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Nokia / Mobile Phone N8 — defective mobile handset

I purchased Nokia N8 [IMEI NO. [protected]] for Rs 21,700/- from Arihant Mobile Point on 9 September, 2011. I also bought extended warranty on 21 August, 2012 from Abhishek Technology – Nokia Care, (Add: 101/102, Shilp
Square, A – wing, Opp Himalaya Mall, Drive In Road, Gurukul, Ahmedabad)
Since last 1 and half year this phone has given me frequent trouble causing me great loss – mentally and economically due to sheer carelessness, inefficiency and irresponsible behaviour of the company as well as its approved dealers and service personnel. Here is the complete account of this:
The common problems with the phone are -
• The phone intermittently hangs or swithches off
• It restarts sometimes after 4 hours or after 10 hours
• It hangs frequently
• Its touch screen does not respond properly
• It swithces off abruptly during conversation
This has caused me great torture mentally as well as economically as I have lost lot of business due to sudden breakdown of my phone.
I had given this phone for repairs 10 to 15 times in Nokia Care but the phone was always returned with oral assurances. Here is the list of 4 job card details which Nokia Care gave me. (Although I visited Nokia Care several times, they are unwilling to share all the job card details)
Sr No Job Card Number of Nokia Care Date
1 S/W – 120218/17 18, February, 2012
2 S/W – 120821/32 21, August, 2012
3 S/W – 121124/50 24, November, 2012
4 S/W – 130608/58 8, June, 2013
5 S/W – 130624/45 24, June, 2013
6 S/W – 130608/45 11, July, 2013

When the phone got disconnected and switched off on 7th June, 2013; I took it to Nokia Care (Abhishek Technology). The engineer made ridiculous and illogical excuses that: I might have downloaded some applications from unauthorised sources. When I assured him that I had downloaded only a few applications from Nokia Store, he gave me a shocking reply that “Even applications in Nokia Store are infected with virus and Nokia Store is not trustworthy” . When I asked if one should use Smartphone only for making calls and receiving calls, he said that Symbian Belle has such defect and he cannot do anything in this case.
Once again the phone went dead on 24 June 2013 and I took it back to Arihant Technology. They decided to keep phone under observation for 2 days. When I got no call for 6 days, I visited them and they told me that there was some problem with the instrument and needs to be repaired. I was called on 4th July 2013 and I asked what was the problem that took 12 – 13 days for repair. He replied that there was no problem and they had only reinstalled the software and battery. Now this was shocking – if only software had to be reinstalled and battery refitted, why did it take 12 days? Do you imagine how much I loss I had to suffer without phone? Further, when I received the phone its back cover was severely damaged – thus indicating that some tampering was done with it.
Once more the phone went dead on 11 July and I had to immediately rush to Nokia Care. The engineers there tried hard to start the phone but did not succeed. They decided that the phone needs to be sent to the company for repairs. Shockingly, the jobsheet they made S/W – 130624/45mentioned in Final Action Taken column that “the handset was repaired and returned”. Obviously, I pointed it out and got further shock when they said that “It doesn’t matter”. On my insistence, Swatiben scratched it out and put reinward date 11 July , 2013 on the jobsheet.
Sir, in this way, in the last 2 months, the handset was less with me and more than 1 month with Nokia Care. Even today the handset is in custody of Nokia Care. I have visited Nokia Care more than 25 times and it seems that Nokia Care is firm on harrassing me, torturing me and causing me economic losses. If Nokia has some ethics left, it should address this issue at the earliest. Still some patience exists in me and I am waiting for a positive reply.
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Nokia — Defective mobile phone

Dear Sir,
I purchased a NOKIA N72 on 30/10/2007 from "MObile Point" shop at Irla , Vile Parle East. I had obtained a receipt for the same. This mobile stopped completly on 18/11/2007. I approached the Customer Care of Nokia at Andheri East (Safed Pul) and they directed me to the dealer from whom I had purchased the mobile.
When I went to Mobile Point , I was asked to take it to the Nokia Care Centre. After hearing my story, they took the mobile but said it will take 10 to 15 days for repairs of the phone.
I would like to ask Nokia as to why I should accept a repaired piece. Why cant they replace my phone.
Also recently there have been many cases of defective Nokia phones . I advise customers to think twice before they go for NOKIA.
I also purchased a Nokia 6070 on 07-09-07 from Bambino, Guwahati.The phone strarted giving problems from the day one.I took it twice to their care centre at Bhangagarh and they failed to rectify the problems and advised me to take it to the care Centre at B. Baruah Road. After taking it from this centre, it worked for an hour and stopped working . Now I can.t even switch on the mobile.This is their quality the machines and service.
Parthasarathi Sarma,
Dichang Aprtments,
Beltola Bazar, Guwahati-781028
e_mail: [protected]
Is this the MNC who are proud of themself

Nokia — MObile Phone NOt Received

Unhappy From Nokia Care - Mobile Not Received Yet
I had submitted my mobile for repairing at Global Communication at janak puri delhi on 23rd Nov 07 and expected date of mobile return is 07-dec-07 but now the nokia people saying that your mobile is in company and wait for more 7-8 days.

if i have not received my mobile then i will go for legal (consumer court)

Dinesh Sharma

Nokia — about the phone

hi ,
this is mehul ilaviya from the bharuch ,gujarat. i have bought my phone N 82 just rite now,
having a serial no [protected].after buy that phone i m suffering from the battery problem and phone suddenly hang up. and the one main thing is the mltimedia is no tsupported in tha phone , and when i m trying to catch the pic sometime the camera is not working and sayed that "expected errror"so plz help me out as possible as possible.and is dat ne possible to replacement that ..
please help me out.

with regards,
Ilaviya Mehul D
email: [protected]

Nokia Mobile handset — Lost Mobile handset

Dear Sir,

I have lost my mobile handset on 03/05/08, I have registered a police complaint at Sakinaka police station, Chandivali, Mumbai,
My Mobile [protected].

So Please block this Handset immediately.

Thanking you,

Ejaz Baig

Nokia Mobile — nokia mobile phone

i lodged complain regarding my phone stolen on 29/6/08. G.D.No.-17 B, NCR No. - 1908/2008.till date there is no information.

Nokia Mobile handset — Incoming calls deactivated


I am a regular subcriber of BSNL mobile having mobile number [protected]. It is a post-paid connection. I am using this
phone since more than a year. About 2 weeks ago, my incoming calls were abruptly deactivated. It still remains deactivated. I have been receiving and paying bills regularly. This is the first time when my incoming calls were deactivated. Please look into it and restore the incoming service immediately as it causes lot of inconvenience to a large number of people who want to communicate with me.
dear sir/mam,

I submitted mobile phone for the repair on 23/12/2008 and your man told me that it will repair in ten days but till this date 13/01/2009 not repair whenever called her response me it will soon but not did it how my problem will solve out i deadly need my cell.

Nokia — Mobile no

Dear sir,
I have lost my mobile phone with IMEI no. [protected]. I want to know the phone number and other information regarding the new mobile phone user (the thief). I would be highly grateful to you if you can kindly e-mail me the information. THANK YOU.

Nokia — mobile no.

i want to know the mobile numbers using on the nokia 3600 slide phone having the imei no.-[protected]. please send the details on my e-mail address.

Nokia — mobile phone have problem

sir, , i am from wardha purchased a nokia mobile phone last had a voice problem in november2008 so i went to the shop where i purchase.i told them the problem so they send it to nokia care nagpur..after 3-4 days they gave me back but the problem was not solved and it again appered in few days .i again gave it to them but no use.then this month new nokia care open in wardha, so had given my phone to them but they started orgument n fight with me without helping me they took the handset and told me that it was not in warrenty period.i have all the doccuments and bills.please tell me what to do.waiting for rply thanks...

Arihant — Mobile Call

Dear Sir
I Am Purchange A New Reliance CDMA Mobile I Have Reg.A Request For Do Not Distrbance Service In Cusmer Care Centar At 28Feb2009 But He Has Do Not Take Action In My Com...
I Have Remind 3Time In Call Centar But He Has Say's After 45 Day's We Have Soul Your Complain

Nokia Mobile handset — Defective device.

Sir, i had bought a new nokia handset and found out very soon that it has a technical problem in my handsets . so i went to their service center and asked them about it, which they said they will verify and get it done.

my problem is they if im paying u the price of a new handset and if that piece is defective in any ways, i
think i shud get it replaced and not just repaired! They said it will go to Delhi and will take atlsat 12-15 days, so i asked them to give me a replacemnt for the time period to which they also said a NO!

please tell me wot i can do abt it.

Nokia Mobile — Defective Display.........

Dear sir,
I gave my N95(IMEI No.[protected])(purchased on 23.09.08) set for defective display on 1.7.09(job sheet no.[protected]/090701/73, but till date I could not get it repaired/replaced. For the same I've contacted nokia care centre at Lucknow and Banglore through phone, at least 5-6 times but till date I'm unable to get satisfactory reply. On 26.07.2009 I was told by nokia care people that display problem has been rectified but some other defect has come up, for that at least 15-20 more days shall be required.
Please get it rectified/replaced immediately.
Thanking you.
Namita Kapoor

nokia n-95 — Non professional nokia ...

I gave my N95(IMEI No.[protected])(purchased on 23.09.08) set for defective display on 1.7.09(job sheet no.[protected]/090701/73, but till date I could not get it repaired/replaced. For the same I've contacted nokia care at Lucknow and Banglore through phone, at least 8-9 times but till date I'm unable to get satisfactory reply. On 26.07.2009 I was told by nokia care people that display proble has been rectified but some other defect has come up, for that at least 15-20 more days shall be required.
Please get it rectified/replaced immediately.
Thanking you.
Namita Kapoor

nokia cell phone — defective handset sold to me.

Dear sir,
I bought a nokia handset 2626 from the mobile store, 55-b S.P.Mukheree Road, Kolkata on 02nd Jan 09.
Its been 07 months from the time i bought this handset.It has a problem.It gets switched off automaticaly.I also visited the nokia care where they kept the phone for almost 22 days.After they gave it back to me the problem persists.

When I showed the handeset to a local mobile repair shop, all he had to do was stuff a small piece of paper below the battery and its working fine, which means that the connection between the battery and the handset is loose and the great nokia service center could not rectify that.They should shut down all of there service centers if they cannot rectify this simple problem.

I want to get a new handset or a replacement from nokia as this is a defective set that they have sold to me.I have lost complete faith on this brand.

The Imei no.3569395/02/768194/3
sir, i bought my nokia e63 on 2 / 7 /2009 just 50 days before and i'm facing a lot of problem like i cant access my memory card when i connect my phone to my pc using pc suit.

i face lot of problems while i install softwares...even when i selected software installation as "All" a option in appication manager...

other person is unable to hear my voice when i receive a call or make a call, i have to use hand free to communicate with someone...

and the magor problem is it hanga a lot...

please replace my hand set otherwise i will go to consumer forum...

my mobile no.[protected]

Nokia — multiple defects in handset

I bought a Nokia 5220 xpressmusic last October. Since then I have faced innumerable problems regarding the handset. Within 6 months of purchase, my phone started hanging, it used to switch off n restart, the voice used to get inaudible after disconnecting the headset. Every time, i had to restart the phone.
One day when all my sms's got deleted, and programs got corrupted, i took my phone to the service center [Anand International Behala (Job sheet no: 811/43)] where they formatted and gave it back.
it was fine for some days till it stopped taking charge. Now that I have given the phone to the service center, they formatted the phone and gave back with the problem still there. when I intimated them that the problem was not yet solved, they sent it to the factory and since then I an calling them repeatedly only to get new tentative dates of delivery which they don't follow themselves.
I am stuck with a good-for-nothing handset and irresponsible customer service..Please help..
I have purchaed a Nokia set. After 3/4 days, there was display problem. When I contacted dealer, he told me that go to nokia care. Nokia care took 4/5 days and return my set. Then it was working. But after 4 days, it still shows same problem. I re- submit my phone to same nokia care. After 15 days, nokia care told me that It can'r repaired because there is some liquid in the phone.
Phone is in warranty.

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