Projexcel Enterprises Surat Gujarat — this company is fraud

This company is fraud. How will the future of the country become. When money is being stolen openly. People are being messed up with. Please take action for projexcel enterprises surat gujrat. I have complained to the court. And court is taking action on this. Because my uncle himself is a big lawyer. These people have to show the right way. Jai hind jay bharat
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Jan 27, 2018
Updated by Seema Rajpoot Cuty
Projexcle enterprises surat gujrat is fraud consultancy hai. Jo job ka offer karti hai. Or kehti hai ki registration charge apki salary se kaat lenge. Aisa kaise ho sakta hai. Company kaam karne ke paise deti hai hamse paise kyu lenge. Ye fraud group hai jo surat gujrat me hai task complete na hone par charge bharne ki dhamki dete hai. Ki charge do warna court me le aayenge. Darne ki baat nahi hai dosto jo khud fraud hai wo court me kya laayenge. To dhyaan dekar kaam le aise logo se dare nahi. Lekin government ko sochna chahiye ki din dahade log paisa lut rahe hai. Logo ke sath aisa kar rahe hai. Kya hoga aise me logo ka or desh ka bhavishya aise logo ko pakadkar saza milni chahiye. Atah ham desh ki government par bharosa karte hai lekin wo koi action kyu nahi leti. Internet par seedhe paisa luta ja raha hai logo ko dhamki di ja rahi hai. Student aise me kya kare chalo dhamki dete hai wo to theek hai ye kuch kar bhi nahi sakte par unka time to kharaab hua na isse to guys apse ye anuroodh hai ki jab bhi koi online job kare to us company se kuch cheezo ki dimand karen
1. Company ka poora naam or address
2. Company ka registration number or tin number
3. Or jis person se aapki baat hoti hai uska id proof

Agar wo ye sab de dete hai to wo true hai otherwise wo fake hai.
Apna carrier banaao aise logo ke jhamele me mat pado inka kaam hi hai paise lutna. Sab ek hokar aise farzi logo ke khilaaf lado.
Mujhe bhi projexcle enterprises se call aaya tha lekin main samjh gayi thi ki ye fraud hai. Yaar ham kaam karne ke paise lete hai wo kaam kyu kare jisme hum khud paise de.
Dhyaan se kaam kare apke best future ke liye good luck.

Jai mata di... Jai hind
Feb 02, 2018
Updated by Seema Rajpoot Cuty
Very funny Projexcel Enterprises. Create Agreement in Power Point and make stamp seal in 10 rupees. stamp paper download in google. and make agreement. so funny.job

Feb 04, 2018
Updated by Seema Rajpoot Cuty
Fraud Guys Jenny Roy

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This is the fraud company.. even their logo is fake.. the original logo is the .They are creating fake agreement and gives us fake mail id they are not even replying.. dont trust this guys..

Hello Das pooja,
If you are saying this projexcel enterprise as genuine then send us the payment proofs and company registration id and gst no etc.. even your logo is fake and you are providing fake agreements u fraud people.. see the uploaded images u fakers

Seema Rajpoot Cuty's [Complaint's author] reply, Feb 2, 2018
Yes this is clear I have called projexcel isolution but they were saying i do not know Projexcel Enterprises and we do not provide data entry job.
Company has provided all the terms and condition in favor of agreement, which has been accepted and signed by you.

Secondly, as per your statement if company is fraud then proof the certain points with brief.

If you unable to provide the proof within a week on such case you your self is the default person and you are not liable to complain on certain platform.

Thank You.
Seema Rajpoot Cuty's [Complaint's author] reply, Jan 30, 2018
Ok no problem You right.If you are legally correct. Can you give your company full name Address and Your company Registration Number. You are right . so please give if not, so you know. if you give your company full name with company original e mail ID and your company Registration number (TIN No.). you can proof that you are right.If not make any excuses in not giving so you are totally fake.can you proof that. yes or not if yes so please give without excuse. i am waiting.
Shshussain's reply, Jan 30, 2018
Hi Das Pooja.

I have no idea weather its a fake fraud or scam, but I just want to know something about the project, recently I have started working on and since last week there is a error on page that sever down and when I call on helpline number they said that virus has attack and to resolve this it will take 24 days whiskey is unable digest, and they said that the data can't be recovered and you have to start again, I have completed 800 forms now who will pay for it we people do part time work to make easier our life I want to ask you why can't you pay us which we have done if not fully at least you can pay something for our trust...

Your quick response will be appreciated
Seema Rajpoot Cuty's [Complaint's author] reply, Feb 27, 2018
Apna Number to do pooja ji
Actually I am not sure whether fraud or scam, I have received a call from projexcel and I started filling the forms (, two days back the page was not working and when I called helpline number they said due to server down and it will take 24 hours to fix, now page is working but still I am not able to login the reason invalid user name and password, and now they are saying that virus has attacked on sever and it will take 24 days to solve, which is hard to believe, and also said the data which has entered that all has lost and after 24 days we have start again from 1, I have completed 800 forms out of 1000 now what about that 800 forms which I have entered why cant they pay us for that if the company is not fraud then they have to pay it…
Please guys we people not fools but we do just to make easier our life and we try to earn with the right way without harm and without hurt anyone…
These days there are so many scams are going in India, and really scars about future of the country, just think about it…
suranjana verma's reply, Feb 2, 2018
Kindly call me on 8830232758.i want to discuss about project taken from this company.
You have registered/taken the work from the company and you didn't have such information ?? Strange haa !! Really strange word from your side !!
Peoples like you misleads the third person and providing such a non-sense statement.

As all the details already mentioned in the agreement and also am providing the company's helpline email id "helpline.[protected]", you can verify the things for the same or go through the agreement thoroughly..
Seema Rajpoot Cuty's [Complaint's author] reply, Feb 1, 2018
Please give your company Projexcel Enterprises Registration Number and Full Address. Fraud Guys
batramahi's reply, Feb 3, 2018
Hy all just ignore this fake I'd, namely Pooja das, we knw this people r fake, in k muj he mat Lagos, bhaukne do inhe
I am getting same fraud mails from their lawyers, it seems that they are a big scams. They made errors from their side itself and showing us wrong QC reports, as it does not matches with PDF file generated after submission of work.

Helpline numbers giving wrong suggestions, marketing executive SONA GOYAL, not answering calls, her number not working, not even on google talk... ETC.

BEWARE of scams..!!! Let it be, I have proof that they have generated some errors by themselves.

Lets make one community, and make some action.

One more funny thing, helpline member guy name Aryan said me today that HE SENT ME REPLY ON MY EMAIL ID, BUT YOU DIDN'T RECEIVED IT... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Piyusneh7's reply, Feb 7, 2018
Hi Sagar,
I think that I am also one of the victims of this scam. Since last few days I was getting a call from an unknown number, since I was quite busy so I picked up the call. Yesterday I got a message from AD-LEGALC regarding my case id and informed that it's going for legal proceedings. I was totally taken aback. There was also a no in the message and it was told to contact that. I tried several times, but it wasn't reachable. The no is 7624098290.
Actually I wanted to know quite a few things. First of all, did you get a call regarding the legal case. If yes, then what actually the individual is demanding and what is his ground for that? What are steps that you have taken. Kindly reply me as soon as possible.
9890098567's reply, Feb 27, 2018
I have also received same mails from there side. Whats can I do???
Utsab Chatterjee's reply, Mar 7, 2018
sir I had also got eeror while doing the work and now they are asking for money .
wot to do sir?
Hello Pooja Das,

I see that you are supporting Projexcel company. Can you please shut every mouths with payment proofs. so that if the company is not fake, its fame will not effect.

Also, I have taken project from this company on 1/feb, so I just wanted to know if the company is a genuine one or a fraud.

Don't play with persons hardwork. It will effect them alot.
is there any guy who has taken payment from this company...
Seema Rajpoot Cuty's [Complaint's author] reply, Feb 3, 2018
Ye company khud logo ko dhamki dekar paisa mang rahi hai wo kisi ko kya payment karegi...
mamta bawa's reply, Feb 12, 2018
Gatiya company h bhukd ise hi koi paise de de bheekmngo ko
Jeyyashree's reply, Feb 23, 2018
No pr me bhi is scam me phasi hu or vo mujhase pese mang rahe hai or penalty bharan ki dhamaki de rahe hai...
9890098567's reply, Feb 27, 2018
Koi hai jise notice ayee.aur payment nahi kiya to kuch action lete hai kya...
Hy oll just dnt trust on this legal id, he is minhaz patel, deep jain or vikas kumar or some other person ...using fake names, they dnt have money, so they do such cheap things, i talked to CA as well as lwayers, they 2gether explained me i work with CA, he helped a lot to me n also he told me the way to stop this n 4 further proceeding..we r systematically doing everything, dsnt matter how much tym it will take but, i promise 2 everyone here, im not going 2 let thm go, with this much of easeness.
Guys just dont panic and DONT PAY
for letting thm the punishment of imprisonment and fine under civil law u/s 17 of INDIAN CONTRACT ACT 1872 we have taken an initiatiative as well as started our work
so plz just cooperate with us and dont pay
Piyusneh7's reply, Feb 7, 2018
Hey, I just need to talk to you in this regards. I have also fallen in the same trap. Can you give me your contact no. I got a text message regarding my case is in legal proceeding. I need to talk about it. I have some insights to share.
batramahi's reply, Feb 7, 2018
U can mail at [email protected]
mamta bawa's reply, Feb 12, 2018
Ek aur advocate h inka mihir patel jo damki deta h future khrb kr denge tumhra
Saketh Reddy K's reply, Feb 16, 2018
Yeah hope so thanks even i got my legal id and waiting what to do called their staff as they are saying check kartaa kartaa from two days..
Utsab Chatterjee's reply, Mar 7, 2018
sir they are asking for money wot to do sir ?
qutub md's reply, Mar 9, 2018
Hi im also the victim of the projexcle enterprise they have send me legal notice minhaz patel is the advocate he send me the legal notice to me his contact number is 7227043971 they are demanding me the 50, 000 inr they are saying me 420 and criminal case have been booked on me they said to me. they are calling me 9924099176 ths person is calling me everytime he is torturing me to make the payment of 50, 000 inr his name rakesh he is telling me he is an advocate

please anybody help me to come out from ths problem
qutub md's reply, Mar 9, 2018
this is the account details of the projexcle enterprise they said me to transfer the amount inthis account
Name : Projexcel Enterprise

Bank NAme : (axis bank)

Branch : Kharvasha Branch

Account No : 918020003415195

IFSC : UTIB0002218
Guys no need to woory about these type of fake companies like projexecel enterprises I have sended all report and detailed explanation about their fake arguments to PM office and other commisioners offices
Piyusneh7's reply, Feb 7, 2018
Hi Pranav,
Can you tell me the kind of arguments which they are giving? I have also fallen into their vicious trap. It's a scam. Did their lawyer told you anything or demanded money? Is any case filed against you by them and did you get any text message regarding that?

mamta bawa's reply, Feb 12, 2018
maine work start kiya tha aaj se really froud company
mamta bawa's reply, Feb 12, 2018
Paise mangnge ab thore din baad
I have also facing same problem and my lawyer has asked me to file FIR against them. So I am filing FIR against them tomorrow. And guys I will also suggest you to file FIR against them so that no one else can be conned. We need to be together in this regard and please hold your grounds and don't pay any money to them. Do not get afraid from their warnings about he law because they are in this business of fraud from long time so they have idea about the laws, but nothing to worry about it because they are completely illegal. And please update regularly findings and preceding against PROJEXCEL ENTERPRISE.
Piyusneh7's reply, Feb 7, 2018
Hi Saurav,
I have also fallen into their trap. It;s a scam. Can you tell me what did their lawyer say to you regarding money? I got calls from unknown number so I didn't pick it. Finally I got a message regarding a case filed against me. I don't know what to do. What's your of approach to this issue. (7275727325)- This is my number. Kindly call me whenever you are free, or just give me a missed call. I need to discuss the steps. It's the thing to unite together and fight.
Dear Piyush,
U right now go to police station near by you & file FIR against Projexcel & give all the numbers through Which you got call from their side .to safeguard urself you also have to file FIR. I also did yesterday. Don't waste tym & right now Go to police station & file FIR against this company & all the numbers through which you got call... police will trace it & catch hold that mastermind behind it.
Piyusneh7's reply, Feb 7, 2018
Can you give your number? I need to discuss certain things with you in this regard.
Sure I am going to call you & these people & company has to pay a lot now to us.
This company is fake and 100% fraud. It run by four or five poor guys of gujrat. They will say that they are advocates but they are house keeping staff of district court of gujrat. Don't pay them any penalty, ignore all the messages and emails from them, if they call ask them to send the legal id of the company and the advocates, they will not provide you any details, if they say that you will have to come to court then scold them and say who are you to call me to court, just be in your limits, no advocate in the world can ask someone to come to court. If they say that the notice will be forwarded to the nearest police station then abuse that as much as you can saying let the police do their job don't act over smart and do that work of the advocate, no advocate in the world can forward the notice to the nearest police station since its not within their powers. There are many complaints registered against these # and two of them have been arrested as well, if they harass you straight away register an fir against them, if you need more details you can email me at rishi. [protected]
They keep on changing the name of the company every month, the first name is stallion Intellectual, then ask me work, quobit solutions, lectrema, Aclema, Asvegis, projexcel exterprises is the name for January, 2018, They will give a new name to the company in February, I don't even know how many names they have changed in the last four years, since this company is doing such business for the last four years, Even they will know know the exact name of their company, if you will ask them any details they will say that you have to come to court to get those details If you receive any message or email from them straight away lodge an FIR against them,
batramahi's reply, Feb 8, 2018
Yes guys they r fraud don't get scared, they can't do anything, their advocates are also so dumb Lyk mihaz aryan they speak Lyk 5th class kid use 2 speak in English.
You can check the bar council list online, There is no advocate with the enrollment number for the advocates they have mentioned in the fake notice.
Hi guys!

I'm facing the same problem from yesterday on wards. When i checked my work report, yeah i found that they've manipulated my work. Added a lot of extra space in between words in the same field. They'd like to raise it on the basis of some docs which they've sent us during registration n they say that it's digitally signed by us. What you guys think of it?
dishoomyadav's reply, Feb 14, 2018
Hey don't worry these people r pests. This company is fraud. In case of further discussion contact me at 8073663063
I am also one of the victim ...I also got a message from AM-LEGALC regarding the legal case proceedings ...can anyone tell me what should I do now ?
sir iam loser projexel enterperises they told pay 4800 what i will do now please give me sugestion

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