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Nedbank — home loans

My name is husan mohamed and i have an existing home loan through nedbank, my bond account number is[protected], i bought my property in 2004 for r125000 and in 2006 i applied for a further loan of 100, 000, 00 rand, i however only received around r50, 000 that makes the total amount r175, 000, i than received correspondence and my bond was registered for r250, 000 rand which than didn't make sense however i didn't take much note of it as i was still young at the time, as the years passed by i continued paying my bond accordingly for the amount of r250, 000, i over the years encounted difficulties and made arrangements where i had to pay in extra for times where i was not able to make payment so the extra would be added on my installment by doing so no changes were made and the same term was kept in place it all went smooth over the years no problems until about i think 2years back, i was a victim of an robbery at my home and was brutally attacked and landed up in hospital i had undergone multiple operations and was hospitalized for over a month also was not able to resume back to work as i was not fit to work due to the nature of. My work i was laid off for a few months, as a result of me being unable to work i for the time had no income this led to me falling into arrears with my bond, i was than issued with a notice of attachment by nedbanks attorney's and a sherrif of the court, i fortunately returned to work and was able to retain my home after pleading my case with nedbank, i than noticed with the correspondence i received it indicated that my home was purchased in 2006 and not 2004, further more at the time i posed the question to one of nedbanks legal consultants regarding the amount i received and the amount its been registered in there's a huge difference as i've been paying a lot more than what i'm suppose to and her response to me was that the othe rr50, 000 was paid to the attorney's whim had done the new registration in 2006, i left it at than as i was only grateful i had kept my home, i recently lost my job and i have been paying my bond when i receive my uif moneys and because i have over the years done so much on the property its value i increased significantly and since my new agreement with nedbank where i was forced to go into an agreement of 360 months and their constant harassment if payment is a few days late i decided to cash in on my investment and put the property up for sale, i've had many quick responses and i found a buyer i settled on an offer of r680, 000, what caught my attention was my agent made it apparent to me that the property was purchased in 2004 and not in 2006 as per the documents i received from nedbank, 2ndly i posed the same question to another consultant whom i had spoken to from nedbank in an attempt to get my settlement figure, i disputed the amount and asked again why the bond was registered for 250k his response was very different he told me that according to nedbanks records i was paid 1st r55000, 00, 2nd payment r42000, 00 hence the reason my bond was registered for r250, 000, i told him that i've never received a second payment, he than responded by saying he will send me a reference number they will trace where and to whom the money was paid to and respond to my enquiry, it's been over a month and a half now, numerous emails sent to nedbank with no response, i've sent an email to nedbank advising that i will take legal action if i don't get answers soon, instead nedbank had one of their attorneys send me a notice claiming that my property will be attached as i am in arrears with r5000, 00 i've spoke to many of their consultants in the past few days this was never brought to my attention by nedbank only now since i've threatened to take legal action, if so why did nedbank not first advise me of an arrears amount before involving their attorneys, why are they shying away from my question, the property is now basically sold and the paper work is being finalised therefore i need your urgent help, thank you
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