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Looking for refund as early as possible, as it is delay for more than 2weeks after the 3 months travel for the procedures as well, where i dont have anyone explaining why it took so long as 3 months to do it.

Here, in the faqs it states not support system over call and how come i have dr. Jyoti calling me stating she is a doctor from manipal and trying to provide incorrect information that she is the head of the department of medical services and also she has spoken with 5 doctors and nobody can understand the issue

Mhb/cr/feb/cb_391240 : case still on, nobody is sorting it out and i still have pain and want to go and get it treated, please make sure this is addresses soon by not delaying and ignoring it or washing it off

Full scans are available in the manipal hospital hal road apart from me having it. Before i started the procedure the scan was taken and when i came back with pain with my teeths they took a full scan

Also provided the email trail case number : mhb/cr/feb/cb_391240, if required can forward the email as well.

Clear descriptions:


​​left side down second last tooth:
Doc's work :-
(A) just removed previous filling(Cleaned and filled by my previous doc)
(B) filled only once
(C) reduced the size of the teeth so that the filling is touching the gums

Doc's error:

​​reducing the tooth so that the filling ​touching the gums ​falls off soon
(B) ​​providing crown as the only suggestion​/option​
(C) ​​gum is hanging out one side of the teeth due to the reduction of the teeth one side
Note: i had to provide options and ask whether i can work with refilling etc.

​however still crown was the only option forced on me​
Has it been done purposely so that i go for a crown and spend

​an additional ​rs.15, 500 in manipal​ for a crown​, because it was clear it would have worked with filling until your doc reduced the tooth size
(Scan will show the tooth size reduction)
​note: dr. Shanti priya, stated that root canal is not required as it is not touching the nerve​
My additional expenses due to doc's error:
(A) getting other options which will cost me for a cap or other options up to 15, 500


​​left side down three last teeth:root canal tooth
Doc's work:
(A) 3 times fillings
(B) 3 times temp tooth cement filling

Doc's error:

(A) with so many fillings i still have pain on one side of the tooth
(B) the decay was cleaned by my previous doc(Scan to show that), why so many visits and fillings
(C) every time the cap was placed i have informed about the pain
(D) cap fallen off, but still pain on the original tooth still exists, same side as the cap
(E) gums were bleeding after the cap fell off and i have deep marks on the gums

​note: i would like to know why so many fillings and setting, when it was already cleaned by my previous doc​
​​​​my additional expenses due to doc's error:
(A) i have pay another doc now to get this treated currently on pain killer to reduce the pain and i have been as well

​​ left side upper 2 teeths: which is stated as root canal by dr.Shanti priya
Doc's work:
(A) removed previous filling(Cleaned and just a little decay near the nerve was left by previous doc)
(B) filled only once only one tooth
Note: same day went to ask after the filling

​ was done​ why only one is filled was told by sharon that it was just one tooth since the doc was in a meeting
(C) after a week of this, filled the teeth next to that when asked
(D) provided floss and crown as an option to cover the gap later on
Doc's error:
(A) not removing the little remaining decay and filled the toot
(B) not filling the tooth next to it when he removed off the previous filling
(C) i had to get back the next appointment to ask for the filling and stated about the pain and food getting stuck between the 2 teeths where the

​​actual decay problem existed and wasn't treated well
(D) only option provided was floss and later to cover the gap if food gets struck he provided crown as the option
​​note: i had to provide options to cover the gap which was not the crown, silver fillings etc
(E) not filling the next tooth and leaving a gap to make sure food gets stuck which i didn't have earlier when the previous doc had done
​​my additional expenses due to doc's error:
(A) if pain persist need a root canal​ which will cost rs.2000 for root canal and for the tooth form rs.7000 to 15000

4. Left side upper last tooth:

Doc's assistant's work:
(A) cleaned one dot decay and filled that dot

Note: pain, sensitivity on this teeth from the moment it is done, revisited as an emergency visit where the full mouth scan was done however havent been told anything about that

((A))the filling is transparent that i can notice one dot remaining or infection(Brown dot) on that tooth

((B)) going through pain and sensitivity when i drink water also, though the full body chills have reduced

​my additional expenses due to doc's error:
(A) need to get it cleaned properly and get a refilling done which will cost me rs.600-800

My visits was circa 3 months and i have spend rs.[protected] for the visits which have remind me of only pain now.

Manipal to pay back for the docs mishaps:

1. ​left side down second last tooth:
(A) to get gum removed for 1 teeth charged are rs.1000
(B) because of reducing the size of the teeth wanting the filling to fall off, i need to get an outlay or cap fitted in future costing me from 5000 or 7000 to 15000

2. ​left side down three last teeth:root canal tooth : 15, 500 + 3, 500 (Manipal charged stating re-root canal though the decay was anyways removed by previous doc)

3. ​ left side upper 2 teeths: which is stated as root canal by dr.Shanti priya : 850 + 850 (Charged by manipal regardless of small and big filling). Doc's mishap charged i will be charged outside is[protected] for root canal + cap charged ranging from[protected]For metal free)

4. Left side upper last tooth: 850 charged me for one dot, only when i went asked for one dot you are charging, it was refunded, if i need to get a refill will be charged

​so i am looking at all the refunds manipal doc has caused :

=1000(Gum cutting)+10, 000(Cap)+15, 5000(Manipal root canal treated)+3500(Manipal root canal treated)+850+850(Manipal fillings)+2500+10000(Root canal treatment for upper tooth in future) = 44200

I am not including the consultation charges i paid. Because of the mistakes committed by your doctor ( ali), i need spend again for another doctor now, dont believe i trusted manipal and came all the way from such a distance trusting a doc.
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Very bad service, scaring on top of that to get the procedures done and that too only to get a cap is the only solution and to add to that when stated about the pain said no decay and when visited on emergency pain to another doctor got to know it has turned to a root canal when it wasnt supposed to.

To add to all this mishaps i have to spent more than 40, 000 for another external doctor to get all this treated and the case is still hanging with my PAIN still one and no one is sorting it out and making the payments.
This is the email address they have been sending emails from : Customer Care [MH-Bangalore]"
This is the email address they have been sending emails from : "Customer Care [MH-Bangalore]", when i raised the feedback form and also wrote to manipal via email, is this also fake emails and calls i have been receiving for 2 weeks from Manipal number[protected] and [protected]

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