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121 Adison nagar, unnamalai street, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
 Jasonboy on Jun 26, 2019
Hello, this is not a complaint., this is to alert the new comers who wants to join this company in :- anand mahal road, green elina complex, adajan, surat.

I advise you never to join this organization as they have a certain procedure where you have a high chance of loosing all your money while they make money with your work. This happened to me.
I joined with this form filling company and they charged rs.5, 000 in order to take the first project. They'll say it is refundable but let me explain the climax. I not only paid rs. 5000 but extra 2500 for time extension, which is totally 7, 500 the end how so ever i tried my best to complete the task properly i failed. And i don't think any newbie could pass it. Once you failed they claim to provide you a second chance... Wow, then i'll try, right? No... Here's the their term second chance means they provide you entirely new project to complete in another 15 days. Don't we need to ask them whether we could rectify the first project? No, they use the completed project and gain profit out of your hard earned time. They not only suck your time energy, but your hard earned money while they use your work and make profit out of it.. On top of that they ask you to complete an entirely new project.

I did question them a lot and got fed up of their irresponsible answers. They even do not respond on phone call how many ever calls you may make, doesn't matter... Only they'll speak once a day. If you ask they'll tell you on your face that "sir, we're busy". I thought they're supposed to be busy with me and my issue.
I don't know who will take action towards these kinds of scams. I strongly advise you to consider these major points before joining this scam company.
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Joblink Solutions has fraud with me anybody want talk with me my mobile number is [protected]
Jolly J Patel's reply, Apr 11, 2020
Please message me on whatsapp 7359071912
joblink solutions is a fully scam company. My son took up one assignment from them by paying Rs.6000 and worked day and night. But failed as they demand 90 percent accuracy!

New comers, be careful! Its scam. They get their work done and will never pay you. You will also lose the money you paid them!
Can we take legal action against them?

Thomas, Mangalore
Gokulakrishnanideal's reply, Apr 30, 2020
Sir have you complained about this issue
deepanshubatra's reply, Jun 8, 2020
This is Deepanshu . I have been working with company Joblink Solution since one month.
I have completed two projects
Yet I have not received any payments. But that is due to all my accuracy level achievement.
I have been making mistakes a lot in the project in the first time.
As a new project a look some more forms,
And boom, I had successfully completed Second time and got the payment also.
My new project is still on and this time also I had worked with the hope that I would make less mistakes and I could complete the work properly on time with accuracy.
I don't agree with u people
JOBLINK SOLUTION has given me a video watching project and i'm doing this work since last 4 months and every month I'm get the money in my bank account, so I'm satisfied with this company.
and one more thing i don't have even visited the office since now but i had got a proper Help & Support in mine job from there.

for new customer who want to join don't hesitate it is 100% genuine.

Don't give fake reviews.
Roshan Prince's reply, Jun 26, 2020
Hello sir can you call me i need to know about 7014846010
Joblink solution is a scam company guys please dont trust them... Í took 1 project and work 12 days continouslly after add data í tested also still my work fail... And í feel my data is change... This is one big fraud company who take only money... Pls dont waste ur precious money on this otherwise u losé

salman8182's reply, Apr 6, 2020
Can you tell me had you sent mail to these guys because positive reviews are there where pupils are getting payout
joblink solution is fully scam company.We took two assingment and amount was 4000/- and 5000/- of each single project.
4000=1000 forms, 10 days
5000=1400 forms, 12days
we have proof and we have screen shots about my correct data. After submission my data, The data was completly change.
here our email id, if anybody has proof then please send us, we will take a action.
1) [protected]
2) [protected]
jada ghanshyam's reply, Feb 5, 2020
9904780627 call me
jada ghanshyam's reply, Feb 7, 2020
Rohit Xauhan's reply, Mar 28, 2020
i have the same proof.
you can contact me on [email protected]
kmakadia's reply, Apr 23, 2020
I have same problem and I have proof.
[email protected]
Guptas.m's reply, Jun 8, 2020
I am a freelancer of JOB LINK SOLUTION. I have a coordination with Miss Heena patel and Mr Vedant Mehta. I have been working since 6 to 7 months. I have provided lots of clients to the company.

Most of my clients have got good payouts
And some of the clients have not got even their deposit as a refund
As I speak about the client is not getting their deposit refund
Is due to their inability in the work or not completing the work with proper accuracy
Or not completing the work on time.

As a freelancer I am a mediator between the client and the company JOB LINK SOLUTION
As I understand the both parts from the company and the client the company is not running a wrong process.
[ It’s just a simple Motto of the company that if you achieve the work with proper accuracy and if you complete the work on time the company will provide 100% payout
And if you don’t complete the work with proper accuracy and on given time, then nothing will be provided.
Murali Anu's reply, Jun 26, 2020
Hai bro
Can I have your whatsapp number ??? To know about JOBLINK SOLUTION scam????
Murali Anu's reply, Jun 26, 2020
Hai bro
Can I have ur whatsapp no??? I want to know about JOBLINK SOLUTION???? Fraud
This company is based in tamil nadu but a company having similar name is based in surat, gujarat and its website is Is this company fake ? I am thinking to go in there and it seems fine for now. They are asking 7500 for form filling which are 1800 in 15 days. Should i join?
Rohit Xauhan's reply, Mar 28, 2020
you should not
sonaljainmh02's reply, May 27, 2020
I think you should go for this . because i got my payment . they declined that because they are failed . i also failed at my twice times but i also thought that this company is fraud so i take risk again and i tried again . i was pass and i got my payment also . for contact [email protected]
From my experience,

JOBLINK SOLUTION _number one FRAUD company,

By giving them money and doing a form filling job, If you fill the form by using microscope for not making mistakes, then also you can see the mistakes after submitting the work and getting the report.

The fun was, you can see the mistakes on autofill column too (that is, you want to type only one letter remaining will came as suggestion)

So Guys don't waste your time and money, and don't trust these kind of guys, from their conversation we think they are good and caring people, of course they are fake.
sonaljainmh02's reply, May 27, 2020
From My Experience

hi! I am Sonal jain from Maharashtra . I am done one project in joblink solution..

My project was 1800 forms and kindly i failed in my first time so i able to take second chance so i did it . but my bad luck i was fail again in second chance but they did not take any charges at my second chance .

After i thought this is fraud company because i already lost my 7500.
After some times i think why should not take to another chance so i again paid that 7500 and take again work .

Now this time i know my mistakes and my typing speed was also good because i already done with twice times so i did complete the work in 15 days .

Finally i got my payment . so i already take again work on same security amount . and i saw that reviews of company so i thought that why some bad reviews stop earning to many peoples like me .

Finally i am adding my review and my payment screenshot to that payment is credited in my account ..and if any one want to contact me then they can contact me at my mail address - [email protected]
Murali Anu's reply, Jun 26, 2020
Hai bro
Can I have ur whatsapp no??
To know about JOBLINK SOLUTION fraud?????
my experience,

First I took the project of form filling from the company.
I failed the first time but I tied in second chances and completed my work successfully & got the payment.
After that I started the project of Video watching. It has been 3 months now and I am having payment.
I don't believe that the company is fake.
I have been working since 4 months with the company and getting paid regularly.

Creating Self's reply, Mar 19, 2020
Those who says its a 100% fair company, please provide contact details on Whatsapp +918209585322. With similar name of company may be many scam are doing. but there is fair deals too. So please support those who are suffering .
Company joblink solution is 100% genuine company which is based up in Surat Gujarat
I am working with the company since eight months
sometimes i was not able to complete the work with proper quality
so i was not able to get my income
sometimes i was able to complete the work with proper quality
The company has provided me my work income on time.
Now before two months I have started working on joblink solution video Clicking projects And I am receiving hundred percent payment in that also
Creating Self's reply, Mar 19, 2020
Those who says its a 100% fair company, please provide contact details on Whatsapp +918209585322. With similar name of company may be many scam are doing. but there is fair deals too. So please support those who are suffering .
joblink company fully scam company so dont join west money and west time

[protected] full scam company
Those who says its a 100% fair company, please provide contact details on Whatsapp [protected]. With similar name of company may be many scam are doing. but there is fair deals too. So please support those who are suffering .
i have all the proofs ! contact me
UshaRani Sethuraman's reply, Jun 5, 2020
Hi sir,
Kindly send me the proof. Since I planned to join this company. Pls advise
Job link solution is totally a scam company .. they wil give a project that cannot be completed by any human .. they are very fake and they ask a security deposit before starting the work and that was their main income amount . Please don't join the work. They are totally fake
Murali Anu's reply, Jun 26, 2020
Hai bro
Can I have ur whatsapp no??
To know about JOBLINK SOLUTION fraud...?????
Dear Customers,

As the Owner Of the Company Joblink Solution, I would like to inform everyone that this people who have commented or provided a complaint on consumer complaints, all the complaints provided are from new accounts created and every week this people provide fake reviews against genuine company's.

They create new google account and provide fake reviews on every company. This people has faced some fake people and now they think that all the company's are fake.

Some of them are the people who have taken work, but fail to achieve the accuracy so now they are blaming the company

New and Interested Candidates can apply without any issues. This people have already not completed their work properly or not completed their work with proper accuracy and they are blaming the company.

Thanks & Regards
Joblink Solution
Akanksha Pundir's reply, Jun 1, 2020
I am interested to work but i cannot pay the security amount. U can try my work as a sample and if you like it then u can hire me. I hope for positive response.
Murali Anu's reply, Jun 23, 2020
As you said that we are creating new Google accounts to blame ur company...then what u r doing???

Changing data from the back end and stating that ur accuracy level is not upto mark???
This a fraud company they tricked my wife as well.
We did not have money during lock down and we decided to pay 5000 for 1400 forms
They told 3 forms are not filled and terminated the job without giving us any pay
Please don't join it is fake. You will loose your money
They are based in Surat and it is a scam
I think they have branch in chennai as well.
Reply to Harris Mohd (owner of JOBLINK SOLUTION)...
We common people have already wasted our valuable time, effort and money by doing work in JOBLINK.

We suggest others not to waste there money and effort.
Without any reason why we blame ur creating fake google accounts???

We know how you change the data from the back end and say that you have not achieved ur accuracy level.
Murali Anu's reply, Jun 26, 2020
How JOBLINK SOLUTION cheats innocent people...????

Call to this number 8639657009

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