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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
 sandy gaitonde
My name is satyanand gaitonde i was born in mumbai and i feel that i should share what i feel about my city. My city was like heaven during my childhood. Clean roads, less pollution and less traffic till 1980 but then things started changing over the years my city became polluted and dirty. I left mumbai in 1996 for canada as i got migrated but my heart used to break every time for my city i used to travel on vacation.

In order to do better and change outlook of my city i worked on traffic proposal by meeting numerous people who have traffic expertise all over the world and i came up with a solution that i think could be of benefit to my city.

I traveled all the way from canada with great solution for mumbai traffic as i had great experience with police service here and i meet dcp chavan he understood my idea and took me to joint cp bharambe after discussion but when i meet him i was completely disappointed with cp bharambe as man had so much ego and he thought i am some stupid person he gave me 15 minutes and when i told him idea about car pulling he gave very irresponsible statement saying if you do car pull how tata general manager will travel. I left his office with no hope and came back to canada then i contacted traffic commissioner vardhane and told him, all its 3 months since then i am waiting to do something for city but no one is there for me. Its a tragedy of our country that they dont want intelligent experienced person like me. I will fight my issue as cp has limit for his post but my agenda for my city does not. Jai hind.

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We Mumbaikars practically lost hope because of these outsiders as my entire group who was hopeful on me to bring solution for Mumbai is disappointed. In past we used to have Traffic CP from Mumbai and city was in better position. Now we get people with attitude and ignorance really sad to put up with such people. On queens road there are abandon vehicles I told my friends wrote my name on it as it was full of dust and week later it was still there. My discussion with Bharambe did not go beyond and further as he tossed me out in 15 minutes by highly underestimating my potential as he has misconception about his own ability. As Mumbaikar we cant even express ourself as people in ruling chair dont care and taxpayers money is going for toss. Our traffic is like hell as before in the meantime but who cares. By putting 10 CCTV in office person doesn't get smarter go on road and see how people suffer. On the way back with DCP Chavan agreed to my points but said Gaitonde I am helpless I tried but CP Bharambe is not co operating. We will keep our battle ongoing. Its high time Mumbai need solution as our traffic situation is dyre. Bharambe will complete term and go back to Nagpur but what about my city Mumbai where we live. Traffic was like hell on Western Express and I showed DCP Chavan what I was trying to say but CP Bharambe was deciding factor and he did not care.
I was told to wait in CP Bharmabe office for hours before I could see him. Canteen was closed and I was waiting without food or water but it was not worth as I would have slightest idea about CP Bharambe attitude and he has no feelings for our Mumbai City as he is only there to complete his term. When he promoted Tata general Manager that I time I understood where he stands and besides I studied his career profile and CP Bharambe has no traffic background or rather extensive knowldge in traffic field so I did not even discuss By law enforcement with him. DCP Chavan was also disappointed and gave me his apology for wasting my time with CP Bharambe.
Mumbai Traffic Issues and our system
After I had disappointed meeting with CP Bharambe Traffic I decided to meet Shiv Sena Vibhag Parmukh Sakpal Bhau as through him I thought of meeting Diwakar Raote who is Transport Minister. Bhau gave me time to see him in his office evening 6 pm in Girgaon. I traveled all the way from Dahisar and waited 2 hours in his office neither he showed up nor he picked up my call. I meet then activist Rishi Agarwal who told me Mr Gaitonde I understand your feelings for Mumbai city and I feel same but you are banging your head on the wall as end of the road in system you will meet people like CP Bharambe who will not let you do anything and will not care about you. Rishi Agarwal also had similar experience with CP Bharambe now after that 3 months I followed with Transport Commissioner Vardhane and then two week before I texted him he promised to get back to me and its two weeks now. They always say there is light at end of tunnel I hope I find that light soon for our Mumbai Traffic. Jai Hind.
CP Bharambe should not waste tax payers money

Continuing with my story further it is harsh words but I must say after my experience with CP Bharambe I realized that IPS officer should not be coming and working in Metro town specially if they don’t belong to that town and if they are doing traffic as neither they know city nor they know local chemistry. CP Bharambe treated me with attitude and arrogance forgetting he is government servant and he is answerable to tax payers besides CP Bharambe do not have any traffic background which I realized after reading his profile it is clear that he is wasting tax payers money. Its been three months since I had meeting with him and Mumbai lost progressive step and we are lagging months behind as we Mumbaikar would have been way ahead in game. While Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is struggling with traffic and trying to work solution for his city by using like even and odd number for cars it is real tragedy for Mumbaikar that they had an experience Mumbaikar who cares and has traffic as well as By Law experience but he is helpless because of inefficient and ignorant CP like Bharambe and it is serious because Mumbai is in dyer state of traffic and it can’t be seen and realized by these outsiders as they don’t care. I feel for Mumbai as I was grown up here and I would like to make my city like heaven that is my dream. Jai Hind.

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