. and about involvin consultants it might be because the company has anyway decided to take money from candidates for the training and it would be difficult for them to put ad about opening and gettin candidates who are ready to pay money and if they mention trainin fee has to be paid once selected tat wil obviously create a more bad impression about the comapny so the easy way out is involving consultants and consultancy[This is wat i assume and im not sure about it] and you cant conclude it is fake company because they take training fee..i know many well established and known company takin training fee.. im commenting because im a fresher[2012 BE pass out] tat is i wasted 1 yr and so i know how the other job seekers feel and how difficult it is to find a job today..and wen there is some way you find a job such negative comments will definitely affect the decision and tat will directly result in freshers wasting more time waiting..and guys i would suggest you to go directly to the company and speak to people workin there before you decide but not by seeing mine or the other persons comment..though they are working there for just 2 to 3 months ask them about the training and i agree like wat he said they cant say much about the company but about the training i spoke to atleast 10 people and all told me it is very good..so it is better to get some good training and utilizing time and improvin knowledge rather than sitting at home for nothing.. anyway guys im not advertising for the company..please visit the company, talk to as many people as you can and decide..GOOD LUCK for your future and hope all of you find your dream job soon..
Actually friend's i am also getting offer form gcs info-tech by backdoor but this time their demand is 1.2 lakh .so after reading above conversation i am in confusion wat to do? so if any people knows the reality of this organization kindly inform me.i am also enquired a lot about this organization but after that its looking like some suspension.bcoz there is nothing mention about gcs info-tech profile like when its came out, how many no of workers or any depth info about organization etc.
yes I also found the same.
then it means its risky to starts carrier with gcs infotech.may be money as well aas time will be waste if this organization will be froud.wat your suggestion about gcs infotech.
Hello Guys, This is What my experience in GCS Info tech, , There is no fraud or cheating in this company, , , the complaint who posted is a mad fellow and crack ( y i am saying this because he went for an walk-in interview ..they did not select it seems, , so he posted a complaint.)..and below all who all commented just have a common sense ...Those who are working there they did not have any problem and and find your kind information to all of you ..FIRST OF ALL U FIND OUT THE RIGHT CONSULTANT WHO IS DOING LESS ...SOME ONE POSTED 1.2 THEY R TAKING ...IT DEPENDS HOW U CHOOSE THE CONSULTANT ...THAT MEANS COMPANY IS NOT CHEATING YOU ..CONSULTANT ARE CHEATING ...FOR FRESHERS IT IS A VERY GOOD COMPANY !!! TO START A CAREER ..ALL THE BEST GUYS...
GCS INFOTECH Pvt.Ltd is a fraud company, don't believe any one, company MD always speak lie, please don't trap any one, if u join really spoil your career, i am also one of them, initially company tolled me your joining date is xxx, when i spoke to md, he told me your joining date is after 3 month, aftter that same procedure come every time whenever i contact him, i was waiting for join the company because every employe has paid 30k(each Employe), some my frnd worked aprox 2 month, but did not get single money, please don't waste your time as well as career frnds, GCS INFOTECH Pvt.Ltd is a fraud and very.. bad company in bangalore, they don't have any project or client..., please don't believe...
It is better, if we are not starting our career in this company. It is all messed up.. :( :(
Guys, don't waste your time and money, you can't build an organisation with a set of people who have bought the job, it requires talent to survive competition.
I second that Talent_hunt. Before you choose a company it's always better to get enough details and then decide.Looking at the way people are asked to "pay" for a job, it's just not right.
I too got an offer through back door for abt 50k in GCS and m an fresher not even a basic knowledge of webdesigns but thy said its nt a problm if yu pay ur money yu can get through . I donno this company is faithfull o fraud so PLZZZZZ..!!! if yu know the right thing suggest me the right way ...
GCS Infotech is totally fraud company..because one of my frnd don't know anything about software and also he got selected and payed 50k to company.if the company needs proper candidate..they should conduct proper intreview and then select but in stread of doing that they are only trageting the people who recently passed out from there college and they don't have much knowledge about the fraud company. Also i saw one of frnds offer letter and found nowhere mentioned any contact phone no of comapny, seems fake offer letter. And also i spoke to that frnd, he told that 50k what he deposited will be return back but i am sure he will never get it bach of that amount.So my advice to all of you who wants to join that company, please think properly before joining. If you still dn't listen then choice is your...

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