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I have purchased a robotic floor cleaner (Model: black cat 7.0) from this company on 29th mar 2017. They were asking me to check the video online & book the product. I refused & insisted that i’m interested in buying but will not do so until i see for myself how the product functions in my home. Only then, meenakshi chandel agreed to arrange to have the demo done at my home.
When the sales executive, shri. Sunil yadav came to my house, he told me that the machine cleans (Vacuums + mops simultaneously) an area of about 2000 sft on a single charge for 2 hours. I told him that my house is only 550 sft & i want to invest in this appliance because i wanted this activity to be taken care of in my absence. I asked him if the machine will work even in my absence to which he replied positively. While showing me the demo in my house, he told me that the machine will reach out to all open spaces in the house & clean (Vacuum & mop simultaneously) the floor. However, i realized that the machine does not have a specific pattern & as such, keeps cleaning the same area again & again. I pointed this out & told him that this is not a robot. A robot should be able to sense where it has cleaned & must perform the activity in a specific pattern. To which, he replied, there are higher end products which we will be launching later. However, this product will serve your purpose ma’am, he said. You only need that your house should be cleaned properly. This product will do that for you. Rest assured. I repeatedly asked him “will it cover all the open areas on its own?” he said ”don’t worry at all ma’am. The product will clean”
I agreed & purchased the product. However, from day one, i have been telling them that the product does not clean the full home as they have promised. More than half of my house remains unclean every day. The machine does not cover all the rooms. It just keeps moving in only one area. Then they told me that i need to operate it with remote. I found this unreasonable & i asked them why they lied that it will work on its own. It just does not cover all the open areas at all. They are claiming that it cleans 2000 sft. My house is only 550 sft & more than half of my house remains unclean every day. Several times, i have called & explained my problem to them, written emails, but to no avail. Now they are telling me that the product is ok & i have to adjust. Every time, after replacing some or the other part, the machine shows some improvement in performance. I’m repeatedly asking them to check the software also once. It is possible that something is wrong there too. But they are very rude to me now. They are giving one or the other reason but refuse to look into my core complaint.
Sir, these people very well know that what i am telling them is correct. Mr. Samarth had called me only after i lodged a complaint with nch (Complaint # 271748 dated 17th may 2017). He spoke very sweetly for close to 1½ hours & agreed that the machine must not function that way – i. E. It must reach out to all open spaces. He said “there is some problem ma’am. We will look into it. Please give us some time.” during the conversation, he told me that product is not actually a robot. I clearly asked him why he is telling me these things after selling the product to me as a robotic floor cleaner. Going by this, i maintain sir, that this product should not called robotic. I had explained my requirements very clearly to them. However, i was told that black cat 7.0 is the best product that would suit my requirement. I trusted that & i purchased the product. But this is totally a crap product. Even mr. Samarth told me the same thing & said he would surely look into my concern & resolve the problem for me. However, he has wasted 6 months but has done nothing to solve this core issue – the machine does not clean the entire area.
Within hardly 2 months, the brush part totally broke away. I sued the 2nd spare brush that was provided with the machine. It happened again within 2 months. Then they replaced it for me & sunil ji told me that the quality of the brush they used now is what they used for higher end models. That brings a question to my mind sirs… does this mean that this machine has substandard spare parts & accessories? Accessories like brush, etc. Should never be compromised in any model. Every 2-3 months, this brush just breaks off. And it costs ₹300/- plus to buy this. Now, after the 2nd replacement, thankfully, till date, there seems to be no problem with the brush breaking off, etc.
Anyways, this did not still solve the core concern & i kept communicating this to the company – via emails & phone calls. A few days later, there was a problem in the docking station. This, sunil ji himself found out & he replaced that for me. Then there was some improvement in the auto docking feature (Which was not at all happening earlier). Then, i requested them several times to check the product for its core functioning, which i had told them, was grossly wrong. They have just adamantly refused to check the same. Or, they would just say, “ma’am, there’s nothing wrong with the product.” until 3rd feb 2018, nobody from the technical team visited my house to verify the truth in my repeated complaints. On 3rd feb when mr. Shahbaz came home, he saw that the machine just does not go to all the open areas. I asked him to tell the company. Then too mr. Samarth is adamant & he refuses to check the machine. Without visiting my house even once, he sits in delhi / gurugram & claims that there’s a problem in my house. This is annoying.
Again, in oct 2017, they took the whole machine to their office & assured me that they would thoroughly check the same & resolve all my concerns. I cooperated & patiently waited for them to return the machine to me. When it came back, it worked for 15 days & the wheel got jammed. Sunil ji, came, checked, immediately replaced the wheel & got it working. Still, the core complaint remained. I told them again. And then, barely within a week, the wheel got jammed again & for about 2 months the machine remained nonfunctional. I could not immediately get back to them as i had to cater to my mother, who had undergone a knee surgery & was living with me. Around last week of jan 2018, i once again wrote to milagrow, demanding a permanent solution to this problem. Then, mr. Shahbaz, their technical engineer visited my home & collected the machine from me on 3rd feb 2018. He again checked the circuit, etc., replaced the wheel again & returned the machine to me the following week. Again, the core concern has not been resolved.
In the light of all this sir, i maintain that this product is faulty. The software is grossly wrong. This is not robotic in any sense of the word. The machine is not built intelligently at all. Moreover, after telling them my purpose of investing in this & my precise requirements, they have sold the wrong product to me & now they are blaming me & saying that i should have purchased another product. I maintain that if they had advised me correctly, after understanding my requirement, then i would have thought properly & would have either bought a suitable product, or would not have bought this at all. Now, my money is wasted & my purpose is not fulfilled. This wastes a lot of my time every day as the machine does not work without my intervention. It is obligatory for milagrow to redress my grievance & refund my money,
Every time they will only send the sales executive to my house. Even now, they are saying the same thing. I refused to allow that as it is just their gimmick to avoid the core issue & a major waste of time for me. This time, i once again want to raise this issue with yourselves, sirs. However, i do not wish to write to them again now. Please intervene strongly this time & make these crooks own up their mistake.
Sir, i have asked for refund of my money because, very clearly, these people have cheated me. They are refusing to refund my money. I have spent close to inr 25000/-. This is my hard earned money. I want my money back. Please help me. They have wasted 10 months of my time. The first time some responsible person spoke to me was after i lodged my complaint with national consumer helpline (Goi). He only spoke sweetly but has not done anything to solve my main problem.
I also gave them another option – to buy back this model & suggest me a model that would properly suit my requirement. They are refusing that also. They are asking me to separately buy that product. Ideally, after causing so much harassment to a customer, they should be replacing this product (With the appropriate model) for me at no extra cost. They have wrongly sold this to me with promises that it would work. And now, when i’m telling them so many times that it doesn’t work as promised, they just refuse to look into the matter.
They claim that the product cleans 2000 sqft area on a single charge for 2 hours. Sir, my house is just 550 sqft & even that is half cleaned every day!!! This is not acceptable under any circumstances.
Sir, the efficiency of such products should not be decided on how it works in a completely open area. It should be tested in homes like mine. All their claims on this product are false. I would also like to ask for a ban on this product. They tell me that no one in the world has complained. Does that mean sir, that i should also not complain? If something is not working for me, i will complain. Today i know why these companies refuse to show a demo in the customer’s house. It must be made mandatory for all companies dealing in these products, to show a demo in the customer’s house & not online, or, in their showrooms.
Plus, now, the machine works only for 1 hour. All these problems i have repeatedly told the company. They are very slyly avoiding the core issue. Please help me get my money back (With interest) from these crooks. Now, i’m unable to trust them for anything. Also, i do not believe that they are really interested in solving my problem. They are just covering themselves up, knowing fully well that they have sold a wrong product to me.
Therefore, i earnestly request you sirs, please intervene & help me get my hard earned money back. Also, i request that this product should not be sold in the market at all henceforth. It is totally crap & none of their claims in regard of this product is true. He accepts that it is not a robot but has sold it to me as a robot. This is wrong. How many more customers would these people have duped like this? And they shamelessly tell me that i should not complain but adjust to the product!!! One does not pay ₹23, 992/- to adjust!!! It is expected that the product works as promised. If what they have promised is not delivered, they should have the integrity to:
1) monitor the product functioning for a specific period of time & determine the root cause of malfunctioning.
2) return the money.
3) replace he product with a suitable model at no extra cost.
They are not doing any of the above & are telling me to adjust!!! This is ridiculous & i refuse to adjust to the daily nonsense created by this crap product that they have sold to me.
Sir, i too had been researching these products for quite some time (Close to 2 years) before i decided to buy from milagrow. Now, i feel hurt & saddened with their approach. Both sunil ji, (Their sales executive) and mr. Shahbaz (Their technical engineer), have appreciated the way i’m maintaining the machine. I’m doing all they have told to take good care of the machine.
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Mar 27, 2018
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Milagrow customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Feb 21, 2018
Milagrow Customer Care's response
Dear Ma'am, You purchased the machine on 29th March 2017. You bought a machine which is not a live mapping machine like the Milagrow iMap costing Rs 62000. You bought the BlackCat Machine for Rs 24000 approx which does its job perfectly fine as per the specifications. With a little help from humans with remote and the placement of virtual wall it moves from one room to another and is able to do upto 3500 Sqft. You want the functions of a live mapping machine which costs Rs62000 approx in a machine costing Rs24000 Rs., where the machine is able to do full cleaning all by itself and without dependence of IR Sensors. You have been offered all the options. We have visited your homes more than 11 times and also replied to every call and mail with patience. If you do not want a fair solution, we find ourselves helpless to solve your issue. Regards
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Purchased IMAP from Milagrow on Sep 18 2017. Does not draw 3D map; 7 times out of 10 does not find HOME to recharge and just wanders around until battery dies; and has to-date never resumed cleaning after re-charging when it does find HOME. The matter is now in consumer court.
Milagrow Customer Care's response, Mar 9, 2018
Verified Support
Mr Bali - Why do you lie even as the matter is in the court due to your unreasonableness. ? Anyway here is our response...The customer bought the machine after taking proper demonstration of the machine in Sept 2017. Thereafter the customer refused to use the machine in the way it was supposed to be used with mobile app. He refused to learn the product and we had to send our engineers to his home multiple times who waited patiently and answered all his queries. The product was functioning perfectly but the customer then started to do nit picking by creating scenarios by giving partial information. All his queries and emails were replied to.

On Nov 18th, tired of his approach and attitude, we wrote to the customer to return the product and take a fair value of the product. The customer refused to return back the product and went to various consumer forums. We have been replying to the customer and these forums. His intention is to malign the company image and harm its reputation by putting comments everywhere.

He has done a consumer forum case in Gurgaon which will come up in the last week of March 2018. We will reply to him there as well. We are willing to let go of such a customer because not all customers are right and even those who are right may not be right all the time in judging a company and its actions. We have hundreds of satisfied customers for our mapping robot.

We are even today open to give him the refund at a fair market value and when we say fair value it does not mean very meagre value. He must understand that he has to return the product and the accessories before the value can be judged. He does not stay very far from the office where he had come to take the demo before purchasing.

Our best wishes to him for his life. Even today we replied to him on a mail upholding his right to fight for his interests and freedom of choice.
Milagrow doesn't understand that after spending Rs 62, 000 I will be very happy if the product performs as advertised and I never again have to go back to Milagrow.

I am a retired engineer from USA, where such products were born, and I was using one for several years. I know how to use the Milagrow IMAP product.

To use it, Milagrow supplies a remote which has only two buttons. See image. According to Milagrow, only one button needs to be pressed, and they claim it'll do the rest.

For some reason, Milagrow instead insists on me using an app. The app produces a log. When I used the app and provided the log to Milagrow showing that the product was not performing as advertised, Milagrow simply sent me an e-mail saying I don't know how to use the product and absconded.

A responsible manufacturer would have listened to its customer--a customer who has spent Rs 62, 000 and is not asking for a refund but to fix the product. Prayer 1 in my complaint to the Consumer Court is precisely this: fix the product.

If they can't or refuse to fix the product, then I want a FULL refund, not fair value, simply because the product failed to perform as advertised.

Here's a technical nuance of this product: if you manually order it to go HOME (recharge station), it does so every time. This is what Milagrow demonstrates every time in their showroom as well as home visits.

On its own, after battery depletes down to 15% (Milagrow number), 7 times out of 10 the product does not go HOME, wanders around aimlessly until battery dies.

And the product has never resumed.

A complete demonstration of the product, with battery depletion, recharge, and resume, takes 3-5 hours. Milagrow does not have the time to hang around that long.

I say again and will say in Consumer Court: Fix the product. If Milagrow cannot or refuses to fix the product, then I want not fair value but FULL refund because, after all, the product has not performed as advertised.

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