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Palakkad, Kerala, India
 Kannan K Mannadiar
Dear Friends, I just wanted to share an unpleasant experience I had with MTS mobile (No:[protected]). 2 and 1/2 years before (since It has happened long ago I doesn’t hold any exact dates, but it will be in MTS database I guess) i got a Postpaid MTS data card with a monthly plan of Rs.899 and paid in Advance Rs.1999 for data car. After getting it i understood that it is not worth it. Though i was living in Palakkad Town (Kerala) their bandwidth was awful. Every month they were calling me for the payment. I used it for 4-5 months. One day they rang to me saying the bill is due. As i was moving out of town for couple of months, i said i want to disconnect the same and asked them what i have to do further. The representative who called me said it’s Okay and they will take the disconnecting process. i paid them the previous months money and all the dues was settled. Since the representative instructed me nothing more i assumed that’s all i have to do. I have stopped even plugging the dongle into my system and not a bit of data was consumed. The problem started after that. After a month another representative called me saying the bill is due. I was not happy hearing that and I have already left town. I explained her everything and she said that she will take care of the same and will forward the case to concerned officials and they will contact me for disconnection process. AGAIN, I got the due reminder for the third time. I explained again to them everything, asked them to check my usage and it will show 0 kb usage for last three months. Though the addition to the bills have stopped, at last I was liable for Rs.2822 /- in which I haven’t used a kb of data. The real problem is not one of the customer care representative asked me to give a written document to any nearby service center, which I could have happily done since I don’t intend to use their services any more. Every 2-3 month I used to get a call from MTS asking to pay the bill of Rs.2822 /- . I said it’s not a big deal for me to pay the amount, but I’m not ready to pay for what I have not used. Whenever I demand an explanation, they will be saying a concerned person will be calling and taking care of the issue. NOT A SINGLE CALL FROM THEIR SIDE to actually solve the issue. The final call was Before 8 – 9 months and it stopped. The whole story was told again on that call. By this time I have really fed up with MTS. I said them at last I will pay them one month’s rent, since I felt there were some mistakes from my side as well (my mistake was I should not have completely trusted their customer care people). After so long, today 11:25 AM I got a call from one Mr. Vikram Singh (from mobile no: [protected]) and said he is from Delhi Court. He said his code no is 4 and from chamber K126. This person just gave me a heart attack in the morning itself. This person does not even say one hello, he asked my name, said my address and asked to confirm it. I confirmed the same and when I asked who he is and whom he is representing, he said there is a case against me in the Delhi court. He also said that they have send a legal notice before 15 days and have I received it. Obviously there weren’t any, so I said no. When I asked him who have given the case against me, he said it is and URGENT TOP SECRET case file and he does not know who has given the case against me and could not open the file it seems (I even guessed it will be in a strong iron box with keys in the locker, since one needs a KEY to open the file). As a business man (even having lots of dealings in Delhi and throughout India) I was bit worried since to my knowledge there were no such issues with my business. I was trembling not knowing the reason. Mr. Vikram then said that there is only 10 minutes time for me to call Adv. Ranbeer Vaths (his chief advocate he said) on mobile no: [protected] before he send this MYSTERIOUS case file to the court for further legal actions. I immediately rang up to this Adv. Ranbeer Vaths and when I said my name and said that I’m from Kerala, he asked me to wait with a note saying there are lots of cases from Kerala similar like these. Finally the mystery was over and he said it is regarding the MTS bill payment. I even taught the mic on my phone was damaged since the 2 people whom I spoke for last couple of minutes have not even considering what I had to say). Atlast he said there are two ways to close the case, one outside court and another option paying Rs. 50, 000 in delhi court. I believed everything and said what option I have to settle outside court, they said you pay the amount Rs.2822 /- on mts website (gave me a link also) and the case will be withdrawn (the whole conversation he was giving me pressure like anything). He asked me to do it immediately (within 30 mins he said) or the case file is going to the court. After that he asked me to leave a mail on lawsolutions.[protected] the receipt. I started to become suspicious because of their attitude towards me, and the mail they given me, it’s not any professional or anything and I don’t want give any kind of details on that. They gave me a deal line of 12 ‘0’ clock in the afternoon and if the payment is not done they are going to send the file for legal proceedings. Anyway, I immediately went to MTS website and initiated the payment process for the complete Rs. 2822 /-. To my horror the MTS did not render me any transaction code for the same the connection to the site was lost. When I checked my mini statement, the amount was debited from my account as well. ( I can provide the screenshot of my mini statement if you guys want) At 11.55 am Mr. Vikram again called me, I told him what happened. Without even considering value for my money he said to make the payment again. Even though so many times I said him that I will send the screen shot of the payment I made, he was not agreeing to that and said he is forwarding the case. Before I reply him anything he disconnected the call. It was so rude. And here is the best part, after couple of minutes Mr. Vikram has again rang me and asked whether I have made the payment again, I said how can I? I have already paid once. He asked me to wait a second to check my details, he returned to the call and said “Kannan I have checked your payment status and it was Failed Transaction “. Wait what? The person who don’t even know what was the case against me in the morning suddenly has full access to MTS database? I said to him it is not my fault and the money has already been debited from my account (by the way it was from my business current account I paid the amount). I said him even if it is a failed transaction, I will wait for a day for the payment to come back to my account to attempt the bill payment again. For that his replay was “Kannan Trust me, you will not have any problem. Just pay the money again and the previous debit will be credited back to my account”. YES, when I said I’m ready to pay the money and made an attempt, suddenly he became the GOOD GUY. But not for long. When I confirmed I will pay him only after me getting the payment back, he just disconnected the call. How and why should I trust him? After all he gave me pressure for more than 1 hour with false claims and treats, and I should trust a person with only a mobile number for on my record. Never. After the incident I checked on the internet and found so many similar details. I even read most of them paid their money, and I can clearly understand the pain they could have gone through. And by reading all this you could have understood weather the call I received will be from an attorney’s office or not. So MTS people, this is not a right way to treat a customer (even if it’s not a customer, you guys should not treat them in this treating voice). I’m not going to attempt the payment again after all this dramatic trouble you gave me for this full day, let any MTS local representative call and attend to me before I make the payment. I need Justice in this case. If there can be any legal action taken against the company for giving such mental stress, I want to join your hands and please let me know. Let everyone know how MTS treats their customers.

Threatening Phone Calls from MTS
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