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 Sini Polson on Jan 16, 2019
I received a phone call from naaptol in mid-december 2018 saying that there is a special offer for me. The offer was that through drawing of a lot, i (Sini paulson) had been selected to receive a 16-piece item worth rs. 3900 for only rs. 999. When i inquired as to what all was included in the 16-piece set, i was clearly informed that it included a hot case casserole and other containers. I accepted the offer and on 4 january, 2019, i received the order.

However, i discovered that no hot case casserole was included but that the order contained only some spoons and plastic containers. Further, the top cover of the plastic containers were defective because with them, the containers could not be closed tightly. Realizing that i had been cheated, within 24 hours of receiving the product, that is, on 5 january 2019, i called naaptol customer service at [protected] and registered my complaint. The naaptol customer service agent apologized, and i was assured that the product would be replaced within 2 days. Thereafter, i got an sms on 5 january 2019 itself saying that my complaint number is 36826252 for order number 54442012.

After waiting for 2 days, since i did not hear from anyone, i constantly kept calling [protected] but each time, i was simply asked to explain my complaint all over again. This led to a huge waste of my time and energy and the whole experience left me very upset mentally.

On 9 january 2019, a customer service agent from naaptol called me and said that since my complaint had been registered only on 9 january, which was more than 24 hours after delivery of the product (On 4 january), it was not possible to replace the product. But this was patently false. I therefore took a photo of the sms received from naaptol (Which clearly showed the complaint number registered within 24 hours of product delivery - viz., 5 january 2019) and whatsapp'd that picture to naaptol. But there was no change in the stand of the customer service agents - who kept repeating each time that my complaint had been registered only on 9 january 2019. I threatened to file a court case for cheating, but the customer service agents arrogantly told me to go ahead and file the case anywhere that i want.

Then, after a lot of phone calls were made by me, including my husband calling customer service and explaining the situation for the umpteenth time, on 10 january 2019, i got another sms from naaptol saying: 'please keep the product ready. We will arrange the reverse pick-up in next 4-5 working days from your doorstep.' however, no such 'reverse pick-up' has happened.

Later, on 13 january, i got a call from naaptol saying that nothing can be done and that the product cannot be replaced. This was very misleading - at one time, i am told that a reverse pick-up would be arranged, then at another time, i am told that naaptol cannot do anything.

I am now left with not only an incomplete product (Due to missing hot case casserole) and a defective product (Due to container covers not closing tightly) but also an appalling customer service experience.

This entire experience consisting of wastage of my time, energy, and patience has been a terrible one and it is my wish that no person should be cheated henceforth by naaptol or rendered such a atrocious customer experience.

Attached are the following: (1) two photos of the products received (2) photo of sms received from naaptol clearly showing complaint registration date as 5 january 2019 (3) photo of sms received on 10 january 2019 from naaptol saying that the product will be replaced within 3 to 4 days.

I want a complete refund of rs. 999 plus reimbursement of rs. 200 toward innumerable fruitless phone calls made to naaptol customer service plus a compensation of rs. 1000 for wastage of my time and energy.

cheating by naaptol and terrible customer service
cheating by naaptol and terrible customer service
cheating by naaptol and terrible customer service
cheating by naaptol and terrible customer service
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[Jan 16, 2019] Naaptol Online Shopping customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
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Naaptol Online Shopping Customer Care's response, Jan 16, 2019
Dear Sini,

We regret for the inconvenience caused to you, Please accept our apologies over the incident.

With reference to your complaint for order no. 54449526 and as per conversation had today, we are hereby processing product refund through NEFT.

Kindly follow the below mention steps for free pick-up:

1. Please pack the complete product in travel worthy packaging.

2. Delhivery courier boy will come to pick the product at your door step within 3-4 working days.

3. Note down the Pickup Request Number/Token No/Collection Reference No received from pick-up boy for future reference and Update Dispatch Details to Naaptol after pickup done.

It would take 2-3 working days to reach product at our warehouse. Once the product reaches to us, we shall action further.

Meanwhile, we would request you to share the Bank A/c details of “SINI POLSON” at [email protected] so that we can process your refund accordingly.

Bank Details Required :
1. Account holder name:-
2. Bank Name:-
3. Account No:-
4. Branch Name:-
5. IFSC Code :- (which will be mentioned in your cheque book).

Awaiting your earliest revert and be rest assured of a complete resolution from our end.

We deeply value your relationship with Naaptol and are committed for providing the highest level of products & services.

@Team Naaptol
Updated by Sini Polson, Jan 17, 2019
Please answer specifically to EACH of the following questions:
1) What is the exact amount of money which you plan to give to me?
2) How can I trust that an authorized representative is actually coming to pick up the product?
3) How can I trust if the courier is presenting a Pickup Request Number/Token No/Collection Reference No which will be acceptable to you?
4) If the courier misplaces or loses the product or if I give the product to some stranger who gives me some random invalid Pickup Request Number/Token No/Collection Reference No, I will no longer have the product with me and I would have lost my money also - so how can I trust this process?
5) What if the product is returned late by the courier to you and even if correctly returned, what if I have to keep running around telephoning you in order to get my money? What guarantee would I have that you would actually send the money without my having to keep constantly ringing your customer service?
6) Why don't you arrange for the courier to provide cash immediately so that I can confidently return the product without having to worry not only whether the courier is genuine but also whether I would actually get money from you?
7) Since both my husband and I are working during the day, it is not likely for anyone to be at home when the courier arrives - hence can you arrange for the courier to pick up the product on any weekday from my office? (I can provide my office address if that is fine with you.)
Updated by Sini Polson, Jan 17, 2019
In addition to responding to questions in previous post, please note: as mentioned earlier, I have wasted a huge amount of time and money during this entire terrible experience, including on innumerable phone calls to your customer service. That is why I want you to inform what exactly is the money which you plan to return to me. If you say only the product cost of Rs. 999 can be refunded, what about the money spent on innumerable phone calls to your customer service (at least Rs. 200) and what about the Rs. 1000 as compensation for wastage of my time and for causing so much mental tension? Additionally, after returning the product, if I don't receive money on time, what if I have to spend additional money on phone calls to your customer service? I have already wasted so much time and effort and money on this - so why should I have to face the prospect of wasting more time, effort and money? So please clearly indicate what amount you plan to return and also answer clearly each of the questions in my previous post.
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Naaptol Online Shopping Customer Care's response, Jan 17, 2019
Dear Sini,

We are devastated to hear you had such a bad experience with us.

We are usually known for our great customer service and attention to detail in everything that we do. But we completely understand that our reputation is not something we should hide behind. So, if you'd like, you could directly mail at [email protected] We'd like to discuss the matter further with you and see how we can make things good. If you give us the chance, we will definitely win you back. We'll be waiting on your mail.

@Team Naaptol
Updated by Sini Polson, Jan 18, 2019
I have sent an email to [email protected] with subject line: 'Re complaint number 36826252 for order number 54442012'. Please confirm receipt and inform when you have replied.
Sini Polson
Updated by Sini Polson, Feb 04, 2019
For the record and for the attention of the public:

Although Naaptol has, after an unacceptably long back-and-forth, and very bitter customer experience, finally returned the money which I paid when ordering (what turned out to be a defective and misleading product), I am not marking this complaint as 'resolved' - as that would imply that I am satisfied with the turn of events, - when clearly I am not!

I am very dissatisfied because as related in my original complaint further above, so much of my time, energy and money was wasted on unnecessary phone calls to Naaptol customer service in trying to resolve this matter and no compensation was provided in relation to that. Adding insult to injury was the most recent conversation I had with Naaptol customer service, when the following happened:

Naaptol customer service had the gall to actually pitch another product / offer after having treated me so shabbily. When I pointed out that I was dissatisfied because of the most recent experience, they said "But we refunded your money!" When I said that there was not even an acknowledgment of regret for the terrible customer service extended and more importantly, that no compensation was paid for the time, money and energy wasted on unnecessary phone calls, they said 'As per process / company policy, there is no scope for providing compensation.'
In disgust, I told them that I'd be informing the public about the shabby treatment and experience via social and other media. And to this, their mocking reply was: "Try your best!"

So, not only on this forum, but on other review sites, social and other media, I shall be placing on record my experience so that the public may beware when considering buying any product from Naaptol.
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